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Articles from International journal of communication (Online) (January 1, 2015)

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A hush falls over the crowd? Diminished online civic expression among young civic actors. Weinstein, Emily C.; Rundle, Margaret; James, Carrie Report 9061
A toxic crisis: metaphorizing the financial crisis. Nerghes, Adina; Hellsten, Iina; Groenewegen, Peter Report 8911
Affording immediacy in television news production: comparing adoption trajectories of social media and satellite technologies. Bivens, Rena Report 8637
Audiences across media a comparative agenda for future research on media audiences. Jensen, Klaus Bruhn; Helles, Rasmus Report 2410
Between old broadcast media and new networked media: materiality and media consumption practices. Damasio, Manuel Jose; Henriques, Sara; Da Silva, Marisa Torres; Pacheco, Liliana; Brites, Maria Jose Report 10078
Beyond the public/commercial broadcaster dichotomy: homogenization and melodramatization of news coverage in Chile. Mujica, Constanza; Bachmann, Ingrid Report 7972
Brenton J. Malin, Feeling Mediated: A History of Media Technology and Emotion in America. Ritter, Diana E. Book review 1518
Catherine R. Squires, The Post-Racial Mystique: Media and Race in the Twenty-First Century. Beltran, Mary Book review 1289
Celebrity political endorsement effects: a perspective on the social distance of political parties. Chou, Hsuan-Yi Report 9442
Changing patterns of media use across cultures: a challenge for longitudinal research. Hasebrink, Uwe; Jensen, Klaus Bruhn; Van Den Bulck, Hilde; Holig, Sascha; Maeseele, Pieter Report 9221
Comparing online alternative and mainstream media in Turkey: coverage of the TEKEL workers protest against privatization. Dogu, Burak Report 8379
Digital mediascapes, institutional frameworks, and audience practices across Europe. Perusko, Zrinjka; Vozab, Dina; Cuvalo, Antonija Report 8956
Early birds and night owls: differences in media preferences, usages, and environments. Nimrod, Galit Report 8558
Education and language-based knowledge gaps among new immigrants in the united states: effects of English- and native-language newspapers and TV. Dalisay, Francis; Liu, Yung-I Report 8573
Effects of multipart media framing on consumer attitudes toward biotechnology. Genc, Tugce Ozgen; Kasnakoglu, Berna Tari Report 8082
Enemies also get their say: press performance during political crises. Balmas, Meital; Sheafer, Tamir; Wolfsfeld, Gadi Report 8399
External-national TV news networks' way to America: is the United States losing the global "information war"? Xie, Shuang; Boyd-Barrett, Oliver Report 8608
Is print really dying? The state of print media use in Europe. Nossek, Hillel; Adoni, Hanna; Nimrod, Galit Report 8467
Larry Gross and Jay Ruby (Eds.), The Complete Sol Worth. Messaris, Paul Book review 3251
Laura Ellingson, Communicating in the Clinic: Negotiating Frontstage and Backstage Teamwork. Martin, Timothy E., Jr. Book review 1173
Media market research on immigrant audiences: lessons learned from a critical analysis of the Spanish media survey. Medina, Mercedes; Portilla, Idoia Report 8539
Music aggregators and intermediation of the digital music market. Galuszka, Patryk Report 8842
Nick Couldry, Media, Society, World: Social Theory and Digital Media Practice. Jensen, Klaus Bruhn Book review 1402
Nick Couldry, Media, Society, World: Social Theory and Digital Media Practice. Manivannan, Vyshali Book review 1098
Of war and water: metaphors and citizenship agency in the newspapers reporting the 9/11 Catalan protest in 2012. Castello, Enric; Capdevila, Arantxa Report 8802
Protest news framing cycle: how The New York Times covered occupy Wall Street. Gottlieb, Julian Report 8901
Public opinion, thinly sliced and served hot. Mitchell, Gordon R. Report 8810
Rodney Benson, Shaping Immigration News: A French-American Comparison. Hannah, Mark Book review 1425
Sarah Sharma, In the Meantime: Temporality and Cultural Politics. Smicker, Josh Book review 1422
Spaces across Europe: where people use media. Vittadini, Nicoletta; Micheli, Marina; Pasquali, Francesca; Aroldi, Piermarco Report 9137
Stereotypes of Chinese by American college students: media use and perceived realism. Zhang, Lingling Report 6643
The foods of the worlds: mapping and comparing contemporary gastrodiplomacy campaigns. Zhang, Juyan Report 8829
The Internet as a cultural forum: a European perspective. Nimrod, Galit; Adoni, Hanna; Nossek, Hillel Report 7253
The media landscapes of European audiences. Helles, Rasmus; Ormen, Jacob; Radil, Casper; Jensen, Klaus Bruhn Report 8971
The prominence of weak economies: factors and trends in global news coverage of economic crisis, 2009-2012. Blondheim, Menahem; Segev, Elad; Cabrera, Maria-Angeles Report 8071
Understanding popular Arab bloggers: from public spheres to cultural citizens. Riegert, Kristina Report 8997
Unpacking Asian queer masculinity in theater and cinema: postcolonial imagination and pleasure of bottomhood. Chan, Lik Sam Book review 2158
Violent frames: analyzing internet movie database reviewers' text descriptions of media violence and gender differences from 39 years of U.S. action, thriller, crime, and adventure movies. Gosselt, Jordy F.; Van Hoof, Joris J.; Gent, Bastiaan S.; Fox, Jean-Paul Report 8782

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