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International Literary conference concluded.

KHAIRPUR -- The International Conference on Literature, Society and Reconstruction (Past, Present & Future) continued on the second day Wednesday, organized by Department of Urdu, Shah Abdul Latif University, in collaboration with Higher Education Commission, Islamabad. The speakers shed light on the importance of literature in society and said that literature is the mirror of society and has a major impact on the development of the society. It has shaped civilizations, changed political systems and exposed injustices.

They said literature and poetry are not a mere play on word rather they are the highest expression of human creativity and profundity of thought and the role of literature in shaping and reconstructing any society is crucial to a materially and spiritually balanced, prosperous and civilized display of vigor in a globalized world.

The speaker said literature has long been considered as reflecting the norms and values of culture and influencing the society. It exposes social injustice, societal ills, offering ideas and ammunition for social change.

The scholars expressed that Sufi literature and tradition played an important role in the uplift of the society and promoted ethical and social values. Prof. Mohammad Mukhtar Ali from Saudi Arabia, Dr. Farzana Azam Lutfi from Iran, Dr. Khalil Toqar from Turkey, Dr. Ibrahim Mohammad Ibrahim from Egypt, Yashub Tamanna from UK, Dr. Mohammad Kiu Marsi from Iran, Raj Almas from America, Sadaf Mirza from Denmark, Dr. Mustafa Mohammad Rizq from Egypt, Dr. Taghreed Mohammad Al Hadi Syed from Egypt, Ms. Mah Jabeen Ansari from UK, Dr. Ambreen Muneer from Lahore, Dr. Abid Hussain Sial from Islamabad, Mr. Mohammad Nadeem Bhabha from Lahore, Dr. Najma Shaheen Khoso, Dr. Ghulam Qasim Mujahid Balouch, from Dera Ghazi Khan, Dr. Qazi Abdul Rehman Abid from Multan,Dr. Anjum Tahira from Lahore, Dr. Javed Iqbal from Quetta, Dr. Khuwaja Zahid Aziz from Kashmir, Dr. Sofia Yousuf Khushk, Ms. Zahida Hina from Karachi and others presented their papers.

The sessions were presided over by Dr. Anwaar Ahmed, Dr. Satya Pal Anand, Dr. Khalil Toqar, Dr. Fatima Hassan, Prof. Dr. Nabila Rehman, Dr. Mohammad Kiu Marsi, Prof. Dr. Henz Warner Wesller and others.

The international Mushaira was also held at Faiz Mahal Palace in collaboration with Bhittai Social Watch and Advocacy (BSWA), which was presided over by Prince Mir Mehdi Raza Talpur and Prof. Dr. Khalil Toqar from Turkey. Prof. Dr. Parveen Shah, Vice Chancellor was the chief guest. Syed Javed Ali Shah Jillani, Mohammad Abbas Balouch, Commissioner, Sukkur and Munwar Ali Mithiani, Deputy Commissioner, Khairpur, Ms. Fatima Hassan, Yashub Tammana, Seema Ghazal, Sadaf Mirza, Najma Shaheen Khosa, Dr. Ateeq Ahmed Jillani, Dr. Ambreen Muneer, Zahid Muneer Aamir, Dr. Ghulam Qasim Mujahid Balouch, Mr. Sajid Soomro and others presented their poetry.

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Yousuf Khushk, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences & Arts, Dr. Sofia Yousuf Khushk, Chairperson, Department of Urdu, Ejaz Mahar and others attended the Mushaira.

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Publication:Balochistan Times (Baluchistan Province, Pakistan)
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Date:Jan 15, 2015
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