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Cross-Cultural Competences and International Entrepreneurial Intention: A Study on Entrepreneurship Education. Jie, Shuijing; Harms, Rainer Report Jan 1, 2017 7926
Venturing overseas: Nigerian educators turn to NH's Knowledge Institute to spread entrepreneurism. Rajala, Liisa May 27, 2016 1398
The importance of locally embedded personal relationships for SME internationalisation processes --from opportunity recognition to company growth. Ratajczak-Mrozek, Milena Report Jul 1, 2014 6899
Small steps towards a big renaissance for Liberia. Hetland, Jarle Apr 1, 2014 1396
International entrepreneurship and the theory of the (long-lived) international firm: a capabilities perspective. Al-Aali, Abdulrahman; Teece, David J. Abstract Jan 1, 2014 11095
On the frontiers: the implications of social entrepreneurship for international entrepreneurship. Zahra, Shaker A.; Newey, Lance R.; Li, Yong Abstract Jan 1, 2014 10355
High-potential concepts, phenomena, and theories for the advancement of international entrepreneurship research. McDougall-Covin, Patricia; Jones, Marian V.; Serapio, Manuel G. Abstract Jan 1, 2014 5008
International entrepreneurial orientation: conceptual considerations, research themes, measurement issues, and future research directions. Covin, Jeffrey G.; Miller, Danny Abstract Jan 1, 2014 18364
International entrepreneurship: exploring the logic and utility of individual experience through comparative reasoning approaches. Jones, Marian V.; Casulli, Lucrezia Abstract Jan 1, 2014 12418
An effectual approach to international entrepreneurship: overlaps, challenges, and provocative possibilities. Sarasvathy, Saras; Kumar, K.; York, Jeffrey G.; Bhagavatula, Suresh Abstract Jan 1, 2014 11575
Brands in Africa. Ikalafeng, Thebe Essay May 1, 2013 1816
Internationalization processes and links with capital factors: the case of South Africa/Internacionalizavimo procesai ir ju sasajos su kapitalo veiksniais: pietu Afrikos atvejis. Urban, Boris; Shree, Sanam Report Dec 1, 2012 7793
Resource mobilization in international social entrepreneurship: bricolage as a mechanism of institutional transformation. Desa, Geoffrey Report Jul 1, 2012 11181
The stages of economic development from an opportunity perspective: Rostow extended. Hunter, Murray Report Jul 1, 2012 12063
Arab American entrepreneurship in Detroit, Michigan. Smith, Ola Marie; Tang, Roger Y.W; San Miguel, Paul Report Mar 22, 2012 9282
Beyond our borders: professionals step out of their cultural comfort zone and find opportunities in international business. Lott, Annya M. Dec 1, 2009 1188
How international is entrepreneurship? Gamboa, Ernesto C. May 1, 2008 3490
The evolving global challenge. Donlon, J.P. Editorial Apr 1, 2008 446
Separated by a common language? Entrepreneurship research across the atlantic. Brush, Candida G.; Manolova, Tatiana S.; Edelman, Linda F. Mar 1, 2008 7722
Micro-loans are good, Wal-Mart is even better. Tierney, John Brief article Jan 15, 2007 160
The plight of underdeveloped countries. Coyne, Christopher J.; Leeson, Peter T. Sep 22, 2004 5473
Local and global networks of immigrant professionals in Silicon Valley *. Saxenian, Anna Lee; Motoyama, Yasuyuki; Quan, Xiaohong Report Jul 1, 2003 8473
Needs of entrepreneurial developing economies. (Research Notes). Ward, William A. Brief Article May 1, 2003 203
J. Watson (2002) 'Comparing the Performance of Male- and Female-Controlled Businesses: Relating Outputs to Inputs', Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice. Westhead, Paul May 1, 2003 1461
Roustam Tariko (A): Russian entrepreneur. Kets de Vries, Manfred F.R.; Florent-Treacy, Elizabeth Mar 22, 2003 7335
Russian and Georgian entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs: A study of value differences *. Ardichvili, Alexander; Gasparishvili, Alexander Jan 1, 2003 7561
Transborder business: the "capital" input in Singapore enterprises venturing into ASEAN and beyond. Dahles, Heidi Oct 1, 2002 8341
Socio-economic change and rural entrepreneurs in pre-crisis East Java, Indonesia: case study of a Madurese upland community (1). Spaan, Ernst; Hartveld, Aard Oct 1, 2002 8931
The origins of the Ecuadorian bourgeoisie: its implications for democracy, challenges and limits to Latin America's democratic revolution. Handelman, Howard Jan 1, 2002 9299
In Search Of Silicon. ROWEN, HENRY S. Brief Article May 1, 2001 746
Perception of Internal Factors for Corporate Entrepreneurship: A Comparison of Canadian and U.S. Managers. Hornsby, Jeffrey S.; Kuratko, Donald F.; Montagno, Ray V. Brief Article Dec 22, 1999 6181
The Determinants and Consequences of Subsidiary Initiative in Multinational Corporations. Birkinshaw, Julian Statistical Data Included Sep 22, 1999 13930
Teaching business to immigrants boosts whole community. Lutton, Linda Jun 1, 1998 950
Entrepreneurial entry into foreign markets: a transaction cost perspective. Zacharakis, Andrew Mar 22, 1997 9439
A cross-cultural cognitive model of new venture creation. Busenitz, Lowell W.; Lau, Chung-Ming Jun 22, 1996 7810

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