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Articles from International Journal of Photoenergy (January 1, 2018)

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1D Ti[O.sub.2] Nanostructures Prepared from Seeds Presenting Tailored Ti[O.sub.2] Crystalline Phases and Their Photocatalytic Activity for Escherichia coli in Water. Cabrera, Julieta; Acosta, Dwight; Lopez, Alcides; Candal, Roberto J.; Marchi, Claudia; Garcia, Pilar 3294
A Comparative Analysis of 2-(Thiocyanomethylthio)-Benzothiazole Degradation Using Electro-Fenton and Anodic Oxidation on a Boron-Doped Diamond Electrode. Vazquez, Armando; Alvarado, Lucia; Lazaro, Isabel; Cruz, Roel; Nava, Jose Luis; Rodriguez-Torres, Is 6829
A Five-Level H-Bridge STATCOM for an Off-Grid PV Solar Farm under Two Controllers PI and [PI.sup.[lambda]]-MPC Hybrid. Mengi, Onur Ozdal 5270
A Hybrid Maximum Power Point Tracking Approach for Photovoltaic Systems under Partial Shading Conditions Using a Modified Genetic Algorithm and the Firefly Algorithm. Huang, Yu-Pei; Chen, Xiang; Ye, Cheng-En 6390
A New Multilevel Inverter Topology for Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Systems. Satti, Muhammad Bilal; Hasan, Ammar; Ahmad, Mian Ilyas 4728
A Parametric Investigation on Energy-Saving Effect of Solar Building Based on Double Phase Change Material Layer Wallboard. Tong, Xiaoxiao; Xiong, Xingyao 4322
A Solution-Processed Tetra-Alkoxylated Zinc Phthalocyanine as Hole Transporting Material for Emerging Photovoltaic Technologies. Zanotti, Gloria; Mattioli, Giuseppe; Paoletti, Anna Maria; Pennesi, Giovanna; Caschera, Daniela; Mam 6826
Albendazole Degradation Possibilities by UV-Based Advanced Oxidation Processes. Ljubas, Davor; Cizmic, Mirta; Vrbat, Katarina; Stipanicev, Drazenka; Repec, Sinisa; Curkovic, Lidija 4410
An Intelligent Maximum Power Point Using a Fuzzy Log Controller under Severe Weather Conditions. Bataineh, Khaled 4062
Analytical Approach to Circulating Current Mitigation in Hexagram Converter-Based Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Systems Using Multiwinding Coupled Inductors. Shammaa, Abdullrahman A. Al-; Noman, Abdullah M.; Addoweesh, Khaled E.; Alabduljabbar, Ayman A.; Alo 8062
Annual Optical Performance of a Solar CPC Photoreactor with Multiple Catalyst Support Configurations by a Multiscale Model. Pena-Cruz, Manuel I.; Valades-Pelayo, Patricio J.; Arancibia-Bulnes, Camilo A.; Pineda-Arellano, Car 5671
Antibacterial Activity of Ag-Doped Ti[O.sub.2] and Ag-Doped ZnO Nanoparticles. Nigussie, Gebretinsae Yeabyo; Tesfamariam, Gebrekidan Mebrahtu; Tegegne, Berhanu Menasbo; Weldemiche 3803
Atmosphere-Dependent Photoconductivity of ZnO in the Urbach Tail. Scolfaro, D.; Onofre, Y.J.; Teodoro, M.D.; de Godoy, M.P.F. 5073
C-, N-, S-, and F-Doped Anatase Ti[O.sub.2] (101) with Oxygen Vacancies: Photocatalysts Active in the Visible Region. Gonzalez-Torres, Julio Cesar; Poulain, Enrique; Dominguez-Soria, Victor; Garcia-Cruz, Raul; Olvera-N 8017
