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Articles from International Journal of Photoenergy (January 1, 2014)

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A communication based islanding detection method for photovoltaic distributed generation systems. Bayrak, Gokay; Cebeci, Mehmet 5184
A differential evolution based MPPT method for photovoltaic modules under partial shading conditions. Tey, Kok Soon; Mekhilef, Saad; Yang, Hong-Tzer; Chuang, Ming-Kai Report 4716
A facile and waste-free strategy to fabricate Pt-C/Ti[O.sub.2] microspheres: enhanced photocatalytic performance for hydrogen evolution. Li, Hui; Zhang, Xiaoyan; Cui, Xiaoli 5672
A facile synthesis of graphene-W[O.sub.3] nanowire clusters with high photocatalytic activity for [O.sub.2] evolution. Zhou, M.-J.; Zhang, N.; Hou, Z.H. Report 3620
A hybrid MCDM model for improving GIS-based solar farms site selection. Chen, Chao-Rong; Huang, Chi-Chen; Tsuei, Hung-Jia Report 5965
A Newton-based extremum seeking MPPT method for photovoltaic systems with stochastic perturbations. Li, Heng; Peng, Jun; Liu, Weirong; Huang, Zhiwu; Lin, Kuo-Chi Report 5624
A novel hybrid model for short-term forecasting in PV power generation. Wu, Yuan-Kang; Chen, Chao-Rong; Rahman, Hasimah Abdul 5437
A novel parabolic trough concentrating solar heating for cut tobacco drying system. Liu, Jiang Tao; Li, Ming; Yu, Qiong Fen; Ling, De Li 4720
A reuse evaluation for solar-cell silicon wafers via shift revolution and tool rotation using magnetic assistance in ultrasonic electrochemical micromachining. Pa, P.S. 4219
A review of solar photovoltaic concentrators. Khamooshi, Mehrdad; Salati, Hana; Egelioglu, Fuat; Faghiri, Ali Hooshyar; Tarabishi, Judy; Babadi, S Report 10886
A review on development prospect of CZTS based thin film solar cells. Song, Xiangbo; Ji, Xu; Li, Ming; Lin, Weidong; Luo, Xi; Zhang, Hua 10616
A simple and efficient MPPT method for low-power PV cells. Penella, Maria Teresa; Gasulla, Manel 4105
A simple approach in estimating the effectiveness of adapting mirror concentrator and tracking mechanism for PV arrays in the tropics. Ya'acob, M.E.; Hizam, H.; Rahman, H. Abdul; Omar, W.Z. Wan; Htay, Myo Than; Rahim, A.H.M.A. 4032
A simple method to increase the amount of energy produced by the photovoltaic panels. Cotfas, Daniel Tudor; Cotfas, Petru Adrian Report 3188
A simple semi-empirical model for the estimation of photosynthetically active radiation from satellite data in the tropics. Janjai, S.; Sripradit, A.; Wattan, R.; Buntoung, S.; Pattarapanitchai, S.; Masiri, I. Report 3775
A study of mixed vegetable dyes with different extraction concentrations for use as a sensitizer for dye-sensitized solar cells. Cho, Kun-Ching; Chang, Ho; Chen, Chih-Hao; Kao, Mu-Jung; Lai, Xuan-Rong Report 2934
A typical meteorological year generation based on NASA satellite imagery (GEOS-I) for Sokoto, Nigeria. Ohunakin, Olayinka S.; Adaramola, Muyiwa S.; Oyewola, Olanrewaju M.; Fagbenle, Richard L.; Abam, Fid 4683
A virtual PV Systems Lab for engineering undergraduate curriculum. Ozkop, Emre; Altas, Ismail H. Report 8410
A white-light-emitting small molecule: synthesis, crystal structure, and optical properties. Fang, Sin-Kai; Tsai, Hsing-Yang; Hu, Jiun-Wei; Chen, Kew-Yu 5882
Achromatic Fresnel lens with improved efficiency for PV systems. Montes, Mario Gonzalez; Martinez-Anton, Juan Carlos; Molini, Daniel Vazquez; Fernandez-Balbuena, Ant 3812
Adsorption and photocatalytic decomposition of the [beta]-blocker metoprolol in aqueous titanium dioxide suspensions: kinetics, intermediates, and degradation pathways. Romero, Violette; Marco, Pilar; Gimenez, Jaime; Esplugas, Santiago 5885
