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Internet traffic through LINX's facilities passes 5Gb/s barrier.


The London Internet Exchange (LINX), which claims it handles over 90% of the UK's Internet data flow, reports that the Internet traffic passing through its facilities has burst through the level of 5Gb/s, equating to 300,000 e-mail messages per second.

According to LINX this is three times the level of early 2000. Traffic passed the 3Gb/s level in June and the 4Gb/s level in October and LINX expects the traffic to continue growing by 1Gb/s approximately every three months.

LINX is a non-profit-making organisation owned by over 115 Internet service providers from the UK, the US and continental Europe. It operates facilities that connect the networks of its members.

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Comment:Internet traffic through LINX's facilities passes 5Gb/s barrier.(Industry Trend or Event)
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Date:Jan 15, 2001
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