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Oman to impose ban on shrimp fishing from this date. By: Times News Service Nov 30, 2021 242
Fisheries sector allowed subsidy. Nov 12, 2021 191
Agriculture shrinks by 2.6% in Q3. Nov 8, 2021 846
Draft decree organising distribution channels of agricultural and fisheries products discussed. Nov 5, 2021 162
Sink or Swim: Asia's marine fisheries at risk of collapse, leading scientists warn. Nov 3, 2021 834
BFAR: Closed fishing season for 'galunggong' starts to bear fruit. Nov 3, 2021 562
Critically endangered green sawfish caught at Pak-Iran border. Nov 2, 2021 470
Harmonise needs of fishermen, traders. Oct 26, 2021 419
Liberia, World Bank sign USD$40m agreement to boost fishery sector. Oct 20, 2021 636
Cambodian government and development partners join hands to establish fishery business research team. Oct 15, 2021 283
BFAR orders 45-day ban on 'ludong' fishing in Cagayan River, Abra, Ilocos Sur. Oct 5, 2021 490
Basa fish industry in the Mekong Delta hit hard by social distancing. Oct 4, 2021 570
Food security projects announced in Oman. Oct 2, 2021 568
Forestry, Fisheries and Environment meets climate envoys ahead of COP26. Sep 30, 2021 663
Time to end modern slavery at sea. Sep 28, 2021 982
Seychelles, Mauritania to work together in fisheries sector, new ambassador says. Sep 25, 2021 270
Analysis of fishing vessels registration rules 2021. Dr Kanwar M Javed Iqbal Sep 19, 2021 1015
PH gov't begins importation of 60,000 MT of fish. Sep 15, 2021 407
Group urges government to liberalize fish industry. Sep 8, 2021 597
Agro-forestry-fisheries sector enjoys trade surplus of US$3.3 billion in eight months. Sep 7, 2021 451
Policies to include private partnerships in fisheries. Sep 6, 2021 310
A significant sector. Aug 30, 2021 525
Women's network in fishing industry. ANDREW FORGRAVE Aug 17, 2021 527
Networking new group is to launch; 'Women In Welsh Fisheries' - to raise awareness of their work - is welcomed. ANDREW FORGRAVE Rural Affairs Editor Aug 12, 2021 539
Two-month ban on fishing kingfish begins on Aug 15. Aug 10, 2021 202
Army burns fishing gear, leave fishermen stranded. Aug 10, 2021 457
Oman bans Kingfish fishing from August 15. By: Times News Service Aug 9, 2021 198
Pact signed to set up fish collection centre in Dhofar. Aug 4, 2021 380
State to pay Sh16m ocean surveillance debt this week - Munya. Aug 4, 2021 819
Why Kenya is seeking to ban Chinese fish imports. Aug 3, 2021 362
Binh ThuA?n fishing industry thrives amid pandemic. Jul 27, 2021 632
Present Status and Future Direction of Bangladeshi Shrimp Resources. Hosain, Mohammad Aslam; Ullah, Kalim; Sayam, Mohammad Abdullah Al; Mohiuddin, Kazi; Rahman, Emon Jul 24, 2021 3507
Trade chief sticks to her agenda. CHRIS McCALL Jul 22, 2021 184
Saving the world's marine resource. Jul 21, 2021 546
Agriculture minister clarifies ministry's roles. Jul 20, 2021 361
Saving the world's marine resources. Jul 20, 2021 546
MME support scheme for fishing boats to be implemented after Eid. Jul 11, 2021 451
IGAD Sets Up The Adoption Of The Baro-Akobo-Sobat (Ethiopia-South Sudan) Basin Integrated Fisheries Management Plan (IFMP) Project. Jul 8, 2021 587
Fisheries Minister on her visit to the home of seafood; 'the town has a vital role in the buying, selling and freezing of fish produce', she says. DAVID LAISTER @davelaister Jul 7, 2021 558
No foreign trawler in the sea of Balochistan' claims CS. Jul 5, 2021 674
Fisheries a significant sector. Jul 1, 2021 523
Iceland envoy hails trade deal; ambassador hopes nation can help uk build back its own fisheries interests. DAVID LAISTER @davelaister Jun 28, 2021 462
