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Global standards setters press for changes to insurance standard. Brief article Jan 1, 2019 240
Measuring accrual-based IPSAS implementation and its relationship to central government fiscal transparency. Kartiko, Sigit Wahyu; Rossieta, Hilda; Martani, Dwi; Wahyuni, Trisacti Report Oct 1, 2018 12713
IFRS Interpretations Committee asked to assess accounting for digital currencies. Sep 1, 2018 160
Cultural impact of international financial reporting standards on the comparability of financial statements. Ward, Cassandra L.; Lowe, S. Keith Report Mar 22, 2017 4016
Harmonization of accounting in the process of globalization of economic activities. Georgescu, Floarea; Ionescu, Cicilia Report Jan 1, 2014 2940
Belgian public accounting: evolution and compliance with IPSAS. Bellanca, Sabrina; Vandernoot, Julien Feb 1, 2013 1020
An investigation of the decision influences that lead nations to adopt and require implementation of international financial reporting standards. Johnson, Gary G.; Hicks, Mary Beth Report Sep 22, 2012 9057
The evolution of the relationship between the US financial accounting standards board and the international accounting standard setters: 1973-2008. Kirsch, Robert J. Jun 1, 2012 12315
Restructuring the accounting rules for restructuring charges? IFRS versus U.S. GAAP. Lin, Beixin (Betsy); Yang, Rong Report Mar 1, 2012 3440
Stock compensation under U.S. GAAP and IFRS: similarities and differences. Rashly, Josef; O'Shaughnessy, John Essay Feb 1, 2012 2037
A progress report: IFRS-U.S. GAAP convergence and its curriculum impact. Bandyopadhyay, Jayanti; McGee, Paul F. Report Jan 1, 2012 5506
CFOs have become global. Hollein, Marie Viewpoint essay Dec 1, 2010 772
Companies talk about starting the walk. Jul 1, 2009 961
FASB chairman Robert H. Herz. Interview Jul 1, 2009 3307
IASB vice chairman Tom Jones. Interview Jul 1, 2009 3426
Is America walking yet? Jul 1, 2009 1068
PWC global CEO Samuel A. Dipiazza, Jr. Interview Jul 1, 2009 3563
Audit risk and IFRS: does increased flexibility increase audit risk? Marden, Ronald E.; Brackney, Kennard S. Report Jun 1, 2009 4037
Financial statements unlike any you've seen (part 2). Pounder, Bruce Editorial Dec 1, 2008 1164
The SEC goes international. Ciesielski, Jack T.; Weirich, Thomas R. Dec 1, 2008 3003
Have international standards helped investor's decision-making? Confusion or clarity? Bridgmen, Peter A.; Choi, Hye-Won; Ei-Gazzar, Samir M.; Gallagher, John; Pegg, Janet; Robertson, Don Oct 1, 2008 996
A. forum on international issues: luncheon keynote address. Erhardt, Julie A. Oct 1, 2008 819
Let's learn to walk ... before running to international standards. Grumet, Louis Column Sep 1, 2008 632
When accounting finally becomes global. Thomson, Jeffrey C. Sep 1, 2008 1209
What are students taught in international accounting courses? The need for global education in U.S. classrooms. Zarb, Bert J.; Jagolinzer, Philip Sep 1, 2008 2742
The ride to going global: slow down for the bumps. Kranacher, Mary-Jo Jul 1, 2008 707
Asset impairment accounting and appraisers: evidence from Japan. Yamamoto, Takashi Mar 22, 2008 5571
Threats to the CPA credential in the international marketplace. Campbell, Michael C.; Howard, C. Randy Mar 1, 2008 4340
Widespread acceptance of IFRS continues: is it time for U.S. companies to prepare for the transition? Cabrera, Luis Mar 1, 2008 1357
Relevance added: Combining ABC with German cost accounting: activity-based costing is better for long-term decision making while a leading German cost accounting method supports short-term decisions more effectively. Friedl, Gunther; Kupper, Hans-Ulrich; Pedell, Burkhard Jun 1, 2005 3383
Managing International Financial Reporting Standards. Colman, Robert Brief Article Nov 1, 2004 232
Challenges under IFRS. Heffes, Ellen M. May 1, 2004 901
FASB closer to convergence of global standards. Brief Article Mar 1, 2004 143
Unnecessary complexity in accounting principles. McCarthy, Patrick D. Mar 1, 2004 1525
IASB publishes proposals on accounting for Insurance Contracts. Brief Article Sep 1, 2003 127
Corporatism, liberalism and the accounting profession in Portugal since 1755. Rodrigues, Lucia Lima; Gomes, Delfina; Craig, Russell Jun 1, 2003 12508