Adsorption equilibrium and kinetics of gardenia blue on Ti[O.sub.2] photoelectrode for dye-sensitized solar cells. Kim, Tae-Young; Park, Kyung-Hee; Lee, Jae-Wook; Han, Shin; Cho, Sung-Young 4033
An alternative approach for improving performance of organic photovoltaics by light-enhanced annealing. Yao, En-Ping; Ho, Chiu-Sheng; Yu, Chang; Huang, E-Ling; Lai, Ying-Nan; Hsu, Wei-Chou 3775
An improved fuzzy logic controller design for PV inverters utilizing differential search optimization. Mutlag, Ammar Hussein; Shareef, Hussain; Mohamed, Azah; Hannan, M.A.; Ali, Jamal Abd 6689
An improved mathematical model for computing power output of solar photovoltaic modules. Jakhrani, Abdul Qayoom; Samo, Saleem Raza; Kamboh, Shakeel Ahmed; Labadin, Jane; Rigit, Andrew Ragai 6340
An improved Matlab-Simulink model of PV module considering ambient conditions. Ayaz, R.; Nakir, I.; Tanrioven, M. 2344
An improved method for sizing standalone photovoltaic systems using generalized regression neural network. Khatib, Tamer; Elmenreich, Wilfried 4176
An improved PSO-based MPPT control strategy for photovoltaic systems. Abdulkadir, M.; Yatim, A.H.M.; Yusuf, S.T. Report 5191
An innovative application of a solar storage wall combined with the low-temperature organic Rankine cycle. Hung, Tzu-Chen; Lee, Duen-Sheng; Lin, Jaw-Ren 5742
An integrated hybrid energy harvester for autonomous wireless sensor network nodes. Zaman, Mukter; Wong, H.Y.; Islam, Md. Shabiul; Amin, Nowshad 4939
An overview: recent development of titanium oxide nanotubes as photocatalyst for dye degradation. Lai, Chin Wei; Juan, Joon Ching; Ko, Weon Bae; Hamid, Sharifah Bee Abd 11298
Analysis and monitoring results of a building integrated photovoltaic facade using PV ceramic tiles in Taiwan. Huang, Yen-Chieh; Chan, Chi-Chang; Kuan, Szu-Chi; Wang, Shui-Jinn; Lee, Shin-Ku 6474
Analyzing thermal module developments and trends in high-power LED. Wang, Jung-Chang 9240
Antibacterial and antifungal effect of 405 nm monochromatic laser on endodontopathogenic microorganisms. Imamura, Takahiro; Tatehara, Seiko; Takebe, Yusuke; Tokuyama, Reiko; Ohshima, Tomoko; Maeda, Nobuko; 3283
Antimicrobial activity of Ti[O.sub.2] nanoparticle-coated film for potential food packaging applications. Othman, Siti Hajar; Abd Salam, Nurul Raudhah; Zainal, Norhazlizam; Basha, Roseliza Kadir; Talib, Ros Report 4748
Application of glass fiber-based N-doped titania under visible-light exposure for photocatalytic degradation of aromatic pollutants. Jo, Wan-Kuen; Shin, Seung-Ho; Chun, Ho-Hwan 5387
Artificial neural networks to predict the power output of a PV panel. Brano, Valerio Lo; Ciulla, Giuseppina; Di Falco, Mariavittoria 6592
Au/[Cu.sub.2]Te/CdTe/CdS/TCO/glass solar cells with Cd[In.sub.2][O.sub.4] obtained by sol-gel as TCO. Marin, J. Marquez; Delgado, G. Torres; Frutis, M.A. Aguilar; Perez, R. Castanedo; Angel, O. Zelaya Report 3992
Au/Ti[O.sub.2] reusable photocatalysts for dye degradation. Padikkaparambil, Silija; Narayanan, Binitha; Yaakob, Zahira; Viswanathan, Suraja; Tasirin, Siti Masr 5853
Autoregulatory feedback mechanism of P38MAPK/Caspase-8 in photodynamic therapy-hydrophilic/lipophilic tetra-[alpha]-(4-carboxyphenoxy) phthalocyanine zinc-induced apoptosis of human hepatocellular carcinoma Bel-7402 cells. Wang, Yu; Xia, Chunhui; Chen, Wei; Chen, Yuhang; Wang, Yiyi; Li, Tao 4299
Band-gap engineering of NaNb[O.sub.3] for photocatalytic [H.sub.2] evolution with visible light. Li, Peng; Abe, Hideki; Ye, Jinhua 3925
BICO MPPT: a faster maximum power point tracker and its application for photovoltaic panels. Malek, Hadi; Chen, YangQuan 4482
Block textured a-Si:H solar cell. Moon, Seung Jae; Keum, Chang Min; Kim, Ju-Yeon; Kim, Jin Kuk; Bae, Byung Seong Report 3394
