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Internet explorer; Gordon inspired by social media rise MUSIC.

Byline: Gary Cruden

AN Aberdeenshire musician has launched his second album, examining the rise of the internet and social media.

Gordon Duthie, from Kintore, says his generation is the last which can remember growing up without the world wide web.

The 26-year-old has spent the last year working on Multimedia Monster which chronicles his experiences with technology over the last 20 years, taking in the days of retro gaming and landline-only phones to the "saturated" mobile and social networking platforms of today.

He said: "We are the last generation that experienced life before the internet took over and I thought it was a unique perspective to have - young people now don't know anything else.

"The album looks at my life not having this technology to the point now where everything is saturated.

"Everywhere you look, every where you turn, is technology and social media.

"The material across Multimedia Monster portrays nostalgic, reflective, acerbic, positive and humorous anecdotes of my view of the ever changing digital world. Musically, the album is an eclectic mix of styles."

The first single from the alternative rock album - Digital Virus - has already been released with a video online.

He said: "The new video for the third track on the album is a parody of old science fiction movies, where robots and technology were perceived as powerful enemies.

"This matches the theme of the song which takes a cynical look at the way social media and the internet are becoming a major part of social norms."

"It is generally heavier than the last album and the production level is up. I'm always looking to improve the level of production and mixing and mastering."

The musician said he is yet to take his music to a mainstream live platform however.

He said: "At the moment I do everything myself, I produce everything, I play all the instruments and the only live thing I have done so far have been a webshow which was quite good.

"At the moment I haven't got a band together. I would say I'm more a music artist, I like to sit in the studio and make stuff rather than go out and play live.

"If there was demand for a show I would consider it but at the moment it is more artist projects."

Gordon's interest in recording started at a young age and he recalls using a tape recorder to track instruments in his youth.

He said: "As long as I can remember I have always been recording stuff in some way - using tape players and other stuff - but I started recording properly in 2008.

"When I finished university in 2010 I started to focus more on it.

"Music isn't an overnight thing and takes time - years and years and years of learning how to do it."

Tracklist Multimedia Monster 1. A Simpler Time 2. The Curse of the Broken Metal Sword (56k Modems) 3. Digital Virus 4. Red Eyes and Drawn Blinds 5. I Luv U Social Networking 6. A Cynical Mind 7. Deirdre Van Garcia Berg 8. Information Overload (WTF) 9. Gradual Freedom 10. The Music Artist

Everywhere you look now is multi-media technology


New album Gordon Duthie

Social comment Gordon's album explores changing face of technology

Memories Gordon fondly recalls life before the internet
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Aug 22, 2013
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