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Internationally innovative.

Internationally, the nonwovens industry continues to grow. Or is i the nonwovens industry continues to grow internationally. Both are true in their context; nonwovens producers are popping in up around the globe, broadening the depth of the industry; likewise established producers continue to expand their marketing and manufacturing bases on a global scale.

In this issue, we analyze parts of that global industry, focusing on various geographic markets and in some cases, on particular nonwovens segments within those markets. The opportunities are definitely there--it remains a question of weighing risk versus reward. Top nonwovens manufacturers today--manufacturers such as roll goods producer Corovin, which made the move last month into the South African market (see Top of the News, p. 8) and fiber supplier Lenzing Fibers, which received approval for an expansion into China (see Nonwovens News, p. 12)--are judging the opportunities worth the risk and moving ahead with expansion ventures worldwide.

NONWOVENS INDUSTRY will also join the international set this month, as we publish a second Chinese language issue of our magazine in honor of the Shanghai International Nonwovens Conference and Exhibition (SINCE), which will be held in Shanghai, People's Republic of China, Nov. 16-18. INDA also moves outside of the U.S. this month with its Nonwovens Americas conference in Cancun, Mexico (Nov. 9-12), the U.S. trade association's first attempt to bring together North American counterparts throughout the industry in a formal conference atmosphere.

We've talked about the global scope of the industry for the past decade, analyzed the trends in a broadening--and consolidating--Europe and agonized over the worldwide recession. We've also talked about the growing Japanese market as well as the huge potential of the Chinese market, once all the governmental red tape is cleared. In this issue, we delve a bit further into international markets stretching from the shores of China to the depths of South Africa, with visits to the U.K. and South America along the way. What this issue brings home to us and what it should bring home to the industry is the ever-widening scope of nonwovens and the vast potential that exists across international borders.
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Title Annotation:nonwovens industry
Author:Noonan, Ellen
Publication:Nonwovens Industry
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Date:Nov 1, 1993
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