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Articles from International Scholarly Research Notices (January 1, 2014)

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"Silent voices": a description of views and attitudes of health professionals towards reproduction by HIV positive people. Ndlovu, Vezumuzi Report 4694
A biochemical evaluation on inflammatory markers after ureteroscopic lithotripsy. Aydin, Ibrahim; Aydin, Fevzi Nuri; Agilli, Mehmet Letter to the editor 620
A comparative study between karydakis flap reconstruction and double Z-plasty in patients with sacrococcygeal pilonidal disease. Kayal, Ankit; Hussain, Akhlak; Choudhary, Anil; Meghwal, Ashok Report 2610
A computational framework for tracing the origins of genomic islands in prokaryotes. Wan, Peng; Che, Dongsheng Report 4308
A GPU-based Gibbs sampler for a unidimensional IRT model. Sheng, Yanyan; Welling, William S.; Zhu, Michelle M. Report 6448
A low-dimensional radial silhouette-based feature for fast human action recognition fusing multiple views. Chaaraoui, Alexandros Andre; Florez-Revuelta, Francisco Report 8563
A novel effective approach for solving fractional nonlinear PDEs. Aminikhah, Hossein; Malekzadeh, Nasrin; Rezazadeh, Hadi 3496
A novel feature selection technique for text classification using naive Bayes. Sarkar, Subhajit Dey; Goswami, Saptarsi; Agarwal, Aman; Aktar, Javed Report 5624
A phytopharmacological review on a medicinal plant: Juniperus communis. Bais, Souravh; Gill, Naresh Singh; Rana, Nitan; Shandil, Shandeep Report 3592
A possible role for pioglitazone in the management of depressive symptoms in metabolic syndrome patients (EPICAMP study): a double blind, randomized clinical trial. Roohafza, Hamidreza; Shokouh, Pedram; Sadeghi, Masoumeh; Alikhassy, Zahra; Sarrafzadegan, Nizal Report 5951
A randomized study comparing skin staples with subcuticular sutures for wound closure at caesarean section in black-skinned women. Abdus-Salam, Rukiyat Adeola; Bello, Folasade Adenike; Olayemi, Oladapo Report 5263
A real valued neural network based autoregressive energy detector for cognitive radio application. Onumanyi, A.J.; Onwuka, E.N.; Aibinu, A.M.; Ugweje, O.C.; Salami, M.J.E. Report 5558
A single surgeon's experience with open, Laparoscopic, and robotic partial nephrectomy. Klaassen, Zachary; Kohut, Robert M., Jr.; Patel, Dhruti; Terris, Martha K.; Madi, Rabii Report 3727
A study of clinical, microbiological, and echocardiographic profile of patients of infective endocarditis. Ghosh, Soumik; Sahoo, Ratnakar; Nath, Ranjit Kumar; Duggal, Nandini; Gadpayle, Adesh Kumar Report 6283
A study of transmigrated canine in an Indian population. Sharma, Gaurav; Nagpal, Archna Report 5218
A systematic review of heavy metals of anthropogenic origin in environmental media and biota in the context of gold mining in ghana. Armah, Frederick Ato; Quansah, Reginald; Luginaah, Isaac Report 22509
Adaptogenic activity of lyophilized hydroethanol extract of pandanus odoratissimus in swiss albino mice. Adkar, Prafulla P.; Jadhav, Pranita P.; Ambavade, Shirishkumar D.; Bhaskar, V.H.; Shelke, Tushar Report 7781
Adding of sitagliptin on insulin therapy effectively and safely reduces a hemoglobin A1c level and glucose fluctuation in Japanese patients with type 2 diabetes. Tajiri, Yuji; Kawano, Seiko; Hirao, Saori; Oshige, Tamami; Iwata, Shinpei; Ono, Yasuhiro; Inada, Chi Report 4195
Adsorption of phenol from aqueous solution using lantana camara, forest waste: kinetics, isotherm, and thermodynamic studies. Girish, C.R.; Murty, V. Ramachandra Report 8371
Advances in instrumental analysis of brominated flame retardants: current status and future perspectives. Abdallah, Mohamed Abou-Elwafa Report 14885
Alterations of blood pressure and ECG following two-week consumption of Berberis integerrima fruit extract. Joukar, Siyavash; Mahdavi, Naser 3644
Alternans and spiral breakup in an excitable reaction-diffusion system: a simulation study. Gani, M. Osman; Ogawa, Toshiyuki Report 7296
An algebraic derivation of Chao's estimator of the number of species in a community highlights the condition allowing Chao to deliver centered estimates. Beguinot, Jean Report 2791
An analysis on groundwater recharge by mathematical model in inclined porous media. Pathak, Shreekant P.; Singh, Twinkle Report 1913
An efficient and facile synthesis of 1,2,4-aryl triazoles and 4-thiazolidinones bearing 6-fluorochroman nucleus. Vekariya, Piyush B.; Pandya, Jalpa R.; Joshi, Hitendra S. Report 7068
An experimental approach for optimizing coating parameters of electroless Ni-P-Cu coating using artificial bee colony algorithm. Roy, Supriyo; Sahoo, Prasanta Report 5931
An LMI based criterion for global asymptotic stability of discrete-time state-delayed systems with saturation nonlinearities. Kokil, Priyanka Report 3846
Analysis of hydrogen generation through thermochemical gasification of coconut shell using thermodynamic equilibrium model considering char and tar. Rupesh, Shanmughom; Muraleedharan, Chandrasekharan; Arun, Palatel Report 4591
Analysis of unweighted amino acids network. Akhtar, Adil; Ali, Tazid Report 4496
Andrographolide exerts chondroprotective activity in equine cartilage explant and suppresses interleukin-1[beta]-induced MMP-2 expression in equine chondrocyte culture. Tangyuenyong, Siriwan; Viriyakhasem, Nawarat; Peansukmanee, Siriporn; Ongchai, Prachya Kongtaweleran Report 4962
Antiestrogenic and anti-inflammatory potential of n-hexane fraction of Vitex negundo Linn leaf extract: a probable mechanism for blastocyst implantation failure in Mus musculus. Jivrajani, Mehul; Ravat, Nirav; Anandjiwala, Sheetal; Nivsarkar, Manish Report 4486
Antioxidant and antidiabetic effect of aqueous fruit extract of Passiflora ligularis Juss. on streptozotocin induced diabetic rats. Anusooriya, Palanirajan; Malarvizhi, Deivasigamani; Gopalakrishnan, Velliyur Kanniappan; Devaki, Kan Report 7177
Antioxidant, Larvicidal, and Cytotoxic Studies on Asplenium aethiopicum (Burm. f.) Becherer. Antonysamy, Johnson Marimuthu alias; Janarthanan, Gowtham; Arumugam, Sivaraman; Narayanan, Janakiram Report 3921
Application of Gray Markov [SCGM(1,1).sub.c] model to prediction of accidents deaths in coal mining. Lan, Jian-yi; Zhou, Ying 4769
Application of hydrotropic solubilization in spectrophotometric estimation of lornoxicam from tablets. Abraham, Sindhu; Deveswaran, Rajamanickam; Furtado, Sharon; Bharath, Srinivasan; Madhavan, Varadhara Report 2138
Application of signal analysis to the climate. Stallinga, Peter; Khmelinskii, Igor Report 6910
Approximate solutions for flow with a stretching boundary due to partial slip. Filobello-Nino, U.; Vazquez-Leal, H.; Sarmiento-Reyes, A.; Benhammouda, B.; Jimenez-Fernandez, V.M.; Report 5273
