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International Ministries.

International Ministries sends mission personnel and supports leadership development, evangelism and innovative church programs of church partners around the world to fulfill the worldwide mission of Jesus Christ. The following projects complement the work being accomplished through your gifts to Presbyterians Sharing.

Raise a Roof IMMA04

Many churches in Malawi need roofing materials in order to finish churches they have built by hand using pick axes, shovels and hand-made bricks. Your gift will help congregations purchase corrugated iron sheets and other supplies to put a roof over their heads!

$10 buys one sheet of corrugated iron

$6,000-$8,000 builds a roof

Equip New Ministers with Books IMMA06

Everyone knows that many people in Africa are hungry. But did you know that people in Africa are also hungry for the gospel? Your gift will help provide new graduates from Zomba Theological College with a start-up library of resource books, including a Bible commentary, Bible dictionary, systematic theology book and counselling handbook.

$20 buys a one-volume Bible Commentary

$20 buys a one-volume Bible Dictionary

$100 buys a "start up" library of seven books

Share the Gift of Music IMR002

Your gift will help students from the Hungarian Reformed Theological Seminary in Cluj, Romania travel throughout Transylvania, sharing the gospel message through music. Help the students reach out and minister through song.

$50 pays for programs and advertising for one community concert

$75 buys 20 copies of new sheet music

$100 provides transportation for a short choir excursion

$200 records a choir concert, enabling the choir to reach a much larger audience

Translate the Bible

IMMU01 (Mauritius); IMNI04 (Nigeria); IMTA01 (Taiwan)

Did you know there are still some people who cannot read the Word of God in their own language? Your gift in any amount will help with translation and printing costs so that people in Mauritius, Nigeria and Taiwan can read and understand the Bible in a language that speaks to their heart.

$2 helps print the New Testament in Creole (Mauritius)

$10 helps print a Bible in Igbo, Ezaa or Izii (Nigeria)

$15 helps print a Drekay, Paiwan, Bunun or Hakka Bible (Taiwan)

Rebuild Christian Schools IMR001 (Romania); IMHUO1 (Hungary); IMUK01 (Ukraine)

The Christian schools of the Reformed Church in Eastern Europe have only recently been reopened after years of neglect under the Communist regirne.Your gifts will help the Church repair buildings and purchase updated equipment and school supplies so that they can continue to offer youth a quality education in a Christian environment.

$20 buys school supplies for an elementary school student for one year

$30 buys school supplies for a secondary school student for one year

$500-$2,000 helps repair school buildings

Buy a Minister a Bike IMKE01 (Kenya); IMMA01 (Malawi)

In Kenya and Malawi ministers must often travel considerable distances to teach and visit congregations in rural and remote areas. Your gift will help purchase bicycles so that ministers can share God's love with more people. $25 provides bicycle repairs $80 buys one standard bicycle $150 buys one mountain bike

Make a difference around the world!

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