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Articles from International News (June 1, 2010)

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Alcoa pushes ahead with major Greenland smelter. O'Dwyer, Gerard 643
America leads the world in convenience store good practice. Miller, Karryn; Jackson, Emma; Osborn, Alan 1330
AML progress picking up in the Baltics. Hanley, Monika 1596
Australia prepares to break global ground with tobacco plain paper packaging law. Nuthall, Keith; Jackson, Emma 1617
Bangladesh knitwear workers strike quelled for now. Verma, Raghavendra 266
Better nutrition for pregnant women and new mothers does help children grow: EU study. Nuthall, Keith Medical condition overview 357
Brazil. Goddard, Pacifica 101
Brussels opts for optional standard for electric car rechargers. Nuthall, Keith 327
Brussels plots orphan drugs information exchange network. Nuthall, Keith 310
Brussels reveals latest plastics products duty free list for EU imports. Nuthall, Keith 210
Burma's recently expanded Rangoon about to be eclipsed by new Naypyidaw capital. Godfrey, Mark 1178
C-stores prosper through innovative partnerships. Blair, Gavin; Miller, Karryn; Osborn, Alan; Nuthall, Keith 1189
Canadian company gets IFC help to explore for metals in Botswana. Nuthall, Keith 116
Canadian uranium company pushes forward with Mongolia legal action over thwarted uranium ambitions. Nuthall, Keith; Godfrey, Mark 521
Carrefour coming to India in July. Verma, Raghavendra 157
Copper-based surfaces may kill hospital bugs. Nuthall, Keith; Dobie, Monica 252
Copper-based surfaces may kill hospital bugs. Nuthall, Keith 389
Corruption in Kenya: a barrier to foreign investment. Hasham, Alyshah 1068
Cotton subsidy deadlock blocking progress on whole WTO Doha Round. Nuthall, Keith 154
Denmark plans major tobacco taxation increases. O'Dwyer, Gerard 1507
Eastern Europe's power sector goes green. Rowe, Mark 1457
EBRD considers taking lead in refinancing debt of Romanian aluminium smelter. Nuthall, Keith 292
ECJ backs Volvo in German dealer case. Nuthall, Keith 265
EMA and European Commission Pharmaceutical news in briefs. Nuthall, Keith 181
Emerging markets see boom in c-store outlets. Fangqing, Wang; Verma, Raghavendra; Goddard, Pacifica 1293
EU and Mexico develop nuclear energy cooperation. Nuthall, Keith; Goddard, Pacifica 621
EU expert group proposes more power for dairy producers in European markets. Nuthall, Keith 167
EU faces significant ITER budget shortfalls as fusion project's price rises. Nuthall, Keith 536
EU food sales promotion goes green. Nuthall, Keith 147
EU ministers strike deal on European Union foreign healthcare rules. Nuthall, Keith 106
EU offers access to Middle East confectionery exporters. Cochrane, Paul 308
EU Ombudsman increases pressure on EMA to release drug assessments. Nuthall, Keith 131
EU paediatric medicine network about to be launched. Nuthall, Keith Clinical report 125
EU project to design eco-driving computer and technology packages. Nuthall, Keith 418
EU research project boosts hybrid performance. Nuthall, Keith 477
EU round up--EU helps USA in Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Nuthall, Keith 652
EU takes major step forward towards harmonizing electric vehicle technical rules. Nuthall, Keith 517
EU takes major step forward towards harmonizing electric vehicle technical rules. Nuthall, Keith 113
EU, Australia and New Zealand update medicine mutual recognition procedures. Nuthall, Keith 129
European Commission drops organic wine certification plan. Nuthall, Keith 126
European Commission levies huge fines over steel cartel. Nuthall, Keith 464
European Commission threatens cosmetics directive legal action against Sweden. Nuthall, Keith 106
European Commission wants definitive anti-dumping duties on Chinese molybdenum. Nuthall, Keith 224
European Commission warns of non-ferrous metal shortages. Nuthall, Keith 467
Eurostat reports wide divergence of food prices across the EU. Nuthall, Keith 191
Fiat Powertrain moving ahead with new transmission project, with Italian government support. Nuthall, Keith 333
Financial speculators did not fuel food price boom say OECD experts. Nuthall, Keith 172
