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Articles from International News (June 1, 2006)

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Africa oil gas exploration risks feature. Swindells, Steven 1589
Albania--one of Europe's poorest countries--will receive its first modern high quality supermarket chain, forcing local food manufacturers and distributors to raise their standards. Nuthall, Keith 109
An American soya company has unveiled a new fake-meat manufacturing process that uses a blend of soya and meat protein to make faux beef and chicken. Nuthall, Keith 112
ARS USA research animal byproduct flower pot manufacturing. Dobie, Monica 152
Australasian paint industry adopts environmentally and Socially responsible practices. Brace, Matthew 853
Automatic identification system introduction deadlines EU Council of Ministers. Nuthall, Keith 208
Barrot speech green paper urban transport--committee of the regions green procurement call. Nuthall, Keith 250
Belgium commercial crime feature--corruption. Haworth, David 1074
Blue algae study--slime peptide poison study. Nuthall, Keith 155
BMJ France research sleepy drivers. Dobie, Monica 213
Body shop L'Oreal deal approval. Nuthall, Keith 100
Britain booze cruise controls weakened--European Commission ECJ case dropped. Nuthall, Keith 129
Britain VAT company cars CO2 system. Nuthall, Keith 107
Britain VAT fleet car private mileage EU law exemption. Nuthall, Keith 208
BSE spinal column gelatine tallow. Nuthall, Keith Column 98
Canada Oilsands deal Saskatchewan Canada. Nuthall, Keith 212
Chile European space agency algal bloom. Nuthall, Keith 157
Codex Alimentarius labelling veterinary residues. Nuthall, Keith 183
Coffee alcohol liver protection USA research. Dobie, Monica 109
Commonwealth money laundering feature, anti-money laundering organisations series. Nuthall, Keith 1546
Construction generates industrial but not general wealth says EU report. Nuthall, Keith 165
Council of Ministers meat marketing standards regulation. Nuthall, Keith 118
Counterfeit cigarette production criminalisation. Nuthall, Keith 210
Crisis distillation approval Italy France. Nuthall, Keith 152
Doctors and nurses for Africa. Nuthall, Keith 152
DOHA development round agricultural talks modalities draft. Nuthall, Keith 306
Doha Development Round agriculture talks draft modalities cotton. Nuthall, Keith 209
Doha development round WTO modalities draft issued--drinks issues. Nuthall, Keith 210
Eastern Europe electricity feature--nuclear power phase out capacity replacement. Mason, Deirdre 1589
ECJ Ireland law of the sea Sellafield case. Nuthall, Keith 108
ECJ mutual recognition of qualifications Germany Austria. Nuthall, Keith 102
ECJ tobacco customs stamps case Netherlands. Nuthall, Keith 359
ECJ VAT errors opinion Germany Italy. Nuthall, Keith 159
ECJ VAT imported car tax ruling Denmark. Nuthall, Keith 125
ECJ VAT local authority competitors tax breaks. Nuthall, Keith 208
ECJ VAT private car company use case Italy. Nuthall, Keith 260
EEA report road freight transport growth Eastern Europe. Nuthall, Keith 270
EEA transport environment report road freight growth. Nuthall, Keith 122
EFSA Salmonella laying hens report. Nuthall, Keith 132
EFSA salmonella report. Nuthall, Keith 129
EFSA veal calf welfare criticism report. Nuthall, Keith 223
EFSA veal calf welfare report. Nuthall, Keith 83
EMEA commission pharmaceutical news in briefs. Nuthall, Keith 119
EMEA reforms--transparency and speed. Nuthall, Keith 104
Energy conservation is key to security of supply policies: European environment agency. Nuthall, Keith 137
EU alcohol abuse campaign youth drinking. Osborn, Alan 105
EU alcohol report Finland EU presidency health labelling. Nuthall, Keith 266
EU and Montenegro strike trade deal over adhesives. Nuthall, Keith 102
EU animal tests reduction campaign--laboratory animal welfare. Nuthall, Keith 208
EU compulsory wine distillation agreement France Spain Greece. Nuthall, Keith 109
EU Council of Ministers energy legislation delays. Nuthall, Keith 205
EU Council of Ministers flax hemp aid. Nuthall, Keith 132
EU Council of Ministers olive oil supply row--Mexico EU WTO olive oil row. Nuthall, Keith 206
EU Council of Ministers public transport services regulation. Nuthall, Keith 101
EU develops fruit juice fraud detector. Nuthall, Keith 169
EU Dounreay nuclear controls assessment. Nuthall, Keith 155
EU Energy high level group report. Nuthall, Keith 167
EU ink resin commercial deal approval Akzo Nobel Apollo Group Netehrlands USA. Nuthall, Keith 158
EU intellectual property crimes directive. Nuthall, Keith 80
EU life budget EU environmental spending. Nuthall, Keith 161
EU new polymer foam research. Nuthall, Keith 215
EU population fall--Eurostat statistics--higher education impact. Nuthall, Keith 327