Are attributes of pregnancy and the delivery room experience related to development of autism? A review of the perinatal and labor risk factors and autism. Dhawan, Naveen; Emerson, Blaze; Popara, Romana; Lin, Catherine; Rawji, Adam; Zeiden, Rita; Rashid, L Report 11017
Aspect ratio model for radiation-tolerant dummy gate-assisted n-MOSFET layout. Lee, Min Su; Lee, Hee Chul Report 2621
Assessing child maltreatment in children born to mothers who used methamphetamine during pregnancy at Siriraj Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand: a pilot study. Patcharoros, Nontima; Chulakadabba, Sudsabuy; Manorom, Nattawadee Na; Boon-yasidhi, Vitharon Report 2667
Assessment of knowledge and practices regarding injection safety and related biomedical waste management amongst interns in a tertiary care teaching hospital, Delhi. Acharya, Anita Shankar; Priyanka; Khandekar, Jyoti; Bachani, Damodar Report 3936
Asymptomatic malaria and associated risk factors among school children in Sanja Town, Northwest Ethiopia. Worku, Ligabaw; Damtie, Demekech; Endris, Mengistu; Getie, Sisay; Aemero, Mulugeta Report 4954
Atorvastatin treatment does not alter pulse wave velocity in healthy adults. Ballard, Kevin D.; Taylor, Beth A.; Capizzi, Jeffrey A.; Grimaldi, Adam S.; White, C. Michael; Thomp Report 3753
Attitude and knowledge of Indian emergency care residents towards use of proton pump inhibitors. Padhy, Biswa Mohan; Bhadauria, Hemant Singh; Gupta, Yogendra Kumar Report 4503
Attitudes and practices of surgeons towards spilled gallstones during laparoscopic cholecystectomy: an observational study. Yethadka, Ramya; Shetty, Shraddha; Vijayakumar, Abhishek Report 3244
Bacteria in nanoparticle synthesis: current status and future prospects. Iravani, Siavash Report 16053
Balanced centrality of networks. Debono, Mark; Lauri, Josef; Sciriha, Irene Report 9174
Barriers to and suggestions on improving utilization of eye care in high-risk individuals: focus group results. Elam, Angela R.; Lee, Paul P. Report 6669
Bayesian inference for source reconstruction: a real-world application. Yee, Eugene; Hoffman, Ian; Ungar, Kurt Report 8357
Bayesian perspective on random censored survival data. Guure, Chris B.; Bosomprah, Samuel 5607
Behavioral pattern during dental pain in intellectually disabled children: a comparative study. Shanmugam, Muthukali; Shivakumar, Vetrivel; Anitha, Vijayarangan; Meenapriya, Bagavathi Perumal; Ais Report 3136
Beneficial effects of maprotiline in a murine model of colitis in normal and reserpinised depressed rats. Minaiyan, Mohsen; Hajhashemi, Valiollah; Rabbani, Mohammad; Fattahian, Ehsan; Mahzouni, Parvin Report 6244
Benzoyl peroxide oxidation route to the synthesis of solvent soluble polycarbazole. Boddula, Rajender; Srinivasan, Palaniappan Report 3744
Bflinks: reliable bugfix links via bidirectional references and tuned heuristics. Prechelt, Lutz; Pepper, Alexander Report 11233
Bioactive potential of actinomycetes from less explored ecosystems against Mycobacterium tuberculosis and other nonmycobacterial pathogens. Manikkam, Radhakrishnan; Venugopal, Gopikrishnan; Subramaniam, Balaji; Ramasamy, Balagurunathan; Kum Report 5050
Biochemical and ultrastructural changes in Sida cordifolia L. and Catharanthus roseus L. to auto pollution. Verma, Vijeta; Chandra, Neelam Report 5342
Biochemical evaluation of Silver Nanoparticles in Wistar Rats. Adeyemi, Oluyomi Stephen; Adewumi, Ifeoluwa Report 3197
Biological characteristics of captive Chinese Wuzhishan minipigs (Sus scrofa). Min, Fangui; Pan, Jinchun; Wang, Xilong; Chen, Rui'ai; Wang, Fengguo; Luo, Shuming; Ye, Jiancong Report 9961
Birth defects surveillance in the United States: challenges and implications of international classification of diseases, tenth revision, clinical modification implementation. Mburia-Mwalili, Adel; Yang, Wei Report 7108
Body mass index and its role in total laparoscopic hysterectomy. Bhandari, Shilpa; Agrawal, Pallavi; Singh, Aparna Report 3288
Bone glue modified asphalt: a step towards energy conservation and environment friendly modified asphalts. Rizvi, Hashim Raza; Khattak, Mohammad Jamal; Gallo, August A. Report 3766
Bounds on nonsymmetric divergence measure in terms of other symmetric and nonsymmetric divergence measures. Jain, K.C.; Chhabra, Praphull Report 5164
C-reactive protein: an in-depth look into structure, function, and regulation. Salazar, Juan; Martinez, Maria Sofia; Chavez-Castillo, Mervin; Nunez, Victoria; Anez, Roberto; Torre Report 8039
Canonical PSO based K-means clustering approach for real datasets. Dey, Lopamudra; Chakraborty, Sanjay 5896
CBCT evaluation of bony nasal pyramid dimensions in Iranian population: a comparative study with ethnic groups. Naser, Asieh Zamani; Boroujeni, Mariyya Panahi Report 3138
Characteristics of primary cutaneous T-cell lymphoma in Iran: a 10-year retrospective study. Naeini, Farahnaz Fatemi; Sadeghiyan, Hamidreza; Pourazizi, Mohsen; Najafian, Jamshid; Abtahi-Naeini, Report 2932
Chromatographic characterization and GC-MS evaluation of the bioactive constituents with antimicrobial potential from the pigmented ink of Loligo duvauceli. Girija, Smiline; Duraipandiyan, Veeramuthu; Kuppusamy, Pandi Suba; Gajendran, Hariprasad; Rajagopal, Report 4209
Chronic pain after inguinal hernia repair. Manangi, Mallikarjuna; Shivashankar, Santhosh; Vijayakumar, Abhishek Report 4359
Citric acid production by Aspergillus niger cultivated on Parkia biglobosa fruit pulp. Auta, Helen Shnada; Abidoye, Khadijat Toyin; Tahir, Hauwa; Ibrahim, Aliyu Dabai; Aransiola, Sesan Ab Report 5552
Classification of microarray data using kernel fuzzy inference system. Kumar, Mukesh; Rath, Santanu Kumar Report 9397
Clinical and radiographic assessment of secondary bone graft outcomes in cleft lip and palate patients. Khalil, W.; de Musis, C.R.; Volpato, L.E.R.; Veiga, K.A.; Vieira, E.M.M.; Aranha, A.M. Report 5348
Clinical applications of procalcitonin in pediatrics: an advanced biomarker for inflammation and infection--can it also be used in trauma? Koutroulis, Ioannis; Loscalzo, Steven M.; Kratimenos, Panagiotis; Singh, Sabina; Weiner, Evan; Syrio Report 3728
Clinical efficacy of Moringa oleifera Lam. Stems bark in urinary tract infections. Maurya, Santosh Kumar; Singh, Anil Kumar Report 5498
Clinical evaluation of etched enamel discoloration following immediate and delayed exposure to colored agents. Eslami, Neda; Basafa, Mohammad; Jahanbin, Arezoo; Niat, Alireza Borouzi; Basafa, Soroush; Banihashem Report 2176
Clinical Outcomes of Radial Shortening Osteotomy and Vascularized Bone Graft in Kienbock's Disease. Dehghani, Mohammad; Moshgelani, Mohammad Ali; Nouraei, Mohammad Hadi; Dehghani, Shaghayegh; Gholshah Report 3787
