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Articles from Internet Bookwatch (July 1, 2009)

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"Prohibition Is Here to Stay". Book review 205
100 Questions & Answers About Influenza. Book review 105
41 Shots ... and Counting. Book review 213
90 Days to Success as a Project Manager. Book review 107
A Father's Day. Book review 134
A Handbook For The Art And Science Of Teaching. Book review 232
A Handbook Of Bioethics Terms. Book review 157
A History of the French Anarchist Movement. Book review 108
A Million in Prizes. Brief article 102
A More Unbending Battle. Book review 99
A World Of Faith. Book review 169
Acacia. Video recording review 225
Advice to War Presidents. Book review 122
Agile Web Development with Rails, third edition. Book review 97
Alameda. Book review 204
Alan Gussow: A Painter's Nature. Book review 142
All The Colors Of Darkness. Audiobook review 190
American Heroes. Brief article 80
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. Brief article 103
An Introduction to The Philosophy of Science. Book review 121
Ancient Human Migrations. Brief article 200
Andean Express. Brief article 139
Angels & Demons. Book review 86
Apollo: Through The Eyes Of The Astronauts. Book review 201
Armchair Thriller. Video recording review 133
As Time Goes By. Sound recording review 160
At the Edge of Dreamland. Book review 115
Backstabbing for Beginners. Book review 116
Bader Field. Book review 152
Baha'u'llah and the New Era. Book review 92
Bankruptcy of Our Nation. Book review 96
Beautiful Teams. Book review 89
Becoming an Interior Designer, second edition. Brief article 105
Bedouin Bisha'h Justice: Ordeal by Fire. Brief article 212
Before, After, and Beyond Bankruptcy. Book review 104
Best Little Books Of Short Story Ideas. Book review 148
Between Brushstrokes. Brief article 87
Bible Answers 101. Brief article 109
Blackwell's Five Minute Veterinary Consult: Laboratory Tests And Diagnostic Procedures: Canine & Feline. Book review 210
Blade Runners, Deer Hunters, and Blowing the Bloody Doors Off. Brief article 124
Blue Moon: The Immortals. Audiobook review 188
Bolivia In Focus. Book review 103
Bright Dark Madonna. Book review 267
Brilliance Audio. Audiobook review 427
Buddhist Fasting Practice. Brief article 137
Built of Books. Book review 97
Built to Win. Brief article 107
Bunkhouse Built. Book review 112
Canon EOS Rebel XS/1000D Digital SLR Photography. Book review 88
Canyon Records Productions. Sound recording review 191
Cartwheels in a Sari. Brief article 95
Castle. Book review 96
Celtic Curses. Brief article 198
Check-Raising The Devil. Book review 154
Christ and the Judgment of God, second edition. Brief article 133
Clara's War. Book review 84
Cockatoos. Book review 91
Cocktail Boothby's American Bar-Tender. Brief article 220
Communication Miracles for Couples. Brief article 107
Constructing a Saint Through Images. Book review 127
Coop. Book review 100
Corwin Press. Book review 306
Cosmic Calendar. Book review 88
Crystal Productions. Video recording review 255
Culture & Management In The Americas. Book review 225
Deception. Brief article 268
Deep Travel. Brief article 170
Descent into Chaos. Book review 115
Designing & Living With Glass Tiles. Book review 187
Disabilities. Brief article 131
Discover Colorado. Brief article 165
Diseases Of Herbaceous Perennials. Brief article 201
Don't Blame It on Rio. Book review 116
Dread. Brief article 90
Dynamic Women Dancers. Brief article 97
Dyval: Hell Unleashed. Book review 168
Earning Serendipity. Brief article 134
East Garrison. Book review 98
Easy Does It, Mom. Brief article 111
Easy Japanese Cooking: Noodle Comfort. Brief article 140
Eat Sleep Sit. Book review 92
Eclipse Modeling Project. Book review 88
Eddie Adams: Vietnam. Book review 212
Either You're In Or You're In the Way. Book review 117
Empties. Book review 99
Enjoying Big Bend National Park. Brief article 102
Eyewitness to the Past. Book review 109
Fall of Light. Book review 80
Fearless Confessions. Brief article 232
Fit Soul & Fit Body. Brief article 107
Fixing My Gaze. Book review 122
Flat Broke in the Free Market. Book review 109
Flood. Book review 82
Food In The United States 1890-1945. Brief article 298
Fort Laramie: Military Bastion of the High Plains. Book review 186
From Jay-Z to Jesus. Book review 292
From the Fishouse. Brief article 230
Gestalt Volume 1. Book review 229
Ghost Ranch And The Faraway Nearby. Book review 138