Not everyone is happy about this. Jun 28, 2021 236
Fisheries Deptt to start masher, trout fish production on commercial basis: official. Jun 24, 2021 442
Ranil urges Government not to politicize GSP Plus. Jun 13, 2021 422
Now is the time to rediscover our love for the silver darlings - Robert Duthie; The Scottish North Sea herring season will shortly get underway with vessels from Fraserburgh, Peterhead and Shetland working traditional grounds in search of the 'silver darlings'. Robert Duthie Jun 12, 2021 540
New Brexit trade deals 'to support Scots fishing jobs'. DANIEL O'DONOGHUE Jun 5, 2021 410
MME deal to provide fuel and ice to shipowners, fishermen. Jun 4, 2021 487
Welsh farmers would struggle to compete. May 27, 2021 268
Govt to empower fishermen by giving loans on subsidized rate. May 26, 2021 210
Lobster season ends on May 31. May 25, 2021 279
Seafood chief calls on minister to help whole sector thrive. KEITH FINDLAY May 25, 2021 644
Sharkha fishing season to end. By: Times News Service May 25, 2021 222
Vanished abalone found in Masirah. May 18, 2021 327
Group asks Neda to boost PSA's data gathering capability on fish supply. May 18, 2021 412
Government seafood taskforce disbanded. May 15, 2021 206
Gazans serving up smoked fish on first day of Eid. HAZEM BALOUSHA May 11, 2021 643
Brexit has seen livelihoods ruined; Letters. May 6, 2021 335
Deal with EU unappetising. May 6, 2021 250
UK cod concerns as fishing talks fail. May 2, 2021 176
Perils to oceanic life- threats and solutions. Apr 30, 2021 919
Pakistan achieves landmark in fisheries sector by developing RSW fishing vessel boat. Apr 30, 2021 1100
Pakistan develops first ever refrigerated sea water fish boat. Apr 26, 2021 393
Pakistan develops first ever refrigerated sea water fish vessel boat. Apr 26, 2021 416
Pakistan develops first ever refrigerated sea water fish boat. Apr 26, 2021 394
Pakistan develops first ever refrigerated sea water fish vessel boat. Apr 26, 2021 416
Pakistan develops first ever refrigerated sea water fish vessel boat. Apr 26, 2021 416
Pakistan develops first ever refrigerated sea water fishing boat. Apr 26, 2021 205
The prime minister said the corruption was another reason behind the sufferings of fishermen and thanked the banks. Apr 23, 2021 372
Tories 'failing fishing communities'. Apr 5, 2021 266
CM Murad directs strengthening of livestock, fisheries sectors. Mar 28, 2021 346
Fisheries Minister says Growth and Development of Fisheries Sector Depends on Sustainable Exploitation of Resources. Mar 22, 2021 350
Over 4,200 violations of marine fishing law reported in 2020. Mar 20, 2021 374
Sindh fisheries sector being neglected, says Zaidi. Mar 20, 2021 207
New fund for Brexit and Covid hit fishing sector. OWEN HUGHES Business Correspondent Mar 12, 2021 381
City backs calls for year of aid for fishing firms; industry was 'promised everything and received nothing' post-brexit. ED OLDFIELD Local Democracy Reporter @ed_oldfield Mar 12, 2021 615
Whole thing was a lie; Feedback. Mar 11, 2021 198
The Endangered Species Act: Overview and Implementation. Sheikh, Pervaze A.; Ward, Erin H.; Crafton, R. Eliot Report Mar 1, 2021 28576
Maximum Sustainable Yield and Development Status of 24 Commercial Marine Fish Groups from Pakistani Waters. Zhang, Kui; Geng, Ping; Panhwar, Sher Khan; Memon, Khadim Hussain; Chen, Zuozhi Report Feb 24, 2021 4446
'Duqm set to become a regional hub for fisheries and food industries'. Feb 22, 2021 566
UK threatens EU with 'water wars'. Reuters News Service Feb 21, 2021 323
