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Oman to impose ban on shrimp fishing from this date. By: Times News Service Nov 30, 2021 242
Cops find RM1.9m worth of illicit drugs hidden under frozen fish in Johor. Nov 11, 2021 378
PH shrimp production to remain stagnant. Nov 10, 2021 599
Shrimp production seen falling to 60,000 MT. Nov 10, 2021 573
Antarctica Advisors serves as investment banking advisor to Mitsui in sale of assets of Mitsui Foods to Atalanta. Nov 9, 2021 209
Antarctica Advisors serves as investment banking advisor to Mitsui in sale of assets of Mitsui Foods to Atalanta. Nov 9, 2021 207
FAO: Tunisian fishermen turn invasive blue crab into lucrative business. Oct 20, 2021 469
Customs seizes abalone worth R1.6m at Lebombo border. Oct 15, 2021 197
WB lowers forecast for ViA?t Nam's 2021 GDP growth to 2-2.5%. Oct 14, 2021 460
Salmon farming is coming to Saudi Arabia. Oct 1, 2021 305
Effect of Different Plant Extracts Added to Ice on Sensory Preference of Sliced Salmon. Dogruyol, Hande; Ulusoy, Safak; Mol, Suhendan; Alakavuk, Didem Ucok Oct 1, 2021 5808
Many Vietnamese seafood exporters are not subject to US anti-dumping tariffs. Sep 16, 2021 494
Producers suffer from tilapia, bangus glut. Sep 15, 2021 436
'Galunggong' too pricey? Try cheaper 'bangus' or tilapia. Sep 13, 2021 521
Shares advance but bank stocks pressure indices. Sep 11, 2021 425
THE Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has issued another set of advisories against several entities soliciting investments from the public without the necessary licenses. Sep 8, 2021 887
Agro-forestry-fisheries sector enjoys trade surplus of US$3.3 billion in eight months. Sep 7, 2021 451
Council's port health team gearing up for rule changes; businesses urged to make sure they are ready for new trading rules. DAVID LAISTER @davelaister Sep 1, 2021 829
Egypt's President Al-Sisi follows up on livestock, fish farming projects. Daily News Egypt Aug 29, 2021 337
How to solve hunger. Aug 28, 2021 862
COVID-19 impact starts reflecting in seafood companies' results from August: VDSC. Aug 26, 2021 590
'Don't miss your chance to shape our future' FUNDING LEVY FOR SEAFOOD INDUSTRY BODY UNDER SCRUTINY IN MAJOR STRATEGIC REVIEW. DAVID LAISTER @davelaister Aug 18, 2021 461
ViA?t NamA could loseA US$480 million per year due to illegal fishing. Aug 11, 2021 869
Faroese salmon specialist hunts freighter for new airline. Aug 10, 2021 459
Flexibility in maintaining safety at slaughterhousesA necessary to maintain supply. Jul 29, 2021 631
Present Status and Future Direction of Bangladeshi Shrimp Resources. Hosain, Mohammad Aslam; Ullah, Kalim; Sayam, Mohammad Abdullah Al; Mohiuddin, Kazi; Rahman, Emon Jul 24, 2021 3507
Seafood exporters to EU to face challenges in second half of year. Jul 24, 2021 295
Digital technologyA and innovationA helpA changeA food system: experts. Jul 17, 2021 914
Exporters, hit by pandemic, turn to domestic market. Jul 16, 2021 359
Seafood companies expect higher revenue on brighter prospects. Jun 24, 2021 1077
Fisheries Deptt to start masher, trout fish production on commercial basis: official. Jun 24, 2021 442
Lancaster based international seafood business charts new waters with ownership buyout; Jim Welsh, managing director and founder of Oceanic Seafoods, has acquired a 100 per cent stake in the business, following a buy-out of 50 per cent shareholder Three Oceans. Nick Lakin Jun 14, 2021 424
Oceans of Opportunity: Alaska seafood products reach far beyond state's shores. Orr, Vanessa Jun 1, 2021 1652
Why the stormy Brexit passage of Scottish seafood is calming - David Duguid; The journey of Scottish seafood from port to plate is easing after a stormy few months, though there is still work to be done. David Duguid May 30, 2021 1129
PH tuna and canning companies eye expansion in India. May 28, 2021 758
