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International conference to discuss Arab spring in Beirut.

Beirut will soon host an international conference for "reform and transfer to democracy in the Arab world," the Beirut daily AN NAHAR reported on Jan. 9. The daily said that the gathering is expected to discuss the results of the political changes (Arab Spring) that have swept Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, in addition to the popular uprisings that are still ongoing in Syria and Yemen. The newspaper added that the two-day conference, which is being organized by the United Nations regional economic and social development commission in Western Asia (ESCWA), will take place at its headquarters in Beirut.

According to AN NAHAR, the conference is deemed significant for different reasons among them is that the UN has chosen Beirut to host this large meeting a year after the popular uprisings erupted in the Arab region; in addition to that the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has decided to come to Beirut to open this conference. Ban is expected to arrive in Beirut on Friday. The daily added that around 50 political experts and academic scholars of different nationalities are expected to join this event to discuss the results of the changes in the Arab region.
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Date:Jan 13, 2012
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