Post-Brexit support fund for fishing industry expanded; The fishing industry will be able to draw on more support as it deals with post-Brexit export issues and the impact of coronavirus, UK ministers say. Neil Pooran Feb 21, 2021 415
Fisheries sector essential for promotion economy of Balochistan: Farman. Feb 20, 2021 228
Ministry, private firms cooperate to boost Cambodia's safe agricultural products. Feb 18, 2021 202
Japan to work with Sindh govt, on automobile, fisheries, IT sectors. Feb 16, 2021 417
Sindh govt, Japan agree to work on fisheries, automobile and IT-based youth programmes. Feb 16, 2021 559
Japan to work with Sindh govt on automobile, fisheries, IT sectors: CM tells. Feb 16, 2021 551
Japan to work with Sindh govt on automobile, fisheries, IT sectors CM tells. Feb 16, 2021 551
CM Sindh, Japan's Amb. agree to cooperate in fishery sector, automobile. Feb 15, 2021 493
Brexit issues proving slow to dial back. Richard Wright Feb 15, 2021 372
'Fishing hit by the perfect storm of Brexit and Covid-19' shut down and fleet not equipped to take advantage of increase in quotas, city hearing told. ED OLDFIELD Local Democracy Reporter @ed_oldfield Feb 15, 2021 839
'Galunggong' is crucial fish of evidence in DA-BFAR case. Feb 12, 2021 487
Tonnes of Nile Perch rot as fish species die en masse. Feb 11, 2021 1234
EU shellfish rule has firms feeling 'utterly betrayed'. NINO WILLIAMS Reporter Feb 5, 2021 817
Fisheries action plan presented for public consultation in Sindh. Feb 4, 2021 587
FAO starts process of Fisheries Action Plan implementation. Feb 3, 2021 719
Fisheries action plan presented for public consultation in Sindh. Feb 3, 2021 353
Fisheries action plan presented for public consultation in Sindh. Feb 3, 2021 524
The Alaska Roadless Rule: Eliminating Inventoried Roadless Areas (IRAs) in the Tongass National Forest. Riddle, Anne A. Feb 1, 2021 11508
The Endangered Species Act: Overview and Implementation. Sheikh, Pervaze A.; Ward, Erin H.; Crafton, R. Eliot Feb 1, 2021 28691
Brexit a 'success' so why are fishers now sinking? Scott GETTING TO THE HEART OF THE MATTER Begbie Moreen Simpson Column Jan 26, 2021 527
Surprise inspections on banned fish imports to start. Jan 25, 2021 410
Fishing industry welcomes PS23m emergency bailout. Kevin White Jan 23, 2021 334
Help for seafood firms hit by Covid and Brexit rules. OWEN HUGHES Business Correspondent Jan 21, 2021 282
Johnson tells fishing industry 'El Dorado' awaits on the horizon. DANIEL O'DONOGHUE Jan 21, 2021 499
Fishing industry can claim compensation. WILLIAM TELFORD @wtelfordherald Jan 21, 2021 391
Lack of a deal would have been worse; LETTERS. Jan 20, 2021 430
Covid and Brexit cause 'witches' brew' for fisheries sector. POST Powered by WITH OWEN HUGHES 01492 574493 / Jan 20, 2021 512
Boris Johnson promises fishing 'El Dorado' less than 24 hours after unveiling compensation due to Brexit; Boris Johnson has promised a fishing "El Dorado" less than 24 hours after unveiling compensation due to losses caused by Brexit. Alexander Brown Jan 20, 2021 434
Boris' PS23m boost for fishing sector. DANIEL O'DONOGHUE AND KEITH FINDLAY Jan 19, 2021 605
PS23m fund for seafood exporters: PM. DANIEL O'DONOGHUE AND KEITH FINDLAY Jan 19, 2021 961
'Dozens' of Scottish shellfish lorries park by Downing Street in Brexit protest; Dozens of seafood lorries, including a number from Scottish companies, have descended on central London this morning in a protest at the post-Brexit challenges faced by the UK's fishing industry. Conor Marlborough Jan 18, 2021 413
