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Articles from Internet Bookwatch (November 1, 2008)

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Title Author Type Words
1-2-3 Draw Dogs. Book review 96
108 Recipes. Brief article 154
3 Step Vegetable Gardening. Brief article 217
A Book Inside. Book review 195
A Guide Book of United States Tokens and Medals. Brief article 82
A Necklace of Bees. Brief article 186
A Pretty Face. Brief article 241
A Sense of Urgency. Book review 94
A.K. Peters ltd. Brief article 261
Academic Advocacy for Gifted Children. Brief article 140
ACE Guide To Construction Costs: 2009 Edition. Book review 198
Addison-Wesley. Book review 248
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 How-Tos. Brief article 99
Airbrushing and Finishing Scale Models. Brief article 98
All Art is Propaganda: Critical Essays. Book review 103
Alpha Zulu. Brief article 174
Amacom. Book review 131
Amherst Media. Brief article 266
Ancestral Grace. Brief article 97
Anchor Bay Entertainment. Brief article 182
Angels and Wonders. Brief article 120
Anna, Washing. Brief article 186
Asthma-Free Naturally. Book review 106
Atheism Explained. Book review 109
Bad Vibrations. Book review 92
Barry Dixon Interiors. Book review 165
Bayview Entertainment. Brief article 173
Berkeley Prime Crime. Book review 225
Best of the Widener Collection. Book review 154
Beyond the Block. Book review 162
Blackwell Publishing. Book review 432
Braided Lives. Brief article 121
Brain Injury Survival Kit. Book review 136
Breaking the Maya Code. Brief article 200
Brett Favre: A Packer Fan's Tribute. Brief article 89
Brilliance Audio. Audiobook review 695
Building New Brunswick. Book review 168
Buying Annuities. Book review 130
By A Maine River: A Year of Looking Closely. Brief article 102
Cafe Life Venice. Brief article 193
Cage. Brief article 153
Case File: Union Pacific. Brief article 116
Chaucer's The Knight's Tale And The Limits of Human Order In The Pagan World. Book review 226
China: 3,000 Years of Art & Literature. Book review 110
Cinematic. Brief article 254
Civilization. Brief article 131
Climbing. Brief article 120
Cognitive-Behavior Therapy For Severe Mental Illness. Book review 152
Collector Books. Brief article 226
Copts in Michigan. Book review 101
Copywriting. Brief article 104
Corwin Press. 1260
Courageous Journey. Brief article 116
Courbet. Brief article 190
Crosstime. Book review 99
Damanhur: Temples Of Humankind. Brief article 229
Damselfishes and Anemonefishes. Book review 94
Dancing Fire. Brief article 100
Death of Raymond Yellow Thunder. Brief article 104
Deduct It! Book review 238
Designing for the Social Web. Brief article 115
Dirty French. Brief article 174
Discharge Planning Handbook for Healthcare. Brief article 134
Dissipated Assets. Brief article 112
Dojo: Using the Dojo JavaScript Library to Build Ajax Applications. Brief article 123
Dream Homes. Book review 144
Dream Power. Book review 105
Dress Up Your Dog. Book review 199
Earth Science Decade by Decade. Brief article 96
East of the Storm. Brief article 144
Eating Well Seasonal Recipes. Brief article 157
Economics Sanctions Reconsidered. Brief article 132
Economy Class. Brief article 170
Effective School Interventions. Brief article 231
Encyclopedia of the African Diaspora. Brief article 107
Engagement is Not Enough. Brief article 127
Even More Great Ideas For Libraries And Friends. Brief article 234
Exits and Entrances. Book review 104
Expanding Architecture Design as Activism. Book review 159
Exploring the BC Coast By Car. Brief article 102
Far North & Other Dark Tales. Brief article 108
Father Flanagan of Boys Town. Brief article 104
Final Cut Pro for Avid Editors, 3rd Edition. Book review 105
Finding Faith, Losing Faith. Book review 115
Finding the Sweet Spot. Brief article 121
Floyd Patterson: A Boxer and a Gentleman. Book review 168
Food Festivals of Italy. Brief article 151
Football Food. Book review 189
For Members Only. Brief article 150
Foundations of Social Work Practice. Brief article 175
Freud at 150. Brief article 156
From the Moon to the Sun. Brief article 125
Gary Brown's Learn to Play Bridge. Brief article 211
Generation Hex. Book review 128
Get Rich, Stay Rich, Pass It On. Book review 135
Gila Libre! Brief article 159
Glamour. Brief article 120
Global Tax Revolution. Book review 110
Godless. Brief article 132
Going Away to Think. Book review 126
Goode's World Atlas, 21st Edition. Brief article 189
Grandduchy of Baden. Brief article 252