Great investment opportunities in cold storage. May 27, 2021 389
Seafood chief calls on minister to help whole sector thrive. KEITH FINDLAY May 25, 2021 644
Lobster season ends on May 31. May 25, 2021 279
BATN Foundation Gets Commendation for its Support for Aquaculture. May 21, 2021 541
Government seafood taskforce disbanded. May 15, 2021 206
Aldi to spotlight fish caught in UK waters. Henry Sandercock May 15, 2021 288
Brexit has seen livelihoods ruined; Letters. May 6, 2021 335
Deal with EU unappetising. May 6, 2021 250
UK cod concerns as fishing talks fail. May 2, 2021 176
Food check delays 'work against UK'. PATRICK DALY Apr 30, 2021 412
'Keep your fish!' French fishermen block British trucks in port. Reuters News Service Apr 23, 2021 469
'Shellfish Farming Capable Of Boosting Nigerian Economy'. Apr 20, 2021 230
PAP boss, Dikio, praises Bayelsa garment factory, fish farm. Apr 17, 2021 269
High-tech shrimp farming brings high profits in Bec Lieu Province. Apr 17, 2021 536
PAP boss, Dikio, tours Bayelsa garment factory, fish farm. Apr 16, 2021 432
Govt provides Rs112.56 mln for development of trout fish farming. Apr 9, 2021 331
Govt provides Rs112.56 mln for development of trout fish farming. Apr 9, 2021 332
China's overuse of antibiotics in fish products threatens PH's food safety. Apr 6, 2021 634
Seafood sector due a fairer share of cash; The Voice of the North. Mar 20, 2021 173
Viet Nam to be among world's main shrimp producer. Mar 13, 2021 636
Vital funding for north harbours hit by Brexit. Mar 12, 2021 519
Seafood industry recruitment bait. KEITH FINDLAY Mar 11, 2021 523
Chain buys up Cornish seafood wholesaler; FALFISH BECOMES KEY PART OF SUPERMARKET CHAIN. WILLIAM TELFORD @wtelfordherald Mar 3, 2021 619
End seal slaying at 'trigger happy' salmon farms. NADA FARHOUD Environment Journalist of the Year Mar 1, 2021 414
End seal slaying at 'trigger happy' salmon farms. NADA FARHOUD Environment Journalist of the Year Mar 1, 2021 401
A C-Type Lectin with Antibacterial Activity in Weather Loach. Bjarnason, Arnar; Magnusdottir, Soffia Karen Mar 1, 2021 3257
Macrophyte Diversity Alters Invertebrate Community and Fish Diet. Bjarnason, Arnar; Magnusdottir, Soffia Karen Mar 1, 2021 3258
Fish row: Progress in clearing EU delays. Feb 28, 2021 178
Extension to seafood support scheme attracts ire of industry. Henry Sandercock Feb 27, 2021 343
'Bureaucracy' costing salmon farmers dearly. DAVID MCPHEE Feb 27, 2021 722
Boost for profits at Scots salmon farm. STAN ARNAUD Feb 24, 2021 552
Britain Calls On EU To Ease Seafood Import Restrictions. Feb 24, 2021 248
SSPO calls for 'new normal'. STAN ARNAUD Feb 22, 2021 366
Fish farms in cash bid for seal attacks. STAN ARNAUD Feb 19, 2021 563
Supermarkets suspend trading with salmon farm amid investigation; Two major supermarkets have suspended trading with a Scottish fish farm amid allegations of inhumane treatment of fish. Jane Bradley and John MacInnes Feb 14, 2021 588
Seafood task force is about 'rapid action', not talk, pledges minister. Feb 13, 2021 352
Top two food and drink exports fall. KEITH FINDLAY Feb 13, 2021 573
Warning that Scottish seafood taskforce should not be just a 'talking shop'; The UK Government has been warned that its new Scottish seafood taskforce must deliver solutions for the industry in the wake of Brexit and not be just a "talking shop". Gina Davidson Feb 12, 2021 599
Seafood exporters in call for urgent action. Feb 12, 2021 403
Pandemic hammers exports of Scottish salmon and whisky; The impact of the pandemic and US tariffs on Scotch whisky have hammered sales of Scotland's biggest food and drink exports. Perry Gourley Feb 12, 2021 595
Healthy way to help end seafood sector woes and make blame game irrelevant. Alex Bell Feb 11, 2021 875
