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Articles from Internet Bookwatch (August 1, 2017)

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"O'er the Wide and Tractless Sea". Brief article 161
100 Great Street Photographs. Book review 257
A New Way for Mothers. Brief article 229
Agent M. Book review 132
Al Capone's Beer Wars. Brief article 136
Alabaster. Book review 176
Always Share Your Iceberg. Book review 212
American Libraries 1730-1950. Book review 269
Ancient Brews Rediscovered and Re-created. Brief article 116
Andy Warhol: Dark Star. Book review 244
Another Man's Ground. Book review 281
Aperitivo: Drinks and Snacks for the Dolce Vita. Book review 215
Archives: Principles and Practices. Book review 254
Art for an Undivided Earth. Book review 305
Art Therapy with Students at Risk. Book review 175
Artisanal Preserves. Book review 114
As Good as Gone. Book review 310
At Home in this Life. Book review 190
Atlanta Noir. Brief article 175
Auto Upkeep, fourth edition. Book review 184
Baby Quilts for Beginners. Book review 138
Berkley Prime Crime. Book review 206
Breast Cancer Clear & Simple. Book review 197
Brewing Revolution. Book review 141
Bureaucracy in America. Book review 234
Campus Crisis. Book review 261
Cast No Shadow. Book review 106
Cast the First Stone. Book review 149
Castle in the Stars: The Space Race of 1869, Book One. Book review 164
Chakras, Plain & Simple. Brief article 217
Chapel Car Bride. Book review 147
Chasing Light. Book review 239
Cheating Is Encouraged. Book review 134
Cinegeek. Book review 143
Cold Hearted River. Book review 245
Colleges That Create Futures, second edition. Book review 120
Colville. Brief article 222
Crater Lake & Beyond. Brief article 173
Creating and Sharing Online Library Instruction. Brief article 277
Cycling Science. Brief article 266
Dark Souls: Winter's Spite. Brief article 117
Dead Certain. Book review 258
Death at Gills Rock. Brief article 269
Death on the Lonely Llano Estacado. Brief article 179
Dinosaurs Live! Book review 162
Doing Time Like A Spy. Book review 220
Dylan Goes Electric. Brief article 127
Eat Smart in Portugal. Book review 131
Elric: The Vanishing Tower. Book review 253
Equatorial Guinean Literature in its National and Transnational Contexts. Book review 282
Everbloom. Book review 193
Every Job a Parable. Book review 244
Expect the Unexpected. Brief article 248
Faces of Promise: Looking Beyond Autism. Book review 131
Fall from Grace. Book review 287
Family Lexicon. Book review 288
Fasting the Mind. Brief article 120
Feeding Your Family's Soul. Brief article 136
Fiddler's Dream. Brief article 228
Fighting Buddha. Book review 149
Forever Young. Sound recording review 110
Forging Hephaestus. Book review 303
George Rodger Nuba & Latuka: The Color Photographs. Book review 257
Give Up the Dead. Brief article 293
God of Sense and Traditions of Non-Sense. Book review 243
Guitare Mystique. Brief article 101
H.C. Bailey's Reggie Fortune and the Golden Age of Detective Fiction. Book review 250
Hardboiled, Noir and Gold Medals. Book review 127
Home Time. Book review 194
House of Names. Brief article 276
Incarnation: A New Evolutionary Threshold. Brief article 205
Inheritance from Mother. Book review 265
International Admissions. Book review 237
Khaal. Book review 164
KNOLL: The Last JFK Conspiracist. Brief article 197
Labour, Unions and Politics under the North Star. Book review 269
Lean for Life: The Cookbook. Book review 193
Learner-Centered Pedagogy: Principles and Practice. Brief article 317
Life Is A Story. Brief article 120
Llewellyn's Little Book of Dreams. Brief article 268
Love Story. Book review 342
Luftwaffe in Colour: From Glory to Defeat 1942-1945. Book review 152
Magical Power For Beginners. Book review 242
Mallorca. Book review 126