Coefficient estimates for new subclasses of meromorphic bi-univalent functions. Bulut, Serap 3066
Combined influence of hall current and Soret effect on chemically reacting magnetomicropolar fluid flow from radiative rotating vertical surface with variable suction in slip-flow regime. Jain, Preeti Report 10111
Comment on "a biochemical evaluation on inflammatory markers after ureteroscopic lithotripsy". Sountoulides, Petros; Bantis, Athanasios 673
Common coupled fixed point theorems for two hybrid pairs of mappings under [phi]-[psi] contraction. Deshpande, Bhavana; Handa, Amrish 6007
Community mobilization and awareness creation for orofacial cleft services: a survey of Nigerian cleft service providers. Adebola, Raphael A.; Bamgbose, Babatunde O.; Adeoye, Joshua B. Report 5246
Comparative analysis of selected physicochemical properties of Pozzolan Portland and MTA-based cements. Dorileo, Maura Cristiane Gonzales Orcati; Villa, Ricardo Dalla; Guedes, Orlando Aguirre; Aranha, And Report 4992
Comparative hepatoprotective activity of ethanolic extracts of Cuscuta australis against acetaminophen intoxication in Wistar rats. Folarin, Rachael O.; Omirinde, Jamiu O.; Bejide, Ronald; Isola, Tajudeen O.; Usende, Levi I.; Basiru Report 3485
Comparative study between the surgeon's intraoperative evaluation and histopathology for diagnosis of laryngeal lesions. von Stulpnagel, Benjamin; Hagen, Robert; Olzowy, Bernhard; Witt, Gabriele; Pau, Hans Wilhelm; Just, Report 2513
Comparative study on the efficacy of anorganic bovine bone (Bio-Oss) and nanocrystalline hydroxyapatite (Ostim) in maxillary sinus floor augmentation. Shirmohammadi, Adileh; Roshangar, Leila; Chitsazi, Mohammad Taghi; Pourabbas, Reza; Faramarzie, Maso Report 4636
Comparing in cylinder pressure modelling of a DI diesel engine fuelled on alternative fuel using two tabulated chemistry approaches. Abbe, Claude Valery Ngayihi; Nzengwa, Robert; Danwe, Raidandi Report 3525
Comparison of fusion rates between glycerol-preserved and frozen composite allografts in cervical fusion. Rodway, Ian; Gander, Julie Report 2876
Comparison of the antifungal efficacy of 1.3% NaOCl/MTAD with other routine irrigants: an ex-vivo study. Juneja, Neha; Hegde, Mithra N. Report 3796
Comparison of two doses of ropivacaine hydrochloride for lumbosacral epidural anaesthesia in goats undergoing laparoscopy assisted embryo transfer. Khajuria, Anubhav; Fazili, Mujeeb ur Rehman; Shah, Riaz Ahmad; Khan, Firdous Ahmad; Bhat, Maajid Has Report 4658
Complementary N uptake strategies between tree species in tropical rainforest. Roggy, J.C.; Schimann, H.; Sabatier, D.; Molino, J.F.; Freycon, V.; Domenach, Anne-Marie Report 4382
Concentrated hypoxia-preconditioned adipose mesenchymal stem cell-conditioned medium improves wounds healing in full-thickness skin defect model. Sun, Biao; Guo, Shilei; Xu, Fei; Wang, Bin; Liu, Xiujuan; Zhang, Yuanyuan; Xu, Yan Report 2961
Congenital aniridia: clinic, genetics, therapeutics, and prognosis. Calvao-Pires, Pedro; Santos-Silva, R.; Falcao-Reis, F.; Rocha-Sousa, A. Disease/Disorder overview 7363
Construction and evaluation of rainwater harvesting system for domestic use in a remote and rural area of Khulna, Bangladesh. Biswas, Biplob Kumar; Mandal, Bablu Hira Report 4211
Copper oxide nanomaterials prepared by solution methods, some properties, and potential applications: a brief review. Tran, Thi Ha; Nguyen, Viet Tuyen Report 11523
Correlates and predictors of increasing waist circumference in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus: a cross-sectional study. Mogre, Victor; Abedandi, Robert; Salifu, Zenabankara S. Report 4186
Correlation between first and second trimester uterine artery Doppler velocimetry and placental bed histopathology. Akbas, Murat; Sen, Cihat; Calay, Zerrin Report 3759
Corticosteroid treatment impact on spinal deformity in Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Sanzarello, Ilaria; Merlini, Luciano; Traina, Francesco; Rosa, Michele Attilio; Faldini, Cesare Report 6948
Cost-effectiveness analysis of hospitalization and home-based care strategies for people living with HIV/AIDS: the case of Zimbabwe. Hove-Musekwa, Senelani D.; Nyabadza, Farai; Mambili-Mamboundou, Hermane; Chiyaka, Christinah; Mukand Report 8170
Covariations between shell-growth parameters and the control of the ranges of variation of functionally relevant shell-shape parameters in bivalves: a theoretical approach. Beguinot, Jean Report 5416
Current trends in bioethanol production by saccharomyces cerevisiae: substrate, inhibitor reduction, growth variables, coculture, and immobilization. Tesfaw, Asmamaw; Assefa, Fassil Report 9009
Damage location and quantification indices of shear structures based on changes in the first two or three natural frequencies. HoThu, Hien; Mita, Akira 4426
Dental caries prevalence among 12-15 year old Palestinian children. Mahfouz, Maen; Esaid, Albina Abu Report 2460
Detection and assay of vitamin B-2 (riboflavin) in alkaline borate buffer with UV/visible spectrophotometry. Bartzatt, Ronald; Wol, Tasloach Report 5360
Detection of abnormal hemoglobin variants by HPLC method: common problems with suggested solutions. Pant, Leela; Kalita, Dipti; Singh, Sompal; Kudesia, Madhur; Mendiratta, Sumanlata; Mittal, Meenakshi Report 6510
Determinant factors of anemia among nonpregnant women of childbearing age in southwest Ethiopia: a community based study. Asres, Yaregal; Yemane, Tilahun; Gedefaw, Lealem Report 5471
Determinants of physical health of older people in Iran. Cheshmberah, Azar; Hoseini, Mostafa; Zadeh, Davood Shojaee; Moghimi-Dehkordi, Bijan Report 3625
Determination of accuracy of fetal weight using ultrasound and clinical fetal weight estimations in Calabar South, South Nigeria. Njoku, Charles; Emechebe, Cajethan; Odusolu, Patience; Abeshi, Sylvestre; Chukwu, Chinedu; Ekabua, J Report 4493
Determination of catechin and epicatechin content in chocolates by high-performance liquid chromatography. Gottumukkala, Raju V.S.S.; Nadimpalli, Nareshraju; Sukala, Kannababu; Subbaraju, Gottumukkala V. Report 3502
Determination of magnesium valproate and its process related impurities by ultraperformance liquid chromatography. Thakkar, Rakshit; Saravaia, Hitesh; Patel, Madhavi; Shah, Anamik Report 2749
Determining information on cardiology disease risk factors of disease in women. Yalcinoz Baysal, Hasret; Bilgin, Sonay; Cantekin, Isin, Bilgin, Gokhan Report 3183
Determining nitrate and nitrite content in beverages, fruits, vegetables, and stews marketed in Arak, Iran. Rezaei, Mohammad; Fani, Ali; Moini, A. Latif; Mirzajani, Parisa; Malekirad, Ali Akbar; Rafiei, Moham Report 3779
Development and statistical optimisation of buspirone hydrochloride buccoadhesive films. Nagaich, Upendra; Chaudhary, Vandana; Nagaich, Jaya Report 6953