Bottom-up enhancement of g-[C.sub.3][N.sub.4] photocatalytic [H.sub.2] evolution utilising disordering intermolecular interactions of precursor. Wang, Xue Lu; Fang, Wen Qi; Li, Yu Hang; Liu, Pengfei; Zhang, Haimin; Wang, Yun; Liu, Porun; Yao, Ye 4551
Boundary layer of photon absorption applied to heterogeneous photocatalytic solar flat plate reactor design. Otalvaro-Marin, Hector L.; Mueses, Miguel Angel; Machuca-Martinez, Fiderman Report 5354
Bridging photonics and optoelectronics curriculum for the solar photovoltaic and LED industries. Su, Yu-Shan; Chang, Han-Chao 7380
Cadmium sulfide nanoparticles synthesized by microwave heating for hybrid solar cell applications. Martinez-Alonso, Claudia; Rodriguez-Castaneda, Carlos A.; Moreno-Romero, Paola; Coria-Monroy, C. Sel 6608
Cesium salt of sodium 30-tungstopentaphosphate: an effective and green polyoxometalate for synthesis of gold nanoparticles along with decoration of titanium dioxide with gold nanoparticles for bleaching of malachite green. Bamoharram, Fatemeh Farrash; Jafari, Afsaneh Moghadam; Ayati, Ali; Tanhaei, Bahareh; Sillanpaa, Mika 5025
Chaos synchronization based novel real-time intelligent fault diagnosis for photovoltaic systems. Hsieh, Chin-Tsung; Yau, Her-Terng; Shiu, Jen 4863
Characterization and performance evaluation of dye sensitized solar cell using nanostructured Ti[O.sub.2] electrode. Erten-Ela, Sule Report 3536
Characterization of [Cu.sub.1.4]Te thin films for CdTe solar cells. Luo, Guangcan; Lv, Bin; Li, Wei; Feng, Lianghuan; Zhang, Jingquan; Wu, Lili; Zeng, Guanggen 3052
Characterization of the manufacturing processes to grow triple-junction solar cells. Kalyuzhnyy, N.A.; Evstropov, V.V.; Lantratov, V.M.; Mintairov, S.A.; Mintairov, M.A.; Gudovskikh, A. Report 5041
Characterization of the organic thin film solar cells with active layers of PTB7/[PC.sub.71]BM prepared by using solvent mixtures with different additives. Ito, Masakazu; Palanisamy, Kumar; Kumar, Abhirami; Murugesan, Vijay Srinivasan; Shin, Paik-Kyun; Tsu 4280
Characterizations of cuprous oxide thin films prepared by sol-gel spin coating technique with different additives for the photoelectrochemical solar cell. Halm, D.S.C.; Talib, I.A.; Daud, A.R.; Hamid, M.A.A. 3082
Color rendering index thermal stability improvement of glass-based phosphor-converted white light-emitting diodes for solid-state lighting. Tsai, Chun-Chin 3132
Comparison of performance measurements of photovoltaic modules during winter months in Taxila, Pakistan. Bashir, Muhammad Anser; Ali, Hafiz Muhammad; Khalil, Shahid; Ali, Muzaffar; Siddiqui, Aysha Maryam Report 3883
Competing deactivation channels for excited [pi]-stacked cytosines. Yuan, Shuai; Hong, Huiling; Wang, Gang; Zhang, Wenying; Dou, Yusheng; Lo, Glenn V. 5671
Competing in the Global LED industry: the case of Taiwan. Su, Yu-Shan 7047
Constraint trajectory surface-hopping molecular dynamics simulation of the photoisomerization of stilbene. Lei, Yibo; Wu, Shaomei; Zhu, Chaoyuan; Wen, Zhenyi; Lin, Sheng-Hsien 11924
Constructing employability indicators for enhancing the effectiveness of engineering education for the solar industry. Kuo, Chin-Guo; Chang, Chi-Cheng; Huang, Chun-Cheng 6805
Controllable fabrication of ordered mesoporous [Bi.sub.2]W[O.sub.6] and its high photocatalytic activity under visible light. Dang, Xueming; Dong, Xiaoli; Wang, Hua; Zhang, Xiufang; Ma, Hongchao; Xue, Mang 3743
Cooperative optimal control strategy for microgrid under grid-connected and islanded modes. Zheng, Xuemei; Li, Qiuming; Li, Peng; Ding, Danmei 4984
Cost-effectiveness analysis of a PVGS on the electrical power supply of a small island. Hsu, Cheng-Ting; Korimara, Roman; Cheng, Tsun-Jen 4391