CFD Analysis and Electrical Efficiency Improvement of a Hybrid PV/T Panel Cooled by Forced Air Circulation. Omeroglu, Gokhan 5530
Comparative Analysis of All-Sky Luminous Efficacy Models Based on Calculated and Measured Solar Radiation Data of Four Worldwide Cities. Seo, Donghyun 4859
Comparative Performance Analysis of Grid-Connected PV Power Systems with Different PV Technologies in the Hot Summer and Cold Winter Zone. Li, Chong 4816
Computational Prediction of Electronic and Photovoltaic Properties of Anthracene-Based Organic Dyes for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells. Wang, Hongbo; Liu, Qian; Liu, Dejiang; Su, Runzhou; Liu, Jinglin; Li, Yuanzuo 12582
Corrigendum to "Application of DC-AC Hybrid Grid and Solar Photovoltaic Generation with Battery Storage Using Smart Grid". Rauf, Shoaib; Khan, Nasrullah Correction notice 118
Design and Simulation of a Solar Chimney PV/T Power Plant in Northwest China. Liu, Qingjun; Cao, Fei; Liu, Yanhua; Zhu, Tianyu; Liu, Deyou 5816
Design, Electrical, and Optical Modelling of Bulk Heterojunction Polymer Solar Cell. Ali, Muhammad; Shuja, Ahmed; Baig, Ahsan; Jamil, Erum; Amjad, Muhammad 3908
Determination of Ketorolac in the Effluent from a Hospital Treating Plant and Kinetics Study of Its Photolytic Degradation. Soto, Hector Hugo Ortega; Garcia, Jorge Javier Ramirez; Suarez, Paula Gamboa; Estrada, Angie Michell 4291
Development and Application of a Fuzzy Control System for a Lead-Acid Battery Bank Connected to a DC Microgrid. Martinez, Juan Jose; Padilla-Medina, Jose Alfredo; Cano-Andrade, Sergio; Sancen, Agustin; Prado, Jua 6187
Distribution Network Voltage Control Based on Coordinated Optimization of PV and Air-Conditioning. Wang, Qi; Lu, Bin; Dou, Xiaobo; Sun, Yichao; Liu, Jin 4015
E. coli Bacteriostatic Action Using Ti[O.sub.2] Photocatalytic Reactions. Rojviroon, Thammasak; Sirivithayapakorn, Sanya 6561
Effect of Surface Structure on Electrical Performance of Industrial Diamond Wire Sawing Multicrystalline Si Solar Cells. Wang, Shaoliang; Gou, Xianfang; Zhou, Su; Huang, Junlin; Huang, Qingsong; Qiu, Jialiang; Xu, Zheng; 2306
Effect of Tracking Error of Double-Axis Tracking Device on the Optical Performance of Solar Dish Concentrator. Yan, Jian; Cheng, Zi-ran; Peng, You-duo 8308
Exergy Analysis of Two Kinds of Solar-Driven Cogeneration Systems in Lhasa, Tibet, China. Zhang, Haofei; Lei, Bo; Yu, Tao; Zhao, Zhida 5760
Experimental Investigation on Thermal Management of Electric Vehicle Battery Module with Paraffin/Expanded Graphite Composite Phase Change Material. Zhang, Jiangyun; Li, Xinxi; He, Fengqi; He, Jieshan; Zhong, Zhaoda; Zhang, Guoqing 4270
Experimental Study of a Novel Direct-Expansion Variable Frequency Finned Solar/Air-Assisted Heat Pump Water Heater. Qin, Jing; Ji, Jie; Huang, Wenzhu; Qin, Hong; Modjinou, Mawufemo; Li, Guiqiang Report 5718
Experimental Study on a Forced-Circulation Loop Thermosiphon Solar Water Heating System. Zhang, Tao Report 7743