Development and validation of an affinity chromatography-protein G method for IgG quantification. Fernandez, Lesly Paradina; Calvo, Loany; Vina, Lisel Report 4213
Development and validation of sleep disturbance questionnaire in patients with acute coronary syndrome. Sepahvand, Elham; Jalali, Rostam; Paveh, Behnam Khaledi; Rezaei, Mansour Report 5207
Development and validation of stability indicating spectroscopic method for content analysis of ceftriaxone sodium in pharmaceuticals. Ethiraj, Revathi; Thiruvengadam, Ethiraj; Sampath, Venkattapuram Saravanan; Vahid, Abdul; Raj, Jithi Report 3344
Development of SCAR primers for PCR assay to detect Diplodia seriata. Martin, M.T.; Cuesta, M.J.; Martin, L. Report 5433
Development of the early axon scaffold in the rostral brain of the small spotted cat shark (Scyliorhinus canicula) embryo. Ware, Michelle; Waring, Colin P.; Schubert, Frank R. Report 4006
Disease modifying therapy in multiple sclerosis. Williams, U.E.; Oparah, S.K.; Philip-Ephraim, E.E. Report 5423
Distribution of Major and Trace Elements in a Tropical Hydroelectric Reservoir in Sarawak, Malaysia. Sim, Siong Fong; Ling, Teck Yee; Nyanti, Lee; Lee, Terri Zhuan Ean; Lu, Nurul Aida Lu Mohd Irwan; Ba Report 6708
Do glazed ceramic pots in a Mexico-US border city still contain lead? Valles-Medina, Ana M.; Osuna-Leal, Angel I.; Martinez-Cervantes, Maria Elena; Castillo-Fregoso, Mari Report 3214
Does a dedicated unit for the treatment of hip fractures improve acute outcomes? Khoriati, Al-achraf; Dandachli, Wael; Deol, Rupinderbir; de Roeck, Nicholas Report 3332
Dorsally placed buccal mucosal graft urethroplasty in treatment of long urethral strictures using one-stage transperineal approach. Tabassi, Kamyar Tavakkoli; Ghoreifi, Alireza Report 3860
Dynamic of plant composition and regeneration following windthrow in a temperate beech forest. Darabi, Sakineh Mollaei; Kooch, Yahya; Hosseini, Seyed Mohsen Report 7649
Dyslipidemia in psoriasis: a case controlled study. Nakhwa, Y.C.; Rashmi, R.; Basavaraj, K.H. Report 3210
ECG beats classification using mixture of features. Das, Manab Kumar; Ari, Samit Report 5864
Edge preserved speckle noise reduction using integrated fuzzy filters. Biradar, Nagashettappa; Dewal, M.L.; Rohit, Manoj Kumar Report 7559
Effect of 82% lactic acid in treatment of melasma. Singh, Rashmi; Goyal, Sapna; Ahmed, Qazi Rais; Gupta, Narendra; Singh, Sujata Report 5440
Effect of aerobic exercise training on MDA and TNF-[alpha] levels in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. Arslan, Mihriban; Ipekci, Suleyman Hilmi; Kebapcilar, Levent; Dede, Nesrin Dogan; Kurban, Sevil; Erb Report 4146
Effect of allelochemicals from leaf leachates of Gmelina arborea on inhibition of some essential seed germination enzymes in green gram, red gram, black gram, and chickpea. Shankar, Ramakrishnan Madhan; Veeralakshmi, Shanmugham; Sirajunnisa, Abdul Razack; Rajendran, Ramasa Report 4030
Effect of assembly stresses on fatigue life of symmetrical 65Si7 leaf springs. Arora, Vinkel Kumar; Bhushan, Gian; Aggarwal, M.L. Report 5920
Effect of coronary computed tomography angiography disease burden on the incidence of recurrent chest pain. Ahmadian, Homayoun R.; Thomas, Dustin M.; Shaw, David J.; Barnwell, Megan L.; Jones, Ronald L.; McDo Report 6536
Effect of hygrothermal aging on the mechanical properties of fluorinated and nonfluorinated clay-epoxy nanocomposites. Hamim, Salah U.; Singh, Raman P. Report 7392
Effect of micellar aggregate on the kinetics and mechanism of the reaction between ethylene glycol and periodate. Esan, Olaseni Segun Report 1921
Effect of nanosilver gel, chlorhexidine gluconate, and camphorated phenol on Enterococcus faecalis biofilm. Bo, Dong; Kayombo, Cecilia Marcellino Report 3532
Effect of seed priming on early development of Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L. Moench) and Striga hermonthica (Del.) Benth. Daffalla, Hussien M.; Hassan, Mohammed Mahgoub; Osman, Magdoleen G.; Eltayeb, Amani Hamad; Dagash, Y Report 4810
Effect of stiffness on reflection and transmission of waves at an interface between heat conducting elastic solid and micropolar fluid media. Kumar, Rajneesh; Rajvanshi, S.C.; Kaur, Mandeep Report 5927
Effect of strontium chloride on experimental bladder inflammation in rat. Korgali, Esat; Dundar, Gokce; Coskun, Kubra Acikalin; Akyol, Melih; Tutar, Yusuf; Ayan, Semih; Gokce Report 3228
Effect of suction/injection on unsteady hydromagnetic convective flow of reactive viscous fluid between vertical porous plates with thermal diffusion. Uwanta, I.J.; Hamza, M.M. Report 5065
Effect of test parameters on the friction behaviour of anodized aluminium alloy. Guezmil, M.; Bensalah, W.; Khalladi, A.; Elleuch, K.; Wery, M. De-Petris; Ayedi, H.F. Report 3906
Effects and management of Parthenium hysterophorus: a weed of global significance. Kaur, Manpreet; Aggarwal, Neeraj Kumar; Kumar, Vikas; Dhiman, Romika Report 7731
Effects of a comprehensive, intensive lifestyle intervention combined with metformin extended release in obese adolescents. Clarson, Cheril L.; Brown, Hilary K.; De Jesus, Stefanie; Jackman, Michelle; Mahmud, Farid H.; Prapa Report 9319
Effects of atrazine on reproductive health of nondiabetic and diabetic male rats. Jestadi, Dinesh Babu; Phaniendra, Alugoju; Babji, Undru; Shanmuganathan, Bhavatharini; Periyasamy, L Report 5048
Effects of marine phospholipids extract on the lipid levels of metastatic and nonmetastatic prostate cancer patients. de Gaudry, Daniela Kullenberg; Taylor, Lenka A.; Kluth, Jessica; Hubschle, Tobias; Fritzsche, Jonas; Report 7190
Effects of modulation techniques (Manchester code, NRZ or RZ) on the operation of hybrid WDM/TDM passive optical networks. Nyachionjeka, Kumbirayi; Makondo, Wellington Report 3974
Effects of traditional chinese medicine Qinbai Qingfei concentrated pellet on cellular infectivity of Mycoplasma pneumoniae. Jiang, Guo-Zheng; Liu, Ting; Li, Ji-Chang Report 4904
Efficacy of levofloxacin based triple and high-dose PPI-amoxicillin dual eradication therapy for helicobacter pylori after failures of first- and second-line therapies. Okimoto, Kenichiro; Arai, Makoto; Saito, Keiko; Minemura, Shoko; Maruoka, Daisuke; Matsumura, Tomoak Report 4291
Efficacy of two irrigants used with self-adjusting file system on smear layer: a scanning electron microscopy study. Fen, Ozgur Genc; Kaya, Sadullah; Er, Ozgur; Alacam, Tayfun Report 3401
Efficiency and flexibility of fingerprint scheme using partial encryption and discrete wavelet transform to verify user in cloud computing. Yassin, Ali A. Report 6648
Efficient QCA exclusive-or and multiplexer circuits based on a nanoelectronic-compatible designing approach. Chabi, Amir Mokhtar; Sayedsalehi, Samira; Angizi, Shaahin; Navi, Keivan 3474
