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Articles from International Journal of Photoenergy (January 1, 2021)

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A Comparative Performance Analysis between Serpentine-Flow Solar Water Heater and Photovoltaic Thermal Collector under Malaysian Climate Conditions. Hossain, M. S.; Kumar, Laveet; Nahar, Afroza 5129
A Comprehensive Review on the Effects of Laser Photobiomodulation on Skeletal Muscle Fatigue in Spastic Patients. Stamborowski, Sadi F.; Lima, Fernanda Púpio Silva; Leonardo, Patrícia Sardinha; Lima, Mário Oliveira Report 12846
A Novel Design of Photovoltaic-Based Charging Station for Battery Vehicles with Dynamic Demand: A Case of Short Runs. Salameh, Mohamed; Khatib, Tamer; Alsahili, Khaled 9108
A Novel Experimental and Approach of Diagnosis, Partial Shading, and Fault Detection for Domestic Purposes Photovoltaic System Using Data Exchange of Adjacent Panels. Raeisi, H. A.; Sadeghzadeh, S. M. 8403
A Seventeen Multilevel High-Power Application Inverter with Low Total Harmonic Distortion. Farooq, Ajmal; Tu, Shanshan; Ahmad, Fiaz; Malik, Muhammad Zeeshan; Rehman, Obaid U.; Hafeez, Ghulam; 5945
A Solar Photovoltaic Performance and Financial Modeling Solution for Grid-Connected Homes in Zambia. Imasiku, Katundu 6771
A Technoeconomic Feasibility Analysis for Affordable Energy System in the East African Community Countries. Bimenyimana, Samuel; Wang, Chen; Asemota, Godwin Norense Osarumwense; Nduwamungu, Aphrodis; Mesa, Ci 6428
Aloe-Emodin-Mediated Photodynamic Therapy Induces Apoptosis in Basal Cell Carcinoma Cells via Activation of ERK/JNK Signaling Pathway. Odhiambo, Woodvine Otieno; Geng, Songmei; Wang, Xiaopeng; Chen, Xiaodong; Qin, Mengting; Yuan, Meng; 5573
An Exhaustive Review on a Solar Still Coupled with a Flat Plate Collector. Ayoobi, Ahmadreza; Ramezanizadeh, Mahdi 12584
An Improved Maximum Power Point Approach for Temperature Variation in PV System Applications. Chellakhi, Abdelkhalek; El Beid, Said; Abouelmahjoub, Younes 6707
Analytical versus Metaheuristic Methods to Extract the Photovoltaic Cells and Panel Parameters. Cotfas, Daniel T.; Cotfas, Petru A.; Oproiu, Mihai P.; Ostafe, Paul A. 8040
Assessment and Modeling of Household-Scale Solar Water Heater Application in Zambia: Technical, Environmental, and Energy Analysis. Jahangiri, Mehdi; Akinlabi, Esther T.; Sichilalu, Sam M. 6687
Automated Generation Control of Multiple-Area Electrical System with an Availability-Based Tariff Pricing Scheme Regulated by Whale Optimized Fuzzy PID Controller. Hamodat, Zaid; Cansever, Galip 7193
Biotemplated Synthesis of Titanium Oxide Nanoparticles in the Presence of Root Extract of Kniphofia schemperi and Its Application for Dye Sensitized Solar Cells. Bekele, Eneyew Tilahun; Zereffa, Enyew Amare; Gultom, Noto Susanto; Kuo, Dong-Hau; Gonfa, Bedasa Abd 7562
Comprehensive Investigation of Solar-Based Hydrogen and Electricity Production in Iran. Kalbasi, Rasool; Jahangiri, Mehdi; Tahmasebi, Ahmad 7148
Concentrated Solar Power and Photovoltaic Systems: A New Approach to Boost Sustainable Energy for All (Se4all) in Rwanda. Hagumimana, Noel; Zheng, Jishi; Asemota, Godwin Norense Osarumwense; Niyonteze, Jean De Dieu; Nsengi 21902