God is Back. Book review 95
Going to War. Brief article 102
Gooby. Video recording review 152
Good Choices Good Life. Brief article 149
Gothic. Book review 166
Granada Doaba. Sound recording review 152
Granite, Water, and Light. Book review 169
Graywolf Press. Book review 232
Greenscapes. Brief article 99
Hachette Audio. Audiobook review 267
Half Pint: Live in Hollywood. Brief article 164
Handbook for Developing Emotional and Social Intelligence. Book review 168
Handbook Of Social Capital. Book review 202
Healing Into Possibility. Brief article 94
Helping You Anxious Child, second edition. Book review 118
Her Place in These Designs. Book review 162
Historic Photos Of Broadway. Book review 140
Hit List. Book review 95
Home Work. Book review 150
Hornet Plus Three. Book review 114
Hosting a Library Mystery. Book review 124
How Contemporary Novelists Rewrite Stories From The Bible. Book review 242
How Sex Works. Book review 101
How We Survived Prostate Cancer. Book review 103
I Should Have Stayed Home Food. Book review 99
I Wish I Had A Heart Like Yours, Walt Whitman. Book review 220
Images of America. Book review 107
In Bed with the Word. Book review 119
Inside The Koran. Video recording review 241
International Poisonous Plants Checklist. Book review 192
Inventing Latin Heretics. Book review 209
Invisible Scars. Brief article 91
Iraq In Transition. Book review 344
Island Salmon Fisherman. Book review 107
Javascript for Programmers. Brief article 109
Jewish Travel Guide 2009. Book review 107
Journal Keeping. Book review 237
Journey of the Pink Dolphins. Book review 83
Judge Richard S. Arnold. Book review 111
Kenneth Snelson: Forces Made Visible. Book review 166
Kirov Stars: Shakespeare Dance Trilogy. Video recording review 185
Leaders Make the Future. Brief article 125
Leaders Who Last. Book review 111
Learning from the Heart. Brief article 97
Lewis Coolidge and the Voyage of the Amethyst 1806-1811. Book review 100
Light Vision. Book review 148
Little Lamb Lost. Book review 145
Living with HIV. Book review 169
Long Division. Book review 205
Longeye. Book review 85
Lord Valentine's Castle. Audiobook review 136
Making Sense of Every Child Matters. Book review 132
Making the Most of RFID in Libraries. Book review 147
Martingale & Company. Brief article 137
Mary's Hours. Book review 110
Master of the Eclipse. Book review 106
Master Your Metabolism. Brief article 86
Mastering Web 2.0. Brief article 225
Masters of Sex. Book review 110
Meat Smoking and Smokehouse Design. Brief article 99
Memorable Recipes. Book review 219
Memoria Press. Brief article 172
Mommy! I Have To Go Potty!, second edition. Book review 109
Montreat. Book review 96
More Tales of Seamus the Sheltie. Book review 107
Motivating & Inspiring Teachers, second edition. Book review 203
Music in German Immigrant Theater. Book review 153
Natural Treatments for Tics & Tourette's. Brief article 108
Night Shift. Book review 81
Nile Style. Brief article 214
Noodle Comfort. Brief article 155
Northern Treasure. Book review 177
O'Reilly. Book review 180
Olomana Gardens Permaculture and Aquaponies. Video recording review 139
On Basilisk Station. Audiobook review 227
One Hundred Essential Things You Didn't Know You Didn't Know. Book review 95
One Man's Music. Book review 124
Online Communities Handbook. Book review 90
Out of the Canyon: A True Story of Loss and Love. Book review 106
Painting the Body Beautiful. Book review 84
Pay Per Click Search Advertising. Brief article 122
Penguin Audio. Audiobook review 215
Photographic History Of The Civil War. Book review 218
Pieced Applique: More Blocks & Projects. Book review 80
Planet Salt Spring. Sound recording review 162
Pocket Timeline of Islamic Civilization. Book review 186
Poetry. Book review 140
Pope Benedict XVI. Brief article 114
Power and Poverty. Book review 98
Power from the Wind. Book review 111
Publish Your First Magazine. Book review 162
Purpose-Filled Presentations. Book review 108
Quilting UFOs with Helen's Hints. Brief article 81
Rain Inside. Book review 113
Realizing Freedom. Book review 177
Reincarnation: Stepping Stones of Life. Brief article 170
Religious Zionism Post Disengagement: Future Directions. Brief article 85
Rival Crock Pot. Brief article 240
Ruin. Book review 150
Sailing on Dry Land. Book review 140
Science Fiction Classics: Graphic Classics #17. Book review 168
Seda's Story. Book review 105
Seeing is Believing. Brief article 98
Shift Your Mood! Brief article 109
