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International Oil Shale Symposium Tallinn, Estonia--June 10-13, 2013.


10-13 June 2013--2 days of concurrent panel discussions with presentation sessions, 2 days of field trips.


Energy independence has become one of the main goals of many countries and regions worldwide, with more countries looking for opportunities to utilize their local fuels in a new and more efficient way.

Energy independence is not a sustainable concept without economic viability. Oil shale energy, especially shale oil production, can be economically competitive for long-term investments. To local communities it also provides sound income and economic welfare by creating new jobs within the industry, as well as in the related areas. The International Oil Shale Symposium will showcase Estonia's longstanding expertise--challenges to and achievements in becoming an oil country, expanding its liquid fuels industry, creating new jobs in the local community and attaining energy independence through shale oil production.

Symposium topics:

* Economic Sustainability and Industry Related Job Creation

* Investment Opportunities and Financial Challenges of Oil Shale Projects Worldwide

* Energy Independence out of Oil Shale

* International Oil Shale Projects and Latest Industry Developments

* Shale Oil Production Technologies

* Shale Oil Upgrading and Marketing

* Combustion Technologies and Power Generation

* Geology and Resource Evaluation

* Oil Shale Chemistry and Study Methods

* Mining

* Environmental and Socioeconomic Impacts, Carbon Management

Field trips:

The Symposium will offer a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit the most prominent sites of the Estonian oil shale industry. Lectures and tours will include: the new Enefit280 Oil Plant, surface and underground mining sites and oil shale fuelled power plants. Additionally, visitors will have a unique opportunity to meet and consult the CEOs and experts of Enefit companies operating the sites.


For resource holders, technology developers and business leaders, this is a significant opportunity for broadening the network of global oil shale players, sharing the latest developments within the industry and fostering the growing world interests towards the development and use of alternative fuels out of oil shale.

For government representatives and political leaders, the Symposium affords a great opportunity to discuss the role of government and legislation in creating a favorable and sustainable business environment for the industry, and give some advice to countries developing their energy resources to move towards their energy independence.

For universities and research institutes, this is an excellent opportunity for developing relationships with other first-class academic and research institutions that focus on oil shale. Oil shale utilization has challenges ahead and ensuring that a strong research sector develops behind the industry should be a priority.


Symposium registration fee (until April 30): 250 EUR

Field trip fee: 200 EUR

Information, contact:

Ms. Helin Soot,
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