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Fakhar Imam calls for livestock census in country. Nov 26, 2021 959
Royal plans for a 'seven-star' falcon centre. STUART MINTING Local democracy reporter Nov 19, 2021 456
Thai livestock farmers cry for help as price of animal feed skyrockets. Nov 6, 2021 189
A swine of the times - pig production down in An Giang Province. Nov 5, 2021 795
'Easing frozen pork sale rule to harm public, producers'. Nov 1, 2021 697
Trade deal is a disaster; Letters,. Oct 30, 2021 249
Trade deal a threat to or rural communities; NEWSLETTER. Oct 30, 2021 198
Agri producers tell Duterte: Relief from oil price spikes is in your hands. Oct 29, 2021 803
New Zealand trade deal is a disaster; LETTERS. Oct 28, 2021 250
Lower pig price causes difficultiesA for recovery of husbandry industry. Oct 26, 2021 799
DA lifts ban on cattle imports from Brazil. Oct 23, 2021 348
Minister says there is no shortage of grains. Anna Savva Oct 19, 2021 481
Exposed: How our shopping is linked to deforestation of the rainforest; UK cattle fed soy from accused US firm. EXCLUSIVE BY NADA FARHOUD Environment Editor, ANDREW WASLEY and ELISAangela Mendonca Oct 14, 2021 492
Tragic toll of Cadbury and Cathedral City on rainforests exposed as Amazon destroyed; UK farms supplying milk and dairy products for Cathedral City Cheddar, Anchor butter and Cadbury chocolate feed their cattle soy from a controversial agribusiness accused of widespread deforestation in Brazil. By, Nada Farhoud Oct 13, 2021 1170
SAVE OUR BACON; ABATTOIR STAFF CRISIS HITS PORK INDUSTRY Farmers demand PM acts to stop thousands of pigs being incinerated EXCLUSIVE. ADAM ASPINALL Oct 7, 2021 849
SAVE OUR BACON; DMLI DMLI THURSDAY 07.10.2021 S HITS PORK INDUSTRY ABATTOIR STAFF CRISIS H Farmers demand PM acts to stop thousands of pigs being incinerated. EXCLUSIVE BY ADAM ASPINALL Oct 7, 2021 856
SAVE OUR BACON; EXCLUSIVE ABATTOIR STAFF CRISIS HITS PORK INDUSTRY Farmers demand PM acts to stop thousands of pigs being incinerated. ADAM ASPINALL Oct 7, 2021 859
Pig farmers' anger as thousands of animals could be culled; Farmer says it is "criminal" that she faces the prospect of culling animals and dumping them in landfill within weeks while some people are struggling to feed their families. By, Adam Aspinall & Ruth Ovens Oct 7, 2021 917
'Heavier' hogs may pave way for PHL's recovery after ASF. Oct 7, 2021 484
Senseless slaughter of 100,000 pigs while families struggle to put food on table; Farmers demand Prime Minister Boris Johnson acts to save their bacon and stop thousands of pigs being incinerated as the abattoir staffing crisis hits the pork industry. By, Adam Aspinall Oct 6, 2021 1050
Boris Johnson suggests cull of pigs doesn't matter because they'd have been bacon anyway; The Prime Minister cruelly brushed off the warnings of pig farmers by saying if anyone's ever had a bacon sandwich, they should be used to the idea of pigs having to die. By, Dan Bloom Oct 5, 2021 650
PHL bans UK beef imports on mad cow disease outbreak. Oct 5, 2021 575
Economics Losses Due to Meat Processing Plants Shutdown/Slowdown. Giri, Anil K.; Whitt, Christine; Peterson, E. Wesley F.; Subedi, Dipak Oct 1, 2021 5433
skewered by his own dishonesty; " Emaileak says claims 'MISLEADING' Johnson's officials say lamb ban has 'not yet been lifted' EXCLUSIVE. PAUL HUTCHEON Sep 28, 2021 605
Push for Kerio Valley pastoralists to grow rice. Sep 27, 2021 808
PHC lifts ban on cattle, poultry supply to Afghanistan. Sep 17, 2021 584
Pork producers decry low farm-gate prices. Sep 15, 2021 670
