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Articles from International News (January 1, 2007)

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Arrests slow Euro-currency counterfeiting. Nuthall, Keith 90
Belarus gets expanded EU access, despite human rights abuses. Nuthall, Keith 242
Britain blocks cheese ads. Dobie, Monica 156
Canada Christmas book sales. Osborn, Alan 158
China continues long march towards strong nuclear power capacity. Gardner, Dinah 781
Climate change boosts weather forecasting role for oil and gas industry. Rowe, Mark 1650
Climate change poses challenges for drinks industry. Rowe, Mark 871
CODEX wants expert advice on using gene markers in food. Nuthall, Keith 124
Czech trout disease reported. Nuthall, Keith 105
Davos deal could reopen Doha talks. Nuthall, Keith 105
Davos relaunches WTO round. Nuthall, Keith 105
Denmark Christmas book sales. Rugaard, Lars 150
EBRD boosts Bosnian packaging industry. Nuthall, Keith 106
EBRD lends to expand Romania steel plant. Nuthall, Keith 110
ECJ Tells Poland to liberalise used cars import rules. Nuthall, Keith 107
ECJ trademark rights are limited says ECJ judge. Nuthall, Keith 194
EFSA says campylobacter is now Europe's most common animal-based disease. Nuthall, Keith 377
EFTA strikes free trade deal with Lebanon. Nuthall, Keith 108
EMEA phamaceutical news in briefs. Nuthall, Keith 85
EU approves reach chemical control scheme. Nuthall, Keith 206
EU commissioners clash over auto industry CO2 cap. Osborn, Alan 847
EU council expands China silicon duty to illicit South Korea exports. Nuthall, Keith 109
EU issues food pack guidance. Nuthall, Keith 131
EU issues steel food pack guidance. Nuthall, Keith 131
EU launches climate change plan. Nuthall, Keith 350
EU launches CO2 fuel standards proposals. Nuthall, Keith 110
EU launches new research policy website. Nuthall, Keith 84
EU ministers make progress on organic labelling. Nuthall, Keith 100
EU pushes for clarification over US airport data exchange concerns. Nuthall, Keith 208
EU releases latest cosmetics test guidance. Nuthall, Keith 121
EU Research group calls for publication of FP7 discoveries. Nuthall, Keith 259
EU research needs to be more practical says University Association. Nuthall, Keith 406
EU research project targets cancer protein in drug therapy tests. Nuthall, Keith 127
EU researchers create new Alzheimers cure. Nuthall, Keith 126
EU researchers develop blood supply medicine. Nuthall, Keith 130
EU scientific committee advises on sunscreens. Nuthall, Keith 209
EU scientists break through over salmonella research. Nuthall, Keith 299
EU scientists develop livestock transport monitoring system. Rowe, Mark 212
EU to push open source publishing in academic sector. Nuthall, Keith 371
EU/international organisation round up--EU strikes fishing deal with Mozambique. Nuthall, Keith 576
European Commission calls for EU guidance on nuclear energy expansion. Nuthall, Keith 341
European Commission demands CAP refunds over fraud and mismanagement. Nuthall, Keith 113
European commission has bitter car emissions row. Nuthall, Keith 158
European Commission insists on food packaging best practice. Nuthall, Keith 138
European Commission launches dumping review. Nuthall, Keith 95
European Commission launches EU energy policy package. Osborn, Alan 2125
European Commission optimistic over end of life vehicle goals. Nuthall, Keith 155
European Commission proposes shake up for fruit and vegetable market. Nuthall, Keith 216
European Commission to launch urban transport green paper. Nuthall, Keith 106
European Commission unveils energy package. Osborn, Alan 512
European Commission warns Spain over Vigo ECJ ruling: the European Commission has warned Spain it may ask the European Court of Justice (ECJ) to levy heavy daily recurring funds if it continues to ignore an ECJ ruling that it reduces pollution in shellfish waters in the RA-a de Vigo, Galicia. Nuthall, Keith 104
European parliament amends EU defamation guideline. Nuthall, Keith 107
European Parliament backs Hercules' tobacco focus. Nuthall, Keith 109
European parliament beefs up tobacco fraud protection for EU budget. Nuthall, Keith 251
European Parliament committee urges caution over FEU wine reform. Nuthall, Keith 126
European parliament presses for food industry help in fighting obesity. Nuthall, Keith 119
European Parliament votes for long time limits on settling accident claims. Nuthall, Keith 99
Eurostat hails eastern Europe research boom. Nuthall, Keith 266
German researchers develop meat standard laser monitor. Nuthall, Keith 117
German researchers develop meat standard laser monitor: the scandalous discovery last year of 110 tons of rotting meat in Germany warehouses has prompted German researchers to develop a laser-based scanner system. Nuthall, Keith 363
German scientists develop nanotechnology for fogged windshields. Rowe, Mark 306
Germany raises concern over Russia food blocks. Nuthall, Keith 218
Global health NGO urges EU action against Novartis in India pharma case. Nuthall, Keith 161
GM cotton reference materials released by JRC. Nuthall, Keith 115
Greece remains excellent market for tobacco industry, but production challenged by cap reform. Haworth, David 1336
High oil prices bring Indian marginal oil and gas fields into play. Verma, Raghavendra 938
International biodiesel industry report. Osborn, Alan; Rowe, Mark 2129
Ireland oyster disease reported by OIE. Nuthall, Keith 84
Irish writers welcome ECJ royalties ruling. Mason, Deirdre 257
ISO standards boost anti-fraud controls. Nuthall, Keith 1133
ISO standards boost anti-fraud controls: fighting fraud is a complex process, especially with increasing trade flows and international transactions. Nuthall, Keith 1897
Japan commercial crime feature. Ryall, Julian 1214
Lebanon student riots kills two, many injured. Cochrane, Paul 383
Malta faces EU legal action over airport tax. Nuthall, Keith 83
Marks and Spencer investigate possible Beirut branch. Cochrane, Paul 162
Nanotechnologists develop new barcode technology for textile manufacturers. Rowe, Mark 162
OECD blasts Ukraine, Armenia over corruption failures. Nuthall, Keith 178
OECD chemical safety tests will aid paint, adhesives industries. Nuthall, Keith 83
OLAF busts rules of origin frauds. Nuthall, Keith 158
Purchases. Nuthall, Keith 106
Serbia tightens money laundering controls on paper--but cash economy still poses problems. Osborn, Alan 1521
UNECE pushes Transboundary water quality convention. Nuthall, Keith 138
US fights to block EU aviation emissions scheme. Nuthall, Keith 150
USA vox pop--global warming. Dobie, Monica 282
Weblinks. Nuthall, Keith 80
West Africa regional money laundering organisation starts work in earnest. Osborn, Alan 1275

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