Slow Cookers for Dummies. Book review 84
Small-Scale Grain Raising, second edition. Book review 112
Soapmaking. Video recording review 191
Social Class in the Writings of Mary Hallock Foote. Brief article 144
South Park Guide to Life. Book review 80
Spell of the Tiger. Book review 98
Steelhead Fishing Essentials. Book review 174
Stephen Hannock. Book review 194
Stop Second-Guessing Yourself: The Toddler Years. Brief article 201
Strange Cousin. Sound recording review 229
Strive For a 5. Brief article 229
Study and Practice of Meditation. Book review 155
Sweet Money Girl / Life and Death of a Tough Guy. Book review 170
Take My Place. Book review 130
Taking Back Our Spirits. Book review 140
Tango. Sound recording review 195
Teaching Students with Dyslexia and Dysgraphia. Book review 104
Tears of God. Book review 133
The 50 Greatest Photo Opportunities in New York City. Brief article 128
The Alzheimer's Project: Momentum in Science. Book review 94
The Amazing Adventures of Working Girl. Book review 101
The American Nation. Book review 241
The Ancient Southwest. Brief article 121
The Art of Aging. Book review 107
The Asian Barecue Book. Book review 82
The Awesome Book Of Dog Humor. Book review 173
The Barcelona Cookbook. Brief article 179
The Beginner's Guide To Preserving Food At Home, third edition. Book review 199
The Book Shopper. Book review 198
The Bryant Family Vineyard Cookbook. Book review 166
The Burning Bush. Book review 131
The Complete Guide to Bible Translations. Book review 176
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Getting Published. Brief article 238
The Constitution of the United States of America. Brief article 224
The Conversations With God Companion. Book review 103
The Dangerous World of Butterflies. Book review 105
The Death Of A Pope. Book review 193
The Doctrines of Grace. Book review 115
The Earthscan Reader on Risk. Book review 193
The Encyclopedia Of Global Warming Science And Technology. Book review 279
The Evangelical Movement In Ethiopia. Brief article 265
The First Tycoon. Book review 97
The Girlfriends' Infertility Treatment Companion. Book review 90
The Golden Underground. Book review 126
The Google Way. Brief article 94
The Hospital for Bad Poets. Book review 108
The Hot Shoe Diaries. Book review 101
The Imperfect Garden. Book review 83
The Legal Forms Toolkit. Book review 238
The Little Book Of Values. Book review 284
The Lover's Guide to Trapping. Brief article 131
The Match King. Brief article 112
The Media Relations Department of Hizbollah Wishes You a Happy Birthday. Book review 112
The Mojave Desert. Book review 188
The Nature of Being Human. Book review 97
The New Influencers. Book review 85
The Obama Menu. Book review 153
The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane. Audiobook review 196
The Playwright's Workout. Brief article 96
The Poetry Tool Kit. Brief article 121
The Politically Incorrect Guide to The Great Depression and the New Deal. Book review 118
The Quantum Frontier. Book review 88
The Roots of Phonics, revised edition. Book review 108
The Saturday Evening Pearls. Book review 82
The Skinny on Credit Cards. Book review 108
The Social Thoughts of Thomas Merton. Brief article 111
The Soulmate Secret. Book review 87
The Spoils. Book review 131
The Spy Factory. Video recording review 202
The Sun Climbs Slow. Book review 105
The Uncertain Business of Doing Good. Book review 134
The Unexpected Caregiver. Book review 178
The Whole-Food Guide To Strong Bones. Book review 164
The Words of Abraham Lincoln. Book review 88
The Zafarani Files. Book review 114
They Are Us. Brief article 101
Think Like A Champion. Brief article 152
Thinking in Systems. Book review 81
Torchwood: Lost Souls. Audiobook review 190
Traditional Cape Malay Cooking. Brief article 220
Transit. Book review 82
Triathlon 101, second edition. Brief article 82
Truckers. Brief article 107
Twilight Of The Great Lakes Steamer. Book review 191
Two Ones. Sound recording review 194
Unbuttoned. Book review 91
Under The Volcano. Audiobook review 155
Underground Classics. Book review 260
Understanding Online Piracy. Book review 370
Universal Truth. Brief article 92
Vasen Street. Sound recording review 192
Warden of Greyrock. Book review 101
Ways You Can Help, Pick One. Book review 124
What is Your Self-Worth? Book review 112
What We Eat When We Eat Alone. Brief article 82
Whatever You Do, Don't Run. Book review 85
Where We Live. Brief article 141

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