Extraction of Saturation Current and Ideality Factor from Measuring [V.sub.oc] and [] of Photovoltaic Modules. Meyer, E.L. 5292
Fabrication and Characterization of C[H.sub.3]N[H.sub.3]Pb[I.sub.3] Perovskite Solar Cells Added with Polysilanes. Oku, Takeo; Nomura, Junya; Suzuki, Atsushi; Tanaka, Hiroki; Fukunishi, Sakiko; Minami, Satoshi; Tsuk 5300
Fabrication of Affordable and Sustainable Solar Cells Using NiO/Ti[O.sub.2] P-N Heterojunction. Ukoba, Kingsley O.; Inambao, Freddie L.; Eloka-Eboka, Andrew C. 3890
Grid-Connected Photovoltaic System with Active Power Filtering Functionality. Vaquero, Joaquin; Vazquez, Nimrod; Soriano, Ivan; Vazquez, Jeziel 4101
Grid-Connected Semitransparent Building-Integrated Photovoltaic System: The Comprehensive Case Study of the 120 kWp Plant in Kunming, China. Wang, Yunfeng; Li, Ming; Hassanien, Reda Hassanien Emam; Ma, Xun; Li, Guoliang 8381
Hardware implementation of a fuzzy logic controller for a hybrid wind-solar system in an isolated site. Jemaa, Aymen; Zarrad, Ons; Hajjaji, Mohamed Ali; Mansouri, Mohamed Nejib 7092
Highly Efficient Photocatalytic Hydrogen on CoS/Ti[O.sub.2] Photocatalysts from Aqueous Methanol Solution. Niu, Yu; Li, Fuying; Yang, Kai; Wu, Qiyou; Xu, Peijing; Wang, Renzhang 4087
In Situ Low-Temperature Chemical Bath Deposition of CdS Thin Films without Thickness Limitation: Structural and Optical Properties. Ouafi, Mouad; Jaber, Boujemaa; Atourki, Lahoucine; Zayyoun, Najwa; Ihlal, Ahmed; Mzerd, Ahmed; Laana 6161
Influence of Gas-Liquid Interface on Temperature Wave of Pulsating Heat Pipe. Zhang, Ying; Wang, Zhiqiang; Li, Peisheng; Zhou, Min; Dong, Boheng; Pan, Yanni 4754
Innovative Applications of Advanced Solar Thermal Technologies Using Phase Change Materials. Xu, Ben; Ordonez, Juan; Rao, Zhonghao; Xu, Xinhai; Shabgard, Hamidreza 982
Inspired Preparation of Zinc Oxide Nanocatalyst and the Photocatalytic Activity in the Treatment of Methyl Orange Dye and Paraquat Herbicide. Munshi, Ghaida H.; Ibrahim, Amal M.; Al-Harbi, Laila M. 3668
Investigation on Potential-Induced Degradation in a 50MWp Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaic Power Plant. Huang, Jingsheng; Li, Hongtao; Sun, Yaojie; Wang, He; Yang, Hong 3703
LEDs for the Implementation of Advanced Hydrogenation Using Hydrogen Charge-State Control. Chong, Chee Mun; Wenham, Stuart; Ji, Jingjia; Mai, Ly; Wang, Sisi; Hallam, Brett; Li, Hua 3654
Life Cycle Cost Comparison Study of PV and Concrete Rooftop in Jakarta. Hendarti, Religiana Report 2899
Modeling and Optimization of BT and DBT Photooxidation over Multiwall Carbon Nanotube-Titania Composite by Response Surface Methodology. Barmala, Molood; Behnood, Mohammad 5226
Modeling of Photovoltaic System with Modified Incremental Conductance Algorithm for Fast Changes of Irradiance. Motahhir, Saad; Ghzizal, Abdelaziz El; Sebti, Souad; Derouich, Aziz 5473