Why's my chicken and egg so expensive? Blame it on their feed and rearing charges, say farmers' group. Sep 15, 2021 522
Govt has already focused livestock to ensure food security and alleviate poverty particularly from rural settings: Fakhar Imam. Sep 14, 2021 500
Taiwan speeding up modernization of pig farms in wake of ASF fears. Sep 14, 2021 226
Kinango farmer reaps millions from livestock. Sep 10, 2021 769
Livestock department unveils strategies to prevent egg price crash. Sep 10, 2021 248
Pak-China agree to enhance cooperation in agricultural-input production. Sep 10, 2021 587
Pak-China agree to enhance cooperation in agri-inputs production. Sep 9, 2021 581
Pak-China agree to enhance cooperation in agri-inputs production. Sep 9, 2021 581
Livestock prices have risen as brokers and traders have extended the trading process. Sep 9, 2021 204
Food traders dismiss meat shortage claims. Sep 7, 2021 521
Azerbaijan limits import of livestock, meat from several countries. Sep 6, 2021 254
Ukraine Completely Exhausted Quotas For Duty-Free Import Of Pork From EU For 2021 - Association Of Pig Breeders. Sep 3, 2021 399
Making wool work; Farming Connect programme helped with new ideas on maximising its value. ANDREW FORGRAVE Rural Affairs Editor Sep 2, 2021 697
Minister calls for creating awareness among cattle owners to strengthen Livestock sector. Aug 30, 2021 508
Abdul Bari Pitafi committed to strengthening Sindh's livestock sector. Sohail Bhutto Aug 30, 2021 418
Minister calls for creating awareness among cattle owners to strengthen Livestock sector. Aug 30, 2021 508
Mystic Limited CEO Says Mystic Farms Stand to Support Local Farmers. Aug 23, 2021 431
Livestock conflict brewing between pig farmers, importers and officials. Aug 19, 2021 340
Fifth-generation farmer shares industry concerns with local MS. STAFF REPORTER Aug 3, 2021 971
IGAD/ICPALD Undertook Regional Meeting On Promotion Of Livestock Related Standards To Enhance Market Access And Expansion. Aug 2, 2021 651
Zelenskyy Signs Bill On Reintroduction Of 20% VAT Rate For Livestock, Milk, Rye, Oats, Flax, And Sugar Beet. Jul 29, 2021 274
Azerbaijan's non oil sector up by 5.1pct in 1H2021. Jul 26, 2021 386
No swine disease outbreak in Pangasinan -- DA. Jul 23, 2021 307
Goat Farming/ Fattening Business (1). Jul 23, 2021 1085
New flavours give sheep milk a twist. ANDREW FORGRAVE Jul 20, 2021 498
Cattle imported from Myanmar defying ban. Jul 20, 2021 319
Livestock traders prepared for Eid. Jul 18, 2021 599
Herd of sheep arrives from Afghanistan. Jul 18, 2021 172
Agriculture Ministry actively tackling Lumpy Skin Disease infections among local cattle. Jul 18, 2021 290
New flavours helping sheep milk find favour; STRAWBERRY AND CHOC OPTIONS BOOSTING HEALTHY VENTURE. ANDREW FORGRAVE Countryside and Tourism Editor Jul 15, 2021 561
Tharwa organises online Eid habta; livestock to be delivered at doorstep. Jul 12, 2021 197
Government Reduces Ferry Crossing Fees By 50% Amid 'Tobaski' Feast. Jul 12, 2021 259
Miniature Cattle May Be a Good Fit For a Small Farm. Thomas, Heather Smith Jul 1, 2021 1933
Trade deal could 'damage sheep sector' - group. Jun 26, 2021 457
More than 1,000 jobs created with the help of FARMA II project. Jun 24, 2021 545
There'll never be peace if Biafra, Oduduwa republics are created -Salisu, Livestock Breeders Association of Nigeria spokesman. Jun 20, 2021 2063
DA forges deal with South Korea to upgrade PHL swine industry. Jun 19, 2021 347
Agriculture sector's development govt's top priority: CM. Jun 17, 2021 420
Govt introduces mega projects in PSDP 2021-22 to increase agri production: Cheema. Jun 17, 2021 460