Electrochemical synthesis of magnesium hexaboride by molten salt technique. Angappan, S.; Kalaiselvi, N.; Sudha, R.; Visuvasam, A. Report 4023
Elucidation of underlying mechanisms by which Millettia macrophylla Benth induces its estrogenic activity. Zingue, Stephane; Nde, Chantal Beatrice Magne; Clyne, Colin; Njamen, Dieudonne Report 3588
Embryonic development of heart in Indian buffalo (Bubalus bubalis). Gupta, Anuradha; Bansal, Neelam; Uppal, Varinder Report 5443
Emerging roles of branched-chain amino acid supplementation in human diseases. Tamanna, Nahid; Mahmood, Niaz Report 6657
Enantioselectivity and enzyme-substrate docking studies of a ketoreductase from Sporobolomyces salmonicolor (SSCR) and Saccharomyces cerevisiae (YOL151w). Nguyen, Phung-Hoang; West, Maya; Feske, Brent D.; Padgett, Clifford W. Report 5583
Endosymbiotic bacteria associated with the mealy bug, Rhizoecus amorphophalli (hemiptera: pseudococcidae). Sreerag, Ravikumar Sreekala; Jayaprakas, C.A.; Ragesh, L.; Kumar, Sasidharan Nishanth Report 4389
Energy at the junction of the rivers Negro and Solimoes, contributors of the Amazon River, in the Brazilian Amazon. Beluco, Alexandre; de Souza, Paulo Kroeff Report 5206
Enhancement of biodegradation of Palm Oil Mill Effluents by local isolated microorganisms. Soleimaninanadegani, Mohammadreza; Manshad, Soheila Report 5709
Ensemble nonlinear autoregressive exogenous artificial neural networks for short-term wind speed and power forecasting. Men, Zhongxian; Yee, Eugene; Lien, Fue-Sang; Yang, Zhiling; Liu, Yongqian Report 11304
Entrapment of [alpha]-amylase in agar beads for biocatalysis of macromolecular substrate. Sharma, Manu; Sharma, Vinay; Majumdar, Dipak K. Report 4913
Epidemiologic behavior and estimation of an optimal cut-off point for Homeostasis Model Assessment-2 Insulin Resistance: a report from a Venezuelan population. Bermudez, Valmore; Rojas, Joselyn; Martinez, Marla Sofia; Apruzzese, Vanessa; Chavez-Castillo, Mervi Report 6443
Epidemiology of bovine mastitis in cows of Dharwad district. Kurjogi, Mahantesh M.; Kaliwal, Basappa B. Report 5671
Epidemiology of malocclusion and assessment of orthodontic treatment need for Nepalese children. Singh, Varun Pratap; Sharma, Amita Report 3087
Erratum to "tumor hemodynamics and hepatocarcinogenesis: radio-pathological correlations and outcomes of carcinogenic hepatocyte nodules". Correction notice 147
Ethnopharmacological significance of Eclipta alba (L.) Hassk. (Asteraceae). Jahan, Rownak; Nahain, Abdullah Al-; Majumder, Snehali; Rahmatullah, Mohammed Report 17879
Evaluation of antioxidant, immunomodulatory activities, and safety of ethanol extract and fractions of Gongronema latifolium fruit. Agwaramgbo, Amanze; Ilodigwe, Emmanuel Emeka; Ajaghaku, Daniel Lotanna; Onuorah, Maureen Ugochukwu; Report 5727
Evaluation of marginal leakage and shear bond strength of bonded restorations in primary teeth after caries removal by conventional and chemomechanical techniques. Maru, Viral Pravin; Shakuntala, Bethur Siddaiah; Dharma, Nagarathna Report 3007
Evaluation of root canal configuration of mandibular first molars in a Palestinian population by using cone-beam computed tomography: an ex vivo study. Mukhaimer, Raed Hakam Report 4119
Evaluation of the effectiveness of the Iralvex gel on the recurrent aphthous stomatitis management. Khademi, Heidar; Iranmanesh, Pedram; Moeini, Ali; Tavangar, Atefeh Report 3123
Exact analytical solution for 3D time-dependent heat conduction in a multilayer sphere with heat sources using eigenfunction expansion method. Dalir, Nemat Report 3895
Exact solutions for the integrable sixth-order Drinfeld-Sokolov-Satsuma-Hirota system by the analytical methods. Heris, Jalil Manafian; Lakestani, Mehrdad Report 3157
Existence and uniqueness of positive solution for discrete multipoint boundary value problems. Ma, Huili; Ma, Huifang Report 3462
Existence of multiple solutions for a quasilinear biharmonic equation. Pan, Wen-Wu; Yu, Cheng-En Report 4139
Experimental study on the strength characteristics and water permeability of hybrid steel fibre reinforced concrete. Singh, M.P.; Singh, S.P.; Singh, A.P. Report 7319
Exploiting visibility information in surface reconstruction to preserve weakly supported surfaces. Jancosek, Michal; Pajdla, Tomas Report 10484
Exploring the impact of prostitution on HIV/AIDS transmission. Bhunu, C.P.; Mhlanga, A.N.; Mushayabasa, S. Report 5112
Exposure of prostate to lipopolysaccharide and hypoxia potentiates neoplastic behavior and risk for prostate carcinogenesis in vivo. Omabe, Maxwell; Omabe, Kenneth; Okwuegbu, Martin; Grace, Ogo; Okoro, Desmond Uchenna Report 3877
Facile precursor for synthesis of silver nanoparticles using alkali treated maize starch. Rafie, M.H. El-; Ahmed, Hanan B.; Zahran, M.K. Report 6723
Facile synthesis, characterization, and in vitro antimicrobial and anticancer activities of biscoumarin copolyester bearing pendant 3-(trifluoromethyl)styrene. Kandaswamy, Narendran; Raveendiran, Nanthini Report 3967
Factor VIII-related antigen detects phenotypic change of sinusoidal to vascular endothelium in hepatic fibrosis of elderly cadavers. Mak, Ki M.; Sehgal, Priya; Harris, Cynthia K. Report 4305
Factors affecting utilization of maternal health care services in Kombolcha District, Eastern Hararghe Zone, Oromia Regional State, Eastern Ethiopia. Ayele, Desalew Zelalem; Belayihun, Bekele; Teji, Kedir; Ayana, Desalegn Admassu Report 4854
False-positive Clostridium difficile in negative-control reactions peak and then decrease with repetitive refrigeration of immunoassay. Rodriguez-Palacios, Alexander; Stampfli, Henry R.; Chang, Yung-Fu Report 1673
Fatigue life assessment of 65Si7 leaf springs: a comparative study. Arora, Vinkel Kumar; Bhushan, Gian; Aggarwal, M.L. 7199
Fekete-Szego inequalities for certain classes of biunivalent functions. Altinkaya, Fahsene; Yalcin, Sibel Report 3238
Finite buffer GI/M(n)/1 queue with Bernoulli-schedule vacation interruption under N-Policy. Laxmi, P. Vijaya; Suchitra, V. 4219
Forecasting energy market contracts by ambit processes: empirical study and numerical results. Persio, Luca Di; Marchesan, Michele Report 5863
Formulation development and characterization of meclizine hydrochloride sublimated fast dissolving tablets. Vemula, Sateesh Kumar; Vangala, Mohan Report 4718
Forward osmosis in India: status and comparison with other desalination technologies. Mehta, Dhruv; Gupta, Lovleen; Dhingra, Rijul Report 5499
Fractional calculus of the generalized Mittag-Leffler type function. Kumar, Dinesh; Kumar, Sunil Report 2246
Fractional order two-temperature dual-phase-lag thermoelasticity with variable thermal conductivity. Mondal, Sudip; Mallik, Sadek Hossain; Kanoria, M. 6754