Call for a Scottish customs clearance centre for seafood exports to cope with Brexit; A Scottish customs clearance house that would allow seafood and fish exports to flow faster into Europe should be established at ports, MSPs have been told. Gina Davidson Feb 11, 2021 620
Cash boost to compensate seafood firms. KEITH FINDLAY Feb 10, 2021 430
Struggling fishermen land cash support of PS6.45 million. STEPHEN NORRIS Feb 9, 2021 369
Cambodia pledges support for trade liberalisation after catfish import suspended. Feb 7, 2021 286
Scottish seafood sector gets PS8m government support. Henry Sandercock Feb 6, 2021 318
Seafood Scotland offers 'on-the-ground expert support' for EU bound lorry drivers; Seafood Scotland has bolstered its support for firms hit by Brexit delays after appointing a France-based expert to provide on-the-ground support. Scott Reid Feb 5, 2021 444
Seafood industry given a PS7.75m helping hand. KEITH FINDLAY Feb 3, 2021 585
Tuna exports to the US increase. Feb 3, 2021 661
Calls for taskforce to tackle Scottish salmon Brexit trouble. Jan 30, 2021 197
Demand for imported luxury seafood rises. Jan 25, 2021 378
Overview of Egypt's fish farming, fishing industry in Egypt. Egypt Today staff Jan 24, 2021 260
How severe is the seafood crisis and can it be fixed? Seafood exports to the EU have all but ground to a halt, with suppliers urging a six-month 'grace period' to cut red tape. Henry Sandercock Jan 23, 2021 1021
Fishing industry welcomes PS23m emergency bailout. Kevin White Jan 23, 2021 334
Sisi arrives in Port Said to inaugurate largest fish farming project in region 'Al-Fayrouz'. Egypt Today staff Jan 23, 2021 167
Sisi responds to criticism about gov't priorities while inaugurating Farouz Fish Farm project. Egypt Today staff Jan 23, 2021 549
Scots seafood industry being 'let own'. DAN O'DONOGHUE Jan 22, 2021 534
Help for seafood firms hit by Covid and Brexit rules. OWEN HUGHES Business Correspondent Jan 21, 2021 282
FISH MARKET IS A 'GHOST TOWN' red tape strangling industry Seafood industry in broadside at Brexit. ANDY PHILIP Political Correspondent Jan 20, 2021 309
Firms can claim PS100k compensation. DANIEL O'DONOGHUE Jan 20, 2021 581
UK PM Johnson "Understands Frustrations" Of Struggling To Export To EU. Jan 19, 2021 804
How the UK Government has acted quickly to fix Scottish seafood problems - David Duguid; The seafood industry has been in stormy waters and I regret difficulties firms have experienced through, in some cases, no fault of their own. David Duguid Jan 19, 2021 375
Scottish seafood firms can claim up to [pounds sterling]100k for 'genuine loss' in Brexit package; Scottish firms exporting fish and shellfish to the EU who can show they have suffered "genuine loss" due to Brexit red tape will be able to claim up to [pounds sterling]100,000 in compensation, the UK Government has confirmed. Alexander Brown Jan 19, 2021 442
Brexit fishing troubles 'teething problems'. TOM EDEN Jan 18, 2021 196
'Dozens' of Scottish shellfish lorries park by Downing Street in Brexit protest; Dozens of seafood lorries, including a number from Scottish companies, have descended on central London this morning in a protest at the post-Brexit challenges faced by the UK's fishing industry. Conor Marlborough Jan 18, 2021 413
Brexit Delays For Fishing Are "Teething" Issues - UK Foreign Secretary. Jan 18, 2021 521
Fishing delays 'teething problems', says Raab. Jan 18, 2021 223
Insight: How Scottish fishing is being sunk by red tape since Brexit; Four months ago, Alasdair Hughson issued a stark warning about the impact of Brexit on Scotland's seafood industry. Like some latter-day Nostradamus, the director of Keltic Seafare - a Dingwall-based live shellfish producer - told The Scotsman a sudden increase in bureaucracy after January 1 would make it nigh-on impossible for businesses like his to trade in Europe. Dani Garavelli Jan 17, 2021 2673