Crystalline silicon solar cells with thin silicon passivation film deposited prior to phosphorous diffusion. Li, Ching-Tao; Hsieh, Fangchi; Yan, Shi; Wan, Cuifeng; Liu, Yakun; Chen, Jing; Wang, Likarn 4966
Density functional theory simulations of semiconductors for photovoltaic applications: hybrid organic-inorganic perovskites and III/V heterostructures. Even, Jacky; Pedesseau, Laurent; Tea, Eric; Almosni, Samy; Rolland, Alain; Robert, Cedric; Jancu, Je 7197
Design and optimization of Fresnel lens for high concentration photovoltaic system. Jing, Lei; Liu, Hua; Wang, Yao; Xu, Wenbin; Zhang, Hongxin; Lu, Zhenwu 4242
Design of a free-ruthenium [In.sub.2][S.sub.3] crystalline photosensitized solar cell. Kwak, Byeong Sub; Im, Younghwan; Kang, Misook 5703
Design of multijunction photovoltaic cells optimized for varied atmospheric conditions. Zhang, C.; Gwamuri, J.; Andrews, R.; Pearce, J.M. 4180
Destruction of toluene by the combination of high frequency discharge electrodeless lamp and manganese oxide-impregnated granular activated carbon catalyst. Xu, Jianhui; Li, Chaolin; Zhang, Qian; He, Di; Liu, Peng; Ren, Yong 6161
Detailed molecular dynamics of the photochromic reaction of spiropyran: a semiclassical dynamics study. Zhai, Gaohong; Shao, Shuai; Wu, Shaomei; Lei, Yibo; Dou, Yusheng 5762
Detailed photoisomerization dynamics of a green fluorescent protein chromophore based molecular switch. Jiang, Chen-Wei; Fang, Ai-Ping; Zhao, Di; Li, Hong-Rong; Xie, Rui-Hua; Li, Fu-Li 4789
Development of a stochastic hourly solar irradiation model. Brecl, Kristijan; Topic, Marko 4090
Development of dye-sensitized solar cells with sputtered N-Doped Ti[O.sub.2] thin films: from modeling the growth mechanism of the films to fabrication of the solar cells. Duarte, D.A.; Massi, M.; Sobrinho, A.S. da Silva Report 8425
Development of high-performance UV detector using nanocrystalline diamond thin film. Lin, C.R.; Wei, D.H.; BenDao, M.K.; Chen, W.E.; Liu, T.Y. 3732
Development of hydrogenated microcrystalline silicon-germanium alloys for improving long-wavelength absorption in Si-based thin-film solar cells. Huang, Yen-Tang; Hsu, Hung-Jung; Liang, Shin-Wei; Hsu, Cheng-Hang; Tsai, Chuang-Chuang 5602
Development of thin film amorphous silicon tandem junction based photocathodes providing high open-circuit voltages for hydrogen production. Urbain, F.; Wilken, K.; Smirnov, V.; Astakhov, O.; Lambertz, A.; Becker, J.-P.; Rau, U.; Ziegler, J. 6900
Device modeling of the performance of Cu(In,Ga)[Se.sub.2] solar cells with V-shaped bandgap profiles. Kuo, Shou-Yi; Hsieh, Ming-Yang; Hsieh, Dan-Hua; Kuo, Hao-Chung; Chen, Chyong-Hua; Lai, Fang-I. 2760
Doped heterojunction used in quantum dot sensitized solar cell. Gao, Yanyan; Zou, Xiaoping; Huang, Zongbo 3533
Effect and mechanism of 808 nm light pretreatment of hypoxic primary neurons. Chen, Xin; Wang, Qiang-Li; Li, Shuang; Mi, Xian-qiang 2464
Effect of aging time and film thickness on the photoelectrochemical properties of Ti[O.sub.2] sol-gel photoanodes. Regonini, D.; Alves, A.K.; Berutti, F.A.; Clemens, F. 6369
Effect of annealing on the properties of antimony telluride thin films and their applications in CdTe solar cells. Wang, Zhouling; Hu, Yu; Li, Wei; Zeng, Guanggen; Feng, Lianghuan; Zhang, Jingquan; Wu, Lili; Gao, Ji 3174
Effect of different deposition power of [In.sub.2][O.sub.3] target on the characteristics of IGZO thin films using the cosputtering method. Hung, Shang-Chao; Lam, Kin-Tak; Yang, Cheng-Fu; Liou, Yu-Jhen 4789
Effect of electrodeposition potential on composition of Cu[In.sub.1-x][Ga.sub.x][Se.sub.2] absorber layer for solar cell by one-step electrodeposition. You, Rui-Wei; Lew, Kar-Kit; Fu, Yen-Pei 4126