Functional aromatic poly(1,3,4-oxadiazole-ether)s with benzimidazole pendants: synthesis, thermal and dielectric studies. Ganesh, Shimoga D.; Pai, Vasantakumar K.; Kariduraganavar, Mahadevappa Y.; Jayanna, Madhu B. Report 4489
Functional evaluation in high energy (Schatzker Type V and Type VI) tibial plateau fractures treated by open reduction and internal fixation. Khatri, Kavin; Lakhotia, Devendra; Sharma, Vijay; Kumar, G.N. Kiran; Sharma, Gaurav; Farooque, Kamra Report 5002
Functional performance testing and patient reported outcomes following ACL reconstruction: a systematic scoping review. Almangoush, Adel; Herrington, Lee Report 8884
Generic submanifolds of nearly Kaehler manifolds with certain parallel canonical structure. Zhu, Qingqing; Yang, Biaogui Report 2872
Giardia duodenalis: number and fluorescence reduction caused by the advanced oxidation process ([H.sub.2][O.sub.2]/UV). Guimaraes, Jose Roberto; Franco, Regina Maura Bueno; Guadagnini, Regiane Aparecida; Santos, Luciana Report 4777
Global stability of an HIV-1 infection model with general incidence rate and distributed delays. Ndongo, Abdoul Samba; Alaoui, Hamad Talibi Report 4460
Growth analysis of composite entire and meromorphic functions in the light of their relative orders. Datta, Sanjib Kumar; Biswas, Tanmay; Biswas, Chinmay Report 3749
Hahn sequence space of modals. Balasubramanian, T.; Ruth, S. Zion Chella Report 3005
Hand hygiene practices in medical students: a follow-up study. Salati, Sajad Ahmad; Kadi, Azzam Al Report 3443
Headache in general practice: frequency, management, and results of encounter. Frese, Thomas; Druckrey, Henriette; Sandholzer, Hagen Report 3821
Health care workers and standard precautions: perceptions and determinants of compliance in the emergency and trauma triage of a tertiary care hospital in South India. Punia, Sangini; Nair, Suma; Shetty, Ranjitha S. Report 2991
Healthcare supported by data mule networks in remote communities of the Amazon region. Coutinho, Mauro Margalho; Efrat, Alon; Johnson, Thienne; Richa, Andrea; Liu, Mengxue Report 4483
Heat and mass transfer on MHD flow of a viscoelastic fluid through porous media over a shrinking sheet. Bhukta, D.; Dash, G.C.; Mishra, S.R. Report 5049
Heat transfer of nanofluid in a double pipe heat exchanger. Aghayari, Reza; Maddah, Heydar; Zarei, Malihe; Dehghani, Mehdi; Mahalle, Sahar Ghanbari Kaskari Report 3327
Hepatitis B infection awareness among dental graduate students: a cross sectional study. Mahesh, Ramakrishnan; Arthi, Chandran; Victor, Samuel; Ashokkumar, Seiramineni Report 3671
HRV analysis: a clinical and diagnostic tool in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Bernardo, Aline Fernanda Barbosa; Vanderlei, Luiz Carlos M.; Garner, David M. Report 3733
Hypertrophic scar formation on application of terpenoid fraction of tuberous root of Mirabilis jalapa L. on excision wound model in wistar albino rats. Gogoi, Jyotchna; Nakhuru, Khonamai Sewa; Chattopadhayay, Pronobesh; Rai, Ashok Kumar; Veer, Vijay Report 4746
Ichnocarpus frutescens ameliorates experimentally induced convulsion in rats. Singh, Narendra Kumar; Laloo, Damiki; Garabadu, Debapriya; Singh, Tryambak Deo; Singh, Virendra Prat Report 6908
Identification of pBC218/pBC210 Genes of Bacillus cereus G9241 in Five Florida Soils using qPCR. Luna, Vicki Ann; Nguyen, Kimmy; Gilling, Damian H. Report 5184
IJS: an intelligent junction selection based routing protocol for VANET to support ITS services. Bhoi, Sourav Kumar; Khilar, Pabitra Mohan 8024
Imaging and markers as novel diagnostic tools in detecting insignificant prostate cancer: a critical overview. Reva, Sergey; Nosov, Alexander; Novikov, Roman; Petrov, Sergey Report 16098
Immobilization of Aspergillus oryzae [beta]-galactosidase on cellulose acetate-polymethylmethacrylate membrane and its application in hydrolysis of lactose from milk and whey. Ansari, Shakeel Ahmed; Satar, Rukhsana; Zaidi, Syed Kashif; Ahmad, Abrar Report 3672
Immunological testing reveals exposure to malaria in the hypoendemic region of Iran. Obeidi, Narges; Rajasekariah, G-Halli; Nabipour, Iraj; Amirinejad, Roya; Dogcio, Diane; Emami, Habib Report 4404
Impact of comorbidity, race, and marital status in men referred for prostate biopsy with PSA > 20 ng/mL: a pilot study in high-risk patients. Klaassen, Zachary; Muller, Roberto; Li, Qiang; Tatem, Alexander J.; King, Sherita A.; Freedland, Ste Report 3650
Impact of new water sources on the overall water network: an optimisation approach. Chagwiza, Godfrey; Jones, Brian C.; Hove-Musekwa, Senelani D. Report 5720
Impact of preoperative counselling on early postoperative mobilization and its role in smooth recovery. Samnani, Sunil Sadruddin; Umer, Muhammad Farooq; Mehdi, Syed Hussain; Farid, Farah Naz Report 2894
Impact of site disturbances from harvesting and logging on soil physical properties and Pinus kesiya tree growth. Missanjo, Edward; Kamanga-Thole, Gift Report 5281
Implant maintenance: a clinical update. Gulati, Minkle; Govila, Vivek; Anand, Vishal; Anand, Bhargavi Report 5806
Improvements of Jensen-type inequalities for diamond-[alpha] integrals. Bibi, Rabia; Pecaric, Josip; Lipanovic, Mirna Rodic Report 8524
In vitro and in vivo biochemical evaluations of the methanolic leaf extract of Garcinia kola. Badmus, Jelili A.; Adedosu, Olaniyi T.; Adeleke, Emmanuel G.; Akinboro, Kehinde H.; Odeyemi, Bayonle Report 6029
In vitro antimycobacterial activity of Pakistani Beri Honey using BACTEC MGIT 960. Hannan, Abdul; Munir, Saira; Arshad, Muhammad Usman; Bashir, Nabila Report 2440
In vitro intestinal permeability studies and pharmacokinetic evaluation of famotidine microemulsion for oral delivery. Jha, Sajal Kumar; Karki, Roopa; Puttegowda, Venkatesh Dinnekere; Harinarayana, D. Report 4398
Incidence of radix entomolaris in mandibular first molars in Palestinian population: a clinical investigation. Mukhaimer, Raed; Azizi, Zafer Report 3501
Incidence, pattern, and severity of acute respiratory infections among infants and toddlers of a peri-urban area of Delhi: a 12-month prospective study. Walke, Sneha P.; Das, Ranjan; Acharya, Anita Shankar; Pemde, Harish K. Report 4496
Inductive and deductive approaches to acute cell injury. DeGracia, Donald J.; Anggraini, Fika Tri; Taha, Doaa Taha Metwally; Huang, Zhi-Feng Report 12022
Influence of sulfur induced stress on oxidative status and antioxidative machinery in leaves of allium cepa L. Chandra, Neelam; Pandey, Nalini Report 6342
Influence of tableting on enzymatic activity of papain along with determination of its percolation threshold with microcrystalline cellulose. Sharma, Manu; Sharma, Vinay; Majumdar, Dipak K. Report 4750
