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Internet Security Systems protects customers against Windows WMF exploits.


Internet Security Systems (ISS) (NASDAQ:ISSX), a managed security services company, has announced that the company pre-emptively protected customers from the latest Windows Meta File vulnerability patched last week by Microsoft.

According to the company, before the vulnerability was announced, customers of ISS' host-based security products were shielded from it by the company's buffer overflow exploit prevention technology. In addition, thanks

to a multi-layered security approach and Virtual Patch technology, ISS was able to provide customers with network-based protection for the vulnerability when it was first announced, the company claims.

ISS advises that companies apply the official Microsoft patch released last week. Microsoft's security bulletin addressing the vulnerability can be found at:

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Comment:Internet Security Systems protects customers against Windows WMF exploits.
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Date:Jan 9, 2006
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