EU population fall--higher education impact European commission. Nuthall, Keith 327
EU Rapex consumer protection information network--volvo renualt Toyota warnings. Nuthall, Keith 166
EU researh funding--auto industry opportunities--seventh framework programme decisions, procedures. Nuthall, Keith 702
EU round up--OLAF, IP crime, etc. Nuthall, Keith 1075
EU round up--Russia EU energy diversification call--biofuel production increase. Nuthall, Keith 131
EU seventh framework programme research--FP7 energy research spending. Nuthall, Keith 259
EU spending auditing reforms--European commission. Nuthall, Keith 156
EU strikes fishing access deals with Sao Tome e Principe, Madagascar: EU international organisation fishing round up. Nuthall, Keith 541
EU sunscreen labels reform. Nuthall, Keith 111
EU tax fraud cooperation communication. Nuthall, Keith 128
EU tax fraud reform paper. Nuthall, Keith 250
EU USA anticounterfeiting joint action. Nuthall, Keith 204
EU USA counterfeit goods alliance--fake clothing. Nuthall, Keith 170
EU waste policy criticism European Parliament EU waste sector. Nuthall, Keith 152
EU wine reform proposals compulsory distillation abolition. Osborn, Alan 358
EU wine reform proposals. Nuthall, Keith 110
EU, Turkey pledge support for key gas pipeline. Nuthall, Keith 158
Eu-Russia energy summit--gas pipeline debate. Nuthall, Keith 182
Eureka plant drug software. Nuthall, Keith 117
Eurobarometer bar smoking ban public opinion poll. Nuthall, Keith 162
Europe scientists age profile report EU brain drain paper. Nuthall, Keith 440
European commission abandons ECJ action against Britain over alcohol and tobacco import controls. Nuthall, Keith 209
European Commission acts against Sweden over foreign finance accounting rules. Nuthall, Keith 208
European Commission cigarette packaging health warnings guide. Nuthall, Keith 119
European Commission court action against Greece over water treatment failings. Nuthall, Keith 188
European Commission Dounreay assessment--Scotland. Nuthall, Keith 199
European Commission drops Britain booze cruise customs control case. Nuthall, Keith 159
European commission fights failure to introduce green building rules. Osborn, Alan; Nuthall, Keith 154
European Commission greenhouse gas assessments. Nuthall, Keith 162
European commission launches legal action against second-hand car import restrictions. Nuthall, Keith 318
European commission launches legal action against second-hand car import restrictions: the European Commission has launched legal action against five member states of the European Union (EU) to stop them imposing special technical tests and extra administration on imports of second-hand autos from other EU countries. Nuthall, Keith 102
European Commission tenders for nuclear energy research released. Nuthall, Keith 149
European Commission urban transport policy paper. Nuthall, Keith 108
European Commission wind power report. Nuthall, Keith 164
European council communique energy policy external relations Russia. Nuthall, Keith 199
European Parliament air directive amendments. Nuthall, Keith 212
European Parliament ambient air directive. Nuthall, Keith 267
European Parliament cigarette smuggling and counterfeiting action call. Nuthall, Keith 315
European Parliament EU Russia summit criticism. Nuthall, Keith 205
European Parliament fishing landing data amendments. Nuthall, Keith 151
European Parliament free environmental information call. Nuthall, Keith 148
European Parliament groundwater directive vote. Nuthall, Keith 201
Fast chicken health checks Eureka research. Nuthall, Keith 113
FATF gives Nigeria all clear on money laundering standards. Nuthall, Keith 156
Finland paint industry feature. Haworth, David 1038
Finland vodka ingredients purity move EU presidency. Osborn, Alan 208
FP7 Euratom European parliament amendments. Nuthall, Keith 203
France ECJ mutual recognition of professional qualifications. Nuthall, Keith 106
France threatens veto over WTO agriculture talks. Nuthall, Keith 116
Germany Italy tobacco advertising VAT case. Nuthall, Keith 212
Germany ombudsman can recycling criticism. Nuthall, Keith 109
Germany spirits company closure, drink and food. Osborn, Alan 150
Germany tobacco industry feature. Osborn, Alan 1509
Gypsum farmland pollution prevention research USA. Dobie, Monica 205
HCFC--new EU member states quotas EU Council of Ministers. Nuthall, Keith 302
Health care nanotechnology pharmaceutical dosing. Nuthall, Keith; Brace, Matthew 347
Hong Kong law school opens--poor English language concerns. Moir, Jane 425
IAEA EU nuclear safeguards cooperation. Nuthall, Keith 153
ILO violence at work report psychological violence. Nuthall, Keith 161
India army rat war. Verma, Raghavendra 212
