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Internet Slide Show of Offbeat Ads Announced by 100% Cotton Advertising.

A slide show from 100% Cotton Advertising that gives alternative ad approaches to business-as-usual approaches is now available for view on the Internet

RANCHO MIRAGE, Calif. -- According to 100% Cotton Advertising, to compete in today's world -- "play-it-safe" advertising, branding and PR is no longer a virtue. It's a formula for failure and tantamount to playing chicken.

Take a look at an offbeat internet slide-show by Stan Cotton, one of the 20th Century's most outrageous adman, and 15 advertising case histories ads that made mincemeat of sacred cows while moving product and services.

Then consider taking a shot at an ad that will not fall into the play-it-safe category. It's a positive way to determine whether safe advertising is a waste of money.

The public forgets and rejects safe advertising. Bold, truthful advertising puts brave advertisers in a league by themselves. And, not to mention, offers a bigger bang for the buck.

Cotton can produce an ad approach that can be flashed in front of the board of directors, marketing team and ad agency.

"If it flies, take credit for it, if it fails to pass muster, at least it shows that there's a willingness on your part to present your company message in an honest, often provocative way that will throw a lot of stuffed shirts into a tizzy," Cotton said. "This brand creatively impacted customers and the media in a positive way that conventional ads can't and won't."


"We're on the hunt for the rare - even desperate - client who understands and appreciates the difference between risk taking and gambling," said Cotton. "A risk taker says, 'How can I do things better?' whereas a gambler doesn't think his problem out - he sees a chance and takes a shot at it. Gambling makes no sense. I want risk takers, not gamblers."

For more information visit:

"If you would then have the conviction to run some of these ads seen on the show, and the answer is yes, we need to talk," Cotton said. "And there are nifty ways to confidentially test another approach."
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Dec 19, 2006
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