Inherited or behavior? What causal beliefs about obesity are associated with weight perceptions and decisions to lose weight in a US sample? Fleary, Sasha A.; Ettienne, Reynolette Report 7381
Integrated duo wavelength VCSEL using an electrically pumped GaInAs/AlGaAs 980 nm cavity at the bottom and an optically pumped GaInAs/AlGaInAs 1550 nm cavity on the top. Islam, Samiha Ishrat; Islam, Arnob; Islam, Saiful 5668
Intestinal protozoal parasites in diarrheal children and associated risk factors at Yirgalem Hospital, Ethiopia: a case-control study. Firdu, Teshome; Abunna, Fufa; Girma, Mekonnen Report 5666
Intuitionistic fuzzy weighted linear regression model with fuzzy entropy under linear restrictions. Kumar, Gaurav; Bajaj, Rakesh Kumar Report 6892
Inverted pendulum standing apparatus for investigating closed-loop control of ankle joint muscle contractions during functional electrical stimulation. Tan, John F.; Masani, Kei; Vette, Albert H.; Zariffa, Jose; Robinson, Mark; Lynch, Cheryl; Popovic, Report 4205
Investigation of pharmacological activity of Caralluma penicillata: anti-inflammatory properties and gastritis protection against indomethacin in adult guinea pigs. Albaser, Nabil; Ghanem, Najeeb; Shehab, Mohanad; Adhal, Adnan Al-; Kamarany, Mohammed Amood AL- Report 6640
Ion slip effect on viscoelastic fluid flow past an impulsively started infinite vertical plate embedded in a porous medium with chemical reaction. Choudhury, Rita; Dhar, Paban Report 3832
Iterative robust capon beamforming with adaptively updated array steering vector mismatch levels. Zhang, Tao; Sun, Liguo Report 5610
Joint estimation of time-frequency signature and DOA based on STFD for multicomponent chirp signals. Zhao, Ziyue; Liu, Congfeng Report 3673
Juvenile hormone biosynthesis in insects: what is new, what do we know, and what questions remain? Noriega, Fernando G. Report 12110
Knowledge and attitude of faculty members working in dental institutions towards the dental treatment of patients with HIV/AIDS. Oberoi, Sukhvinder Singh; Sharma, Nilima; Mohanty, Vikrant; Marya, Charumohan; Rekhi, Amit; Oberoi, Report 7894
Knowledge, attitude, and practice regarding food, and waterborne outbreak after massive diarrhea outbreak in Yazd Province, Iran, summer 2013. Cheraghi, Zahra; Okhovat, Batul; Irani, Amin Doosti; Talaei, Mojgan; Ahmadnezhad, Elham; Gooya, Moha Report 3940
L-asparaginase activity of fungal endophytes from Tabernaemontana heyneana wall. Manasa, Chandramouli; Nalini, Monnanda Somaiah Report 4169
Lifetime estimation of the upper stage of GSAT-14 in geostationary transfer orbit. David, Jim Fletcher Jeyakodi; Sharma, Ram Krishan Report 4083
Locking compression plate in distal femoral intra-articular fractures: our experience. Kumar, G. N. Kiran; Sharma, Gaurav; Farooque, Kamran; Sharma, Vijay; Ratan, Ratnav; Yadav, Sanjay; L Report 2235
Lookback option pricing with fixed proportional transaction costs under fractional Brownian motion. Sun, Jiao-Jiao; Zhou, Shengwu; Zhang, Yan; Han, Miao; Wang, Fei Report 3995
Low temperature synthesis of Belite cement based on silica fume and lime. Tantawy, M.A.; Shatat, M.R.; Roudi, A.M. El-; Taher, M.A.; Abd-El-Hamed, M. Report 5108
Malnutrition markers and serum ghrelin levels in hemodialysis patients. Montazerifar, Farzaneh; Karajibani, Mansour; Gorgij, Farnia; Akbari, Ommolbanin Report 4082
Mathematical analysis of hall effect on transient Hartman flow about a rotating horizontal permeable surface in a porous medium under inclined magnetic field. Suresh, M.; Manglik, A. Report 3861
Mechanisms of myofascial pain. Jafri, M. Saleet Report 12535
Metabolic effects of social isolation in adult C57BL/6 mice. Sun, Meng; Choi, Eugene Y.; Magee, Daniel J.; Stets, Colin W.; During, Matthew J.; Lin, En-Ju D. Report 5187
Meteorological variables associated with stroke. Nocera, Romy; Petrucelli, Philip; Park, Johnathan; Stander, Eric Report 6155
MHD flow of the micropolar fluid between eccentrically rotating disks. Srivastava, Neetu Report 3810
MHD two-fluid flow and heat transfer between two inclined parallel plates in a rotating system. Murty, P. Sri Ramachandra; Prakash, G. Balaji Report 3128
Microbial keratitis profile at a university hospital in Hong Kong. Lai, Tracy H.T.; Jhanji, Vishal; Young, Alvin L. Report 3015
Microplate agglutination test for canine brucellosis using recombinant antigen-coated beads. Castillo, Yussaira; Tachibana, Masato; Kimura, Yui; Kim, Suk; Ichikawa, Yasuaki; Endo, Yasuyuki; Wat Report 2485
Microwave studies of environmental friendly ferroelectrics. Mathad, S.N.; Puri, Vijaya Report 2684
Minimally invasive colorectal resection in kidney transplant recipients: technical tips, short- and long-term outcomes. Alasari, Sami; Kim, Min Sung; Baik, Seung Hyuk; Min, Byung Soh; Kim, Nam Kyu Report 3650
Minimally invasive management of iatrogenic ureteral injuries with ureteroscope facilitated by holmium yttrium-aluminum-garnet laser. Hao, Zongyao; Zhang, Li; Zhou, Jun; Zhang, Xiansheng; Shi, Haoqiang; Zhang, Yifei; Fan, Song; Liang, Report 1875
Miniopen repair of ruptured achilles tendon in diabetic patients. Eid, Abdelsalam Report 2680
Modelling furrow irrigation-induced erosion on a sandy loam soil in Samaru, Northern Nigeria. Dibal, Jibrin M.; Igbadun, H.E.; Ramalan, A.A.; Mudiare, O.J. Report 5462
Modified negative staining of Heine for Fast and inexpensive screening of Cryptosporidium, Cyclospora, and Cystoisospora spp. Khanna, Vinay; Tilak, Kriti; Ghosh, Archi; Mukhopadhyay, Chiranjay Report 1771
Molecular typing of hospital-acquired Staphylococcus aureus isolated from Isfahan, Iran. Havaei, Seyed Asghar; Ghanbari, Fahimeh; Rastegari, Ali Asghar; Azimian, Amir; Khademi, Farzad; Hoss Report 3573
Mortality and pathology associated with highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1 outbreaks in commercial poultry production systems in Nigeria. Akanbi, Olatunde Babatunde; Taiwo, Victor Olusegun Report 3845
Motor activity in aging: an integrated approach for better quality of life. Pratali, Lorenza; Mastorci, Francesca; Vitiello, Nicola; Sironi, Annamaria; Gastaldelli, Amalia; Gem Report 7166
Multicriteria decision making method based on the higher order hesitant fuzzy soft set. Farhadinia, B. Report 6622
Multiple Mini-Interviews (MMI) and semistructured interviews for the selection of family medicine residents: a comparative analysis. Andrades, Marie; Bhanji, Seema; Kausar, Samreen; Majeed, Fouad; Pinjani, Sheilla Report 3373
Multiresponse optimization of process parameters in turning of GFRP using TOPSIS method. Parida, Arun Kumar; Routara, Bharat Chandra Report 5122
Myanmarese neuropathy: clinical description of acute peripheral neuropathy detected among Myanmarese refugees in Malaysia. Liong, Hiew Fu; Santhi, Datuk Puvanarajah; Shanthi, Viswanathan; Hanip, Rafia Mohd Report 5205