Corrosion Reason Analysis of 13Cr110 Tubing in an Injection and Production Well of the Suqiao Gas Storage Group. Cai, Rui; Gui, Jie; Li, Mingxing; Zhao, Binbin; Bai, Xiaohong; Cheng, Guangxu 4144
Current Status of Emerging PV Technologies: A Comparative Study of Dye-Sensitized, Organic, and Perovskite Solar Cells. Giannouli, Myrsini Report 15960
Design and Performance of Solar PV Integrated Domestic Vapor Absorption Refrigeration System. Selvaraj, Divya Arputham; Victor, Kirubakaran 4907
Design of a High Step-Up DC-DC Converter with Voltage Doubler and Tripler Circuits for Photovoltaic Systems. Yaseen, Muhammad; Farooq, Ajmal; Malik, Muhammad Zeeshan; Usman, Muhammad; Hafeez, Ghulam; Ali, Muha 4388
Design of Efficient Off-Grid Solar Photovoltaic Water Pumping System Based on Improved Fractional Open Circuit Voltage MPPT Technique. Hmidet, Ali; Subramaniam, Umashankar; Elavarasan, Rajvikram Madurai; Raju, Kannadasan; Diaz, Matias; 9977
Determining Optimum Tilt Angle for 1MW Photovoltaic System at Sukkur, Pakistan. Memon, Qasir Ali; Rahimoon, Abdul Qadir; Ali, Khurshed; Shaikh, Muhammad Fawad; Shaikh, Shoaib Ahmed 3754
Development of New Models for the Estimation of Hourly Components of Solar Radiation: Tests, Comparisons, and Application for the Generation of a Solar Database in Morocco. Benchrifa, Mohammed; Tadili, Rachid; Idrissi, Ahmed; Essalhi, Hajar; Mechaqrane, Abdellah 8850
Effect of Design Parameters on Fresh Water Produced from Triangular Basin and Conventional Basin Solar Still. Prasad, A. Rajendra; Sathyamurthy, Ravishankar; Sudhakar, M.; Madhu, B.; Mageshbabu, D.; Manokar, A. 5131
Effect of Reflecting Material on CPC to Improve the Performance of Hybrid Groundwater Solar Desalination System. Kedar, S. A.; Bewoor, A. K.; Murali, G.; Kumar, Ravinder; Sadeghzadeh, Milad; Issakhov, Alibek 6733
Effect of Using Hybrid Nanofluid in Thermal Management of Photovoltaic Panel in Hot Climates. Komeili Birjandi, Amir; Eftekhari Yazdi, Mohammad; Dinarvand, Saeed; Salehi, Gholam Reza; Tehrani, P 3267
Effects of KBr and KI on Photocatalytic Degradation of Dye W-7G with Nano-TiO[sub.2] as Catalyst. Zou, Chao; Geng, Qi-Jin; Zhu, Jing-Tuo; Jing, Chen; Zhong, Wen; Hou, Zhao-Sheng 5059
Effects of Reliability Index on Optimal Configuration of Hybrid Solar/Battery Energy System by Optimization Approach: A Case Study. Liu, Hao; Wu, Baojia; Maleki, Akbar; Pourfayaz, Fathollah; Ghasempour, Roghayeh Case study 7011
Electrophoretic Codeposition of MoO[sub.x]/MoS[sub.2] Thin Film for Platinum-Free Counter Electrode in Quantum Dot Solar Cells. Nguyen, Thanh Tung; Ngo, Huy Phap; Le, Van Thang; Huynh, Le Thanh Nguyen; Le, Viet Hai; Nguyen, Thai 8039
Energy and Economic Analysis of Curved, Straight, and Spiral Flow Flat-Plate Solar Water Collector. Muthuraman, U.; Shankar, R.; Nassa, Vinay Kumar; Karthick, Alagar; Malla, Chandrabhanu; Kumar, Amit; 5621
Energy Efficiency Enhancement and Climate Change Mitigations of SMEs through Grid-Interactive Solar Photovoltaic System. Lalith Pankaj Raj, G. N.; Kirubakaran, V. 7066