Bexit delays getting fish and seafood to Europe dismissed as 'teething troubles'; Delays to fishing exports are just "teething problems" following Brexit, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has claimed. Tom Eden Jan 17, 2021 418
Scottish seafood urges exports grace period. Henry Sandercock Jan 16, 2021 305
Exporters hampered by container shortage as orders pour in. Jan 16, 2021 463
Clam up you clowns; ANGER IN COMMONS OVER FISHERIES CRISIS Floundering Tories try to shrug off Scottish seafood industry's struggles with Brexit red tape. TORCUIL CRICHTON Westminster Editor Jan 15, 2021 421
Highland fish wholesaler fears local industry could collapse in weeks. Jan 15, 2021 449
Seafood sector has hit 'rock bottom'. KEITH FINDLAY Jan 15, 2021 635
Brexit red tape could wreck our shellfish business, claims boss. RICHARD YOULE Senior local democracy reporter Jan 14, 2021 1059
Fishery industry will increase value of seafood products. Jan 14, 2021 939
Jacob Rees-Mogg claims Brexit means fish are now 'British and happier for it'; Jacob Rees-Mogg has claimed Brexit means fish are now "British and happier for it". Alexander Brown Jan 14, 2021 703
Shrimp exporters bring home US$3.85 billion in 2020. Jan 12, 2021 259
Govt provides Rs112.56 mln for trout fish farming development. Jan 9, 2021 347
Scottish smoked salmon producer hits out at Brexit after 'barrage of useless information'; An Aberdeenshire company that exports salmon has drafted a letter to the Secretary of State for Business, Alok Sharma, claiming that the government has given a 'barrage of useless information' in the run up to Brexit. Rachel Mackie Jan 8, 2021 456
Langoustine firm fears business will fold over Brexit customs delays; For someone like Jame McMillan, who has fished for langoustines all his life off the west coast of Scotland, and witnessed a spike in global demand for his products, the disruption to Scottish seafood exports is nothing short of catastrophic. Martyn McLaughlin Jan 8, 2021 423
Scottish seafood industry could 'grind to halt' over Brexit customs delays; Scotland's food and drink industry body has warned that the nation's entire seafood supply chain could grind to a halt "very quickly" unless urgent action is taken to address extensive delays caused by Brexit customs arrangements. Martyn McLaughlin Jan 8, 2021 632
Seafood trucks stuck amid new Brexit rules. KEITH FINDLAY Jan 7, 2021 413
Concern over Scottish seafood exports to EU after customs delays. KEITH FINDLAY Jan 7, 2021 543
Customs 'shambles' hits seafood exports. NEIL POORAN Jan 7, 2021 197
Govt provides Rs112.56 mln for trout fish farming development. Jan 6, 2021 327
Brexit customs delays reported in Scotland as 'entire trailers' checked; Customs arrangements in the wake of Brexit are causing delays as "entire trailers" need to be checked rather than samples, members of the Scottish seafood industry have said. Neil Pooran Jan 6, 2021 378
Govt provides Rs112.56 mln for trout fish farming development. Jan 6, 2021 280
Year 2020: Covid-19 takes a toll on Khulna's seafood exports. Jan 4, 2021 473
Relief at lack of tariffs on EU seafood exports. KEITH FINDLAY Jan 2, 2021 583
Management Practices, Farmers' Knowledge of Diseased Fish, and Their Occurrence in Fish Farms in Nyeri County, Kenya. Mulei, Isaac R.; Mbuthia, Paul G.; Waruiru, Robert M.; Nyaga, Phillip N.; Mutoloki, Stephen; Evensen Jan 1, 2021 6154
More canned fish from China rejected. Dec 28, 2020 232
South-central region makes efforts to combat illegal fishing. Dec 26, 2020 853
Seafood exports decrease 9.27 pc to $166.376 mln in 5 months. Dec 25, 2020 387
Seafood exports to top $12 billion by 2025: VASEP. Dec 24, 2020 705
Plea for Brexit plans to start up now to get exports moving again. ALASTAIR GOSSIP Dec 24, 2020 588