Desertification Affecting 40 Million Nigerians In 15 States, 95% Of Livestock aEnvironment Minister. Jun 17, 2021 675
Gross value addition of livestock increased by 3%, reached to Rs1, 505 billion. Jun 11, 2021 243
Livestock and trade for Glyn; Auctioneer's work stories. Jun 11, 2021 678
Gross value addition of livestock increased by 3%, reached to Rs1, 505 billion. Jun 11, 2021 245
Gross value addition of livestock increased by 3%, reached to Rs1, 505 billion. Jun 11, 2021 242
PHC imposes ban on import of cattle. Jun 10, 2021 536
Livestock. Jun 10, 2021 573
Planning agent hits out at 'unqualified residents' over objections to indoor farm for 1,000 pigs; A planning agent has sparked anger after claiming 'unqualified residents' were trying to hamper a bid for an indoor rearing farm for 1,000 pigs close to a Yorkshire village. George Torr Jun 9, 2021 733
Fowl play. Jun 9, 2021 846
Labour shortages and hurried trade deals spark fears in Scotland's red meat industry; Labour shortages and the threat to Scotland's livestock sector presented by hurried free trade agreements - which could mean 'everything is acceptable, if the price is right' - rate high on the current concerns of those in Scotland's red meat industry. Jun 9, 2021 461
Planning agent sparks anger after hitting out at opinions of 'unqualified residents' in response to Doncaster indoor rearing farm for 1,000 pigs; A planning agent has sparked anger after claiming 'unqualified residents' were trying to hamper a bid for an indoor rearing farm for 1,000 pigs close to a Doncaster village. George Torr, Local Democracy Reporter Jun 8, 2021 789
Livestock PS says state investing to ensure animal health. Jun 8, 2021 434
Agriculture Ministry tightens checks on imported cattle at Malaysia's border to prevent Lumpy Skin Disease. Jun 6, 2021 337
Livestock accounts for almost 61% agriculture's GDP: Fakhar. Jun 5, 2021 389
Taiwan food brands reject Hong Kong newspaper's ractopamine allegations. Jun 4, 2021 292
Livestock. Jun 3, 2021 382
Draperstown (Lauri O'Kane and Son) Mart: Fat ewes selling to [pounds sterling]200; An excellent show of sheep and lambs on Friday with cull ewes still remaining a strong trade [pounds sterling]200.00 for fat ewes. Darryl Armitage Jun 1, 2021 381
China licence holds key to pig industry. NANCY NICOLSON May 29, 2021 471
Impact of Bovine Herpesvirus 1 on Pakistani Dairy Industry. May 28, 2021 297
Welsh farmers would struggle to compete. May 27, 2021 268
Thai food giant, govt ink MOA on credit program for hog sector. May 27, 2021 429
Livestock. May 26, 2021 387
Threat of cattle disease has Agri Ministry mulling vaccine. May 26, 2021 452
Promotion of livestock sector imperative to ensure food security: President. May 25, 2021 285
President Alvi underlines need for development of livestock sector in country. May 25, 2021 291
Promotion of livestock sector imperative to ensure food security: President. May 25, 2021 265
Promotion of livestock sector imperative to ensure food security: President. May 24, 2021 285
Oz deal proves Boris' Brexit boasts are bull; DM1ST @kevin_maguire KEVIN MAGUIRE Stalking the corridors of power. KEVIN MAGUIRE May 24, 2021 363
Oz deal proves Boris' Brexit boasts are bull. KEVIN MAGUIRE Stalking the corridors of power May 24, 2021 368
Livestock. May 14, 2021 604
Korea to focus on curbing high prices of farm products: senior official. May 14, 2021 235
Draperstown (Lauri O'Kane and Son) Mart: Fat ewes selling to [pounds sterling]150; A brisk trade of sheep and lambs on Friday, and an outstanding show of quality cattle on Saturday at Draperstown Livestock Market (Lauri O'Kane and Son). Darryl Armitage May 11, 2021 432
