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Internet reach in Egypt.

As internet reach in the GCC reaches more than 90 per cent, it is interesting to look at Egypt and compare browsing behaviour.

In Egypt, internet penetration in 2016 increased by 11 percentage points to reach 60 per cent (representing 13.8 million people aged 15 and over in urban areas). There are 8 million daily users. The average time spent per visitor per day is 2 hours and 25 minutes, which is higher by 25 minutes Male than the UAE and 40 minutes more

than Saudi Arabia. 61 per cent of internet users are males

and 39 per cent are females. 32 per cent are aged 15-24, 29 per cent 25-34, 22 per cent 35-44 and 17 per cent 45 and older.

E-commerce is still low. Only 22 per cent of internet users engage in it, compared with 51 per cent in the UAE. Software, followed by electronics and fashion are the leading categories for online purchase.

the history of advertising in quite a few objects no 184: a sears Roebuck catalogue

it's easy to think of direct marketing as a relatively recent addition to the advertising lexicon. after all, it was only in 1967 that Lester wunderman coined the term.

infact,theideaofsellingproducts directly to consumers stretches back hundreds of years. in 1498, aldus Manutius, a Venetian publisher, printed a catalogue of books he was selling.

anditwouldbeequallywrongto think of the modern mail-order business as a us invention. the first was launched in 1861 in the unlikely location of newtown, Powys, and was the brainchild of Pryce Pryce- jones, a one-time apprentice draper.

taking advantage of an emerging national postal service and a burgeoning rail system, Pryce-jones

established the Royal welsh warehouse, selling local welsh flannel.

However, it was in the uswheremailorder came into its own. the country is believed to have been introduced to the concept by benjamin franklin,oneofthe founding fathers, who, in 1744, produced a catalogue of the scientific and academic books he sold.

Yet it was not until more than a century later that what was to become known as direct marketing really established itself with a game- changing initiative from a company

that grew out of a small watch-selling business launched in Minnesota in 1886. its name was sears Roebuck.

in1892,thecompany mailed out 8,000 postcards bearing a simulated handwritten message. the response wasonethatanyof today's internet marketers would have killed for. the

mailer resulted in 2,000 orders. it proved to be the catalyst for the

famous sears Roebuck catalogue, which, by 1894, had grown to 322 pages showcasing everything from sewing machines to cars. it was branded "america's wish list".

Things you need To know

n searsRoebucksoldmorethan70,000 kit houses by mail order between 1908 and 1940. Many of them are still lived in.

n in1932,britishbusinessmansirjohn Moores sailed to the us to look at the operations of companies such as sears Roebuck to get ideas for his new Littlewoods catalogue.

n onlineretailinghascausedasteady decline of the catalogue industry. However, the adverse customer reaction when uK retailer argos removed catalogues from its new digital stores has led some experts to suggest the industry still has a future.

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