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International reserves and foreign currency liquidity; guidelines for a data template.


International reserves and foreign currency liquidity; guidelines for a data template.

Intl. Monetary Fund


86 pages




This volume updates the guidelines for utilizing the Data Template on International Reserves and Foreign Currency Liquidity Data jointly developed by the International Monetary Fund and the Committee on the Global Financial System of the Group of Ten central banks. The Data Template integrates on and off balance-sheet data on international financial activities of country authorities, together with supplementary information, in order to provide a comprehensive account of countries' official foreign currency assets and drains on such resources arising from foreign currency liabilities and commitments of the authorities. The five core chapters and five appendices of the original 2001 edition are updated in order to reflect the Data Template's 2009 modification following approval by the IMF Executive Board on strengthening the effectiveness of Article VIII section (5) of the IMF's Articles of Agreement. It also includes three new appendices on "Reserve Assets and Currency Unions;" "Frequently Asked Questions on the Characteristics of Reserve Assets;" and "Statistical Treatment of Lending to the IMF, Lending to IMF Managed Trusts, and Special Drawing Rights."

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