NI Simmental Club hosts 'virtual' AGM; The Northern Ireland Simmental Cattle Breeders' Club embraced technology recently, holding its first-ever 'virtual' annual general meeting. May 11, 2021 525
Inflation fears begin as economy recovers. May 7, 2021 273
NIMEA voices fears over the impact of Climate Change Bill; Northern Ireland's meat processors are deeply concerned that the proposed Climate Change Private Members Bill will set targets that will cause irreparable damage to the local farming and food industry. May 5, 2021 682
Who's afraid of imported pork? May 4, 2021 692
Farmers faced with selling cows over new agri decree. ANDREW FORGRAVE May 4, 2021 554
New ASF variants in China threatens PH's hog sector. May 4, 2021 664
House bill makes government pork industry middleman. May 2, 2021 490
"As wheat, corn and soy prices reach 2012 highs, the prospect of food price ination is a worrying new development". Adam Leyland, Editor-in-Chief May 1, 2021 357
Genetic parameters and correlations of related feed efficiency, growth, and carcass traits in Hanwoo beef cattle. Mehrban, Hossein; Naserkheil, Masoumeh; Lee, Deuk Hwan; Ibanez-Escriche, Noelia Report May 1, 2021 6495
We'll have to sell all our cows over new agri decree; FARMING FAMILY WHO FACE PS50K BILL MULL WORST CASE OPTION. ANDREW FORGRAVE Countryside and Tourism Editor Apr 29, 2021 565
Livestock. Apr 29, 2021 577
Gov't urged to compromise on pork imports, tariff rates. Apr 27, 2021 506
Imo, NALDA Signs MoU On Livestock Production. Apr 26, 2021 547
Drama As Cow Imported From US Breaks Loose At Lagos Airport. Apr 22, 2021 203
Livestock. Apr 22, 2021 582
Palace tells senators to give EO on lower pork tariffs a chance. Apr 21, 2021 434
Heated Argument Trails Livestock Bill, As Debate Takes Regional Line. Apr 20, 2021 1009
Fury as shops cut stocks of British pork. GEMMA MACKENZIE, FARMING EDITOR Apr 20, 2021 330
Sugar planters too crying against favored traders. Apr 20, 2021 681
Pakistani livestock could tap over $8b Chinese bovine meat market. Apr 20, 2021 364
Duterte: Easy to revoke pork tariff EO once domestic supply improves. Apr 19, 2021 259
Lumpy skin disease inoculation of cattle complete in north Taiwan. Apr 19, 2021 256
Uzodimma Signs MOU with NALDA on Livestock Production, Thanks Buhari for Support. Apr 19, 2021 634
Livestock. Apr 15, 2021 547
Lacson: Duterte is sensitive to public opinion if he recalls orders easing pork importation. Apr 14, 2021 373
Senators, producers step up warnings on pork industry crisis. Apr 13, 2021 821
UK pig meat sector resists global rise. NANCY NICOLSON Apr 13, 2021 354
Importation should be last resort, Zubiri tells DA. Apr 13, 2021 482
Senators seek full transparency in pork importation scheme; Drilon wants list of meat importers under MAV scheme. Apr 11, 2021 633
Villanueva on pork importation: 'Salvation can't be found in foreign farms'. Apr 11, 2021 552
Ministry ensures supply of livestock for Ramadan, Eid. Apr 11, 2021 220
Livestock deptt launches awareness drive against FMD in cattle. Apr 11, 2021 222
Livestock deptt launches awareness drive against FMD in cattle. Apr 11, 2021 222
Palace cuts pork tariff over solons' objections. Apr 8, 2021 417
Pb govt welcomes Chinese investors in livestock, agri sector: Dareshak. Apr 8, 2021 298
Duterte OKs tariff cuts for pork to address meat shortage. Apr 7, 2021 283
Direct tariff revenues to investments in biosecurity-Rep. Salceda. Apr 7, 2021 697
Agriculture groups ask Duterte to stop MAV hike. Apr 6, 2021 787
