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International Left-handers Day to be observed on 13 August.

ISLAMABAD -- International Left-handers Day 2012 will be celebrated all over the world including Pakistan on 13 August (Monday) with the theme to create awareness about lefthanders.

It is marked with gatherings of left-handed people. Several activities will be organized on the day, featuring left-handed people. This day was first celebrated in 1976, by its founder, Dean R Campbell whose birthday also happens to be on this day.

The day is abundant with left-handed gadgets, books and tools. There are presentations by left-handers about left-handers. The difficulties of left-handers are highlighted and left-handed people come forward and share their experiences and also tell people how they overcome the problems of being a left-hander.

The main objective of International Left-handers Day is to create awareness for everyone to realize that being left-handed is not a handicap. Children should not be discouraged from being a left-hander, as they may have even more difficulty coping with their right hands if they are after all, naturally left-handed.

It is this day, the International Left-handers Day which brings all left-handers into the limelight, in an effort for the right-handed world to understand left-handers in a better light, and having done so, to support their situation to make their survival an easier task.

A day devoted to raising awareness of the particular difficulties and strengths of left-handers. Lefty's San Francisco and will celebrate International Left-Handers' Day, August 13, with games, prizes, and demonstrations of left-handed products.

Left-Handers' Day serves a several purposes. First it is a day for Lefty Pride - to teach lefties about the remarkable accomplishments of left-handers throughout history.

Another purpose of Left-Handers' Day is to promote awareness among those who make things hard for lefties - especially teachers and school officials who may not know how difficult things can be for left-handed kids.
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Publication:Balochistan Times (Baluchistan Province, Pakistan)
Date:Aug 11, 2012
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