Brexit Delays For Fishing Are "Teething" Issues - UK Foreign Secretary. Jan 18, 2021 521
Fishing delays 'teething problems', says Raab. Jan 18, 2021 223
Bexit delays getting fish and seafood to Europe dismissed as 'teething troubles'; Delays to fishing exports are just "teething problems" following Brexit, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has claimed. Tom Eden Jan 17, 2021 418
Brexit: Despite problems affecting fishing and other industries, there's no way back to the EU - Christine Jardine MP; I was determined to buy fish this week. Fresh fish. Christine Jardine Jan 16, 2021 1059
Fishery sector carries out electronic traceability for seafood products. Jan 15, 2021 440
Minister hit by Brexit red-tape fisheries row. DANIEL O'DONOGHUE Jan 14, 2021 642
Fishery industry will increase value of seafood products. Jan 14, 2021 939
Brexit Trade Agreement: Boris Johnson backs fisheries minister who did not read deal 'because it was Christmas Eve'; Downing Street has said Boris Johnson maintains confidence in the fisheries minister after she admitted not reading the post-Brexit trade deal with Brussels when it was agreed because she was busy organising a Nativity trail. Hannah Brown Jan 14, 2021 364
Jacob Rees-Mogg claims Brexit means fish are now 'British and happier for it'; Jacob Rees-Mogg has claimed Brexit means fish are now "British and happier for it". Alexander Brown Jan 14, 2021 703
Trade deal was a balancing act; LETTERS. Jan 13, 2021 310
Ireland Set To Get EUR1 Billion From EU Brexit Fund. Jan 13, 2021 358
Oman aims to increase fish production in coming years. By: Times News Service Jan 12, 2021 177
Fisheries sector to create 8,500 jobs by 2025: Ministry. Jan 12, 2021 447
Days from disaster: Firms on the continent warn they will stop buying Scots fish as Brexit red tape holds up deliveries and leaders warn of imminent peril; Fishermen are told to tie up their boats and stay in port over customs delays as fears grow of permanent loss of overseas customers. Russell Blackstock Jan 10, 2021 1291
ANDY RICHARDSON. Jan 9, 2021 410
ANDY RICHARDSON. Jan 9, 2021 410
Brexit customs delays reported in Scotland as 'entire trailers' checked; Customs arrangements in the wake of Brexit are causing delays as "entire trailers" need to be checked rather than samples, members of the Scottish seafood industry have said. Neil Pooran Jan 6, 2021 378
Call to block illegal fish imports. Jan 6, 2021 332
Ministry shares 2020 agri-export numbers. Jan 5, 2021 606
Some agri-fishery commodities sold higher than SRP. Jan 5, 2021 550
Fishermen Urge FG To Prevail On Shell To Pay $3.6bn Bonga Oil Spill Fine. Jan 5, 2021 518
Fisheries: trade balance shows 202.6 MD surplus at end November. Jan 4, 2021 242
Food industry's hopes and fears post-Brexit. JULIA BRYCE Jan 2, 2021 541
Comparison of ages determined by using an Eberbach projector and a microscope to read scales from Atlantic menhaden (Brevoorda tyrannus) and Gulf menhaden (B. patronus). Schueller, Amy M.; Rezek, Amanda; Mroch, Raymond M., III; Fitzpatrick, Eric; Cheripka, Alicia Jan 1, 2021 10898
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) FY2021 Budget Request and Appropriations. Lipiec, Eva Organization overview Jan 1, 2021 1320
Brexit deal has given control of fishing industry. DAVID DUGUID, MP FOR BANFF AND BUCHAN Dec 30, 2020 496
Crab banks buoy marine fisheries yields. Dec 30, 2020 529
Chinese diplomat says China ready to help Gwadar's fishing industry grow. Dec 28, 2020 758