Small seafood firms may fold after blockade. ALASTAIR GOSSIP Dec 23, 2020 595
Fish exports stuck en route to Europe. KEITH FINDLAY AND DAVID PROCTOR Dec 22, 2020 499
Seafood firms face 'disaster' from closures. KEITH FINDLAY Dec 22, 2020 572
Webinar held on 'Export Potential of Pak Seafood Items in ASEAN countries'. Dec 22, 2020 182
Thailand to test 10,000 after virus outbreak linked to seafood market. Dec 21, 2020 387
French ferry ban spells 'monumental disaster' for Scottish seafood firm; Scottish seafood exporter tells of [pounds sterling]100,000s worth of prime lobster, prawns and crab rotting away on English quayside. Iain Pope Dec 21, 2020 1000
Nicola Sturgeon: Activate no-deal Brexit plans to deal with France freight ban; Nicola Sturgeon has called on the UK Government to activate no-deal Brexit port disruption plans as Scottish exporters warn millions of perishable products are stuck waiting to enter France. Emma O'Neill Dec 21, 2020 741
Taiwanese seafood firms granted KSA export approval. Arab News Dec 21, 2020 196
Jessore youth contributes to society thru ornamental fish farming. Dec 20, 2020 537
Thailand reports biggest coronavirus surge, over 500 cases. Dec 20, 2020 337
Thailand to test 10,000 after virus outbreak linked to seafood market. Dec 20, 2020 378
Sri Lanka to send back rejected canned fish. Dec 17, 2020 167
Shrimp exports to EU surge. Dec 7, 2020 610
The Business Big Interview: Donna Fordyce, chief executive, Seafood Scotland; Scotland's seafood sector forms a critical part of the nation's economy, supporting thousands of jobs both directly and indirectly. Scott Reid Dec 6, 2020 2182
Seafood company boosts Taiwan's ties with Honduras. Dec 2, 2020 471
Abalone fishing banned till 2021. Nov 28, 2020 358
Load of Brexit codswallop; UK will need 100 more officials for paperwork on fish exports. BEN GLAZE Deputy Political Editor Nov 27, 2020 177
1st Cargo Ship Anchored at Gwadar Port carrying 203MT Sea Food. Nov 25, 2020 229
Speakers underscore growing fisheries industry on scientific lines. Nov 24, 2020 323
Fishermen fear alien lobsters from US could wipe out Scottish natives. Nov 23, 2020 231
Fishermen fear alien lobsters from US could wipe out Scottish natives. Nov 23, 2020 230
Vigt Nam needs solutions promoting sustainable seafood exports to the EU: experts. Nov 18, 2020 615
Selling Fish Fresh Puts Market Women At Advantage Over The Farmer -Karieren. Nov 13, 2020 1565
NEDS projects to diversify export market for tuna, less emphasis on EU. Nov 13, 2020 354
Mekong Delta seafood exports recover. Nov 11, 2020 448
Value addition must for promotion of fisheries sector: Governor. Nov 10, 2020 165
Seafood exports fall1.55% in Q1. Nov 7, 2020 377
Maritime Affairs Ministry takes steps to boost seafood exports. Nov 6, 2020 240
Maritime Affairs Ministry takes steps to boost seafood exports. Nov 6, 2020 229
Subsea firms pointed towards aquaculture as growing industry. Nov 2, 2020 385
Treading Water: Alaska's fishing industry struggles through pandemic. Simonelli, Isaac Stone Nov 1, 2020 2337
Seafood's big part to play in recovery. KEITH FINDLAY Oct 31, 2020 481
Minh Phaopposes US anti-dumping duty on frozen shrimp. Oct 26, 2020 728
Embrace commercial fish farming - Naro. Oct 26, 2020 606
Tuna exports to Italy soar. Oct 25, 2020 426
Shrimp exports forecast to increase by 9.8 per cent to reach $3.7 billion this year. Oct 23, 2020 550
Export growth expected at 3-4% this year. Oct 21, 2020 777
Phl to procure Chinese tilapia, as Beijing restricts food imports. Oct 20, 2020 960
Modern biofloc fishing farming project launched at Alipur. Oct 14, 2020 156
Buy local bangus and tilapia instead of imported galunggong, consumers told. Oct 13, 2020 816
Governors launch Sh15 billion fish farming plan. Oct 12, 2020 780
