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Articles from International News (November 1, 2006)

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Africa counterfeiters. Nuthall, Keith 149
Aquaculture group shrimp study gets award. Nuthall, Keith 210
Argentina disappointed over WTO oil country tubular goods verdict. Nuthall, Keith 207
Auditor slams Quebec alcohol monopoly. Dobie, Monica 161
Auto industry's new generation of biofuels. Rowe, Mark 1046
Belgium may draw on EU funds to compensate forest VW workers. Jones, Chris; Nuthall, Keith 332
Bid to block asbestos trade thwarted by Canada. Nuthall, Keith 84
Blackout prompts EU push on crossborder power system. Osborn, Alan 519
Bosnia-Herzegovina struggles to implement dirty money controls. Osborn, Alan 1549
Bottled water purified by sunlight. Nuthall, Keith 158
Brazil and EU strike deal on chicken imports. Nuthall, Keith 169
Britain told to improve regional spending audits or face aid suspension. Nuthall, Keith 203
British and other European Union (EU) retailers will in 2007 have a restricted opportunity to import clothing from Belarus, because of the country's poor human rights record. Nuthall, Keith 112
Caribbean food manufacturers push to diversify. Gibbings, Wesley 1062
CESR issues insider trading advice. Nuthall, Keith 146
Clothing sector to benefit as Vietnam joins WTO. Nuthall, Keith 208
Coca-Cola awaits India pesticide ruling. Verma, Raghavendra 148
Commission adopts new EU power cross-border management rules. Nuthall, Keith 203
Commission clears Permira Hungary plastics deal. Nuthall, Keith 231
Commission will press on in drinks excise row. Nuthall, Keith 146
Consumers who eat large amounts of oily fish are 50% less likely to develop dementia according to a study by the US Agricultural Research Service. Dobie, Monica 103
Contracting governments to a key International Maritime Organisation (IMO) protocol on marine pollution have approved amendments allowing the storage of carbon dioxide (CO2) under the seabed from February 2007. Nuthall, Keith 100
Cricket World Cup sparks Caribbean paint boom. Fuller, James 1017
Diesel loses generic jeans export ECJ case. Nuthall, Keith 201
Driving licence harmonisation close to agreement. Nuthall, Keith 108
EBRD plans loan for Russian pipe finishing centre. Nuthall, Keith 103
EBRD plans to wean Armenia off nuclear power. Nuthall, Keith 214
ECJ rules on asbestos compensation payouts. Nuthall, Keith 107
ECJ rules on internet law case. Nuthall, Keith 206
ECJ says Britain broke law in delaying fish data transfers. Nuthall, Keith 111
EEA launches DVD of visual environmental data. Nuthall, Keith 161
EFSA advises on fighting food disease. Nuthall, Keith 170
EFSA launches anti-zoonoses action plan. Nuthall, Keith 220
EIB pushes higher education investment through low interest loans. Nuthall, Keith 570
EMEA pharmaceutical news in brief. Nuthall, Keith 95
EU agrees new fish farming health directive. Nuthall, Keith 201
EU council approves child medicines regulation. Nuthall, Keith 100
EU Court of Auditors challenged by Lords and Kallas. Nuthall, Keith 255
EU details threat posed by global goods counterfeiters. Nuthall, Keith 1092
EU goods counterfeiting soars says report. Nuthall, Keith 189
EU haulage industry wants continued special industry laws. Nuthall, Keith 260
EU looks south for energy security blanket. Nuthall, Keith 540
EU ministers approve renewed euro anti-counterfeiting programme. Nuthall, Keith 158
EU ministers delay decision on minimum excise duties. Nuthall, Keith 123
EU ministers signal caution over EU energy conservation plan. Osborn, Alan 138
EU nutrition regulation will be major job for local counsils-EFSA. Cave, Andrew 257
EU paint industry pushes for optimum result on REACH. Osborn, Alan 908
EU Plans driving licence data swap. Nuthall, Keith 102
EU plans more fish research largesse. Nuthall, Keith 115
EU RAPEX service reports skin lightener bans. Nuthall, Keith 109
EU research promotes sunning water bottles for purification. Dobie, Monica 157
EU researchers develop new safe child car seat. Dobie, Monica 356
EU round up--EU struggles to make deal with Russia. Nuthall, Keith 618
EU Russia paper advises on boosting coal trade. Nuthall, Keith 104
EU Russia paper advises on boosting nuclear materials trade. Nuthall, Keith 225
EU Russia plot detailed cooperation over energy efficiency. Nuthall, Keith 215
EU says cigarette counterfeiting booming--China to blame. Nuthall, Keith 173
EU scientific committee advises on hair-dyes and sunscreen. Nuthall, Keith 260
EU threatens WTO action over India drinks duties. Nuthall, Keith 103
EU utilities nervously await delayed reach negotiations. Osborn, Alan 205
EU warns of continued cosmetics counterfeiting boom. Nuthall, Keith 176
EU warns of continuing counterfeit clothing boom. Nuthall, Keith 121
EU warns of food counterfeiting boom. Nuthall, Keith 110
Europe launches anti-obesity convention. Nuthal, Keith 85
European Commission advises on tapping new seventh framework programme. Nuthall, Keith 640
European Commission highlights world's counterfeit goods hotspots. Nuthall, Keith 1554
European Commission launches energy conservation action plan. Nuthall, Keith 217
European commission names medicine counterfeiting hotspots. Nuthall, Keith 163
European commission resists Finland vodka definition compromise. Nuthall, Keith 157
European Commission to simplify EU asbestos rules. Nuthall, Keith 106