Natural prey preferences and spatial variability of predation pressure by Cyphoma Gibbosum (Mollusca: Gastropoda) on octocoral communities off La Parguera, Puerto Rico. Lucas, Matthew Q.; Rodriguez, Luis R.; Sanabria, Duane J.; Weil, Ernesto Report 7373
Natural remedies for the treatment of beta-thalassemia and sickle cell anemia--current status and perspectives in fetal hemoglobin reactivation. Ng, Noel Yat Hey; Ko, Chun Hay Report 9072
Neuroprotective effect of ethanol extract of leaves of Malva parviflora against Amyloid-[beta]-(A[beta]-) mediated Alzheimer's disease. Aslam, Muhammad; Sial, Ali Akbar Report 3428
Neuropsychology in multidisciplinary stroke care: clinical feasibility of the NINDS-CSN vascular cognitive impairment harmonization standards. Han, Dong Y.; Anderson, Amelia J.; Jones, Jana E.; Hermann, Bruce P.; Sattin, Justin A. Report 3986
Next generation sequencing analysis of biofilms from three dogs with postoperative surgical site infection. Konig, L.M.; Klopfleisch, R.; Hoper, D.; Gruber, A.D. Report 2088
Nitrite as direct S-nitrosylating agent of Kir2.1 channels. Montesanti, Gabriella; Parisella, Maria Laura; Garofalo, Giusi; Pellegrino, Daniela Report 3575
Nocardia mikamii a novel species causing disseminated nocardiosis: a literature review of disseminated nocardiosis. Khan, Muhammad; Adnan, Mohammed Muqeet; Shahbaz, Najmi; Hamza, Muhammad; Mujeeb, Sufyan Abdul Clinical report 4599
Nodes localization in 3D wireless sensor networks based on multidimensional scaling algorithm. Stojkoska, Biljana Risteska Report 5520
Non-Newtonian effects of second-order fluids on the hydrodynamic lubrication of inclined slider bearings. Apparao, Siddangouda; Biradar, Trimbak Vaijanath; Naduvinamani, Neminath Bhujappa Report 2864
Nontraumatic lesions of the clavicle in a paediatric population: incidence and management. Clemen, N.D.; Nicol, G.; Porter, D.E. Report 3451
Notable stabilization of [alpha]-Chymotrypsin by the protic ionic additive, [ch][dhp]: calorimetric evidence for a fine enthalpy/entropy balance. Uchaneishvili, Sophio; Makharadze, Maya; Shushanyan, Mikhael; van Eldik, Rudi; Khoshtariya, Dimitri Report 3842
Novel organically modified core-shell clay for epoxy composites--"SOBM filler 1". Iheaturu, Nnamdi Chibuike; Madufor, Innocent Chimezie Report 4762
Numerical investigation of pressure profile in hydrodynamic lubrication thrust bearing. Najar, Farooq Ahmad; Harmain, G.A. Report 3286
Object transportation by two mobile robots with hand carts. Sakuyama, Takuya; Heredia, Jorge David Figueroa; Ogata, Taiki; Hara, Tatsunori; Ota, Jun 6529
Obstetric scar endometriosis: retrospective study on 19 cases and review of the literature. Kaplanoglu, Mustafa; Kaplanoglu, Dilek Kaya; Ata, Ceren Dincer; Buyukkurt, Selim Report 2965
Occlusal characteristics and spacing in primary dentition: a gender comparative cross-sectional study. Vegesna, Madhuri; Chandrasekhar, R.; Chandrappa, Vinay Report 4481
Occupational and personal determinants of musculoskeletal disorders among urban taxi drivers in Ghana. Abledu, J.K.; Offei, E.B.; Abledu, G.K. Clinical report 3857
Occurrence of enterobacteriaceae in raw meat and in human samples from Egyptian retail sellers. Gwida, Mayada; Hotzel, Helmut; Geue, Lutz; Tomaso, Herbert Report 4743
On critical buckling loads of columns under end load dependent on direction. Basbuk, Musa; Eryilmaz, Aytekin; Atay, M. Tank Report 3559
On positive solutions for the rational difference equation systems [x.sub.n+1] = A/[x.sub.n][y.sup.2.sub.n], and [y.sub.n+1] = B[y.sub.n]/[x.sub.n-1][y.sub.n-1]. Ma, Hui-li; Feng, Hui Report 2020
On study of immune response to tumor cells in prey-predator system. Kaur, Gurpreet; Ahmad, Naseem Report 4912
On the application of homotopy perturbation method for solving systems of linear equations. Edalatpanah, S.A.; Rashidi, M.M. Report 3097
On the Influence of Soret and Dufour Effects on MHD Free Convective Heat and Mass Transfer Flow over a Vertical Channel with Constant Suction and Viscous Dissipation. Uwanta, Ime Jimmy; Usman, Halima 5061
On the system of high order rational difference equations. Zhang, Qianhong; Zhang, Wenzhuan; Shao, Yuanfu; Liu, Jingzhong Report 2714
Ophthalmic manifestations of HIV patients in a rural area of Western Maharashtra, India. Gogri, Pratik Y.; Misra, Somen L.; Kothari, Raghunandan N.; Bhandari, Akshay J.; Gidwani, Hitesh V. Report 4921
Optical fiber-based steady state and fluorescence lifetime spectroscopy for rapid identification and classification of bacterial pathogens directly from colonies on agar plates. Awad, Fathi; Ramprasath, Chandrasekaran; Mathivanan, Narayanasamy; Aruna, Prakasa Rao; Ganesan, Sing Report 4396
Optimal duration of daily antituberculosis therapy before switching to DOTS intermittent therapy to reduce mortality in HIV infected patients: a duration-response analysis using restricted cubic splines. Alvarez-Uria, Gerardo; Pakam, Raghavakalyan; Midde, Manoranjan; Naik, Praveen Kumar Report 2798
Optimal variational asymptotic method for nonlinear fractional partial differential equations. Baranwal, Vipul K.; Pandey, Ram K.; Singh, Om P. Report 6573
Osteopontin and osteoprotegerin as potential biomarkers in abdominal aortic aneurysm before and after treatment. Filis, Konstantinos; Martinakis, Vasilios; Galyfos, George; Sigala, Fragiska; Theodorou, Dimitris; A Report 4635
Outcome in women with traumatic brain injury admitted to a level 1 trauma center. de Guise, Elaine; LeBlanc, Joanne; Dagher, Jehane; Tinawi, Simon; Lamoureux, Julie; Marcoux, Judith; Report 6550
Outcome predictors in first-ever ischemic stroke patients: a population-based study. Corso, Giovanni; Bottacchi, Edo; Tosi, Piera; Caligiana, Laura; Lia, Chiara; Morosini, Massimo Veron Report 5004
Outcomes of robot-assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy with a posterior approach to the seminal vesicle in 300 patients. Yasui, Takahiro; Tozawa, Keiichi; Okada, Atsushi; Kurokawa, Satoshi; Kubota, Hiroki; Mizuno, Kentaro Report 6002
Oxya hyla hyla (orthoptera: acrididae) as an alternative protein source for Japanese quail. Das, Mousumi; Mandal, Suman Kalyan Report 13449
Parasitic contamination of fruits and vegetables collected from selected local markets of Jimma Town, Southwest Ethiopia. Tefera, Tamirat; Biruksew, Abdissa; Mekonnen, Zeleke; Eshetu, Teferi Report 4822
Partial cystectomy after neoadjuvant chemotherapy: Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center contemporary experience. Bazzi, Wassim M.; Kopp, Ryan P.; Donahue, Timothy F.; Bernstein, Melanie; Russo, Paul; Bochner, Bern Report 3642
Patterns of acute poisoning in childhood in Zagazig, Egypt: an epidemiological study. Hassan, Basheir A.; Siam, Mohamed G. Report 3059

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