Nigeria's Seafood Industry Not Yet Harnessed For Export Earnings - Awolowo. Oct 11, 2020 565
Trade surplus reaches $7.2 billion. Oct 7, 2020 543
Tra fish famers, exports hit hard by Covid-19 pandemic. Oct 7, 2020 519
Group hits plan to import tilapia to fill supply gap. Oct 5, 2020 389
Seafood exports gain momentum, increase by 12.25% in two months. Oct 1, 2020 387
New online hub brings locally caught fish direct to dinner tables in Scotland; An online hub is helping Scots to make eco-conscious choices about the fish they eat while supporting local businesses hit by the coronavirus pandemic. Ilona Amos Oct 1, 2020 526
Seafood exports gain momentum, increase by 12.25% in two months. Sep 30, 2020 339
Seafood stocks enjoy growth despite falling profits. Sep 29, 2020 850
Scaling up fish farming. Sep 28, 2020 1121
Lagos Trains Tilapia Farmers On New Technology. Sep 27, 2020 583
Ilma University's professor publishes epic book, available on amazon. Sep 26, 2020 179
Ilma University's professor publishes epic book, available on amazon. Sep 26, 2020 223
Bright prospects for fisheries sector in finalquarter. Sep 25, 2020 591
Ex-MSP taking reins at fish farming body; Salmon: Multi-billion-pound industry boss has impressive CV. KEITH FINDLAY Sep 23, 2020 395
Bigger fish to fry. Sep 23, 2020 514
Filmmaker puts the focus on seafood. SHARON LIPTROTT Sep 22, 2020 1005
Former MSP Tavish Scott quits Scottish Rugby to lead Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation; Former Liberal Democrat MSP Tavish Scott has been appointed as the new chief executive of the Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation (SSPO). Scott Reid Sep 22, 2020 409
Indonesia halts exports from seafood producer after virus tests. Sep 20, 2020 220
Vigt Nam begins agricultural exports to EU as trade deal cuts tariffs. Sep 17, 2020 448
Human chain for crab export resumption. Sep 16, 2020 216
Sh15bn aquaculture programme to boost fish production. Sep 15, 2020 576
Tra fish exporters struggle with production, exports on pandemic, lack of water. Sep 15, 2020 571
Saudi Arabia to import seafood from 12 Vietnamese firms. Sep 15, 2020 480
Dream job, dream home, dream life... An island love story; Salmon producers' analyst enjoys best of all worlds. WORDS LAURA COVENTRY Sep 13, 2020 701
Large pelagic fishing boats tick the sustainability boxes - Ian Gatt; The herring and mackerel sector's environmental credentials are sound, despite what critics might claim, says Ian Gatt. Ian Gatt Sep 10, 2020 775
Over 7,000 C/O issued for exports to EU in August. Sep 8, 2020 673
Swat flood deals severe blow to trout fish farming 10 trout fish farms destroyed, damaged in Madyan. Sep 6, 2020 455
Swat flood deals severe blow to trout fish farming. Ehtisham Mufti Sep 5, 2020 468
Government to revive fish farming, says CAS Kilimo. Sep 1, 2020 285
How Scotland's hidden heroes are helping feed the world; SPONSORED CONTENT Salmon industry leader hails Scottish success story. Laura Coventry Aug 30, 2020 794
How Scottish salmon farmers are transforming communities in the Highlands. LAURA COVENTRY Aug 29, 2020 890
Fish farming great potential- Dikoloti. Aug 25, 2020 663
Vigt Nam shrimp exports to South Korea to edge up: VASEP. Aug 24, 2020 397
Aquatic Research Centre produces 200,000 baby shrimps. Aug 23, 2020 386
Fimex establishes food subsidiary. Aug 21, 2020 249
Seafood exports increase after EVFTA comes into effect. Aug 19, 2020 455
Mekong Delta to expand fruit,seafood productionin response to climate change. Aug 14, 2020 417
Frozen chicken wings from Brazil test positive for coronavirus, China says. Aug 13, 2020 200
Fish farms generate 0.5 per cent of man-made climate emissions; Fish farming around the world generates around the same amount of greenhouse gas emissions as the sheep industry, according to new international research. Ilona Amos Aug 13, 2020 513