Effect of initial orientation on the laser-induced cycloaddition reaction of benzene and ethylene. Yuan, Shuai; Hong, Huiling; Wang, Gang; Zhang, Wenying; Wu, Weifeng; Dou, Yusheng; Lo, Glenn V. Report 4176
Effect of isopropanol on microstructure and activity of Ti[O.sub.2] films with dominant {001} facets for photocatalytic degradation of bezafibrate. Sayed, Murtaza; Pingfeng, Fu; Khan, Hasan M.; Zhang, Pengyi 6329
Effect of light-activated hypocrellin B on the growth and membrane permeability of gram-negative Escherichia coli cells. Jiang, Yuan; Leung, Wingnang; Tang, Qingjuan; Zhang, Hongwei; Xu, Chuanshan 2379
Effect of low power laser irradiation on the ability of cell growth and myogenic differentiation of myoblasts cultured in vitro. Zhang, Cui-Ping; Li, Shao-Dan; Wang, Xiao-Ying; Chen, Peng; Wang, Chang-Zhen; Fu, Xiao-Bing; Kang, H 3926
Effect of Mn doping on properties of CdS quantum dot-sensitized solar cells. Li, Tianxing; Zou, Xiaoping; Zhou, Hongquan 3063
Effect of multijunction approach on electrical measurements of silicon and germanium alloy based thin-film solar cell using AMPS-1D. Chatterjee, Somenath; Singh, Sumeet; Pal, Himangshu 4035
Effect of temperature and humidity on the degradation rate of multicrystalline silicon photovoltaic module. Park, N.C.; Oh, W.W.; Kim, D.H. Report 4220
Effect of the C[O.sub.2]/Si[H.sub.4] ratio in the p-[mu]c-SiO:H emitter layer on the performance of crystalline silicon heterojunction solar cells. Sritharathikhun, Jaran; Krajangsang, Taweewat; Moollakorn, Apichan; Inthisang, Sorapong; Limmanee, A Report 2733
Effect of UV irradiation and temperature on free radical properties in dehydrocholic and ursodeoxycholic acids: an EPR study. Dolowy, Malgorzata; Ramos, Pawel; Pilawa, Barbara Report 4457
Effective passivation of large area black silicon solar cells by Si[O.sub.2]/Si[N.sub.x]: H stacks. Zhao, Zengchao; Zhang, Bingye; Li, Ping; Guo, Wan; Liu, Aimin 3548
Effects of hydrogen plasma on the electrical properties of F-doped ZnO thin films and p-i-n [alpha]-Si:H thin film solar cells. Wang, Fang-Hsing; Hung, Shang-Chao; Yang, Cheng-Fu; Lee, Yen-Hsien 4142
Effects of nonuniform incident illumination on the thermal performance of a concentrating triple junction solar cell. Amri, Fahad Al-; Mallick, Tapas Kumar 4743
Effects of organic solvents for composite active layer of PCDTBT/[PC.sub.71]BM on characteristics of organic solar cell devices. Shin, Paik-Kyun; Kumar, Palanisamy; Kumar, Abhirami; Kannappan, Santhakumar; Ochiai, Shizuyasu 5574
Effects of UV-Vis irradiation on vanadium etioporphyrins extracted from crude oil and the role of nanostructured titania. Reyes, Debra Jene Kirkconnell; de Montellano, Andres Garcia Saravia Ortiz; Tzab, Rudy Amilcar Trejo; 4574
Efficiency and droop improvement in GaN-based high-voltage flip chip LEDs. Chiang, Yen-Chih; Lin, Bing-Cheng; Chen, Kuo-Ju; Chiu, Sheng-Huan; Lin, Chien-Chung; Lee, Po-Tsung; 3070
Efficiency enhancement of nanoporous silicon/polycrystalline-silicon solar cells by application of trenched electrodes. Wu, Kuen-Hsien; Tang, Chia-Chun 1780
Efficient and reliable solar panels for small CubeSat picosatellites. Vertat, Ivo; Vobornik, Ales 4022
Electrochemical deposition of Te and Se on flat Ti[O.sub.2] for solar cell application. Ito, Seigo; Kitagawa, Noriyuki; Shibahara, Takahiro; Nishino, Hitoshi Report 2005
Electrochemical impedance spectra of dye-sensitized solar cells: fundamentals and spreadsheet calculation. Sarker, Subrata; Ahammad, A.J. Saleh; Seo, Hyun Woo; Kim, Dong Min Report 8196
