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Articles from International journal of communication (Online) (September 1, 2018)

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"Banal" Europeanized National Public Spheres? Framing the Eurozone Crisis in the European Elite Press. Sarikakis, Katharine; Koukou, Asimina; Winter, Lisa 8082
"It's Like Learning a Whole Other Language": The Role of Algorithmic Skills in the Curation of Creative Goods. Klawitter, Erin; Hargittai, Eszter 8803
Analyzing Spatialization in Newspapers' Production: A Case Study of Guadalajara's Daily Press. Larrosa-Fuentes, Juan S. Case study 7773
Bane or a Device? Use of Stereotypic Content as a Method to Increase the Power of Mediated Communication. Tanikawa, Miki 8706
Digital Amplification of Fringe Voices: Alternative Media and Street Politics in Hong Kong. Wang, Yidong 8669
Does Having a Political Discussion Help or Hurt Intergroup Perceptions? Drawing Guidance From Social Identity Theory and the Contact Hypothesis. Bond, Robert M.; Shulman, Hillary C.; Gilbert, Michael 9093
Examining Effects of Informational Use of Social Media Platforms and Social Capital on Civic Engagement Regarding Genetically Modified Foods in China. Wen, Nainan; Wei, Ran 8734
Exploring Risk Perception and Intention to Engage in Social and Economic Activities During the South Korean MERS Outbreak. Choi, Doo-Hun; Shin, Dong-Hee; Park, Keeho; Yoo, Woohyun 8837
Face Value: Linking Nonverbal Cues to Character Traits in Impression Formation of Politicians. Kilgo, Danielle; Boulter, Trent R.; Coleman, Renita 8874
Gender Policing in Mainstream Hindi Cinema: A Decade of Central Female Characters in Top-Grossing Bollywood Movies. Khan, Subuhi; Taylor, Laramie D. 8960
Heterogeneity in Alternative Media Spheres: Oppositional Media and the Framing of Sectarianism in the Syrian Conflict. Badran, Yazan; Smets, Kevin 8725
How Social Well-Being Is Affected by Digital Inequalities. Buchi, Moritz; Festic, Noemi 9208
How to Conceptualize a Culture of Support Through "Language Plus" Presented at the Right Time to the Right Audience. Tekinalp, Sermin 8929
Immediacy Communication and Success in Crowdfunding Campaigns: A Multimodal Communication Approach. Grebelsky-Lichtman, Tsfira; Avnimelech, Gil 10459
Interpersonal Divide in the Age of the Machine (2nd Edition). Wang, Min 1726
Lega Nord and Anti-Immigrationism: The Importance of Hegemony Critique for Social Media Analysis and Protest. Padovani, Cinzia 10945
Mamfakinch: From Protest Slogan to Mediated Activism. Iddins, Annemarie 9710
Mapping Communication Infrastructure Theory Onto Twitter: Network Integration and Neighborhood Storytelling. An, Zheng; Mendiola-Smith, Luana 9184
One Belt, Competing Metaphors: The Struggle Over Strategic Narrative in English-Language News Media. Xin, Jing; Matheson, Donald 8854
Public Diplomacy on Social Media: Analyzing Networks and Content. Sevin, Efe; Ingenhoff, Diana 9615
The Death of Public Knowledge?: How Free Markets Destroy the General Intellect. Stephens, Niall P. 1543
The Experience and Expression of Uncertainty in Close Relationships: Advances in Personal Relationships. Zhong, Lingzi 1169
The Flip: Mobile Communication of North Korean Migrant Women During Their Journey to South Korea. Kang, Juhee; Ling, Richard; Chib, Arul 9315
The Limits of the Limits of the Law: How Useable Are DMCA Anticircumvention Exceptions? Aufderheide, Patricia; Sinnreich, Aram; Graf, Joseph 5351
The Moral Economy of Mobile Phones: Pacific Islands Perspectives. Ling, Rich 1656
The Procrastination Economy: The Big Business of Downtime. Kononova, Anastasia 1813
The Strange Life and Death of the Fairness Doctrine: Tracing the Decline of Positive Freedoms in American Policy Discourse. Pickard, Victor 9211
The Triumph of Social Privacy: Understanding the Privacy Logics of Sharing Behaviors Across Social Media. Sujon, Zoetanya 9004
Tweeting the Attack: Predicting Gubernatorial Candidate Attack Messaging and Its Spread. Stromer-Galley, Jennifer; Zhang, Feifei; Hemsley, Jeff; Tanupabrungsun, Sikana 9224
Virtual Reality and the Syrian Refugee Camps: Humanitarian Communication and the Politics of Empathy. Irom, Bimbisar 8858
Voice + Matter: Communication, Development and the Cultural Return. Tae, Hyun 1877
What Politicians Look for in the News and How That Affects Their Behavior: A Uses and Gratifications Approach to Political Agenda Setting. Vesa, Juho; Blomberg, Helena; Kroll, Christian; Aelst, Peter Van Survey 8462

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