Energy, Exergy Analysis, and Optimizations of Collector Cover Thickness of a Solar Still in El Oued Climate, Algeria. Khechekhouche, Abderrahmane; Manokar, A. Muthu; Sathyamurthy, Ravishankar; Essa, Fadl A.; Sadeghzade 5204
Estimation of the Uncertainty due to Each Step of Simulating the Photovoltaic Conversion under Real Operating Conditions. Dubois, Anne Migan; Badosa, Jordi; Bourdin, Vincent; Torres Aguilar, Moira I.; Bonnassieux, Yvan 7843
Experimental and CFD Investigation of a Modified Uneven-Span Greenhouse Solar Dryer in No-Load Conditions under Natural Convection Mode. Mellalou, Abderrahman; Riad, Walid; Hnawi, Salma Kaotar; Tchenka, Abdelaziz; Bacaoui, Abdelaziz; Out 5616
Experimental Study of the Effect of Photobiomodulation Therapy on the Regulation of the Healing Process of Chronic Wounds. Pavlov, Sergey B.; Babenko, Nataliia M.; Kumetchko, Marina V.; Litvinova, Olga B.; Mikhaylusov, Rost 6817
Fabrication of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSC) Using Mg-Doped ZnO as Photoanode and Extract of Rose Myrtle (Rhodomyrtus tomentosa) as Natural Dye. Siregar, Nurdin; Motlan,; Panggabean, Jonny Haratua; Sirait, Makmur; Rajagukguk, Juniastel; Gultom, 4047
Fabrication of SiC@Cu/Cu Composites with the Addition of SiC@Cu Powder by Magnetron Sputtering. Yunlong, Zhang; Wenbo, Li; Ming, Hu; Hongyong, Yi; Wei, Zhou; Peiling, Ding; Lili, Tang 3820
Forecasting of Energy Production for Photovoltaic Systems Based on ARIMA and ANN Advanced Models. Fara, Laurentiu; Diaconu, Alexandru; Craciunescu, Dan; Fara, Silvian 10068
High Performance of IZO Coated on PET Substrate for Electroluminescence Device Using Oxygen Plasma Treatment. Poonthong, Wittawat; Mungkung, Narong; Arunrungrusmi, Somchai; Yuji, Toshifumi; Sung, Youl-Moon 6440
Impact of Dimensionality on Optoelectronic Properties of Hybrid Perovskites. Ware, Washat; Wright, Tia; Davita, Antony; Danilov, Evgeny; Gautam, Bhoj 5316
Impact on Structural and Optical Properties of CZTS Thin Films with Solvents and Ge Incorporation. Singh, Abhay Kumar; Rana, Tanka R.; Kim, JunHo; Shkir, M.; Jen, Tien-Chien 3936
Impacts of Ground Slope on Main Performance Figures of Solar Chimney Power Plants: A Comprehensive CFD Research with Experimental Validation. Cuce, Erdem; Cuce, Pinar Mert; Sen, Harun; Sudhakar, K.; Berardi, Umberto; Serencam, Ugur 7598
Implementation of a Novel MPPT Tactic for PV System Applications on MATLAB/Simulink and Proteus-Based Arduino Board Environments. Chellakhi, Abdelkhalek; El Beid, Said; Abouelmahjoub, Younes 5913
Improvement and Nocturnal Extension of the Efficiency of a Solar Still. Mandi, Benaissa; Menni, Younes; Maouedj, Rachid; Lorenzini, Giulio; Ahmadi, Mohammad Hossein; Emani, 6143
Improvement of Heat Pipe Solar Collector Thermal Efficiency Using Al[sub.2]O[sub.3]/Water and TiO[sub.2]/Water Nanofluids. Ünvar, Sinan; Menlik, Tayfun; Sözen, Adnan; Ali, Hafiz Muhammad 7712
Improvement of the Dynamic Response of Robust Sliding Mode MPPT Controller-Based PSO Algorithm for PV Systems under Fast-Changing Atmospheric Conditions. Djanssou, Dieudonné Marcel; Dadjé, Abdouramani; Tom, Ahmat; Djongyang, Noël 6711
Influence of Narrow Rectangular Channel (AR=1:4) on Heat Transfer and Friction for V- and W-Shaped Ribs in Turbine Blade Applications. Krishnaswamy, Karthik; Sivan, Suresh; Ali, Hafiz Muhammad 8096
