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Internet Service - Headquarters and Daniel Boone Branch Locations.

Tenders are invited for Internet Service - Headquarters and Daniel Boone Branch Locations.


The Project is subject to all applicable laws of the State of Missouri governing the Library District including but not limited to the following:

*Missouri law prohibits all employers from employing aliens unlawfully present in the United States to perform work within the State of Missouri, including the Project and bidders must comply with the provisions relating thereto in Section 285.530 RSMo, as amended.

* State law also requires all employees working on the site of public works projects to have received safety training, including the Project, pursuant to

Section 292.675 RSMo, as amended.

*Every transient employer must comply with Sections 285.230 through 285.234 RSMo, as amended, when applicable.etc.


Services should be E-Rate Category 1 eligible services where applicable. ? Provide pricing options in increments of 200 Mbps, 500 Mbps and 1,000 Mbps service.* Provide high speed Fiber Internet always on Internet service at Headquarters. *Provide Ethernet CAT-5 or CAT-6 hand off from the ISP. ? Provide a scalable Fiber Internet connection at the second site for our DR Center. The desired functionality would be to subscribe the minimum amount of bandwidth required to keep this second location in service, at the least expensive rate. Then have ability to increase bandwidth to this site within 24 hours of a disaster taking our Headquarters location offline. ? Bi-directional speeds. State the throughput speeds for up and down Internet traffic on the connections. ? Identify the Tier Level of the Internet services that bidder will provide the Library. ? Internet services at HQ location must be able to accommodate SLCL s existing external Class C IP address range. Internet service provider must be able to reallocate this address range to the second location s (Daniel Boone) Internet connection within 24 hours in a disaster scenario. ? Provide a web based management interface to monitor bandwidth usage.

Tender documents : T24655213.pdf

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