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Articles from International Journal of Optics (January 1, 2018)

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A Structured Light RGB-D Camera System for Accurate Depth Measurement. Tran, Van Luan; Lin, Huei-Yung 3787
Alternative Approach of Developing Optical Binary Adder Using Reversible Peres Gates. Mandal, Dhoumendra; Mandal, Sumana; Mandal, Mrinal Kanti; Garai, Sisir Kumar 8003
Angularly Resolved Deep Brain Fluorescence Imaging Using a Single Optical Fiber. De La Rosa, Israel J.; Azimipour, Mehdi; Cullen, Patrick K.; Helmstetter, Fred J.; Pashaie, Ramin 4961
Black Phosphorus Q-Switched Large-Mode-Area Tm-Doped Fiber Laser. Ren, Yan; Qin, Zhipeng; Xie, Guoqiang; Qiao, Zhen; Ma, Jingui; Yuan, Peng; Qian, Liejia; Wang, Shika 3799
Broadband Degenerate Femtosecond OPO around 2060 nm. Tian, Wenlong; Meng, Xianghao; Zhang, Ninghua; Zhu, Jiangfeng; Wang, Zhaohua; Wei, Zhiyi 2248
Continuous-Wave and Passively Q-Switched Er:[Y.sub.2][O.sub.3] Ceramic Laser at 2.7 [micro]m. Qin, Zhipeng; Xie, Guoqiang; Zhang, Jian; Ma, Jingui; Yuan, Peng; Qian, Liejia 2904
Depth Analysis of Greyscale Integral Images Using Continuous Multiview Wavelet Transform. Saveljev, Vladimir; Palchikova, Irina 3793
Design and Implementation Guidelines for a Modular Spectral-Domain Optical Coherence Tomography Scanner. Atry, Farid; De La Rosa, Israel Jacob; Rarick, Kevin R.; Pashaie, Ramin 15864
Efficient Tandem Organic Light Emitting Diode Using Organic Photovoltaic Charge Generation Layer. Jetly, Akanksha; Mehra, Rajesh 5503
Experimental Study on the Concept of Hollow-Core Photonic Bandgap Fiber Stethoscope. Abdallah, Adel 2247
Extended Reach 10 Gb/s Transmission with an Optical I/Q Modulator Using VCSELs over OFDM-Based Multimode Fiber Link. Kedia, Deepak; Nehra, Monika 3185
Impact of Temperature and Relative Humidity on PMD in Directly Buried Optical Fibre Cables in Semi-Arid and Tropical Highlands in Kenya. Ndunda, Moses; Dehayem-Kamadjeu, Alix; Waswa, David 3803
Improving the Sensitivity of Humidity Sensor Based on Mach-Zehnder Interferometer Coated with a Methylcellulose. Huang, Jun; Wang, Bowen; Ni, Kai 2822
Investigation and Suppression of Fiber Nonlinearities Using Injection-Locking in OFDM-WDM System. Nehra, Monika; Kedia, Deepak 2983
Measuring the Phase of an Optical Field from Two Intensity Measurements: Analysis of a Simple Theoretical Model. Kelly, Damien P. 8234
Mid-Infrared Tunable Intracavity Singly Resonant Optical Parametric Oscillator Based on MgO:PPLN. Zhang, Jing; Zhang, Yongchang; Duan, Yanmin; Ruan, Xiukai; Wang, Hongyan; Zhang, Yaoju; Zhu, Haiyong 3250
Multirotor UAV-Based Photogrammetric Mapping for Road Design. Zulkipli, Muhammad Akmal; Tahar, Khairul Nizam 4556
On the Creation of Solitons in Amplifying Optical Fibers. Mahnke, Christoph; Hause, Alexander; Mitschke, Fedor 7539
Optical Bistability in a Controllable Giant Self-Kerr Nonlinear Gaseous Medium under Electromagnetically Induced Transparency and Doppler Broadening. Minh, Phuong Le Thi; Van, Doai Le; Xuan, Khoa Dinh; Huy, Bang Nguyen 3637
Optical Spectra Properties and Continuous-Wave Laser Performance of Tm,Y:Ca[F.sub.2] Single Crystals. Ding, Jingxin; Zhao, Beibei; Ma, Weiwei; Yu, Hao; Qian, Xiaobo; Kong, Lingchen; Wang, Jingya; Xie, G 4823
Phase-Shift Keying Modulated Data Signal Using SOA-MZI-Based All-Optical Logic AND Gate at 80 Gb/s. Kotb, Amer; Mohamed, Yasser 4379
Propagation Properties of Airy Beam through Periodic Slab System with Negative Index Materials. Jin, Long; Zhang, Xingqiang 3694
Solvent Effect on the Solid-Surface Fluorescence of Pyrene on Cellulose Diacetate Matrices. Rogacheva, Svetlana M.; Volkova, Elena V.; Otradnova, Milena I.; Gubina, Tamara I.; Shipovskaya, Ann 4688
Stimulated Brillouin Review: Invented 50 Years Ago and Applied Today. Garmire, Elsa 10781
Study on Quantitative Phase Imaging by Dual-Wavelength Digital Holography Microscopy. Hu, Lin; Shui, Yunxiu; Dai, Yaohui; Wu, Haiyu; Zhu, Gang; Yang, Yan 3934
Targeted Photodynamic Therapy: A Novel Approach to Abolition of Human Cancer Stem Cells. Crous, Anine; Chizenga, Elvin; Hodgkinson, Natasha; Abrahamse, Heidi 5986
Two-Step Phase Retrieval Algorithm Using Single-Intensity Measurement. Zhang, Cheng; Wang, Meiqin; Chen, Qianwen; Wang, Dong; Wei, Sui 3204

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