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Internet watchdog Vericept sniffs out new CEO. (E-buzz).


AFTER DECIDING THAT IT NEEDED A NEW NAME, the company formerly known as eSniff decided it needed a new CEO. It named Tery Larrew as its new president and CEO. Cofounder Tom Donahue, previously president and CEO of Englewood-based eSniff, becomes chief technology officer of Vericept. The company sells plug-and-play network security appliances designed to help companies end the problem of Internet abuse. It can monitor all forms of onscreen hanky-panky: Web, e-mail, chat and instant messaging. In early December, the company closed on a new round of financing for $5 million.


FIGURING THAT WHAT WORKS FOR INTERNET shoppers will work for film directors, the Colorado Film Commission redesigned its Web site,, in part to make it easier for movie makers to find film locations by using multiple search terms. If a director, for example, is looking for a mountain location with a bridge to shoot a car commercial, the user can enter the terms 'bridges" and "mountains" and "performance roads," and relevant photos pop up. The site also provides users with a "personal storage cart" for saving information and photos, and for making notes about the locations that interest them. "We put a lot of consideration into why people come to Colorado to film," says Stephanie Two Eagles, of the film commission.


BOULDER-BASED XOR Inc. ANNOUNCED in January it had acquired the database marketing business of MatchLogic, which was shuttered by the now-bankrupt Excite@Home in October. MatchLogic, also of Boulder, was once known for stealing tech employees from other firms during the tightest days of Colorado's tight tech labor market. XOR's acquisition includes a little staff plucking, too: 23 specialists in advanced data warehousing and Internet-based marketing make the move.


PAPERLESS PATROL CARS WON'T CREATE A CRIME-FEE SOCIETY, BUT GOING digital has helped the Colorado State Patrol take a bigger bite out of crime. The 2001 "Digital State Survey," conducted by the Washington-based Progress & Freedom Foundation, lauded the Centennial State for putting 240 wireless mobile computers in the cars of state troopers and linking them to state and federal criminal databases, enabling them to do more policing and less paperwork. The report says the State Patrol has increased felony arrests up to 45 percent with the computers.


ALL YOU MALE tech execs, take a deep breath, this is really good news. Fort Collins-based Atrix Laboratories received FDA approval in late January for a new patient-friendly drug to treat prostate cancer. Atrix says competing products Lupron and Zoladex are delivered via intra-muscular injection, whereas its Eligard is delivered just beneath the skin. That's important for two reasons: First, older men lose muscle tissue, so finding areas to inject is more difficult; second, many patients are also on blood thinners, and Atrix says the competing products can cause bleeding. On news of the drug's approval Atrix stock rose 11 percent, to $23.68, still well off its 52-week high of $29.18.


Go TO WWW.EWAY.COM, TYPE IN "LA-Z-BOY," AND PHOTOS AND DESCRIPTIONS for 20 office chairs pop up. You can find desks, tables and lamps, too. That might explain why Broomfield-based Corporate Express is realizing some of the Web's B2B potential. The company said it sold $4.4 million in office products online in one day, Jan. 8.

Online sales represent 30 percent of the company's average daily sales. Last year, they exceeded $730 million, a 1 57-percent increase from 2000. President and CEO Mark Hoffman attributes the growth to the Company's "proprietary Internet ordering tool," E-Way, an online catalog that includes more than 60,000 items and serves approximately 400,000 users.


THE BOULDER ROTARY CLUB HAS TAKEN TO THE INTERNET WITH ITS LAUNCHING of eClub One, a Web site that extends Rotary membership to those who travel frequently, live in remote areas, are handicapped or are unable to attend regular meetings. The site,, is the first officially chartered Internet-based Rotary Club in the world.
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