Modelling and simulation of the radiant field in an annular heterogeneous photoreactor using a four-flux model. Alvarado-Rolon, O.; Natividad, R.; Romero, R.; Hurtado, L.; Ramirez-Serrano, A. 7944
MPPT for Photovoltaic System Using Nonlinear Controller. Iftikhar, Ramsha; Ahmad, Iftikhar; Arsalan, Muhammad; Naz, Neelma; Ali, Naghmash; Armghan, Hammad 5129
Multiscale Modeling of Photovoltaic Devices. der Maur, Matthias Auf; Aeberhard, Urs; David, Christin; Gagliardi, Alessio 559
New Approach of the Oxidant Peroxo Method (OPM) Route to Obtain Ti[(OH).sub.4] Nanoparticles with High Photocatalytic Activity under Visible Radiation. Nogueira, Andre E.; Ribeiro, Lucas S.; Gorup, Luiz F.; Silva, Gelson T.S.T.; Silva, Fernando F.B.; R 6225
Novel Imidazole Substituted Bodipy-Based Organic Sensitizers in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells. Mao, Mao; Zhang, Xiao-Lin; Wu, Guo-Hua 6251
On the Link between the Operating Point and the Temperature Distribution in PV Arrays Working under Mismatching Conditions. Costanzo, Luigi; Vitelli, Massimo 7743
One-Pot Synthesis of Ru-Doped ZnO Oxides for Photodegradation of 4-Chlorophenol. Manriquez, Maria E.; Norena, Luis Enrique; Wang, Jin An; Chen, Lifang; Salmones, Jose; Gonzalez-Garc 6165
Optimal Design Method of a Hybrid CSP-PV Plant Based on Genetic Algorithm Considering the Operation Strategy. Zhai, Rongrong; Chen, Ying; Liu, Hongtao; Wu, Hao; Yang, Yongping 8573
Optimization Design of a Multibusbar Structure: The Using of a Conductive Belt. Han, Han; Wu, Yelong; Ma, Chao 8521
Parametric Study on the Thermal Performance and Optimal Design Elements of Solar Air Heater Enhanced with Jet Impingement on a Corrugated Absorber Plate. Aboghrara, Alsanossi M.; Alghoul, M.A.; Baharudin, B.T.H.T.; Elbreki, A.M.; Ammar, A.A.; Sopian, K.; Report 8354
Performance Optimization of Unglazed Nanofluid Photovoltaic/Thermal System: Energy and Exergy Analyses. Hussain, M. Imtiaz; Kim, Jun-Tae 6229
Phase Distribution for Subcooled Flow Boiling in an Inclined Circular Tube. Bao, Wei; Xu, JianJun; Xie, TianZhou; Chen, BingDe; Huang, YanPing; Xing, DianChuan 4643
Photoactivity of Titanium Dioxide Foams. Jami, Maryam; Dillert, Ralf; Suo, Yanpeng; Bahnemann, Detlef W.; Wark, Michael 5846
Photocatalytic Activity of Ag-Ti[O.sub.2] Composites Deposited by Photoreduction under UV Irradiation. Diaz-Uribe, Carlos; Viloria, Jose; Cervantes, Lorraine; Vallejo, William; Navarro, Karen; Romero, Ed 4931
Photocatalytic Activity under Simulated Sunlight of Bi-Modified Ti[O.sub.2] Thin Films Obtained by Sol Gel. Solis-Casados, D.A.; Escobar-Alarcon, L.; Alvarado-Perez, V.; Haro-Poniatowski, E. 5388
Photocatalytic Degradation and Hydrogen Production of Ti[O.sub.2]/Carbon Fiber Composite Using Bast as a Carbon Fiber Source. Tang, Guomei; Abas, Asim; Wang, Shanpeng 3925
Photoinduced Synthesis of Hierarchical Flower-Like Ag/[Bi.sub.2]W[O.sub.6] Microspheres as an Efficient Visible Light Photocatalyst. Wu, Shuisheng; Tan, Nianyuan; Lan, Donghui; Yi, Bing 5016
