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International Rectifier Expands iMOTION Line-up of Integrated Power Modules Driving Appliance Energy Efficiency.

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. -- New Devices Feature Higher Current Ratings And Integrated HVIC Technology

International Rectifier, IR(r) (NYSE:IRF), a world leader in power management technology, today introduced a set of 600V, 16A and 20A integrated power modules (IPMs), expanding the analog power stage solutions offered as part of IR's iMOTION(tm) integrated design platform. The new IPMs simplify the design of compact, high-performance variable-speed motion control power stages for air conditioners and commercial freezers, for example.

Designed specifically for 85V to 253V AC variable speed motor drives for energy efficient appliances, these new IPMs integrate IR's proprietary high voltage integrated circuit (HVIC) with a three-phase inverter power stage. The 16A device addresses the 750W to 1.2kW power range while the 20A devices can accommodate 750W to 2.2kW. All of the new IPMs are packaged in efficient, single in-line packages (SIP) with improved thermal characteristics.

The IRAMY20UP60B is a 20A, 600V IPM with internal shunt resistor that combines IR's low VCE(on) non-punch-through and short circuit rated IGBT technology with IR's three phase HVIC gate driver. The IPM has a built-in temperature monitor. The integrated HVIC enables over-current and over-temperature protection, as well as under-voltage lockout, delivering high levels of protection for fail-safe operation. The SIP3 package includes internal heat spreaders for the power die. Its single in-line full-transfer mold structure minimizes PCB space and simplifies heat sink isolation and mounting. The new IRAMY20UP60B in SIP3 is an advanced solution available on the market for a fully integrated inverter driver application up to 20A.

The IRAMX20UP60A is a 20A, 600V IPM that does not include a shunt resistor but is packaged in a more compact SIP2 outline. An open emitter configuration of the low-side IGBT switches offer easy current feedback and over-current monitoring for high precision and reliable control. The IRAMX20UP60A is also a full-transfer mold structure and has internal heat spreaders for the power die for maximum thermal efficiency.

The IRAMX16UP60B, offering similar functions and features to its 20A counterparts, is rated at 16A and for motors in the 750W to 1.2kW power range. The IRAMX16UP60B also comes in the SIP2 package, includes internal shunt resistor, temperature monitor and all the safe-fail features of the IRAM product family.

The new IRAMX16UP60B is pin-to-pin compatible with the existing IRAMS10UP60B while the new IRAMX20UP60A is pin-to-pin compatible with the already available IRAMS10UP60A and IRAMX16UP60A, delivering a simple path to upgrade or expand power level in existing designs.

"These modules featuring integration of HVIC with IGBT in a thermally-efficient package, along with the rest of our iMOTION family, expands the options to appliance motor drive designers and simplifies the design and integration of variable speed motion control. More than half of the world's electricity is consumed by electric motors, many of which are electro-mechanically controlled, wasting vast amounts of energy. We can save much of that energy by deploying this energy-efficient motion control technology," said David Tam, Vice President of IR's Consumer and Industrial group.

About iMOTION(tm)

International Rectifier's iMOTION(tm) integrated design platform consists of a development system, mixed-signal analog chip set and power stage, which when co-designed together, simplify motion control designs and bring energy-efficient, cost-effective solutions to market faster.

The new power stage IPMs being introduced today work in concert with digital control ICs, current sensing ICs and gate driver ICs in the iMOTION platform. The digital control ICs configure motion control algorithms with dedicated hardware logic for permanent magnet or AC induction motors and their position feedback devices. The iMOTION linear current sensing ICs and high-speed gate driver ICs form the analog chip set, interfacing the digital stage with the power stage. Fundamental to the performance of these ICs is proprietary high-voltage IC (HVIC) technology, pioneered by IR, which simplifies the path to high bandwidth signal processing and precision variable-speed motor drives.

More details on the iMOTION platform, as well as links to design assistance, are posted on the iMOTION Web page at

Data sheets for the new integrated power modules are posted on the International Rectifier Web site:

IRAMX16UP60B, 16A, 600V IPM in SIP2:

IRAMX20UP60A, 20A, 600V IPM in SIP2:

IRAMY20UP60B, 20A, 600V IPM in SIP3:

Availability and Pricing

The samples of IRAMX16UP60B, IRAMX20UP60A and IRAMY20UP60B are available immediately and delivery for production quantity is 8 weeks after receipt of order. Pricing starts from US $10.95 each in 10,000-unit quantity. Prices are subject to change.

About International Rectifier

International Rectifier (NYSE:IRF) is a world leader in power management technology. IR's analog and mixed signal ICs, advanced circuit devices, integrated power systems and components enable high performance computing and reduce energy waste from motors, the world's single largest consumer of electricity. Leading manufacturers of computers, energy efficient appliances, lighting, automobiles, satellites, aircraft and defense systems rely on IR's power management benchmarks to power their next generation products. For more information, go to

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