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Articles from International News (March 1, 2010)

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'Talking cars' tested in normal traffic. Nuthall, Keith 159
America's new biofuel standard may not boost consumption of bio-based fuels. Miller, Karryn 1553
American luxury clothing sector recovering after recession. Howie, Craig 1109
Asia cosmetics companies use natural traditional ingredients to gain edge. Ryall, Julian; Wang, Frances; Pathoni, Ahmad; Barnes, William; Miller, Karryn; Nuthall, Keith 1209
Bahrain International Airport plans elaborate expansion. Cochrane, Paul 1236
Brussels approves subsidy to create new CO2 recycling technology for steel makers. Nuthall, Keith 373
Brussels demands investigative powers for Eurostat. Nuthall, Keith 110
Brussels plots new move on CO2 emissions taxation. Nuthall, Keith 104
Brussels threatens legal action over nutrition labeling failings. Nuthall, Keith 106
Canada: University VP attacked over pundit's speech demonstration: controversial American right-wing political pundit Ann Coulter has said she will file a human rights complaint in Canada after a 1,500-strong protest at the University of Ottawa forced her to cancel a lecture scheduled for that evening. Germain, Leah 599
China tightens anti-money laundering rules. Fangqing, Wang 1739
Ciolo? Backs dairy quota abolition. Nuthall, Keith 155
Clothing and textile industry benefits from free trade agreements with Peru and Colombia. Nuthall, Keith 154
Coulter abandons speech in Ottawa University. Germain, Leah; Nuthall, Keith 415
De Boer replacements as climate change boss emerge. Lyman, Eric; Nuthall, Keith 102
Earthquake turns Haiti into the Americas' largest construction. Pierre-Pierre, Garry 1243
ECJ rebuffs effort to challenge OLAF document seizure powers. Nuthall, Keith 108
ECJ says environmental liability can flow from proximity to pollution. Nuthall, Keith 104
Egypt tobacco sector faces free trade opportunity. Peeters, Bart; Nuthall, Keith 996
EMA news in briefs--cooperation with FDA. Nuthall, Keith 143
EMEA issues EU assessment procedure for child immunotherapy products. Nuthall, Keith 126
EU diplomatic service management need clarity, lest fraud thrives: MEPs. Nuthall, Keith 110
EU launches automated excised goods tracking system. Nuthall, Keith 141
EU ministers tighten rules on child food health marketing. Nuthall, Keith 135
EU plots free trade deal with Vietnam. Nuthall, Keith 169
EU report blames high taxes and language barriers for stifling auto exports to Japan. Nuthall, Keith 537
EU research project creates nanocomposite for curtain walls. Nuthall, Keith 265
EU round up--Brussels pushes ahead with major European energy infrastructure projects. Nuthall, Keith 672
EU round up--pressure grows for more EU energy infrastructure investment. Nuthall, Keith 664
EU-Egypt trade deal and tariffs--sidebar. Peeters, Bart; Nuthall, Keith 539
Europe moves slowly towards public place-smoking bans and EU compulsory legislation is unlikely. Osborn, Alan 1422
European Commission President favours body scanners in all EU member sates. Nuthall, Keith 255
European Commission pushes for replacement of scrapped 'SWIFT' agreement. Nuthall, Keith 555
European Commission pushes forward on reach roll-out. Nuthall, Keith 159
European medicines agency collaborates on relative effectiveness assessments. Nuthall, Keith 126
Ex-Soviet states struggle to combat anti-money laundering. Rowe, Mark 2001
Formal drinks industry education systems growing worldwide. Osborn, Alan; Jackson, Emma; Cochrane, Paul; Ryall, Julian Industry overview 5479
French nurses, eager to care, see no need to legislate to ban the burka from hospitals. Labedays, Florence 706
Global safety standards agreed for hybrid and electric cars. Nuthall, Keith 109
Global safety standards agreed for hybrid and electric cars. Nuthall, Keith 411
Haiti's bruised tobacco sector lives to fight again after earthquake. Pierre-Pierre, Garry Company overview 2115
Haiti's formal personal care product sector shattered by earthquake. Pierre-Pierre, Garry; Jackson, Emma; Osborn, Alan 1200
Hydrogen vehicles on the way to manufacture under an EU and International standard. Mason, Deirdre 696
IAEA and JRC cooperation bears fruit. Nuthall, Keith 520
Iran faces major tobacco smuggling problem. Cochrane, Paul; Miller, Karryn; Nuthall, Keith 1413
Japanese food firms facing price pressure. Blair, Gavin 167
Just the answer--Kit Kat Japan brand manager interview. Blair, Gavin Interview 1050
Latin American tobacco sector rides out the recession. Goddard, Pacifica Industry overview 2365
Luxury fashion hangs on by a thread in Russia. Elder, Miriam 996
Men's grooming helps keep cosmetics industry afloat. Rowe, Mark 936
MEPs push common EU meat welfare standards plan. Nuthall, Keith 205
MEPs push for European organ delivery system. Nuthall, Keith 164
MEPS want delay on USA passenger name records data handover vote. Nuthall, Keith 109
Metal manufacturers could face new pollutant trade regime. Nuthall, Keith 574
Nairobi Airport gets EU cash injection. Nuthall, Keith 107
Native health food-based flavours winning over Chinese. Fangqing, Wang 1062
New Brussels team mulls compromise over GM cultivation. Nuthall, Keith 112
Packaging inks manufacturers shown way forward by nanotechnology innovators. Rowe, Mark 1135
Paint and coatings innovation in Japan and South Korea help companies pull out of slump. Ryall, Julian; Miller, Karryn 1256
Peer review begins of G20 bank information exchanges. Nuthall, Keith 153
Political stability means Zimbabwe's tobacco sector is growing again. Manyukwe, Clemence 1466
RMI warns that EU-forced MOT changes could be significant. Nuthall, Keith 208
RMI warns that EU-forced MOT changes could be significant. Nuthall, Keith 394
Roadworthiness tests in the EU become tougher. Nuthall, Keith 342
Romania and Bulgaria slammed in Brussels report over corruption. Nuthall, Keith 110
Russian regulation faces tough task to rein in money laundering, say experts. Elder, Miriam 1662
SEBI rejects Price Waterhouse's consent application. Verma, Raghavendra 248
SESAR ATM initiative moved forward smoothly. Osborn, Alan 1055
Side bar. Pierre-Pierre, Garry 320
Smart metering standards merging, before regulators decide rules. Mason, Deirdre 1264
Soft drinks consumption curtailed by price rises. Nuthall, Keith 147
Sri Lanka: a commercial crime hotspot in the making. Mushtaq, Munza 1193
Sustainable palm oil taking seed in South America. Rowe, Mark 1545
Sweden and Austria get extra year to spend EU auto industry funding. Nuthall, Keith 311
Tobacco controls maybe growing--but they are often weak. Pathoni, Ahmad; Hasham, Alyshah; Rowe, Mark; Nuthall, Keith 1422
UAE embraces energy expansion. Cochrane, Paul 1446
USA and EU bid to end open skies agreement talks. Nuthall, Keith 108
Utilities warm up to integrated pollution directive. Osborn, Alan 822
Vietnam knitwear sector booming--despite global recession. Miller, Karryn 1116

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