Groups oppose hiked volume and lower tariff for imported pork. Apr 6, 2021 631
Fujairah Terminals, Al Mayya sign livestock deal. Apr 5, 2021 304
More pigs found with ASF in Banteay Meanchey. Apr 5, 2021 367
The business of breeding ewe lambs. Apr 3, 2021 714
Livestock. Apr 1, 2021 557
Talks on draft guidelines on MAV allocations halted. Mar 31, 2021 651
Farmers/herders' clash: N33tr livestock sector under threat -Minister. Mar 31, 2021 324
Farmer-herder conflict: N33 trillion livestock sector under threat, says minister. Mar 30, 2021 330
Suez Canal ship Ever Given could spark 'biohazard time bomb' as trapped animals swelter; About 20 ships carrying livestock are thought to be stuck behind the gigantic stricken ship the Ever Given since it ran aground last week, blocking the Suez Canal. By, William Walker Mar 29, 2021 445
CM Murad directs strengthening of livestock, fisheries sectors. Mar 28, 2021 346
Livestock. Mar 26, 2021 618
The EU must follow Britain's lead and ban the horrific livestock trade that causes so much suffering; Scandal of the Elbeik fuels calls to end live animal exports from the EU. By, Andrew Penman Mar 25, 2021 508
ARDB seeks $30M more for SME loans. Mar 23, 2021 418
State of emergency vs. ASF will not work - farmers. Mar 22, 2021 552
Anambra Trains Agricultural Extension Workers On Crops, Livestock Improvement. Mar 22, 2021 234
Hardship fund to help pig farmers. GEMMA MACKENZIE, FARMING EDITOR Mar 19, 2021 539
Duterte still studying MAV and tariff proposals for pork. Mar 19, 2021 275
Emergency declaration sought to fight African swine fever. Mar 18, 2021 412
DA submits to Palace proposal for ASF emergency. Mar 18, 2021 279
Livestock. Mar 18, 2021 559
No support for rule change on livestock transport; The Scottish Government yesterday promised the country's rural and island communities that they would give no support to any attempts to change rules on the transport of livestock within the UK which would disproportionately affect businesses in remote areas. Mar 16, 2021 467
Lay Hong offers full cooperation with Vet Services Dept in salmonella probe in eggs from its farm. Mar 14, 2021 344
Government promotes community breeding. Mar 13, 2021 395
Anambra Trains Agricultural Extension Workers On Crops, Livestock Improvement. Mar 12, 2021 297
Find out DA's response to 'doctoring' hog figures claim. Mar 12, 2021 253
Palace weighs emergency declaration over ASF. Mar 12, 2021 222
Let Palace declare state of emergency over ASF, D.A. told. Mar 10, 2021 684
Revolutionary steps afoot to modernize Livestock Sector in Balochistan: Mitha Khan. Mar 9, 2021 352
Senators seek ASF state of emergency. Mar 9, 2021 1245
Nat'l state of emergency due to ASF outbreak sought. Mar 9, 2021 434
Only licensed companies can import live pigs from Thailand. Mar 8, 2021 300
Egypt, Hungary discuss boosting cooperation in agricultural domains. MENA Mar 5, 2021 157
Welsh meat exports held up well in 2020; Despite a drop in export tonnages value of sheep meat rose almost 10%. ANDREW FORGRAVE Rural Affairs Editor Mar 4, 2021 432
Poe seeks rejection of DA proposal to lower pork, rice tariff. Mar 4, 2021 514
BPO manager runs a goat farm, promotes goat meat as an alternative source of protein. Mar 4, 2021 915
Saudi National Grain Company appoints new board members. Mar 4, 2021 328
Poe to Malacanang: Listen to appeal of rice farmers, hog raisers. Mar 3, 2021 622
'Tariff cut to hit both hog and corn production'. Mar 2, 2021 820
Quincentennial Cattle: North America's oldest cattle breeds celebrate 500 years of history, heritage, and hardiness. Beranger, Jeannette Mar 1, 2021 1266
