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Internet advertisers vow to safeguard online privacy.


The US government has approved a plan by Internet advertisers to address the concerns regarding the right of privacy when using the Internet.

Under the plan, put forward by a group representing 90% of online advertisers in the US, consumers will have the right to stop information being collected about them through their e-mail messages and the web sites that they visit.

According to the BBC, the plan also stops Internet companies from using medical and financial data, Social Security numbers and online sexual behaviour to determine which advertisements to flash on the users' screens. Users should also be able to see what information has already been collected on them.

However, privacy campaigners say that the proposed measures do not go far enough in providing the government with powers to act if Internet advertisers fail to follow the guidelines.

Marc Rotenburg, president of the Electronic Privacy Information Centre (EPIC), told the BBC that the proposal does not respond to public concerns about privacy because it was written by the industry for the industry. Rotenburg said that EPIC is now considering taking legal action to force the US Federation Trade Commission to take stronger action.

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Publication:Internet Business News
Date:Jul 28, 2000
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