Electron correlation effects on the longitudinal polarizabilities and second hyperpolarizabilities of polyenes: a finite field study. Li, Qingxu; Zhou, Xianju; Yin, Shiwei Clinical report 3627
Electronic structure and optical properties of N/Si-codoped anatase Ti[O.sub.2] evaluated using first principles calculations. Lin, Huey-Jiuan; Wu, Hsuan-Chung 4477
Electronic structures of S/C-doped Ti[O.sub.2] anatase (101) surface: first-principles calculations. Chen, Qili; Liu, Min; He, Kaihua; Li, Bo Report 4458
Enabling Lambertian-like warm white organic light-emitting diodes with a yellow phosphor embedded flexible film. Chen, Cheng-Chang; Lin, Huang-Yu; Li, Cheng-Hung; Wu, Jin-Han; Tu, Zong-Yi; Lee, Li-Ling; Jeng, Ming Report 2468
Enhanced efficiencies for high-concentration, multijunction PV systems by optimizing grid spacing under nonuniform illumination. Sharma, Pratibha; Walker, Alex W.; Wheeldon, Jeffrey F.; Hinzer, Karin; Schriemer, Henry 3687
Enhanced particle swarm optimization-based feeder reconfiguration considering uncertain large photovoltaic powers and demands. Hong, Ying-Yi; Lin, Faa-Jeng; Hsu, Fu-Yuan 7030
Enhanced transformation of atrazine by high efficient visible light-driven N, S-codoped Ti[O.sub.2] nanowires photocatalysts. Zhang, Yanlin; Wu, Honghai; Liu, Peihong 5080
Enhancing light-trapping properties of amorphous Si thin-film solar cells containing high-reflective silver conductors fabricated using a nonvacuum process. Liu, Jun-Chin; Lin, Chen-Cheng; Chen, Yu-Hung; Wu, Chien-Liang; Fan, Chia-Ming; Wang, Yu-Ming; Kung, 2462
Enhancing the efficiency of polymer solar cells by modifying buffer layer with N,N-Dimethylacetamide. Yang, Shaopeng; Sun, Xuefeng; Zhang, Ye; Li, Guang; Zhao, Xiaohui; Li, Xiaowei; Fu, Guangsheng Report 3132
Equilibrium and kinetic aspects in the sensitization of monolayer transparent Ti[O.sub.2] thin films with porphyrin dyes for DSSC applications. Giovannetti, Rita; Zannotti, Marco; Alibabaei, Leila; Ferraro, Stefano Report 5116
Estimation of monthly sunshine duration in Turkey using artificial neural networks. Kandirmaz, H.M.; Kaba, K.; Avci, M. 6564
Evaluation and optimization to recycle used Ti[O.sub.2] photoelectrode for dye-sensitized solar cells. Chen, Ruei-Tang; Liao, Chien-Feng 3936
Evaluation of fuzzy logic subsets effects on maximum power point tracking for photovoltaic system. Hajighorbani, Shahrooz; Radzi, M.A.M.; Kadir, M.Z.A. Ab; Shafie, S.; Khanaki, Razieh; Maghami, M.R. 5449
Evaluation of solar photosensitised river water treatment in the Caribbean. Tota-Maharaj, K.; Meeroff, D.E. 6666
Excellent silicon surface passivation achieved by industrial inductively coupled plasma deposited hydrogenated intrinsic amorphous silicon suboxide. Ge, Jia; Tang, Muzhi; Wong, Johnson; Zhang, Zhenhao; Dippell, Torsten; Doerr, Manfred; Hohn, Oliver; Report 8347
Expanding thermal plasma chemical vapour deposition of ZnO:Al layers for CIGS solar cells. Sharma, K.; Williams, B.L.; Mittal, A.; Knoops, H.C.M.; Kniknie, B.J.; Bakker, N.J.; Kessels, W.M.M. 4972
Experiment and simulation study on the amorphous silicon photovoltaic walls. Zhang, Wenjie; Hao, Bin; Li, Nianping 5735
Experiment investigation on electrical and thermal performances of a semitransparent photovoltaic/thermal system with water cooling. Li, Guiqiang; Pei, Gang; Yang, Ming; Ji, Jie 3069
Experimental investigation on thermoelectric chiller driven by solar cell. Chen, Yen-Lin; Chien, Zi-Jie; Lee, Wen-Shing; Jwo, Ching-Song; Cho, Kun-Ching 3674
Fabrication and characteristics of macroporous Ti[O.sub.2] photocatalyst. Yi, Guiyun; Xing, Baolin; Jia, Jianbo; Zhao, Liwei; Wu, Yuanfeng; Zeng, Huihui; Chen, Lunjian 4079