'Hindi naman nila kasalanan': Poe in asking DA to step up aid for ASF-affected hog raisers. Feb 26, 2021 505
Farmers turn up the heat on 'ridiculous' new livestock transport rule. Feb 25, 2021 225
Pork imports will placate only Metro Manilans, but ruin others. Feb 25, 2021 934
Farming; Proposals in two major government consultations on animal transport would have a devastating impact on Scotland's red meat supply chain, it was claimed yesterday. Feb 25, 2021 229
Countrywide livestock vaccination to boost global markets. Feb 24, 2021 303
Hamriyah Free Zone signs deal with Al Aliyo Hydrofarms. Feb 24, 2021 730
Sarawak Forestry Corporation to crack down on illegal trade of bearded pigs to keep state free of African Swine Fever. Feb 23, 2021 492
Former deputy agriculture minister urges peninsula ban on Sabah pork imports after Pitas swine flu outbreak. Feb 23, 2021 343
Taunsa Sharif to have model livestock farm. Feb 22, 2021 166
Disruptions to world food distribution start to hit home. Jean Christou Feb 21, 2021 1195
LIVESTOCK. Feb 20, 2021 1252
Spotlight on rise of dairy sheep farming; Welsh Government carrying out feasibility study. ANDREW FORGRAVE Rural Affairs Editor Feb 18, 2021 618
Livestock. Feb 18, 2021 619
Salic, Brazil's Minerva to set up JV for red meat. Feb 17, 2021 277
Price caps on pork not working -- UPLB economists. Feb 17, 2021 575
Farmers warned - keep cattle clean or lose out. GEMMA MACKENZIE Feb 15, 2021 311
Saudi Arabia expands partnership with Brazilian meat operator. Rashid Hassan Feb 15, 2021 422
Punjab govt to set up 309 Ramzan Bazaars. Feb 12, 2021 372
Pig sector facing 'perfect storm'; Crisis talks have been held to address the 'perfect storm' of events that have left the pig sector in its most critical state for decades - with thousands of pigs backed up on farms due to the combination of Covid-19 problems in pork plants and export disruption since early January. Feb 11, 2021 203
Constructive discussion on new pig crisis. GEMMA MACKENZIE, FARMING EDITOR Feb 11, 2021 354
Insecurity: Ondo Approves Bill For Rearing, Grazing Of Livestock. Feb 11, 2021 1191
Price freeze on goods 'not tenable,' 'too simplistic, ineffective' - solon. Feb 10, 2021 844
DA providing P27 billion loans to assist hog raisers. Feb 9, 2021 1248
SBITC to serve as discharge port for meat imports. Feb 9, 2021 368
DA endorses ICTSI Subic as discharge port for livestock and raw materials. Feb 8, 2021 508
ICTSI's Subic port gets DA endorsement for livestock imports. Feb 8, 2021 515
Gov't, local industry stand to lose with pork import tariff reduction. Feb 5, 2021 614
Group opposes lower tariff on agri imports. Feb 3, 2021 536
EDITORIAL - Capping pork prices. Editorial Feb 2, 2021 345
Price ceiling on chicken, pork deferred to February 8. Feb 2, 2021 1138
Cabinet to review Punjab livestock policy for final approval. Feb 2, 2021 298
KMP asks government to roll pork prices back to pre-ASF levels. Feb 1, 2021 449
Villar mulling bill to make local hog, poultry industry more competitive. Feb 1, 2021 702
Cebu province bans export of live hogs for six months. Jan 31, 2021 287
'Pork holiday' urged amid soaring prices. Jan 31, 2021 529
Consumer group calls for pork holiday. Jan 30, 2021 312
Livestock. Jan 28, 2021 614
Government asked to allow hog producers to import pork to stabilize prices. Jan 27, 2021 707
HCM City secures pork supply forA Tet. Jan 25, 2021 317
NFU Scotland candidates face virtual hustings; Covid restrictions have this year spared the four candidates in the race to be elected as one of two vice presidents of NFU Scotland the ordeal of the usual sea of farming faces at husting events around the country. Jan 23, 2021 216
