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International Rubber Expo, 182nd Technical Meeting & Educational Symposium--a sign of the future!


As Executive Director of Rubber Division, ACS, I want to extend my personal thanks to our 2012 Division Chair Joe Walker, as well as to all of the exhibitors, attendees, speakers, moderators, sponsors and others who attended our recent fall exposition, technical symposia and educational programs at the Duke Energy Center in Cincinnati, OH. This expo turned out to be the largest even-numbered year expo since the 1990s, with almost 2,500 attendees. The expansion of booth sizes to include 10 sq. ft. x 20 sq. ft, positive direction of the industry, the growing need for technical and educational knowledge and the exceptional efforts of volunteer members and especially Rubber Division staff outreach culminated in a highly successful event.

In addition to our long-term exhibitors attending each year, we saw more than two dozen new exhibitors from different segments of the industry. It was a truly international event, with attendees and exhibitors from more than 30 countries getting together to showcase new products and services, learn new technology, network with current and new customers, and look for new talent to fill company positions. This expo was definitely a sign of the future. The Division staff and volunteers will continue to build upon it to offer more new opportunities each year. We are committed to keeping the excitement and energy going as we move forward.

Under the direction of our 2013 Chair, Leonard Thomas, we are already working to make next year's International Elastomer Conference the event of the year, one you will not want to miss. Yes, the new name is correct! As the industry has evolved, so has the Rubber Division. We fully recognize the growth in our companies and members to expand into new materials like other polymers and biomaterials, while retaining traditional successful rubber products and services. The Rubber Division's vision clearly reflects this as it calls for "Enhancing science, technology and business across the evolving elastomeric community."

The events within this overall conference will remain the same outstanding programs you have come to expect over the years, continuing the traditional rubber expo while offering new materials, markets and customer opportunities in the diverse industries within our professional, educational and business community.

As such, next year the International Elastomer Conference will be held once again at the I-X Center, Cleveland, OH on October 7-10, 2013, and will include the "International Rubber & Advanced Materials In Healthcare Expo, 184th Technical Meeting, Educational Symposium and Advanced Materials In Healthcare Conference."

Then starting in 2015, these odd-numbered year expos, with unlimited booth sizes and expanded programs, will be held at the new Medical Mart & Convention Center in downtown Cleveland, Oh. The 2011 expo had over 5,400 attendees. We project the 2013 expo will be even larger!

The Division Executive Committee, individual committees and staff will work diligently to bring other new programs and venues to our members and their organizations in line with our 2012-2015 Strategic Plan. This is our commitment to you and to your association. Help us to help you by volunteering for a committee or just letting us know how we can assist you better in the coming months. Our mission is "To expand the elastomeric profession and individual development through educational, technical and interactive activities." With your voice, we can make each year better and help ensure success for you and your organization.

by Ed Miller, Rubber Division, ACS Executive Director
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Author:Miller, Ed
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Date:Nov 1, 2012
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