Boris's Brexit deal might be flawed but it still undermines the SNP fatally - Brian Monteith; It was German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck who famously observed "Politics is the art of the possible, the attainable - the art of the next best" and in that context Boris Johnson can with some justification claim he has achieved what on first appearances will be a successful conclusion to the Brexit negotiations. Brian Monteith Dec 28, 2020 994
Brexit fisheries deal a 'betrayal' claims industry. DAN O'DONOGHUE AND DAVID MACKAY Dec 28, 2020 669
Chinese diplomat says China ready to help Gwadar's fishing industry grow. Dec 27, 2020 1067
THERE'S A'S CATCH.. PM's boasts ring hollow as the reality of red tape and sanctions threat emerges. John Siddle Dec 27, 2020 833
French fishing industry left 'uncertain' by Brexit deal. Reuters News Service Dec 26, 2020 335
COD'S 'S WALLOP; FURY AT BORIS' BREXIT BETRAYAL Fishing industry accuses BoJo of trade deal sell-out. TORCUIL CRICHTON Westminster Editor Dec 26, 2020 1366
Nicola Sturgeon says Brexit is 'forcing Scotland in wrong direction'; The UK Government is "forcing" Scotland in the "wrong direction" with Brexit, Nicola Sturgeon has insisted. Katrine Bussey Dec 26, 2020 670
South-central region makes efforts to combat illegal fishing. Dec 26, 2020 853
Fisheries output near 1M tonnes. Dec 23, 2020 741
EU urged to 'see sense' on fishing. DANIEL O'DONOGHUE Dec 19, 2020 699
UK food businesses concerned over French blockades threat. Dec 19, 2020 189
There's always a catch! FORD'S FOCUS With Geoff Ford Dec 18, 2020 219
Campaigns aiding illegal fishing. Dec 16, 2020 726
Abalone - a rare marine wealth. Dec 13, 2020 690
Fisheries development can improve exports. Dec 13, 2020 277
Hake becoming new fish of choice; SUSTAINABILITY TICK AND UK RESURGENCE. PHILIP BOWERN Dec 12, 2020 486
Dhofar Fisheries and Food Company exports 'Made in Oman' products to 20 countries worldwide. By: Times News Service Dec 12, 2020 369
Entrepreneur hopes for jobs after landing fishery. COREENA FORD Business writer @Scoopford Dec 10, 2020 556
Mega project of fisheries mobile diagonistic laboraties underway. Dec 5, 2020 265
Japanese govt, private sectors to be urged to invest in Pak fisheries industry: Envoy. Dec 5, 2020 504
BFAR confiscates 467 boxes of undocumented fish imports in Malabon. Dec 1, 2020 335
Present Yield Status, Percentage Composition and Seasonal Abundance of Shark in Two Geographically Important Zones of Bangladesh. Hasan, Monjurul; Sarker, Bhakta Supratim; Rahman, Mahabubur; Patwary, Shamsul Alam; Sarker, Jahangir Dec 1, 2020 3516
Acceleration in a time of war: Technology, nation, and ecology in the South China Sea, 1956-66. Sasges, Gerard Dec 1, 2020 10845
Fisheries sideshow risks overshadowing main Brexit concern. Cornelia Meyer Nov 30, 2020 840
Fishery scheme in offing. Nov 30, 2020 341
OMR 50 million to be invested in Duqm free Zone. By: Times News Service Nov 29, 2020 571
OPAZ awards tender for fishing port. Nov 29, 2020 532
Scots short of 100 Brexit fish officials. TORCUIL CRICHTON Nov 28, 2020 203
Abalone fishing banned till 2021. Nov 28, 2020 358
Boost fish output to increase food security. Nov 25, 2020 620
Agriculture: FG Assures On Wealth Creation For Millions Of Nigerians. Nov 25, 2020 940
Speakers underscore growing fisheries industry on scientific lines. Nov 24, 2020 323
Trade balance of fishery products shows 157.2 MD surplus until end September. Nov 24, 2020 426
Fisheries development can enhance exports'. Nov 23, 2020 279
Fisheries development can enhance exports. Nov 23, 2020 410
Fishermen fear alien lobsters from US could wipe out Scottish natives. Nov 23, 2020 231