Prevention of foot and mouth disease is pre-requisite to boost livestock exports. Jan 20, 2021 300
Dorale Multi-Purpose Port Livestock Terminal Inaugurate. Jan 16, 2021 309
EDITORIAL - The other viral outbreak. Editorial Jan 15, 2021 403
Imee says DTI SRP a fairy tale. Jan 13, 2021 379
IN BRIEF: Eco Animal Gets US Marketing Authorisation For Aivlosin. Jan 13, 2021 159
Demand For Ukrainian Grain Increasing Due To Ban On Grain Exports By Russia And Argentina - Trade Representative Kachka. Jan 12, 2021 296
Livestock industry targets production growth of 6 per cent. Jan 8, 2021 772
Livestock. Jan 7, 2021 222
What Brexit means to them -fisherman, lorry driver and sheep farmer speak out; The day after the UK left the European Union, we spoke to some of the people working in industries that will be most affected by the historic national departure. By, Jeremy Armstrong & Tom Parry & Tricia Phillips & Lucy Thornton & Adam Aspinall Jan 2, 2021 2343
Comparison of Nutritional and Meat Quality Characteristics between Two Primal Cuts from Aceh Cattle in Aceh Province, Indonesia. Sofyan, Hamny; Satyaningtijas, Aryani Sismin; Sumantri, Cece; Sudarnika, Etih; Agungpriyono, Srihadi Jan 1, 2021 9371
Major Causes of Calf and Lamb Mortality and Morbidity and Associated Risk Factors in the Mixed Crop-Livestock Production System in Jamma District, South Wollo, Ethiopia. Hadgu, Atsbha; Lemma, Alemayehu; Yilma, Tefera; Fesseha, Haben Clinical report Jan 1, 2021 10398
Have your say on transport of livestock. GEMMA MACKENZIE Dec 31, 2020 304
Animal transport needs common rules on safety; Given the vital role that the safe transport of animals plays in Scotland's livestock industry, NFU Scotland has promised to direct significant time and resources towards its responses to recent Defra and Scottish Government consultations on the issue. Dec 30, 2020 440
Pork prices rise steadily as Tgt approaches. Dec 28, 2020 349
Vehari's tale of transition: from cotton to maize and livestock. Dec 28, 2020 1109
Gambia Sheep Breeders' Association Stands to Eradicate Importation of Sheep. Dec 27, 2020 764
Livestock. Dec 24, 2020 587
Channel freight delays foreshadow a Brexit cliff edge; Whether an early taster of the chaos which could result from a failure to secure a trade deal with the EU or a temporary Covid blip, the sudden imposition of a ban on the movement of people and freight lorries to France note-0sent shockwaves through the entire food supply chain. Dec 22, 2020 454
Livestock. Dec 17, 2020 639
HAPPY EWE YEAR FOR UK ANIMALS. PENMAN INVESTIGATES ...from the fishy to the fraudulent Dec 17, 2020 286
Abduction Of School Children: Preference For President's Cattle Foregrounds APC's Disdain For Nigerians- PDP. Dec 15, 2020 662
Livestock. Dec 10, 2020 594
CPEC to support livestock sector to mitigate poverty. Dec 9, 2020 339
CSSP organizes training workshop for Agriculture, Livestock sector. Dec 9, 2020 379
DA gov't hopes to boost MDM production. Dec 9, 2020 567
Livestock prices remain stable. Dec 7, 2020 614
Call for changes to sheep export rules. GEMMA MACKENZIE, FARMING EDITOR Dec 5, 2020 538
Continuous attack on farmers an invitation to famine - Farmers Association warns. Dec 5, 2020 761
Export ban on livestock for slaughter considered. ANDREW FORGRAVE Dec 3, 2020 191
'Educational institutions have fundamental importance for betterment of livestock sector'. Dec 2, 2020 290
Exporters of livestock face tagging rules. GEMMA MACKENZIE, FARMING EDITOR Nov 27, 2020 336