Photovoltaic Energy-Assisted Electrocoagulation of a Synthetic Textile Effluent. Pavon-Silva, Thelma Beatriz; Romero-Tehuitzil, Hipolito; del Rio, Gonzalo Munguia; Huacuz-Villamar, 6440
Photovoltaic Materials and Devices 2017. (Editorial). Sopori, Bhushan; Basnyat, Prakash; Devayajanam, Srinivas Editorial 778
Physics-Based Modeling and Experimental Study of Si-Doped InAs/GaAs Quantum Dot Solar Cells. Cedola, A.P.; Kim, D.; Tibaldi, A.; Tang, M.; Khalili, A.; Wu, J.; Liu, H.; Cappelluti, F. 7206
Preliminary Estimate of Coriolis Force of Vapor Flow in Rotating Heat Pipes Based on Analytical Solution. Wang, Huanguang; Yu, Qi 6550
Preparation and Physical and Photocatalytic Activity of a New Niobate Oxide Material Containing Nb[O.sub.4] Tetrahedra. Pan, Hengkai; Wang, Bei; Zhang, Feng; Zhang, Weifeng; Li, Guoqiang 4070
Preparation and Thermal Properties of Eutectic Hydrate Salt Phase Change Thermal Energy Storage Material. Liang, Lin; Chen, Xi 5554
Pretreatment of Real Wastewater from the Chocolate Manufacturing Industry through an Integrated Process of Electrocoagulation and Sand Filtration. Garcia-Morales, Marco A.; Juarez, Julio Cesar Gonzalez; Martinez-Gallegos, Sonia; Roa-Morales, Gabri 4644
Protonation and Photocatalytic Activity of the [Rb.sub.2][La.sub.2][Ti.sub.3][O.sub.10] Layered Oxide in the Reaction of Hydrogen Production. Rodionov, Ivan A.; Sokolova, Iuliia P.; Silyukov, Oleg I.; Burovikhina, Alena A.; Fateev, Sergey A.; 4540
Rapid, Chemical-Free Generation of Optically Scattering Structures in Poly(ethylene terephthalate) Using a C[O.sub.2] Laser for Lightweight and Flexible Photovoltaic Applications. Hodgson, Simon D.; Gillett, Alice R. 6830
Renewable Energy Integration: Economic Assessment of Solar Energy to Produce Biodiesel at Supercritical Conditions. Leon, Jose A.; Montero, Gisela; Coronado, Marcos A.; Garcia, Conrado; Campbell, Hector E.; Ayala, Jo 5011
Renewable Generation (Wind/Solar) and Load Modeling through Modified Fuzzy Prediction Interval. Rafique, Syed Furqan; Jianhua, Zhang; Rafique, Rizwan; Guo, Jing; Jamil, Irfan 7494
Research on Parameter Distribution Features of Photovoltaic Array under the Cover and Shadow Shading Conditions. Zhu, Honglu; Yu, Cao; Lu, Lingxing; Lian, Weiwei; Yao, Jianxi; Hu, Yang 5819
Retracted: Radiation Hardness of Flash Memory Fabricated in Deep-Submicron Technology. 181
Review on Substrate and Molybdenum Back Contact in CIGS Thin Film Solar Cell. Ong, Kam Hoe; Agileswari, Ramasamy; Maniscalco, Biancamaria; Arnou, Panagiota; Kumar, Chakrabarty Ch 12979
Shockley's Equation Fit Analyses for Solar Cell Parameters from I-V Curves. Diantoro, Markus; Suprayogi, Thathit; Hidayat, Arif; Taufiq, Ahmad; Fuad, Abdulloh; Suryana, Risa 3406
Silicon Powder-Based Wafers for Low-Cost Photovoltaics: Laser Treatments and Nanowire Etching. Jia, G.; Plentz, J.; Gawlik, A.; Azar, A.S.; Stokkan, G.; Syvertsen, M.; Carvalho, P.A.; Dellith, J. 5498
