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International properties recently assigned or reassigned.


                                    Categories         Licensing
Property        Description         Available          Contact

Garfield        28-year-old         All for Canada     Gary Krakower,
                syndicated comic                       Fox Consumer
                strip features                         Products
                the iconic title
                character, a fat,
                sassy orange cat;
                his owner Jon;
                and Odie the dog;
                most widely
                syndicated comic
                strip in the
                world, currently
                in production for
                a feature film
                due in 2004;
                audience includes
                kids age 2-11 and
                adults including
                women 18-49; for
                mass specialty,
                novelty and gift

Sesame Street   Pioneering          All for            Thomas Punch,
                children's          Australia,         Haven Licensing
                educational TV      Germany,           Pty. Ltd. (for
                series featuring    Austria,           Australia);
                such characters     Switzerland        Bettina Kockler,
                as Elmo, Cookie                        MM Merchandising
                Monster and Big                        Media (for
                Bird; viewed                           Germany,
                worldwide, airs                        Austria,
                on ABC and Nick                        Switzerland)
                Jr. in Australia;
                German adaptation
                is called
                Sesamstrasse, and
                celebrated its
                30th anniversary
                last year; airs
                on NDR, ARD and
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Date:Jan 19, 2004
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