Influence of Retrogression and Reaging Treatment on Microstructure and Microhardness of the 3A21/7075 Aluminum Alloy Cladding Material. Hu, Ming; Ren, Xiaoxue; Sun, Jianbo; Zhang, Yunlong 4429
Integration of Microgrids and Electric Vehicle Technologies in the National Grid as the Key Enabler to the Sustainable Development for Rwanda. Bimenyimana, Samuel; Wang, Chen; Nduwamungu, Aphrodis; Asemota, Godwin Norense Osarumwense; Utetiwab 7902
Investigating the Effect of Inclination Angle of Magnetic Field Vector on Silicon PV Modules. Combari, Dioari Ulrich; Ramde, Emmanuel Wendsongré; Korgo, Bruno; Saré, Ramatou; Zoungrana, Martial; 4173
Investigation on Heat Transfer Enhancement in Microchannel Using Al[sub.2]O[sub.3]/Water Nanofluids. Munimathan, Arunkumar; Sathish, T.; Mohanavel, V.; Karthick, Alagar; Madavan, R.; Subbiah, Ram; Masi 5413
Investigation on Mechanical Properties of GH4720Li at High Strain Rates at Wider Temperature Range. Chen, Jie; Zhang, Haifeng; Zhang, Yunlong; Zhang, Hongtao; Yang, Qingxiang; Ye, Longhai 4311
Investigation on Photovoltaic Array Modeling and the MPPT Control Method under Partial Shading Conditions. Bai, Jianbo; Sun, Leihou; Pachauri, Rupendra Kumar; Wang, Guangqing 7136
Investing in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in Palestinian Territories: Barriers and Opportunities. Yasin, Aysar; Camporeale, Cecilia; Alsayed, Mohammed; Del Ciello, Roberto; Yaseen, Basel 7414
Mechanism and Optimized Process Conditions of Forming One-Dimensional ZnO Nanorods with Al-Doping by Electrodeposition Method. Chen, Jianlin; Zhang, Yu; Qiu, Wei; Chen, Shu; Liu, Chang; Peng, Zhuoyin; Chen, Jian 7100
Modeling and Analysis of 3MW Solar Photovoltaic Plant Using PVSyst at Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Pakistan. Faiz, Faizan Ul Hassan; Shakoor, Rabia; Raheem, Abdur; Umer, Farhana; Rasheed, Nadia; Farhan, Muhamm 4750
Multicriteria Decision Analysis for Renewable Energy Integration Design: For an Institutional Energy System Network. Rajavelu, Dharani; Madasamy, Balasubramonian 5041
New Diagnosis and Fault-Tolerant Control Strategy for Photovoltaic System. Abouobaida, Hassan; Abouelmahjoub, Younes 5204
Ni-Doped Protonated Layered Titanate/TiO[sub.2] Composite with Efficient Photocatalytic Activity for NO[sub.x] Decomposition Reactions. Saito, Kanji; Orikasa, Shota; Asakura, Yusuke; Ide, Yusuke; Sugahara, Yoshiyuki; Ogasawara, Masataka 5750
Numerical Performance Investigation of Parabolic Dish Solar-Assisted Cogeneration Plant Using Different Heat Transfer Fluids. Khan, Muhammad Sajid; Abid, Muhammad; Amber, Khuram Pervez; Ali, Hafiz Muhammad; Yan, Mi; Javed, Sam 7604
Numerical Study on the Thermal Performance of Trombe Wall for Passive Solar Building in Semiarid Climate. Dhahri, Maher; Khalilpoor, Nima; Aouinet, Hana; Issakhov, Alibek; Sammouda, Habib; Emani, Sampath 4342
On the Determination of the Output Power in Mono/Multicrystalline Photovoltaic Cells. Liu, Xia; Liu, Yongqiu; Eslami, Mohammad 4148
Optimal Design of Grid-Connected Solar Photovoltaic System Using Selective Particle Swarm Optimization. Kefale, Habtemariam Aberie; Getie, Elias Mandefro; Eshetie, Kassaye Gizaw 4582