Fishermen fear alien lobsters from US could wipe out Scottish natives. Nov 23, 2020 230
Fisheries development can enhance exports: SM Naveed. Nov 22, 2020 449
Food industry: A national wealth. Nov 21, 2020 737
Fisheries development can enhance exports: SM Naveed. Nov 21, 2020 407
No-deal Brexit will cause 'irreparable damage' to Scottish economy, UK's longest-serving MEP warns; A no-deal Brexit will cause "irreparable damage' to the Scottish economy, the UK's longest-serving MEP has warned. Alexander Brown Nov 21, 2020 623
Three fisheries mobile antagonistic laboratories to be completed in three years. Nov 21, 2020 252
Resolving fishermen's problems top priority: Minister. Nov 20, 2020 393
DA to strictly implement price freeze on agri-fishery products. Nov 17, 2020 582
Parliament passes Marine Fisheries Bill. Nov 16, 2020 360
NEDS projects to diversify export market for tuna, less emphasis on EU. Nov 13, 2020 354
Earnings from fish grow. Nov 12, 2020 697
Value addition must for promotion of fisheries sector: Governor. Nov 10, 2020 165
Maritime Affairs Ministry takes steps to boost seafood exports. Nov 6, 2020 240
Maritime Affairs Ministry takes steps to boost seafood exports. Nov 6, 2020 229
Please try to be more optimistic; LETTERS. Nov 6, 2020 293
Fishermen accuse army of staging accidents on lakes. Nov 2, 2020 1926
Treading Water: Alaska's fishing industry struggles through pandemic. Simonelli, Isaac Stone Nov 1, 2020 2337
VN seeks sustainable development of fisheries. Oct 29, 2020 575
Result will be more expensive food; LETTERS. Oct 24, 2020 183
Mindanaoan agri-fishery, crafts fair held in Manila. Oct 23, 2020 629
MP fears carmakers will suffer for fishing. JONATHAN WALKER Political Editor Oct 22, 2020 540
Taiwan all at sea on illegal fishing practices. Oct 18, 2020 472
Taiwan all at sea on illegal fishing practices. Oct 18, 2020 554
Filipino small-scale tuna fishers eligible for prestigious international ecolabel. Oct 16, 2020 711
Cambodian fisheries exports sink more than 84 per cent year-on-year. Oct 13, 2020 438
Buy local bangus and tilapia instead of imported galunggong, consumers told. Oct 13, 2020 816
As closed fishing season nears, government urged to push tilapia, bangus consumption. Oct 12, 2020 508
Group hits plan to import tilapia to fill supply gap. Oct 5, 2020 389
PH to decide on importation of tilapia, galunggong. Oct 2, 2020 514
African fisheries still underdeveloped: Given that 38 of Africa's 54 states are coastal and island nations, it is ironic that the continent is behind in the fisheries sector. Oct 1, 2020 744
'NaFAA to issue sanitary certificates on fish products'. Sep 29, 2020 599
Pinoys advised to eat more local fish. Sep 28, 2020 509
'Stop importing fish from India': Jashore fish farmers. Sep 27, 2020 617
Ilma University's professor publishes epic book, available on amazon. Sep 26, 2020 179
Ilma University's professor publishes epic book, available on amazon. Sep 26, 2020 223
Bright prospects for fisheries sector in finalquarter. Sep 25, 2020 591
Association launched to boost local aquafarming. Sep 24, 2020 389
Bigger fish to fry. Sep 23, 2020 514
Gambia's Dream of Becoming Food Self-sufficient Not Farfetched but.... Sep 16, 2020 1829
Large pelagic fishing boats tick the sustainability boxes - Ian Gatt; The herring and mackerel sector's environmental credentials are sound, despite what critics might claim, says Ian Gatt. Ian Gatt Sep 10, 2020 775
Vigt Nam says no to illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing. Sep 8, 2020 662
Shrimp fishing season starts in Oman. Times News Service Sep 5, 2020 540