Green Up Your Cleanup. Brief article 119
Hachette Audio. Audiobook review 501
Historic Photos of Ronald Reagan. Book review 174
Historic Photos of Theodore Roosevelt. Brief article 159
Home Grown Indiana. Brief article 120
How to Be a Record Producer in the Digital Era. Book review 96
How to Be A Success. Brief article 110
How to Land a Top-Paying Federal Job. Brief article 101
How to Open & Operate a Financially Successful Florist and Floral Business Both Online and Off. Book review 88
How to Really Love Your Grandchild ... in an Ever-Changing World. Brief article 272
Hunting The American West. Book review 207
In Contemporary Rhythm: The Art of Ernest L. Blumenschein. Book review 126
Indiana Political Heroes. Brief article 98
Inside Bob Dylan's Jesus Years. Video recording review 196
Inspector Lewis I. Video recording review 169
Intellectual Property and Open Source. Brief article 99
International Poisonous Plants Checklist. Book review 191
Introduction to Autocad 2009 Essentials. Brief article 115
Inukami! Volume 1. Book review 254
Involving Parents in Their Children's Reading Development. Book review 241
Ireland. Brief article 139
Islam. Brief article 109
Island Folk. Book review 98
Israel and the Legacy of Harry S. Truman. Brief article 157
Jewish Stories from Heaven and Earth. Book review 111
Kinnickinnic. Brief article 154
Knitting 200 Q&A. Brief article 161
Known Military Dead During War of 1812. Brief article 146
La Clinica. Brief article 120
Lascaux: A New Look. Video recording review 158
Lavinia. Brief article 153
Leathernecks. Book review 164
Life Sentences. Brief article 118
Linden Publishing. Video recording review 170
Living in China. Brief article 118
Living Long & Loving It. Book review 98
Living Will. Brief article 136
Local Bounty. Book review 260
Lourdes for Today and Tomorrow. Brief article 118
Madness in Buenos Aires. Brief article 161
Make Meetings Matter. Book review 127
Making Peace with Cochise. Brief article 95
Martingale & Company. Book review 262
Mary Elizabeth Garrett: Society and Philanthropy in the Gilded Age. Book review 182
Mary's Voyage. Book review 115
Mexican Silver Jewelry Details. Book review 179
More Hold'Em Wisdom for All Players. Brief article 214
Natalie Scott: A Magnificent Life. Book review 102
Native American Playing Cards: Set One. Brief article 164
Natural Style. Book review 151
New Frontiers in Free Trade. Brief article 125
Night Vision: Art of Urban Exploration. Book review 87
No Atheists in Foxholes. Brief article 117
O'Reilly. Book review 316
Oklahoma: A History. Book review 192
On Tarzan. Brief article 230
On the Road to Emmaus. Brief article 106
Otero Mesa: Preserving America's Widest Grassland. Brief article 256
Out Loud. Brief article 94
Overpower Pain. Brief article 113
Painting at the Edge of the World. Book review 145
Paris: City Of Art. Book review 221
Penguin Audio. Audiobook review 446
Poisoned Pen Press. Book review 207
Pop Goes the Library. Brief article 112
POP Goes the Library. Book review 119
Portraits: Music for Classical Guitar. Brief article 147
Positive Leadership. Brief article 96
Power Struggles. Brief article 156
Principles of Physical Optics. Brief article 80
Projected History Volume One 1929-1930. Brief article 141
Promising Practices for Partnering with Families in the Early Years. Brief article 132
Public Health Business Planning. Book review 128
Quelch's Gold. Brief article 107
Race and Remembrance. Brief article 123
Rav Chesed. Brief article 129
Real Education. Book review 126
Reality Check. Brief article 143
Reasonable Use of Force. Book review 138
Rebels of Mindanao. Brief article 104
Refugee Rights. Brief article 104
Relieving Your Holiday Stress. Brief article 192
Restraint and Handling of Wild and Domestic Animals. Book review 170
Revelations. Book review 145
Ribbon Treasures from Celia's Garden. Brief article 81
Road Bike Maintenance. Brief article 100
Roots of Home. Brief article 206
Rosario + Vampire, Volume 1. Brief article 287
Sanctuary. Brief article 197
Santiago's Children. Brief article 109
Say It Like Obama. Brief article 193
Schoolwide Prevention Models. Brief article 95
Seeing Through the Lies. Book review 112
Seven Cities of Mud. Brief article 118
Sew Fabulous Fabric. Brief article 221
Sex, Science, and Stem Cells. Brief article 132
Slide:Ology: The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations. Brief article 112
So Why Have You Never Been Married? Brief article 149
Something in the Darkness. Book review 103
