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Articles from International News (September 1, 2005)

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Argentina-EU malic acid agreement. Nuthall, Keith 85
Bangladesh feature. Wangdi, Kencho 901
Bird flu vaccines. Nuthall, Keith 218
Bird flu vaccines: the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) has warned major international donors have given only 20% of the money needed to control bird flu in poultry and animals before the epidemic spreads again this winter. Nuthall, Keith 220
Bird flu--migration. Nuthall, Keith 203
Britain municipal waste increase. Nuthall, Keith 93
Childrens medicines. Nuthall, Keith 101
China food report. Brace, Matthew 5648
Commission spectrum trading report. Nuthall, Keith 134
Curacao Brewery closure. Nuthall, Keith 114
Czech Republic--IEA assessment. Nuthall, Keith 201
Daimlerchrysler-ECJ. Nuthall, Keith 128
Deepsea mining. Nuthall, Keith 402
Deepsea mining: the United Nations' International Seabed Authority has delayed agreement of new regulations governing how metal ore mining companies would explore and exploit deep seawaters for hauls such as polymetallic sulphide nodules and cobalt-rich crusts. Nuthall, Keith 353
Denmark ECJ. Nuthall, Keith 156
EBRD Kyrgyz gold/silver. Nuthall, Keith 106
ECJ Belgium water case. Nuthall, Keith 204
ECJ environmental crime case. Nuthall, Keith 158
ECJ Netherlands cigarette customs case. Nuthall, Keith 210
ECJ Netherlands cigarette customs case: a Dutch cigarette wholesale trader hit by an illegal diversion of cargo involving corrupt customs officers should pay Euro 1 million customs debts, the European Court of Justice's Court of First Instance has ruled. Nuthall, Keith 82
EEA annual report--CHP. Nuthall, Keith 110
EEA environmental outlook 2005. Nuthall, Keith 158
EFSA biogas health concerns. Nuthall, Keith 153
EFSA biogas/manure healthy handling. Nuthall, Keith 92
EFSA--tallow. Nuthall, Keith 123
EMEA pharmacovigilence. Nuthall, Keith 112
EMEA/EC Nibs. Nuthall, Keith 121
ENISA--it security agency. Nuthall, Keith 164
EU accountancy deregulation. Nuthall, Keith 252
EU air quality plan. Nuthall, Keith 466
EU coal/solid fuel report. Nuthall, Keith 228
EU consumers report--clothing. Nuthall, Keith 107
EU deregulation--environmental proposals. Nuthall, Keith 95
EU driving licence guide. Nuthall, Keith 84
EU food law deregulation. Nuthall, Keith 127
EU landslide risk studies. Osborn, Alan 417
EU leather global market report. Nuthall, Keith Industry overview 541
EU open skies deal. Nuthall, Keith 111
EU regional airports aid guidelines. Nuthall, Keith 126
EU round up. Nuthall, Keith 359
EU round up: the European Union (EU) has pushed ahead with securing more overseas fishing access deals for EU fishing crews in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Nuthall, Keith 652
EU tobacco legislation round-up. Osborn, Alan 1592
European Parliament--mine waste. Nuthall, Keith 208
European parliament--waste. Nuthall, Keith 204
European parliament--waste: the European parliament has backed removing so-called 'non-hazardous non-inert' waste from a proposed European union (EU) directive on managing mining waste. Nuthall, Keith 158
Exposure to pesticides kills farmers so why are we still using them? Dobie, Monica 811
FAO/EU FMD Cooperation: an agreement has been forged between the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and the European Commission to establish a US$5.4 million rapid response programme to prevent foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) entering Europe. Nuthall, Keith 119
FATF typologies. Nuthall, Keith 1085
Finland--Russia imports: European Union (EU) ministers have been asked to allow Finland to re-impose restrictions on the beer that its citizens can import from Russia, because of fears of runaway cross-border sales. Nuthall, Keith 130
France digital library. Nuthall, Keith 159
Germany elections--nuclear power. Osborn, Alan 253
Global malaria round-up. Nuthall, Keith 231
GM feed approval. Nuthall, Keith 104
Guatemala gold. Nuthall, Keith 151
Hazardous material ban. Nuthall, Keith 225
Hexavalent chromium. Nuthall, Keith 108
ILO airport check in health. Nuthall, Keith 150
Ink deal. Nuthall, Keith 155
Innovative medicines plan. Nuthall, Keith 166
Interpol/ECJ terrorism finance. Nuthall, Keith 209
ISO food chain standard: the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) has published a new standard for food safety management systems, designed to ensure there are no weak environmental health links in food supply chains. Nuthall, Keith 175
Italy distillation. Nuthall, Keith 110
Latvia EIB loan--CHP plant. Nuthall, Keith 150
Leather raw materials section--EU market report. Nuthall, Keith 367
Lebanon car market emerges from Israeli-Hezbollah war. Cochrane, Paul 1024
Malaria vaccine. Dobie, Monica 135
Malaria vaccine: exciting developments in malaria vaccine research may lead to a strengthened armoury against a disease that now infects about 400 million people worldwide and kills close to 2 million children a year. Mason, Deirdre 387
Miniature spider robot swarm-medical treatment-Germany research. Osborn, Alan 454
NAFTA--Canadian alloy magnesium. Nuthall, Keith 156
New car smell--VOC restrictions. Dobie, Monica 152
OECD Digital scientific publishing report. Nuthall, Keith 100
Oil for food--main volcker report. Nuthall, Keith 109
OLAF investigations manual. Nuthall, Keith 477
Optical radiation. Nuthall, Keith 255
Oyster reefs. Dobie, Monica 207
Piebalgs--high oil price plan. Nuthall, Keith 347
Plattsburgh International Airport launch. Nuthall, Keith 83
Podger replacement row. Nuthall, Keith 153
Portugal gas merger case. Osborn, Alan 186
Reinsurance--EU concern. Nuthall, Keith 255
SADIS feature. Rowe, Mark 1088
SARS studies. Nuthall, Keith 110
Saudi WTO membership liberalisation. Nuthall, Keith 391
Scotland award. Nuthall, Keith 106
Services--EU liberalisation. Nuthall, Keith 300
Services--EU liberalisation: the European Commission has called on European Union (EU) countries to further liberalise their professions, including accountancy, although a detailed report praises Britain for its reforms. Nuthall, Keith 220
Seventh framework programme nuclear funding. Nuthall, Keith 104
Slimming cookies: the USA'S Agricultural Research Service (ARS) has unveiled a natural super-carbohydrate ingredient, which can be used to make biscuits and cookies, promoting good health, whilst allowing consumers to indulge their sweet tooth. Dobie, Monica 156
Tsunami analysis. Rowe, Mark 846
Tsunami meeting. Nuthall, Keith Conference news 87
UN oil for food--final. Nuthall, Keith 208
UN oil for food--latest reports. Nuthall, Keith 210
UN witch doctors. Nuthall, Keith 155
Un witch doctors. Nuthall, Keith 211
USA grass nutrient sensor. Dobie, Monica 104
USA--EU wine agreement. Osborn, Alan 314
USA-EU wine trade agreement feature. Osborn, Alan 841
USDA organic cosmetics seal. Nuthall, Keith 156
Wine making additives. Nuthall, Keith 153

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