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International licenses recently granted.


Property      Granted To          Manufactured        Granted By

Garfield      Bugal               Wireless content    Paws

              Diakikis            Bags, pencils,      Black & White
                                  sharpeners,         Licensing Limited
                                  erasers, rulers,
                                  spiral notebooks,
                                  notepads, ring
                                  binders, pencil
                                  cases, stationery
                                  sets, organizers,
                                  umbrellas, water
                                  canteens, beach
                                  bags, pencil
                                  holders, trash
                                  cans, savings
                                  boxes, clocks
                                  (Greece, Cyprus)

              Egmont Karnan AB    Comic magazines     Plus Licens AB
                                  (Finland, Norway,

              Elby Gifts          Frames, bookends,   Carte Blanche
                                  banks, clocks,      Licensing
                                  figures, magnets,
                                  water balls

              Exportacao          Special event       ITC Mexico

              Extreme Creations   Jelly pops          Paws
              International       (Worldwide)

              Industria De        Baby bathtubs,      ITC Mexico
              Plastico Rangel     sports bottles,
                                  cups with covers,
                                  mugs (Brazil)

              Joseph              Character-shaped    Paws
              Enterprises         Chia pets
                                  Belgium, Canada,
                                  France, Germany,
                                  Switzerland, UK,

              Kromo Editora E     Coloring &          ITC Mexico
              Grafica             activity books

              Mash Industria E    Underwear, beach
              Commerico           wear (Brazil)

              TW & G              Socks               Paws

              Unikota Holdings    Handkerchief        Garfield Asia
                                  facial tissues,     Pacific Marketing
                                  pocket facial
                                  tissues, wet
                                  tissues, box
                                  facial tissues

itty bitty    Fruit of the        Undergarments       Joy Tashjian
HeartBeats    Loom/Union          (U.S., Canada,      Marketing Group
              Underwear Co.       Mexico)

Michael       Herman Kay          Women's outerwear   Michael Kors
Kors          Bromley             (U.S., Canada)

Scooby Doo    Eric Way            Designer dog        Warner Bros.
                                  coats, dog leads,   Consumer Products
                                  dog bowls, dog
                                  accessories (UK)

Shaman King   Konami of America   Videogames (U.S.,   4Kids
                                  Europe)             Entertainment

St. John      Raj Manufacturing   Swimsuits,          St. Johns Knits
                                  sandals, towels,
                                  totes (U.S.,

Whac-A-Mole   Hasbro              Interactive TV      Dimensional
                                  games (U.S.,        Branding Group
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Title Annotation:Licensing News
Publication:Licensing Letter
Date:Jan 19, 2004
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