Sound of the World Presents: Beyond the Horizon. Sound recording review 146
Sounds of Indian Summer. Brief article 153
Stagecoaches Across the American West 1850 to 1920. Book review 196
Stalking the Vampire: A Fable of Tonight. Brief article 264
Star Trek and Philosophy. Book review 114
Stay Rich Forever & Ever with Ed Slott. Video recording review 177
Steamboat Springs. Brief article 134
Street-Level Bureaucracy. Book review 104
Success. Brief article 235
Taku Wadaka He? Brief article 165
Teach Yourself TCP/IP in 24 Hours. Book review 94
Teaching the Brain to Read. Brief article 112
The Advertised Mind. Brief article 106
The Almanac of the Unelected Staff of the U.S. Congress 2008. Brief article 204
The Amish Cook at Home. Brief article 228
The Anatomy of Grace. Book review 99
The Art & Soul Of Baking. Brief article 206
The Art of The Personal Letter. Brief article 122
The Autobiographer's Handbook. Brief article 99
The Backyard Birdsong Guide. Brief article 87
The Best of Inquiring Mind. Book review 103
The Big Book of Campaign Cartoons 2008. Book review 194
The Billionaire Who Wasn't. Brief article 123
The Biogenealogy Sourcebook. Book review 108
The Birth of American Tourism. Brief article 184
The Black Citizen Soldiers of Kansas 1864-1901. Brief article 182
The Black White Divide in America ... Still. Brief article 119
The Blue Heron Ranch. Book review 130
The Canon EOS Digital Rebel Xsi/450d Companion. Book review 83
The Carbon Age. Book review 89
The Career Coward's Guide to Job Searching. Brief article 112
The Cherokee Trail of Tears. Brief article 148
The Chief Rabbi, the Pope, and the Holocaust. Book review 145
The Chinese Written Character as a Medium for Poetry. Book review 225
The Cisco Kid. Book review 231
The Collected Letters of Edgar Allan Poe. Brief article 262
The Complete Guide to Torque X for XNA. Brief article 129
The Complete Illustrated Directory Of Salmon & Steelhead Flies. Book review 204
The Cosmic War. Brief article 223
The Crime of Reason. Brief article 116
The Decider. Sound recording review 150
The Decline And Fall Of Rome. Audiobook review 269
The Drum Calls Softly. Brief article 127
The Forgotten Horses. Brief article 81
The Fugitive. Brief article 148
The Game Production Handbook, 2nd Edition. Brief article 96
The Great Commission. Brief article 220
The Green Bubble. Brief article 104
The Guardian Building. Brief article 254
The Handbook for Enhancing Professional Practice. Brief article 228
The Handbook of International Trade and Finance. Book review 112
The Incarnation Of Language. Brief article 180
The International Art Markets. Book review 201
The Irish Civil War 1922-23. Brief article 99
The Jewish Bible. Book review 144
The Jews and American Comics. Brief article 262
The Last Four Visions of Daniel. Brief article 110
The Lindbergh Child. Brief article 129
The Little Black Book Of Chicago. Brief article 204
The Master Carpenter. Book review 92
The Minotaur's Island. Brief article 144
The Mortgage Answer Book. Book review 235
The Old Farmer's 2009 Almanac. Brief article 97
The Placebo Response and the Power of Unconscious Healing. Book review 99
The Prayer Shawl Companion. Book review 248
The Printed Picture. Brief article 213
The Purity Code. Book review 104
The Real McCain. Brief article 209
The Rotisserie Chicken Cookbook. Brief article 84
The Star Profile. Brief article 105
The Sustainable Home. Book review 233
The Visible and the Revealed. Book review 89
The Wicked Wine of Democracy. Brief article 146
The World Bank and the Gods of Lending. Book review 129
This Dirty Little Heart. Brief article 98
Thomas Ewing Jr. Frontier Lawyer and Civil War General. Book review 168
Time To Write. Book review 186
Trees & Forests Of America. Brief article 216
U.S. Experimental & Prototype Aircraft Projects. Book review 228
Undead And Unworthy. Brief article 223
Unplugging from Religion. Book review 102
Variety Is The Spice Of Life. Brief article 155
Voice Over IP Security. Brief article 100
Watson-Guptill. Book review 126
When God Goes to Starbucks. Book review 111
When the Center Is on Fire. Book review 92
Wild Horses: Endangered Beauty. Book review 224
Wine Appreciation Guild. Book review 147
Wine Mondays. Brief article 154
Wisconsin Quilts. Brief article 154
Writer's Block Busters. Brief article 171
Yang Style Traditional Long Form T'ai Chi Ch'uan. Book review 252
Yankees in Michigan. Book review 128
Yoga to Have Fun. Brief article 261

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