Scarborough and Whitby MP Robert Goodwill raises plight of fishermen in Parliament; The plight of Scarborough and Whitby fishermen whose pots are being smashed by scallop boats has been raised in the House of Lords. Sarah Fitton Sep 4, 2020 328
Shrimp fishing season begins tomorrow. Aug 30, 2020 203
VN's agro-forestry-fishery earns US$6.2 billion trade surplus. Aug 29, 2020 486
Modern fishing harbour for Elmina. Aug 27, 2020 501
Akufo-Addo cuts sod for Elmina Fishing Port project. Aug 21, 2020 635
PNSC to raise private-sector standards. DAMIYA SAGHIR Aug 19, 2020 895
Liberia to conduct fish stock assessment. Aug 17, 2020 515
Govt to extend financial assistance to fishermen: Ali Zaidi. Aug 13, 2020 270
Government sees further growth in agriculture, fishery industries. Aug 6, 2020 423
PM's important advice on pisciculture. Jul 24, 2020 545
Fisheries hold huge scope for employment, export. Jul 23, 2020 708
Blue economy: Pakistan's untapped potentials. Jul 22, 2020 1602
Tonle Sap River yet to reverse. Jul 22, 2020 668
Blue economy: Pakistan's untapped potentials. Jul 21, 2020 1762
COVID-19 and our 'Blue Economy'. Jul 17, 2020 712
80% of fishermen in Saudi Arabia are foreigners. Samir Salama, Associate Editor Jul 15, 2020 459
121 FMRs catalyst for dev't of various livelihood in agriculture, fishery sectors in Caraga region. Jul 10, 2020 690
Time to upgrade post-harvest fishery value chains in Kingdom. Jul 8, 2020 1007
Fish, frogs to boost local food supply. Jul 7, 2020 627
'We understand the importance of Fisheries Bill' Victoria Prentis: UK Government will ensure Scottish industry benefits from the new 'sea of opportunity'. Jul 2, 2020 524
Fisheries Development Oman board approves five-year plan. ONA Jul 1, 2020 687
Saltonstall-Kennedy Act: Background and Issues. Upton, Harold F. Report Jul 1, 2020 6978
Ornamental fishing in the region of Barcelos, Amazonas: socioeconomic description and scenario of activity in the view of "piabeiros"/A pesca ornamental na regiao de Barcelos, Amazonas: descricao socieconomica e cenario da atividade na visao dos piabeiros. Ladislau, D.S.; Ribeiro, M.W.S.; Castroc, P.D.S.; Aride, P.H.R.; Paiva, A.J.V.; Polesee, M.F.; Souza Jul 1, 2020 9624
Assessment of Factors Affecting Fish Production and Marketing in Gambella Region, Ethiopia. Deng, Gatriay Tut Jun 30, 2020 5421
Fisheries industry shows its robustness during crisis. Jun 21, 2020 655
Oman Fisheries Company helping fishermen, markets tide over COVID-19 crisis. Times News Service Jun 20, 2020 611
Food and drink can help feed recovery. REBECCA BUCHAN Jun 19, 2020 573
Fishing industry may return, but not as we knew it. Jun 19, 2020 535
Thailand safe from Covid-infected salmon imports: Fisheries Dept. Jun 19, 2020 155
PHL FISH HARVEST TO REACH 3.22 MMT BY 2030-FAO. Jun 18, 2020 434
Meeting of Subcommittee on Agriculture and Fisheries between BiH and EU. Jun 16, 2020 476
Tra fish industry strives to increase domestic market share. Jun 10, 2020 364
Brexit could double Scots fishing quota; Industry leaders demand there's no compromise. TORCUIL CRICHTON Westminster Editor Jun 3, 2020 333
Fishing chiefs say UK must cut its EU ties; Industry bodies expect battle ahead and extra checks but insist on year-end cut-off. DAN O'DONOGHUE WESTMINSTER REPORTER Jun 3, 2020 648
Call for fisheries leaders to sort Brexit trade talks; Politics: Former World Trade Organisation head in bid to break deadlock. DAN O'DONOGHUE WESTMINSTER REPORTER Jun 1, 2020 516
Cambodia consumes average of 570 tonnes of greens per day. May 23, 2020 209