Ghana earns almost US$2m from exports of Rock Lobsters in 2019. Aug 12, 2020 459
Tra Vinh expands lucrative high tech shrimp farming. Aug 11, 2020 450
Fish firm's free taster offer. Aug 7, 2020 209
Tra fish companies see profits slump in pandemic. Aug 5, 2020 685
marine strife; Fish farm noise device fears for dolphins. SARAH WARD Aug 4, 2020 215
Shrimp exports infirst six months up 5.7%. Jul 29, 2020 380
Fresh outlook Enjoy some of the world's best seafood; ADVERTISEMENT. Jul 25, 2020 524
Don't fall for the crab-waving photo bait. Jul 25, 2020 238
Tuna players opt for virtual, drop face-to-face meet in September. Jul 24, 2020 465
Seafood firms cast nets wider for sales; Trade body: Scots companies are targeting long-haul markets. KEITH FINDLAY Jul 22, 2020 374
PAKFEA delegation calls on Federal Secretary Maritime Affairs. Jul 21, 2020 182
Ca Mau seeks ways to achieve export target after Covid-19 slump. Jul 18, 2020 437
Shrimp sector needs prompt prop. Jul 16, 2020 481
80% of fishermen in Saudi Arabia are foreigners. Samir Salama, Associate Editor Jul 15, 2020 459
Fresh outlook Enjoy some of the world's best seafood; ADVERTISEMENT. Jul 11, 2020 1069
Soc Trgng exports jump 26% despite pandemic. Jul 9, 2020 258
Fresh outlook Enjoy some of the world's best seafood. Jul 4, 2020 1056
SCIC sells shares at Khanh Haa Seafood Export JSC. Jul 2, 2020 327
Claw's the draw for Welsh lobster fishermen. Jul 2, 2020 409
Welsh lobsters band together to stand out from the crowd. Jun 30, 2020 693
China enhances control of exported farm produce: MoIT. Jun 29, 2020 339
Dubai fish farm to produce enough salmon to fully meet local demand. Angel Tesorero, Staff Reporter Jun 25, 2020 852
Shrimp exports to Canada rise steadily. Jun 25, 2020 207
Sheikh Mohammed visits a fish farm in Dubai. Tawfiq Nasrallah, Staff Writer Jun 23, 2020 462
Probe clears imported salmon of virus contamination; CHINA. Jun 23, 2020 192
Video: Sheikh Mohammed visits fish farm in Dubai. Staff Reporter Jun 23, 2020 463
Photos: Sheikh Mohammed visits the 'Fish Farm' in Dubai. Balaram Menon, Digital Content Editor Jun 23, 2020 349
Jobs on horizon as seafood firm agrees new deal; company plans to import 5,000 metric tons of fish byproducts a year from salmon giant. JAMIE WALLER @jamiewaller2 Jun 22, 2020 385
EU to remove tariffs on Vietnamese tuna once trade deal takes effect. Jun 22, 2020 389
Oman Fisheries Company helping fishermen, markets tide over COVID-19 crisis. Times News Service Jun 20, 2020 611
Seafood sector working hard to steer its way out of the doldrums; Challenges over domestic sales and Brexit - including new tariffs and access to foreign labour - await post-lockdown. Jun 19, 2020 984
Changes have been made already - but return of exports key. DONNA FORDYCE, HEAD OF SEAFOOD SCOTLAND Jun 19, 2020 529
Food and drink can help feed recovery. REBECCA BUCHAN Jun 19, 2020 573
Thailand safe from Covid-infected salmon imports: Fisheries Dept. Jun 19, 2020 155
Coronavirus infects dozens more in Beijing as flights cut to curb 'second wave'; Flights and railway services to the Chinese capital have been reduced following a new outbreak of coronavirus which has been traced back to imported salmon at a food market. By, Lorraine King Jun 17, 2020 615
'No credible evidence' Coronavirus: Experts say outbreak in China not linked to Scottish salmon. KEITH FINDLAY Jun 16, 2020 228
Is Beijing having a second wave of coronavirus? Why China's capital city has brought in lockdown measures as new cases emerge; Officials fear that China may be heading towards a second wave of coronavirus infections. Sarah Wilson Jun 16, 2020 606
Salmon cannot be contaminated with Covid-19: Disease Control Department. Jun 15, 2020 169
Disease Control Department say Salmon cannot be contaminated with Covid-19. Jun 15, 2020 202