Indigo annual meeting Canada--baby products, new branches, new website, new sales concepts. Dobie, Monica Website overview 266
Ireland faces court action over refusal to pay insurance to uninsured road accident victims. Nuthall, Keith 210
Italy EIB pharmaceutical loan. Nuthall, Keith 102
Italy faces European Court of Justice action over radiation emergency preparations. Nuthall, Keith 81
John Sleeman interview--Sleeman sale--Canada. Nuthall, Keith; Dobie, Monica 608
Kallas transparency proposals. Nuthall, Keith 106
Kosovo judiciary reform ear Kosovo independence. Nuthall, Keith 133
Kosovo Pristina university governance row un OSCE. Rowe, Mark 369
MEPs recommend postponement of EU Turkmen gas deal. Nuthall, Keith 137
Middle East luxury leather good demand India Pakistan production. Cochrane, Paul 628
Mushroom anti-oxidant USA research vegetables. Dobie, Monica 104
Netherlands digital printer EU environmental prize. Nuthall, Keith 109
New EU communication committee EU steel employers--unions liaison--100 words. Nuthall, Keith 107
New Zealand Netherlands lactose deal--excipients. Nuthall, Keith 105
Nitrates nitrites additive amendment regulation. Nuthall, Keith 104
Nitrates nitrites etc additive amendment regulation. Nuthall, Keith 104
North America VSA research. Dobie, Monica 206
North Sea eel quotas opened. Nuthall, Keith 108
OECD bribes--export credits. Nuthall, Keith 83
OECD report DOHA development round results--USA benefits. Nuthall, Keith 208
OECD tax haven report--dual criminality. Nuthall, Keith 252
Olaf criticism European Parliament. Nuthall, Keith 106
OLAF reforms--European Commission control increased. Nuthall, Keith 257
Older French workers employment initiative. Nuthall, Keith 151
On-demand book machine. Nuthall, Keith 161
Ottawa scent regulation allergy control Canada. Dobie, Monica 124
Population fall higher education impact--EU response. Osborn, Alan 584
Portugal money laundering regulationl feature. Hall, Liz 1680
Portugal solar energy plant. Nuthall, Keith 215
Potash antidumping duties Belarus Ukraine. Nuthall, Keith 370
Rapex EU consumer alert service dangerous car warnings. Mason, Deirdre 506
Renewed Sri Lanka war--Jaffna University--Tamil Tigers. Noyahr, Keith 461
Ricskhaw riders--UNDP--tsunami. Nuthall, Keith 159
Scottish and Newcastle drinks distribution deal approved by European Commission--Britain. Nuthall, Keith 162
Seamless iron steel pipes EU anti dumping duties Croatia Romania Russia Ukraine. Nuthall, Keith 161
Self-cleaning toilet chemically active ceramics. Dobie, Monica 364
Seventh framework programme budget. Nuthall, Keith 125
Seventh framework programme research budget 7FP food research. Nuthall, Keith 210
Sewage sludge heat generator. Nuthall, Keith 157
Slovakia tax break blocked state aid decision. Nuthall, Keith 109
South Africa and China agree clothing and textile trade restriction deal. Swindells, Steven 831
Spain and Greece get EU crisis distillation cash. Nuthall, Keith 159
Spain high value Euro notes report money laundering fears. Nuthall, Keith 107
Sri Lanka night flights to resume after tiger radar upgrade. Noyahr, Keith 214
Stem cell FP7 concerns--Italy u-turn Erasmus Mundus funding EU lifelong learning funding. Nuthall, Keith 271
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the European Investment Bank (EIB) have agreed to create a new fund for projects generating carbon credits in eastern Europe and central Asia. Nuthall, Keith 89
The European Commission has approved without imposing conditions the proposed acquisition of the inks and adhesive resins business of Dutch company Akzo Nobel by the USA's Hexion, part of the Apollo Group. Nuthall, Keith 106
The European Court of Justice (ECJ) Court of First Instance has ruled that unusual shaped sausages are not distinctive enough to be legally recognised trademarks across the European Union (EU). Nuthall, Keith 82
Toy ban phthalate inquiry. Nuthall, Keith 114
Transport hydrogen fuel cell EU research--cars mopeds minibuses. Nuthall, Keith 265
Truckers could lose French and Spanish motorway toll reductions. Nuthall, Keith 155
USA EU counterfeiting cooperation deal. Nuthall, Keith 155
USA research meat vegetable hybrid food. Nuthall, Keith 206
USA research nausea reduction--risk counselling. Dobie, Monica 209
Vegetable oil cheese Codex Alimentarius. Nuthall, Keith 153
World Bank anti-corruption drive. Nuthall, Keith 141
World Bank funds Afghanistan mining regulatory reform--Kabul copper mine benefits. Nuthall, Keith 148
WTO dispute salmon Norway EU row. Nuthall, Keith 102
WTO Doha Development Round modalities agreement prediction. Nuthall, Keith 149
WTO draft agriculture talks modalities issued--Doha Development Round. Nuthall, Keith 653
Zoom shops--high tech vending machines. Dobie, Monica 157

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