Fabrication and characterization of dye-sensitized solar cells for greenhouse application. Kim, Jeum-Jong; Kang, Mangu; Kwak, Ock Keum; Yoon, Yong-Jin; Min, Kil Sik; Chu, Moo-Jung 3917
Fabrication of a miniature zinc aluminum oxide nanowire array gas sensor and application for environmental monitoring. Kuo, Chin-Guo; Huang, Chi-Wu; Chen, Jung-Hsuan; Liu, Yueh-Han 2713
Fabrication of a porous Ti[O.sub.2]-coated silica glass tube and its application for a handy water purification unit. Ochiai, Tsuyoshi; Tago, Shoko; Tawarayama, Hiromasa; Hosoya, Toshifumi; Ishiguro, Hitoshi; Fujishima 3321
Fabrication of a zinc aluminum oxide nanowire array photoelectrode for a solar cell using a high vacuum die casting technique. Kuo, Chin-Guo; Chen, Jung-Hsuan; Liu, Yueh-Han 2569
Fabrication of antireflection nanodiamond particle film by the spin coating deposition technique. Lin, Chii-Ruey; Chang, Hong-Ming; BenDao, Minh-Khoa; Chiang, Hsiu Hsien; Chen, Wei-En 2311
Fabrication of hybrid organic photovoltaic devices using electrostatic spray method. Chiu, Zhe-Wei; Hsiao, Yu-Jen; Fang, Te-Hua; Ji, Liang-Wen Report 2573
Fabrication, characterization, and optimization of CdS and CdSe quantum dot-sensitized solar cells with quantum dots prepared by successive ionic layer adsorption and reaction. Jun, H.K.; Careem, M.A.; Arof, A.K. Report 7867
Facile synthesis of micron-sized hollow silver spheres as substrates for surface-enhanced Raman scattering. Xia, Lixin; Xia, Jiarui; Wei, Ran; Sui, Ying; Sun, Zhipeng; Song, Xuehua; Song, Peng; Yang, Lini 4586
Faults detection in a photovoltaic generator by using Matlab Simulink and the chipKIT Max32 board. Khenfer, Riadh; Mostefai, Mohamed; Benahdouga, Seddik; Maddad, Mounir 3303
Function of Ti[O.sub.2] lattice defects toward photocatalytic processes: view of electronic driven force. Cui, Huanan; Liu, Hong; Shi, Jianying; Wang, Chuan 12944
Growth and properties of ZnO:Al on textured glass for thin film solar cells. Llusca, Marta; Antony, Aldrin; Bertomeu, Joan 5492
Hierarchical structures from inorganic nanocrystal self-assembly for photoenergy utilization. Zhu, Yun-Pei; Ren, Tie-Zhen; Ma, Tian-Yi; Yuan, Zhong-Yong 11273
Highly reliable and low-cost fabrication of warm-white LEDs using composite silica photonic crystals. Lai, Chun-Feng; Lee, Yu-Chun; Tsai, Tzong-Liang; Chang, Chung-Chieh; Wu, Mau-Kuen Report 3173
Implementation and test of a LED-based lamp for a lighthouse. Mercatelli, Luca; Jafrancesco, David; Francini, Franco; Fontani, Daniela; Sani, Elisa; Coraggia, Ste 3829
Improved performance for dye-sensitized solar cells using a compact Ti[O.sub.2] layer grown by sputtering. Chang, Hung-Chih; Twu, Ming-Jenq; Hsu, Chun-Yao; Hsu, Ray-Quen; Kuo, Chin-Guo 4047
Improved synthesis of global irradiance with one-minute resolution for PV system simulations. Hofmann, Martin; Riechelmann, Stefan; Crisosto, Cristian; Mubarak, Riyad; Seckmeyer, Gunther Report 5309
Improvement in brightness uniformity by compensating for the threshold voltages of both the driving thin-film transistor and the organic light-emitting diode for active-matrix organic light-emitting diode displays. Fan, Ching-Lin; Chen, Hao-Wei; Lai, Hui-Lung; Guo, Bo-Liang; Huang, Bohr-Ran 3112
Improvement in device performance and reliability of organic light-emitting diodes through deposition rate control. Liu, Shun-Wei; Lee, Chih-Chien; Chung, Yu- Ting; Lee, Jiun-Haw; Chen, Chin-Ti; Wang, Juen-Kai 4199
Improvement of dye solar cell efficiency by photoanode posttreatment. Ivanovska, Tanja; Saponjic, Zoran; Radoicic, Marija; Ortolani, Luca; Morandi, Vittorio; Ruani, Giamp Report 7399
Improving light extraction of organic light-emitting devices by attaching nanostructures with self-assembled photonic crystal patterns. Peng, Kai-Yu; Wei, Da-Hua Report 4014