Ca Mau shrimp industry picks up. Jun 15, 2020 359
Fishing village going from strength to strength. Jun 12, 2020 479
Covid-19 offers opportunity to save oceans: UNCTAD. Jun 10, 2020 970
Cambodia aquaculture thrives amid coronavirus pandemic. Jun 9, 2020 467
Chinese importers start importing frozen fish from Pakistan. Jun 7, 2020 386
Chinese importers start importing frozen fish from Pakistan. Jun 7, 2020 384
China imports frozen fish from Pakistan. Jun 7, 2020 390
Chinese importers start importing frozen fish from Pakistan. Jun 7, 2020 386
Kian Giang steps up exportpromotions. Jun 6, 2020 395
Trump Threatens EU Car Tariffs And China Over Duties On US Lobsters. Jun 6, 2020 237
Seafood sectors urged to diversify products. Jun 4, 2020 854
New hope for local food in Covid crisis; Seafood business thrives as a member of Cadwyn Ogwen initiative. ANDREW FORGRAVE Rural Affairs Editor May 28, 2020 378
Shrimp exports expected to increase in coming months. May 28, 2020 747
Producers innovate to get through Covid crisis. OWEN HUGHES Business Correspondent May 27, 2020 649
Shrimp producers and exporters cut costs through good growing practices. May 23, 2020 1121
Long An breeds brackish-water shrimp. May 10, 2020 474
Jordan imports fish from Egypt due to shortage in Aqaba. Egypt Today staff May 10, 2020 253
Seafood exports continue reduction in Q2. May 9, 2020 530
MARD is confident about shrimp export target. May 9, 2020 471
Call to open fish counters; Trade body says seafood industry reliant on stores for survival. KEITH FINDLAY May 7, 2020 522
Scottish fish not banned, says French government; ? Industry body calls for calm amid growing cross-Channel row. KEITH FINDLAY May 4, 2020 382
Seafood exports increase 8% to $317.307 million. May 4, 2020 417
Seafood exports increase 8% to $317.307 mln in 3 quarters. May 4, 2020 423
Seafood exports increase 8% to $317.307 mln in 3 quarters. May 4, 2020 371
Retail sales increase sharply during holidays. May 4, 2020 237
Multidrug-Resistant Salmonella Serotype Anatum in Travelers and Seafood from Asia, United States. Karp, Beth E.; Leeper, Molly M.; Chen, Jessica C.; Tagg, Kaitlin A.; Watkins, Louise K. Francois; Fr May 1, 2020 1695
Aong Thap helps fish exporters amid lower demand during COVID-19. Apr 15, 2020 291
FOOD&DRINK Survival tips for seafood sector. KEITH FINDLAY Apr 11, 2020 240
New date for 2020 Global Seafood Expo being considered. Apr 8, 2020 342
Fish and shellfish markets already crippled under Brexit strain; REACTION. Apr 4, 2020 280
Holyrood throws lifeline to crisis-hit fishing sector; ? Region's seafood processors to benefit from new resilience fund. KEITH FINDLAY Apr 4, 2020 343
Collapsing export demand sees seafood companies hit buffers. Mar 28, 2020 192
'Cataclysmic fall' for fishing industry. Mar 25, 2020 269
GenSan braces for losses in tuna export amid PH battle with COVID-19. Mar 19, 2020 527
Aquatic research centre to ramp up production of fish and shrimp. Mar 18, 2020 330
Shrimp exports suffer, fruit regains accessway to China. Mar 18, 2020 381
15 counties to benefit from Sh14bn fish farming grant. Mar 12, 2020 463
Aninsight aboutfishers of Baba and Bhitisland. NAGHMANA ZAFAR Mar 8, 2020 975
New immigration rules 'disastrous' for business; Fish firm boss criticises UK Government's planned regulations. KEITH FINDLAY Mar 4, 2020 585
Young Shafraz convinced the local fishermen with his sincerity to help them. Mar 1, 2020 795
Export ban on crabs studied. Feb 22, 2020 497
US tariffs relief for salmon exporters; Trade: Concern producers could be caught up in aviation spat. KEITH FINDLAY Feb 18, 2020 396
Sejong University succeeds in salmon farming. Feb 14, 2020 383
Salmon success supports 2,300 jobs in Scotland; EXPORTS. Feb 12, 2020 159

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