Becoming professional: Chinese accountants in early 20th century Shanghai. Xu, Yin; Xu, Xiaoqun Jun 1, 2003 9807
Convergence of IFRS and U.S. GAAP. (International Accounting). Pacter, Paul Mar 1, 2003 4439
Doing business in the Asia Pacific: the market can be lucrative if you understand its cultural differences and if you don't underestimate the costs or the time it takes to get started. Wolfendale, Mark Cover Story Dec 1, 2002 2188
Empirical evidence on the evolution of international earnings. Land, Judy; Lang, Mark H. Dec 1, 2002 9388
Discussion of empirical evidence on the evolution of international earnings. Guenther, David A. Dec 1, 2002 2206
A conversation with James J. Leisenring, IASB member. (International Accounting). Tidrick, Donald E. Mar 1, 2002 3183
CalCPA Council recommends members vote against: Global Credential. (Oppose!). Brief Article Dec 1, 2001 123
Jumping Through Hoops: Goodwill Offers Investors Clarity and CFOs Complexity. Ross, Sharon Dec 1, 2001 1618
Goodwill Convergence. Waxman, Robert N. Oct 1, 2001 4234
Ethical Evaluations, Intentions, and Orientations of Accountants: Evidence from a Cross-Cultural Examination. PALAU, SILVIA LOPEZ Aug 1, 2001 6159
Reaching Critical Mass. Rosso, Clar Jun 1, 2001 2710
What Can the U.S. Learn from National Health Accounting Elsewhere? Berman, Peter Dec 22, 1999 7235
G4+1 report on joint ventures issued. Dec 1, 1999 560
Of rubles and dollars. Dec 1, 1998 517
SEC Commissioner lists top two for 1998. Feb 1, 1998 372
Accounting in the global business environment. Oliverio, Mary Ellen; Newman, Bernard H. Dec 1, 1997 2237
New guidelines for reciprocity. Brief Article Sep 1, 1997 181
IASC says it's on time. Brief Article Jul 1, 1997 362
Is international reciprocity possible? Agami, Abdel M.; Cascini, Karen T. Mar 1, 1997 1026
Raising capital overseas. Baron, Raphael Feb 1, 1997 4424
Tales from two privatizations: Russia and the former East Germany. Thomas, Scott Jan 1, 1997 4382
Where are you going, Pacioli? Will accounting standards be harmonized? Gottlieb, Max M. Nov 1, 1996 2335
IASC will complete accounting standards by 1998. Brief Article Jul 1, 1996 360
New accounting network is based in Moscow. Brief Article Jun 1, 1996 428
The future of financial accounting: universal standards. Schwartz, Donald May 1, 1996 846
IASC and IOSCO set standards timetable. Brief Article Oct 1, 1995 293
IASC releases ED on intangible assets. Brief Article Aug 1, 1995 268
IASC and FASB proposals would enhance segment reporting. McConnell, Patricia; Pacter, Paul Aug 1, 1995 4633
Comparability of accounting and auditing in NAFTA countries. Fitzsimons, Adrian P.; Levine, Marc H.; Siegel, Joel G. May 1, 1995 4184
Tapping foreign markets. Denny, James E. May 1, 1994 2079
NAFTA opens new markets for CPAs. Heeter, Charles P., Jr. Mar 1, 1994 2349
IASC completes comparability project, receives IOSCO endorsement. Brief Article Jan 1, 1994 190
Lagging state of third-world accounting focus of U.N. forum. Brief Article Jun 1, 1993 227
Accounting integration in Europe - still on track? Hegarty, John May 1, 1993 1877
IOSCO endorses IFAC auditing standards. Brief Article Feb 1, 1993 87
IAPC releases addendum to international auditing standard. Brief Article Feb 1, 1993 104
New international guidelines in economic accounting. Feb 1, 1993 926
Is accounting becoming the first truly international profession? Barrett, Gene R. Oct 1, 1992 1729
How two World Congress speakers look at their companies' global role. Barrett, Gene R. May 1, 1992 1157
FASB plans more active international role. Baliga, Wayne J. Brief Article Feb 1, 1992 160
An invitation from the AICPA president: World Congress of Accountants. Chenok, Philip B. Jan 1, 1992 324
Special report: an inside look at the 5th Jerusalem Conference on Accountancy. Landau, Philip Jan 1, 1992 552
Preparing for October's XIV World Congress of Accountants. Barrett, Gene R. Jan 1, 1992 1916
International reciprocity in accounting: where in the world are we headed? Gupta, Parveen P. Jan 1, 1992 2496
William Thomas Stevens on: Doing business in the Eastern Bloc: conceptual differences in accounting principles - the language of business. Stevens, William Thomas Jun 22, 1991 1145
If you're going to compete, know the issues. Groves, Ray J. Jan 1, 1991 1222

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