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WAP content for Demon customers

Customers on the move have access to a range of WAP content through Demon, the Internet brand of Thus.

Its service, Demon Now, has been designed to give mobile users access to particular content for WAP and real-time information, as well as send and receive email. Demon customers can access Demon content whenever and wherever they are.

The new service has been developed after Thus linked up with Nokia earlier this year to provide WAP solutions.

In the initial phase, customers will be able to use a service to read and reply to emails and access content from their mobile phones, via WAP. The emails will also be sent to the customer's PC, so when they return to the office or homey the same mails can be read there. Plans are also underway for employees of Demon corporate customers to be able to access corporate information from their WAP-enabled mobile phones.

Demon users will have access to Teleshare (share portfolio), Marinecall (inshore/coastal forecasts), ClubCall (football clubs), Racecall (horse racing information) and Weathereall (local UK forecasts) centres hosted by Thus

JRun 3.0 Java In Europe

Allaire Corp. have announced the availability across Europe of JRun Server 3.0, delivering support for the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition TI (J2EE) Specification. The new release builds on the wide adoption of JRun, used by more than 80,000 Java developers worldwide, providing an integrated Java application server with J2EE support. Also available is the JRun 3.0 Studio, the industry's first integrated development environment for JavaServer Pages. (JSP). JRun 3.0 delivers the capabilities of the J2EE specification in a one integrated server, giving companies the ability to build advanced business systems that take advantage of distributed transactions and massaging for enterprise-class reliabilit. At the same time, features such as a broad JSP custom tag library and visual tools for Web application development make JRun 3.0 accessible to the full spectrum of Java developers.

JRun 3.0 is available in four editions: JRun Server 3.0, Developer Edition - Fully featured, limited to three concurrent connections and licensed for development use only. Available electronically today for free.

JRun Server 3.0, Professional Edition - JavaServer Pages and Java Servlets. Available September 4 for 600 [pounds sterling] per CPU. JRun Server 3.0, Enterprise Edition - JavaServer Pages, Java Servicts, Enterprise JavaBeans, Transactions Messaging and Web clustering. Available September 4 for 3785 [pounds sterling] per CPU. JRun Server 3.0, OEM Edition - Custom configurations and pricing. Available today.

JRun Server 3.0, Studio Edition - The industry's first integrated development environment for JavaServer PageSTM (JSPTI). 359 [pounds sterling] per scat. Currently available through a public beta.

Holistix Remote Monitor

A study by Zona Research estimated that online companies could lose more than $4.3 billion in revenues due to customer frustration over poor web site performance, yet the vast majority of companies don't even monitor their web sites! A new solution, from Wick Hill, claims to solve poor web site performance and return control of their web sites to web managers. Holistix Remote Monitor, the second component of Holistix' end-to-end, web system performance management solution, is a subscription-based service which employs a network of servers on Internet backbones around the world to simulate visits to any web site and to report performance results The service allows web managers to test the performance "health" of their web sites from a visitor's perspective by monitoring the availability and response times for URLS, customer transactions, external content providers and more. The new service goes beyond simple monitoring of a web site. It allows web managers to quickly detect, respond to and prevent web site performance problems related to Internet congestion, ISP service level, external content provider performance, overall web site design and internal web site component failure. Holistix also recently introduced the latest version of its Holistix Web Manager, version 1. 1, which monitors web components behind the firewall. Together the products offer a complete end-to-end view of a web site.

All the Holistix Remote Monitor service packages use independent servers strategically placed around the world to determine how a web site is performing and to simulate a visitor's experience at any given moment. By sending server requests to a web site from multiple locations, the service allows web managers to react to problems before their customers experience any dissatisfaction, creating only a negligible load on their web infrastructure.

Using the service, web managers can keep a watch on critical site performance metrics such as the time it takes to serve web pages and the success of visitors' transactions on the site, for example form submissions, searches and purchases. They can also monitor their service level agreements with external services, such as credit card approval, advertising or news. Holistix solutions are available through Wick Hill accredited resellers.

Subscription packages for Holistix Remote Monitorrange from 371 [pounds sterling] to 17,246 [pounds sterling] annually. Service packages can include monitoring site availability, response time andl/or transactions, with data gathered from a single remote location or multiple locations worldwide. Holistix Web Manager starts from 1,350 [pounds sterling] for one managed server CPU.
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