Fujitsu develops teddy bear robot nurse. Nuthall, Keith 356
German distillery subsidies should be phased out over seven years, says European Commission. Nuthall, Keith 172
Germany--c-stores. Osborn, Alan 227
Global section--sizing remains a headache for globalising clothing industry. Miller, Karryn 1121
Good times ahead for airports in post war Sri Lanka. Mushtaq, Munza 891
Gulf Cooperation Council cracks down on corruption. Cochrane, Paul 1621
High noon for the future of asbestos in a town called Asbestos. Nuthall, Keith 943
Himalya plots yoghurt expansion in Indian cities. Zachariah, Mini 221
ICAO predicts huge growth for Chinese Civil Aviation. Nuthall, Keith 211
IFC invests in Ukraine meat and dairy production. Nuthall, Keith 159
India's MTR food plots expansion. Zachariah, Mini 287
India. Verma, Raghavendra 113
Indian paint industry back on growth path. Verma, Raghavendra 866
Innovation in drinks manufacturing could become more public says expert. Osborn, Alan 1177
Innovation in the drinks industry briefing. Jackson, Emma; Verma, Raghavendra; Fangqing, Wang; Goddard, Pacifica 1328
International beverage awards round up. Jackson, Emma 1058
International confectionery news round-up--EFSA sugar intake panel. Nuthall, Keith 1088
Ismael project develops airport surface movement monitoring software. Nuthall, Keith 102
It's easy to get in trouble in Europe's water sector. Haworth, David; Rigg, Paul; Adendoorf, Lee; Marseilles, Makki; Berry, E. Blake; Labedays, Florence; 1208
Kanebo 'nose' explains how his company integrates healthy scents in its products. Ryall, Julian 957
Kirin to launch soft drinks company. Ryall, Julian 147
Landslide hits Canadian vineyards. Hasham, Alyshah 128
Malaysia prepares to build new low cost airline airport. Godfrey, Mark 803
MEPs and ministers strike deal over EU pollution directive. Nuthall, Keith 162
MEPs back extension of mandatory country of origin labelling to meat products. Nuthall, Keith 200
MEPs back extension of mandatory country of origin labelling. Nuthall, Keith 177
MEPs push for greater plastics collection in revised WEEE directive. Nuthall, Keith 257
MEPs push for greater plastics collection in revised WEEE directive. Nuthall, Keith 347
Ministers reimpose anti-dumping duties on Chinese and South Korean silicon--at lower rate. Nuthall, Keith 126
Mixed alcoholic drinks should have informative labelling say MEPs. Nuthall, Keith 128
Mongolia brewery to expand with European investment. Nuthall, Keith 128
New EU body to coordinate national food research programmes. Nuthall, Keith 124
New terminal at New Delhi Airport. Verma, Raghavendra 603
Ontario ban on Akroyd 'skull' Vodka to stay. Nuthall, Keith 130
Palm oil has great potential as biofuel feedstock--but environmental challenges are significant. Rowe, Mark 1845
Penguin CEO gives his side of sexual harrassment claims. Jackson, Emma 477
Penguin CEO to file defence mid-July. Jackson, Emma 139
Pickles Corp plots Japan market share expansion. Fangqing, Wang 170
Potential for growth in USA plus size market. Hasham, Alyshah 989
PVC industry dismayed at European Parliament move on environmental controls. Nuthall, Keith 345
Renault using more recycled plastics, but no major cost savings yet. Speer, Lawrence J. 644
Research on electronic noses takes one step further. Nuthall, Keith 109
Robots increasingly in demand in Asia-Pacific paint and coatings sector. Jackson, Emma 808
Russian Vodka boss welcomes planned Vodka tax hike. Pagni, John 174
Seven & I to expand private label division to China. Fangqing, Wang 189
South Africa to get tough on copper thieves. Corcoran, Bill 185
Strikes not yet deterring auto industry expansion in China. Fangqing, Wang 1006
Studying body size is key to fitting markets snugly. Miller, Karryn 1071
Sustainable silk from SE Asia could sustain the region's entire silk industry. Miller, Karryn 1110
The Gulf gets 'greener' with eco paints. Cochrane, Paul 853
UNESCO pushes ahead with ambitious Africa history teaching project. Nuthall, Keith 1421
Veteran political Kroes takes on ambitious agenda promoting Europe's digital economy. Haworth, David 774
World Bank to fund Yemen Airport expansion. Nuthall, Keith 122

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