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Articles from International journal of communication (Online) (October 1, 2019)

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#MeToo Empowerment Through Media: A New Multiple Model for Predicting Attitudes Toward Media Campaigns. Roth-Cohen, Osnat; Ne'eman-Haviv, Vered; Bonny-Noach, Hagit 7259
A Model for the Analysis of Online Citizen Deliberation: Barcelona Case Study. Bravo, Rosa Borge; Balcells, Joan; Padro-Solanet, Albert 8805
A Tale of Three Platforms: Collaboration, Contestation, and Degrees of Audibility in a Bulgarian e-Municipality. Bakardjieva, Maria 8896
Affective Digital Media of New Migration From Turkey: Feelings, Affinities, and Politics. Savas, Ozlem 9408
Albert-Laszlo Barabasi, The Formula: The Universal Laws of Success. Day, Magdalena 1519
Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown in Africa: Cultural Brokerage, "Going Native," and Colonial Nostalgia. Workneh, Tewodros W.; Steeves, H. Leslie 10165
Centralized Agricultural Networks and Changing Agrarian Power Dynamics in the Platform Economy. Wang, Wei 8949
Communication Privacy Management and Digital Evidence in an Intimate Partner Violence Case. Ramirez, Fanny A.; Lane, Jeffrey 8749
Community Radio as a Space of Care: An Ecofeminist Perspective on Media Production in Environmental Conflicts. Serafini, Paula 9121
Control Responsibility: The Discursive Construction of Privacy, Teens, and Facebook in Flemish Newspapers. de Wolf, Ralf; Joye, Stijn 9002
Cuing Collective Outcomes on Twitter: A Qualitative Reading of Movement Social Learning. Mercea, Dan; Levy, Helton 9008
David F. Purnell, Building Communities Through Food: Strengthening Communication, Families, and Social Capital. Wenzel, Andrea 1235
Disentangling Economic News Effects: The Impact of Tone, Uncertainty, and Issue on Public Opinion. Damstra, Alyt 7686
E-Democracy and Digital Activism: From Divergent Paths Toward a New Frame. Blasio, Emiliana De; Sorice, Michele 8041
Eli Lee Carter, Reimagining Brazilian Television: Luiz Fernando Carvalho's Contemporary Vision. Meimaridis, Melina 1615
Elizabeth Ellcessor and Bill Kirkpatrick (Eds.), Disability Media Studies. Lee, Micky 1537
Explicating Listening in Organization--Public Communication: Theory, Practices, Technologies. Macnamara, Jim 8789
Friend, Ally, or Rival? Twitter Diplomacy as "Technosocial" Performance of National Identity. Shahin, Saif; Huang, Q. Elyse 9036
Helle V. Dam, Matilde Nisbeth Brogger, and Karen Korning Zethsen (Eds.), Moving Boundaries in Translation Studies. Liu, Lisheng 1589
Jonathan Gray and Amanda D. Lotz, Television Studies (Short Introductions), Second Edition. Raesch, Monika 1685
Justin Joque, Deconstruction Machines: Writing in the Age of Cyberwar. Niekerk, Brett van 1476
Justin Joque, Deconstruction Machines: Writing in the Age of Cyberwar. Follis, Luca 1642
Metajournalism and Media Critique: Responses to "Extremist Voices" in the Digitalized News Landscape. Larsen, Anna Grondahl; Figenschou, Tine Ustad 8813
News Consumption of Russian Vkontakte Users: Polarization and News Avoidance. Urman, Aleksandra 9116
Nico Carpentier, The Discursive-Material Knot: Cyprus in Conflict and Community Media Participation. Zhao, Yupei 1245
Paul Baker, Gavin Brookes, and Craig Evans, The Language of Patient Feedback: A Corpus Linguistic Study of Online Health Communication. Xu, Fang; Wang, Xiaoli 1496
Photographic Flaneur, Street Photography, and Imagi(ni)ng the City. Trivundza, Ilija Tomanic 8936
Platform Politics in Europe: Bridging Gaps Between Digital Activism and Digital Democracy at the Close of the Long 2010s: Introduction. Deseriis, Marco; Vittori, Davide 4786
Populism in Scandinavian Immigration Discourse 1970-2016. Mjelde, Hilmar; Hovden, Jan Fredrik 8855
Practicing Urban Media Studies: An Interview With Will Straw. Tosoni, Simone; Ridell, Seija Interview 7807
Precarity and New Media: Through the Lens of Indian Creators. Mehta, Smith 9214
Queer Immaterial Labor in Beauty Videos by LGBTQ-Identified YouTubers. Homant, Ellie; Sender, Katherine 9066
Quest for Immortality: An Analysis of ISIS's Dabiq. Rogan, Randall G. 8656
Sakari Taipale, Intergenerational Connections in Digital Families. Zadnik, Stepan 1466
Self-Appointed Representatives on Facebook: The Case of the Belgian Citizen's Platform for Refugee Support. Knops, Louise; Severs, Eline 9116
Talking About and Beyond Censorship: Mapping Topic Clusters in the Chinese Twitter Sphere. Wu, Shiwen; Mai, Bo 9271
Technology Innovation and the Rebirth of Self-Regulation: How the Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence Solve Big Problems Managing Environmental Regulation and Resources. Hytha, David A.; Aronson, Jonathan D.; Eng, Al 1844
The (Theatrical) Mediation of Urban Daily Life and the Genealogy of the Media City: Show Windows as Urban Screens at the Rise of Consumer Capitalism in America (1880-1930). Silla, Cesare 8209
The Augmented City in Protest: The Urban Media Studies Perspective. Lokot, Tetyana 7853
The Genealogy of Communication. Yamamoto, Eduardo Yuji 7394
The Impact of Online Participation Platforms on the Internal Democracy of Two Southern European Parties: Podemos and the Five Star Movement. Deseriis, Marco; Vittori, Davide 8913
The Mediated City Between Research Fields: An Invitation to Urban Media Studies: Introduction. Tosoni, Simone; Krajina, Zlatan; Ridell, Seija 4779
Uncanny Resemblances? Captive Audience Positions and Media-Conscious Performances in Berlin During the 1936 Summer Olympics and the 2006 FIFA World Cup. Kolamo, Sami; Vuolteenaho, Jani 8603
Understanding Encounters for Urban Media Studies: Civic Intercourse, Screen Technologies, and Cultural Difference. Krajina, Zlatan 8908
Yong-Chan Kim, Matthew D. Matsaganis, Holley A. Wilkin and Joo-Young Jung (Eds.), The Communication Ecology of 21st Century Urban Communities. Lane, Jeffrey 1475

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