Simulation and Practical Implementation of ANFIS-Based MPPT Method for PV Applications Using Isolated Cuk Converter. Noman, Abdullah M.; Addoweesh, Khaled E.; Alolah, Abdulrahman I. 6689
Simulations of a Single-Phase Flow in a Compound Parabolic Concentrator Reactor. Perez, Tzayam; Nava, Jose L. 5101
Small-Sized Parabolic Trough Collector System for Solar Dehumidification Application: Design, Development, and Potential Assessment. Chaudhary, Ghulam Qadar; Kousar, Rubeena; Ali, Muzaffar; Amar, Muhammad; Amber, Khuram Pervez; Lodhi 5705
Study of Temperature Coefficients for Parameters of Photovoltaic Cells. Cotfas, Daniel Tudor; Cotfas, Petru Adrian; Machidon, Octavian Mihai Report 6713
Synthesis and Characterization of Ti[O.sub.2]/Si[O.sub.2] Monoliths as Photocatalysts on Methanol Oxidation. Regalado-Raya, Rigoberto; Romero-Romero, Rubi; Aviles-Garcia, Osmln; Espino-Valencia, Jaime 4860
Synthesis and Photo- and Ionochromic and Spectral-Luminescent Properties of 5-Phenylpyrazolidin-3-one Azomethine Imines. Bren, Vladimir A.; Dubonosov, Alexander D.; Popova, Oksana S.; Revinskii, Yurii V.; Tikhomirova, Kar 4651
Synthesis of Mg[Fe.sub.2][O.sub.4]/Reduced Graphene Oxide Composite and Its Visible-Light Photocatalytic Performance for Organic Pollution. Wu, Fengmin; Duan, Wenlu; Li, Mei; Xu, Hang 2473
The Design and Comparison of Central and Distributed Light Sensored Sma rt LED Lighting Systems. Ozcelik, Mehmet Ali 7845
The Effect of Irradiation with a 405nm Blue-Violet Laser on the Bacterial Adhesion on the Osteosynthetic Biomaterials. Terada, Chika; Imamura, Takahiro; Ohshima, Tomoko; Maeda, Nobuko; Tatehara, Seiko; Tokuyama-Toda, Re 5724
The Effect of Microcrack Length in Silicon Cells on the Potential Induced Degradation Behavior. Gou, Xianfang; Li, Xiaoyan; Wang, Shaoliang; Zhuang, Hao; Huang, Xixi; Jiang, Likai 2974
The III-V Triple-Junction Solar Cell Characteristics and Optimization with a Fresnel Lens Concentrator. Guo, Yin; Liang, Qibing; Shu, Bifen; Wang, Jing; Yang, Qingchuan 4344
The Reduced Recombination and the Enhanced Lifetime of Excited Electron in QDSSCs Based on Different ZnS and Si[O.sub.2] Passivation. Tung, Ha Thanh; Thao, Nguyen Thu; Vinh, Lam Quang 4896
Theoretical Study and Experimental Validation of Energetic Performances of Photovoltaic/Thermal Air Collector. Touafek, Khaled; Khelifa, Abdelkrim; Boutina, Lyes; Tabet, Ismail; Haddad, Salim 4534
Thermal Feature of a Modified Solar Phase Change Material Storage Wall System. Luo, Chenglong; Xu, Lijie; Ji, Jie; Liao, Mengyin; Sun, Dan 4950
Towards Sustainability: Photochemical and Electrochemical Processes Applied for Environmental Protection. Natividad, Reyna; Barrera-Diaz, Carlos; Martinez-Huitle, Carlos A.; Rodriguez-Rodriguez, Juan M. 1603
Treatment of a Textile Effluent by Electrochemical Oxidation and Coupled System Electooxidation-Salix babylonica. Sanchez-Sanchez, Alejandra; Tejocote-Perez, Moises; Fuentes-Rivas, Rosa Maria; Linares-Hernandez, Iv 5830

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