CM Kamal stresses effective policies for uplift of fisheries sector. May 14, 2020 265
Let's support our Scottish fishing industry. Campbell Gunn May 12, 2020 864
Fisheries, livestock marketing-export in focus. May 11, 2020 363
DA vows to sustain agri, fishery exports. May 10, 2020 463
Lockdown, floods disrupt fisheries sector. May 6, 2020 495
Fishing industry. Syed Akhlaq Hussain Abidi - Karachi May 4, 2020 286
Outbreak has 'catastrophic' effect on the fishing sector; CORONAVIRUS ? Fishing bosses tell Jamie Ross that coronavirus is waging a 'silent war' on the industry, and appeal for people to buy local. Apr 29, 2020 880
PS10m rescue package for fishing industry; direct support for crews affected by sales slump amid coronavirus. MAX CHANNON Apr 20, 2020 527
Fishing sector calls for government aid as prices plummet. Henry Sandercock & Harry Holmes Apr 18, 2020 333
Professionals of Agriculture and Fisheries Sector Ensure Proper Running of Export Activities, Ministry. Apr 17, 2020 476
Fishing communities bear brunt of lockdown. Apr 15, 2020 613
Agriculture stakeholders discuss ways to deal with rising export costs. Apr 13, 2020 211
Holyrood throws lifeline to crisis-hit fishing sector; ? Region's seafood processors to benefit from new resilience fund. KEITH FINDLAY Apr 4, 2020 343
Collapsing export demand sees seafood companies hit buffers. Mar 28, 2020 192
Fishing sector's need for support. CLARE JOHNSTON Mar 26, 2020 507
'Cataclysmic fall' for fishing industry. Mar 25, 2020 269
Flourishing Fisheries? Mar 22, 2020 463
Warning fishing industry 'will go bust' without urgent help; FOOD. DANIEL O'DONOGHUE WESTMINSTER REPORTER Mar 20, 2020 583
Iran Fisheries Organization to evaluate situation with exports amid COVID-19 spread. Mar 10, 2020 309
Politics: Ewing questions post-EU fishing industry funding; UK Government says measures in place after Brussels scheme ends. KEITH FINDLAY Mar 10, 2020 467
Aninsight aboutfishers of Baba and Bhitisland. NAGHMANA ZAFAR Mar 8, 2020 975
EU insist on 'status quo' deal over UK waters; FISHING. DANIEL O'DONOGHUE Mar 6, 2020 260
OCEC to host first Oman Maritime Confex. Feb 23, 2020 490
Supporting the local fish Industry. Feb 20, 2020 545
FG To Resuscitate Fishing Terminal In Niger Delta. Feb 19, 2020 403
DA aims to increase agriculture exports. Feb 13, 2020 501
Oman fisheries sector set to receive $1.6bn investments. Feb 3, 2020 214
Scottish fishing industry being sold out, warns MSP. Feb 2, 2020 281
Fishermen call for supers to sell UK-caught sardines. Feb 1, 2020 260
COD AND ULSTER; Now fish war looms as DUP warns over UK being kept on 'short leash'; BREXIT FALLOUT; Fish fight looms as Ulster stays half in, half out of EU. MIRROR REPORTER Feb 1, 2020 602
Tunisia: exports of fishery products up 5.7% in value in 2019. Jan 31, 2020 173
Minister concerned over illegal fish maw trade. Jan 30, 2020 493
Oman Fisheries' net loss widens to RO3.3mn in 2019. Financial report Jan 26, 2020 317
Fisheries Sector in Wilayat Ja'alan Bani Bu Ali Report. Jan 25, 2020 533
Brexit: UK government prepared to 'trade off' Scotland's fishing industry MSPs told. Jan 24, 2020 1309
Govt looking at tackling illegal fishing, decline in prices. Jan 24, 2020 200
Brexit: UK government prepared to 'trade off' Scotland's fishing industry MSPs told. Jan 23, 2020 1312
Turkana fishermen alarmed by undersized fish catch. Jan 13, 2020 402
Why British fishermen will pay a price. Mick O'Reilly, Foreign Correspondent Jan 9, 2020 925
PH push for restraint on subsidies to fisheries. Jan 9, 2020 352

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