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Articles from International journal of communication (Online) (January 1, 2016)

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"A Tiny and Closed Fraternity of Privileged Men": The Nixon-Agnew Antimedia Campaign and the Liberal Roots of the U.S. Conservative "Liberal Media" Critique. Cimaglio, Christopher 8770
"I Has Seen Image Macros!" Advice Animal Memes as Visual-Verbal Jokes. Dynel, Marta Report 8227
"I Like the Metamorphosis of the Characters": Dynamics of Transnational Television Comedy Engagement. Lockyer, Sharon; Popa, Diana E. 8909
"Legit Can't Wait for #Toronto #WorldPride!": Investigating the Twitter Public of a Large-Scale LGBTQ Festival. Duguay, Stefanie 8901
"My Voice Needs to Be Heard": Cultural Challengers in the Regulatory Arena. Daskal, Efrat 8993
"Who Has Time for That?" Understanding Media Use Among Conservation Photographers. Gervais, Elizabeth Anne 8695
A New Measure for the Tendency to Select Ideologically Congruent Political Information: Scale Development and Validation. Tsfati, Yariv 11909
Burmese Media in Transition. Brooten, Lisa 8897
Chinese Discourse Studies. Wang, Xuelei 1921
Common Sense, Good Sense, and Commercial Television. First, Anat 8749
Connecting Political Communication with Urban Politics: A Bourdieusian Framework. Shin, Yongjun 8615
Constructing Public Space: Global Perspectives on Social Media and Popular Contestation. Poell, Thomas; Dijck, Jose Van 3864
Copies, Clones, and Genre Building: Discourses on Imitation and Innovation in Digital Games. Katzenbach, Christian; Herweg, Sarah; Van-Roessel, Lies 8846
Crafting Identity: Transnational Indian Arts and the Politics of Race in Central Mexico. Marchi, Regina 2012
Crimea River: Directionality in Memes from the Russia-Ukraine Conflict. Wiggins, Bradley E. 8320
Debating "Alternative" Gender Identities: The Online Discourse Triggered by 2014 Life Ball Advertising Posters. Wetzstein, Irmgard 8020
Eating Together, Separately: Intergroup Communication and Food in a Multiethnic Community. Wenzel, Andrea 8630
Effects of National Identity in Transnational Crises: Implications of Social Identity Theory for Attribution and Crisis Communications. Borden, Jonathan 8732
Effeminate Speech on New Media: @HillaryClinton's Public Intimacy through Relational Labor. Rhode, Flemming Schneider; Dejmanee, Tisha 8268
Epistemological (Im)possibilities and the Play of Power: Effects of the Fragmentation and Weak Institutionalization of Communication Studies in Europe. Phillips, Louise 7603
Free Dailies in the European Cross-Border Metropolis: The State-Based Economic Deals. Lamour, Christian 8663
From Radical Transparency to Radical Disclosure: Reconfiguring (In)Voluntary Transparency Through the Management of Visibilities. Heemsbergen, Luke 5959
Giving Attention to Conduct on Social Media: Discursive Mechanisms of Attention Structures in Mediating Governance-at-a-Distance in Today's Russia. Klausen, Julia Zhukova 7643
In Search of Reason-Centered Discussion on China's Twitter: The Effects of Initiating Post and Discussion Format on Reasoning. Sui, Mingxiao 6082
Independent Audiovisual Regulators in Spain: A Unique Case in Europe. Alonso, Isabel Fernandez 8721
Liquid Youth: From Street Kids to Theater Actors; An Account of a Reaffiliation Process. Campos, Milton N.; Burg, Ana Paula; Moraes, Mayara; Lemos, Adriana Guerra Abreu; Alves, Daniel Gonca 8819
Managing Opacity: Information Visibility and the Paradox of Transparency in the Digital Age. Stohl, Cynthia; Stohl, Michael; Leonardi, Paul M. 6390
Managing Secrecy. Birchall, Clare 5764
Managing Surveillance: Surveillant Individualism in an Era of Relentless Visibility. Ganesh, Shiv 6026
Measuring Freedom of Information: Issues and Opportunities from an Expert Survey. Giannone, Diego; de Frutos, Ruth 9674
Media Freedom Indexes in Democracies: A Critical Perspective Through the Cases of Poland and Chile. Sapiezynska, Ewa; Lagos, Claudia 8937
Media-Remembering the Falklands War: Subjectivity and Identification. Maltby, Sarah 8720
New "Danger Zone" in Europe: Representations of Place in Social Media-Supported Protests. Brantner, Cornelia; Rodriguez-Amat, Joan Ramon 8789
Occult(ing) Transparency: An Epilogue. Bratich, Jack 1684
Participants on the Margins: #BlackLivesMatter and the Role That Shared Artifacts of Engagement Played Among Minoritized Political Newcomers on Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter. Clark, Lynn Schofield 8403
Patriots and Pedagogues: Cultural Institutions and the Performative Politics of Minority German Hip-Hop. Zambon, Kate 8946
Polymediated Narrative: The Case of the Supernatural Episode "Fan Fiction". Herbig, Art; Herrmann, Andrew F. 8980
Relocating Development Communication: Social Entrepreneurship, International Networking, and South-South Cooperation in the Viva Rio NGO. Davis, Stuart Report 8068
Rousing the Facebook Crowd: Digital Enthusiasm and Emotional Contagion in the 2011 Protests in Egypt and Spain. Gerbaudo, Paolo 8141
Safe Area Gorazde: The War in Eastern Bosnia 1992-95. Woo, Benjamin 1632
SlutWalk: Feminism, Activism and Media. Sorce, Giuliana 1199
Spatiotemporal Diffusion Modeling of Global Mobilization in Social Media: The Case of the 2011 Egyptian Revolution. Kwon, K. Hazel; Xu, Weiai Wayne; Wang, Haiyan; Chon, Jaime 9173
The Effect of Anonymity on Conformity to Group Norms in Online Contexts: A Meta-Analysis. Huang, Guanxiong; Li, Kang Report 8510
The Management of Visibilities in the Digital Age. Flyverbom, Mikkel; Leonardi, Paul M.; Stohl, Cynthia; Stohl, Michael Report 5311
The Marvelous Clouds: Toward a Philosophy of Elemental Media. Stephens, Niall P. 1453
The Psychology of Pro-Environmental Communication: Beyond Standard Information Strategies. Kim, Hyun Tae "Calvin" 1776
Transnational Media Coverage of the ISIS Threat: A Global Perspective? Zhang, Xu; Hellmueller, Lea 7666
Transparency: Mediation and the Management of Visibilities. Flyverbom, Mikkel 5927
Weibo, WeChat, and the Transformative Events of Environmental Activism on China's Wild Public Screens. Deluca, Kevin Michael; Brunner, Elizabeth; Sun, Ye 8947

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