Optimum Building Design Variables in a Warm Saharan Mediterranean Climate Zone. Albatayneh, Aiman; Tayara, Tarek; Jaradat, Mustafa; Al-Omary, Murad; Hindiyeh, Muna; Alterman, Dariu 9351
Optimum Height and Tilt Angle of the Solar Receiver for a 30kWe Solar Tower Power Plant for the Electricity Production in the Sahelian Zone. Faye, Kory; Thiam, Ababacar; Faye, Mactar 6224
Parameter Estimation of the Photovoltaic System Using Bald Eagle Search (BES) Algorithm. Nicaire, Ndongmo Fotsa; Steve, Perabi Ngoffe; Salome, Ndjakomo Essiane; Grégroire, Abessolo Ondoua 9116
Performance Investigation of Tempered Glass-Based Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline Solar Photovoltaic Panels. Huot, Mardy; Kumar, Laveet; Selvaraj, Jeyraj; Hasanuzzaman, Md; Rahim, Nasrudin Abd 3736
Performance Modeling of the Weather Impact on a Utility-Scale PV Power Plant in a Tropical Region. Gopi, Ajith; Sudhakar, K.; Keng, Ngui Wai; Krishnan, Ananthu R.; Priya, S. Shanmuga 6326
Performance Optimization of the InGaP/GaAs Dual-Junction Solar Cell Using SILVACO TCAD. Salem, Marwa S.; Saif, Omar M.; Shaker, Ahmed; Abouelatta, Mohamed; Alzahrani, Abdullah J.; Alanazi, 7223
Photodynamic Therapy for Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Lin, Jiao; Ni, Guangcheng; Ding, Tingting; Lei, Shangxue; Zhong, Liang; Liu, Na; Pan, Keran 6631
Photodynamic Therapy in the Extracellular Matrix of Mouse Lungs: Preliminary Results of an Alternative Tissue Sterilization Process. Oliveira, Luis Vicente Franco; Apostólico, Nadua; Uriarte, Juan José; da Palma, Renata Kelly; Prates 5768
Power Enhancement under Partial Shading Condition Using a Two-Step Optimal PV Array Reconfiguration. Nahidan, Mohamad Hossien; Niroomand, Mehdi; Dehkordi, Behzad Mirzaeian 7373
Preparation and Characterization of Nickel and Aluminum-Codoped SnO[sub.2] Thin Films for Optoelectronic Applications. Bouabdalli, El Mahdi; El Jouad, Mohamed; Garmim, Taoufik; Touhtouh, Samira; Louardi, Ahmed; Monkade, 8172
Preparation of Luminescent Glass Aggregates from Soda-Lime Waste Glass. Loryuenyong, Vorrada; Buasri, Achanai 3221
Recovery of Pure Silicon and Other Materials from Disposed Solar Cells. Punathil, Lineesh; Mohanasundaram, K.; Tamilselavan, K. S.; Sathyamurthy, Ravishankar; Chamkha, Ali 2031
Research on Online Defect Detection Method of Solar Cell Component Based on Lightweight Convolutional Neural Network. Liu, Huaiguang; Ding, Wancheng; Huang, Qianwen; Fang, Li 7235
Research on the Method of Coke Optical Tissue Segmentation Based on Adaptive Clustering. Liu, Huaiguang; Zhang, Liheng; Zhou, Shiyang; Fang, Li 8132
Review of Active and Passive Daylighting Technologies for Sustainable Building. Onubogu, Nneka Obianuju; Chong, Kok-Keong; Tan, Ming-Hui Report 16299
Role of Interfacial Oxide Layer in MoO[sub.x]/n-Si Heterojunction Solar Cells. Song, X. M.; Huang, Z. G.; Gao, M.; Chen, D. Y.; Fan, Z.; Ma, Z. Q. 5072
RSM-Based Optimization of the Parameters Affecting TiO[sub.2]-Mediated UV Photocatalysis of Vehicular Emissions in Enclosed Parking Garages. Singh, Sandeep; Thind, Parteek; Verma, Manpreet Kaur; Singh, Dapinder Deep; Sareen, Arjun; Ahuja, Dh 6094