Medicine Feather. Book review 185
Mezana Dounia. Brief article 141
Mighty Jack and the Goblin King. Brief article 140
Mind the Gap. Book review 316
Mr. Robot and Philosophy. Book review 127
Murder on Black Swan Lane. Book review 289
Murdoch Mysteries Season 10. Brief article 103
Natural Born Feeder. Book review 246
New York in the Snow. Brief article 320
Nigerian Spirit. Brief article 153
On Christian Iconography. Book review 142
On Shakespeare in Sonnets. Book review 256
One Nation Under Gold. Brief article 178
Optimism Over Despair. Book review 145
Overcoming Your Difficult Family. Book review 228
Paperbacks from Hell. Book review 219
Paris Fashion: A Cultural History, third edition. Book review 270
Propaganda and Persuasion. Book review 195
Reunion. Book review 269
Richmond Shall Not Be Given Up. Brief article 152
Rise of the Dungeon Master. Book review 143
Rodney McMillian. Book review 217
Santiago Perez Triana. Book review 209
Saving Play. Book review 199
School Leadership for Results. Book review 307
Scripture and Its Interpretation. Book review 235
Secrets of Southern Girls. Brief article 222
Serenity Harbor. Book review 157
Shane. Book review 163
Shatter Your Senses! Brief article 183
Silk Weavers of Hill Tribe Laos. Book review 280
Songs of Hope. Brief article 107
Spirit of the Earth: Indian Voices on Nature. Book review 131
Staggered Paths. Brief article 261
Ten Dead Comedians. Book review 184
Texas Wildflowers Impressions. Book review 157
The Age Of Glamour. Book review 202
The Ageless Body. Audiobook review 118
The American Dream. Book review 229
The Art of Painting in Colonial Bolivia. Brief article 269
The Baker Street Irregulars. Book review 199
The Cambridge Companion to Fichte. Book review 311
The Chippewa. Book review 262
The Coach Approach to School Leadership. Book review 281
The Dangerous Divide. Book review 299
The Deer Stalker. Book review 246
The Fabrications. Book review 208
The Fifth Reflection. Brief article 246
The Fly Fisherman's Bucket List. Brief article 186
The Gathering Edge. Book review 127
The Hidden Loch. Book review 166
The Life In Your Garden. Book review 205
The Lighthouse. Book review 160
The Linguistics of Stephen King. Book review 277
The Little Exile. Book review 263
The Mezcal Rush. Book review 224
The New Wine Lover's Companion, fourth edition. Book review 115
The One Peaceful World Cookbook. Book review 197
The Paris Spy. Book review 270
The Pastorals and Polycarp. Book review 146
The Patterning Instinct. Book review 149
The Penguin Counters. Brief article 104
The Secret Nature of Matter. Book review 268
The Spree of 83. Brief article 227
The Technical Foundations of IoT. Brief article 289
The Threat Level Remains Severe. Book review 150
The Total ME-Tox. Book review 205
The Underground River. Book review 127
The Vegetarian's Guide to Eating Meat. Book review 267
The Wildcrafted Cocktail. Book review 166
The Wonder Wall. Book review 158
Thriving in the Gig Economy. Book review 125
To Be Gifted and Learning Disabled. Book review 294
Tokyo Geek's Guide. Book review 147
Tomas Jonsson, Bestseller. Book review 198
Triumph. Book review 176
Vengeance in Reverse. Book review 270
Veterinary Guide to Animal Breeds. Book review 202
Visionary Landscapes. Brief article 282
Wabi-Sabi. Brief article 199
Warfare in New Kingdom Egypt. Book review 281
Wars and Peaces. Book review 151
When Did Everybody Else Get So Old? Book review 242
Where Dead Men Meet. Book review 192
Where Now: New and Selected Poems. Brief article 201
William Morrow & Company. Brief review 173
Worshipful. Book review 276
Write! Shoot! Edit! Book review 180
Writing For Bliss. Book review 204
Yeah Baby! Brief article 129
You Win or You Die. Book review 227
Zoe's Ghana Kitchen. Brief article 130

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