Farming: Playing tag with livestock; Any cattle, sheep, goats or pigs bound for export - including to Northern Ireland - will need to comply with new ear-tagging regulations when the transition period ends in just over a month, it has been revealed. Nov 27, 2020 462
Livestock. Nov 26, 2020 644
Kenya Meat Commission clears debts months after transfer to military. Nov 19, 2020 527
Livestock. Nov 19, 2020 600
Nigeria has potentials to generate N13trn from livestock annually -NIAS Registrar. Nov 18, 2020 486
Sh250 million of KMC debt to farmers cleared - Matiang'i. Nov 18, 2020 602
Food security drive intensifies - Sethibe. Nov 17, 2020 598
Minister pledges support for promoting entrepreneurship in livestock sector. Nov 15, 2020 275
Minister pledges support for promoting entrepreneurship in livestock sector. Nov 15, 2020 346
Minister pledges support for promoting entrepreneurship in livestock sector. Nov 15, 2020 265
Livestock. Nov 12, 2020 663
Sheep farmer burns 800 fleeces in protest at price of wool. Nov 10, 2020 265
Agriculture sector posts 0.7% growth in 3rd quarter. Nov 10, 2020 815
East Africa Cross Border Trade Bulletin (October 2020, Volume 31). Nov 10, 2020 218
Goat farming brings solvency to families in Jessore's Sharsha. Nov 8, 2020 507
Livestock. Nov 6, 2020 651
Livestock Legislative Reorganization Crucial to Enhance Export Trade: Study. Nov 5, 2020 355
Laikipia County resorts to mass livestock tagging to curb rustling. Nov 4, 2020 514
Staff crisis hits Baringo livestock department. Nov 2, 2020 737
Carbon Footprint Assessment of Spanish Dairy Cattle Farms: Effectiveness of Dietary and Farm Management Practices as a Mitigation Strategy. Ibidhi, Ridha; Calsamiglia, Sergio Nov 1, 2020 8154
A Review on the Use of Antimicrobial Peptides to Combat Porcine Viruses. Pen, Guihong; Yang, Na; Teng, Da; Mao, Ruoyu; Hao, Ya; Wang, Jianhua Nov 1, 2020 9636
Livestock. Oct 29, 2020 631
Domestic livestock industry setnew development targets. Oct 29, 2020 824
A porky problem. Oct 27, 2020 750
Promoting livestock. Jhangir Shah Kakar - Zhob Oct 27, 2020 245
Fakhar for exploring Pak-Afghan trade in agriculture, livestock. Oct 27, 2020 441
Fakhar for exploring Pak-Afghan trade in agriculture, livestock. Oct 27, 2020 407
Fakhar for exploring Pak-Afghan trade in agriculture, livestock. Oct 26, 2020 440
INTERVIEW: Hummingbird and Saudi Arabia team up on food security. Frank Kane Oct 25, 2020 1469
Widam's revenue up 38.4% as Qatar eases restrictions. Oct 25, 2020 553
Political issues could drain colour from rural landscape. Joyce Campbell Oct 24, 2020 580
Sector-wide crisis threatens farmers, and livestock raisers. Oct 21, 2020 798
Australian officials evacuate crew from COVID-19 infected livestock vessel off western coast. Oct 20, 2020 321
Australian officials evacuate crew from COVID-19 infected livestock vessel off western coast. Oct 20, 2020 317
Pork prices fall as VN steps up imports, demand declines. Oct 19, 2020 412
Investors see agricultural processing sector as ripe for plucking. Oct 19, 2020 1453
Livestock playing vital role in strengthening economy: Dareshak. Oct 16, 2020 247
Livestock. Oct 15, 2020 665
Legal firm backs the campaign to support British sheep farmers. JAMES PUGH Oct 13, 2020 256
NAPRI partners with private firms to breed donkeys in Nigeriaaaaaaaaaa. Oct 4, 2020 416
NAPRI partners with private coys to breed donkeys in Nigeria. Oct 4, 2020 414
No Deal will devastate sheep farms, warns CLA. Oct 3, 2020 507
Livestock. Oct 1, 2020 610

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