Short-Term Power Prediction of Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) System Based on Machine Learning Algorithms. Kabilan, R.; Chandran, V.; Yogapriya, J.; Karthick, Alagar; Gandhi, Priyesh P.; Mohanavel, V.; Rahim 5642
Solar Hybrid System Component Study in Low Concentrated Sunlight. Cotfas, Petru A.; Cotfas, Daniel T. Report 7260
Solar PV Minigrid Technology: Peak Shaving Analysis in the East African Community Countries. Ihirwe, Jeanne Paula; Li, Zibiao; Sun, Keyuan; Bimenyimana, Samuel; Wang, Chen; Asemota, Godwin Nore 20052
Standalone and Minigrid-Connected Solar Energy Systems for Rural Application in Rwanda: An In Situ Study. Chang, Kuo-Chi; Hagumimana, Noel; Zheng, Jishi; Asemota, Godwin Norense Osarumwense; Niyonteze, Jean Report 11965
Structural Defects of Graphene Oxidation Reduction and Its High-Efficiency Structural Reforming Technology. An, Junwei; Wen, Chen; Chen, Chuping; Qiu, Xiaolin 3747
Study of Controlled Aluminum-Vanadium Alloy Prepared by Vacuum Resistance Furnace. Li, Lanjie; Li, Bingjun; Wan, Heli; Chen, Mao; Yee, Sze Long Report 4986
Study on the Influence of Introducing Al Transition Layer on Deuterium Resistance of Al[sub.2]O[sub.3] Coating. Wang, Weijing; Yu, Qinghe; Liu, Xiaopeng; Hao, Lei; Mi, Jing; Li, Shijie; Li, Shuai 4165
Study on the Influence of Light Intensity on the Performance of Solar Cell. Li, Zhe; Yang, Jian; Dezfuli, Pouya Asareh Nejad 6545
Technoeconomic Performance Analysis of Solar Tracking Methods for Roof-Type Solar Power Plants and Electric Vehicle Charging Stations. Boyekin, Tahsin; Kiyak, Ismail 8177
The Effect of Graphite and Fe[sub.2]O[sub.3] Addition on Hydrolysis Kinetics of Mg-Based Hydrogen Storage Materials. Yang, Kun; Qin, Hongyun; Lv, Junnan; Yu, Rujun; Chen, Xia; Zhao, Zengdian; Li, Yongjie 4659
The Impact of Arid Climate on the Indoor Thermal Comfort in the South-East of Morocco. Lairgi, Lamya; Lagtayi, Rachid; Daya, Abdelmajid; Elotmani, Rabie; Touzani, Mohammed 4592
The Role of Silicon Heterojunction and TCO Barriers on the Operation of Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells: Comparison between Theory and Experiment. Abdulraheem, Yaser; Ghannam, Moustafa; Radhakrishnan, Hariharsudan Sivaramakrishnan; Gordon, Ivan 7400
Thermal and Environmental Analysis Solar Water Heater System for Residential Buildings. Alayi, Reza; Khalilpoor, Nima; Heshmati, Saeid; Najafi, Atabak; Issakhov, Alibek 4844
Thermal Performance Study on a Sensible Cool Thermal Energy Storage System for Building Air-Conditioning Applications. Muthaiyan, Kesavan; Lakshmanan, Chidambaram; Raj, Kaiwalya; Sharma, Mangat Ram; Narayanasamy, Rajama Report 6018
Thinking and Prospect of Power Chip Specificity. Ma, Fuqi; Li, Min; DONG, Xuzhu; WANG, Bo; ZHOU, Yinyu; Li, Jincan; FENG, Lei 9542
Utilization of Rooftop Solar Units to Generate Electricity and Hydrogen: A Technoeconomic Analysis. Rezaei, Mostafa; Jahangiri, Mehdi; Razmjoo, Armin 7306
Zn-Doped SnO[sub.2] Compact Layer for Enhancing Performance of Perovskite Solar Cells. Yang, Chenjun; Chen, Mengwei; Wang, Jiaqi; Lu, Haifei 6048

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