In-line sputtered gallium and aluminum codoped zinc oxide films for organic solar cells. Chang, Shang-Chou Report 3529
Influence of hydroxypropyl-[beta]-cyclodextrin on the photostability of fungicide pyrimethanil. Fernandes, Carlos; Encarnado, Igor; Gaspar, Alexandra; Garrido, Jorge; Borges, Fernanda; Garrido, E. 4667
Influence of Nd-Doping on photocatalytic properties of Ti[O.sub.2] nanoparticles and thin film coatings. Wojcieszak, Damian; Mazur, Michal; Kurnatowska, Michalina; Kaczmarek, Danuta; Domaradzki, Jaroslaw; 6007
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Thermal characteristics of InGaN/GaN flip-chip light emitting diodes with diamond-like carbon heat-spreading layers. Tsai, Pai-Yang; Huang, Hou-Kuei; Sung, Chien-Min; Kan, Ming-Chi; Wang, Yeong-Her Report 2191
Thermal field analysis and simulation of an infrared belt furnace used for solar cells. Lu, Bai; Zongcun, Liang; Hui, Shen 3717
Ti[Cl.sub.4] pretreatment and electrodeposition time investigations of ZnO photoelectrodes preparation for dye sensitized solar cells. Zou, Xiaoping; Liu, Yan; Wei, Cuiliu; Huang, Zongbo; Meng, Xiangmin Report 2287
Ti[O.sub.2] and Ti[O.sub.2]-doped films able to kill bacteria by contact: new evidence for the dynamics of bacterial inactivation in the dark and under light irradiation. Kiwi, John; Rtimi, Sami; Sanjines, Rosendo; Pulgarin, Cesar 10821
Ti[O.sub.2] nanotube arrays composite film as photoanode for high-efficiency dye-sensitized solar cell. Hu, Jinghua; Zhao, Li; Yang, Yingping; Liao, Hong; Wang, Shimin; Sun, Xiaodong; Cheng, Jiejie; Dong, 4186
To enhance light extraction for organic light-emitting diodes by body modification of substrate. Wang, Jun; Wang, Chong; Jiang, Yadong 3634
Top-emission organic light emitting diode fabrication using high dissipation graphite substrate. Tsai, Yu-Sheng; Hong, Lin-Ann; Huang, Jian-Ji; Yeh, Kuan-Hung; Juang, Fuh-Shyang 2449
Two-stage analysis on models for quantitative differentiation of early-pathological bladder states. Kalyagina, Nina; Savelieva, Tatiana; Blondel, Walter; Daul, Christian; Wolf, Didier; Loschenov, Vict 4686
Ultrathin anode buffer layer for enhancing performance of polymer solar cells. Wang, Dun; Wang, Jian; Li, Ling-liang; An, Qiao-shi; Huang, Hui; Jiao, Chao-qun; Liu, Yang; Zhang, F Report 3370
Unsymmetrical heptamethine dyes for NIR dye-sensitized solar cells. Geiger, Thomas; Schoger, Iuliia; Rentsch, Daniel; Veron, Anna Christina; Oswald, Frederic; Meyer, To 10251
Using pre-TMIn treatment to improve the optical properties of green light emitting diodes. Xu, Bing; Dai, Hai Tao; Wang, Shu Guo; Chu, Fu-Chuan; Huang, Chou-Hsiung; Yu, Sheng-Fu; Zhao, Jun Li Report 2593
UV blocking glass: low cost filters for visible light photocatalytic assessment. Dunnill, Charles W. 2669
Vapour-phase and solid-phase epitaxy of silicon on solid-phase crystallised seed layers for solar cells application. Li, Wei; Varlamov, Sergey; Jung, Miga; Huang, Jialiang 6528
Very fast and accurate procedure for the characterization of photovoltaic panels from datasheet information. Laudani, Antonino; Fulginei, Francesco Riganti; Salvini, Alessandro; Lozito, Gabriele Maria; Coco, S Report 5506
Visible-light degradation of dyes and phenols over mesoporous titania prepared by using anthocyanin from red radish as template. Yan, Zhiying; Gong, Wenjuan; Chen, Yongjuan; Duan, Deliang; Li, Junjie; Wang, Wei; Wang, Jiaqiang Report 6076
Void shapes controlled by using interruption-free epitaxial lateral overgrowth of GaN films on patterned Si[O.sub.2] A1N /sapphire template. Chen, Yu-An; Kuo, Cheng-Huang; Chang, Li-Chuan; Wu, Ji-Pu 3758

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