European Commission warns on textile, clothing intellectual property crimes. Nuthall, Keith 208
European parliament calls for alcohol ban on bus drivers. Nuthall, Keith 125
European Parliament calls for alcohol ban on hauliers. Nuthall, Keith 158
European Parliament calls for alcohol ban on new drivers. Nuthall, Keith 108
European Union threatens Canada with WTO action over discriminatory drinks tariffs. Nuthall, Keith 108
Experts advice boosts Cambodian garmant productivity says IFC. Nuthall, Keith 180
Final REACH banned chemical list to hit European textile dye sector. Nuthall, Keith 304
Fish diets protect against dementia say US experts. Dobie, Monica 107
Food expert warnings over sugar content claims in new EU nutrition label regime. Cave, Andrew 257
Food industry pushes concerns on nutrient labelling claims at EFA conference. Cave, Andrew Conference news 818
Food manufacturers have been given practical and scientific advice by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) on reducing the exposure of their customers to food and livestock-borne disease. Nuthall, Keith 171
German intelligent exhaust research funded by EIB. Osborn, Alan 427
Getting a share of EU grant. Mason, Deirdre 1076
Global warming could be a boon to developing countries--FAO. Nuthall, Keith 133
Greece faces tough struggle to fight resurgent organised crime. Haworth, David 1074
Hydrogen fuel cell advances Europe Japan. Ryall, Julian 807
If there are those who doubt whether the time, effort and resources invested in tracking down lost or orphaned sources of nuclear radiation is well spent, the tragic case of Alexander Litvinenko demonstrates only too clearly why this work is crucial. Mason, Deirdre 2054
IFC helps fund china anti-malarial drugs. Nuthall, Keith 125
IFC says Cambodia Garmant management training yields results. Nuthall, Keith 108
Japan fish farmers to get improved sales efficiency with new market. Ryall, Julian 554
Latvia has become the first European Union (EU) country to ban the sale of confectionary, including chewing gum, and potato crisps, in its state-run schools and nurseries. Nuthall, Keith 101
Latvia has become the first European Union (EU) country to ban the sale of fizzy soft drinks, such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and 7-Up in its state-run schools and nurseries. Strictly speaking, the health ministry prohibition covers all drinks containing artificial additives including colourings, flavourings, preservatives, caffeine, and amino-acids sold in state schools. Nuthall, Keith 104
Lesotho solar power. Nuthall, Keith 156
Looming key Basel Convention meeting to change global recycling rules. Nuthall, Keith Conference news 195
Marta Andreasen attacks commission accounts claims. Osborn, Alan 122
MEPS and EU ministers approach final deal on REACH. Osborn, Alan 1993
MIGA underwrites pharmaceutical plant in Afghanistan. Nuthall, Keith 110
Morocco tobacco market faces transformation. Cochrane, Paul 1069
Nanotechnology advances develop lighter tires. Rowe, Mark 424
Nanotechnology institute issues new research paper. Nuthall, Keith; Rowe, Mark 111
Nanotechnology offers advances on tyre quality say US experts. Rowe, Mark 258
New edible wrap will kill E coli say us scientists. Dobie, Monica 208
New Tokyo fish market offers benefits to the Japan seafood sector. Ryall, Julian 891
OECD advises Mexico to free aquaculture of red tape. Nuthall, Keith 105
OECD calls on China to boost its environmental record on coal. Nuthall, Keith 151
OECD tells China to boost recycling capacity. Nuthall, Keith 211
Pakistan paint industry feature. Baloch, Saeed Akhtar 982
Papua New Guinea launches election theatre. Nuthall, Keith 127
Potocnik seeks to persuade universities to back EIT. Jones, Christopher 420
Rainfall harvesting is to fight water scarcity--UNEP. Nuthall, Keith 160
REACH--adhesives add. Osborn, Alan 84
Red Cross offers accountants exciting career paths in warzones. Mason, Deirdre 1262
Reform planned for EU BSE assessments. Nuthall, Keith 221
Researchers identify muscle disease molecule. Nuthall, Keith 114
Roll on chemical can cut pig smells say US scientists. Dobie, Monica 106
Russia threatens to deepen meat row with Europe. Nuthall, Keith 150
Thai experts fight body odour with nanotechnology t-shirt. Rowe, Mark 218
The European Commission has again refused to give Belarus free access to the European Union (EU) market for textiles and clothing because of its appalling human rights record, making it one of four countries excluded from quota-free trade, also including North Korea, Kosovo and Montenegro. Nuthall, Keith 233
The European Commission has warned of a continued boom in counterfeits of clothing and accessory products entering the European Union (EU), with more than 10.9 million fake items seized by customs officials last year. Nuthall, Keith 226
UN warns of new bird flu strain. Nuthall, Keith 104
UNECE pushes common road signs into east. Nuthall, Keith 107
US professor says Nazi Technology will make coal live forever. Dobie, Monica 323
US scientists use roll-on chemical to sweeten the stench of pig farms. Dobie, Monica 81
US Senate clears India nuclear deal. Verma, Raghavendra 150
Vietnam China to suffer from EU shoe duties. Nuthall, Keith 103
Vietnam membership of WTO will create textle trade opportunities. Nuthall, Keith 305
WTO extends free-trade waiver for blood diamond controls. Nuthall, Keith 307

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