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Articles from International Journal of Geophysics (January 1, 2018)

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3D Mapping of the Submerged Crowie Barge Using Electrical Resistivity Tomography. Simyrdanis, Kleanthis; Moffat, Ian; Papadopoulos, Nikos; Kowlessar, Jarrad; Bailey, Marian 5033
3D Seismic Structural Analysis and Basin Modeling of the Matruh Basin, Western Desert, Egypt. Metwalli, Farouk I.; Shendi, El Arabi H.; Hart, Bruce; Osman, Waleed M. 5920
Analysis of the Magnetic Anomalies of Buried Archaeological Ovens of Ain Kerouach (Morocco). Ayad, Abderrahim; Bakkali, Saad 2803
Assessing Magnetic Susceptibility Profiles of Topsoils under Different Occupations. Bouhsane, N.; Bouhlassa, S. 5723
Assessment of Surface Runoff for Tank Watershed in Tamil Nadu Using Hydrologic Modeling. Abraham, Marykutty; Mathew, Riya Ann 5221
Depth and Lineament Maps Derived from North Cameroon Gravity Data Computed by Artificial Neural Network. Pemi, Marcelin Mouzong; Kamguia, Joseph; Nguiya, Severin; Manguelle-Dicoum, Eliezer 4496
Geomorphology Characterization of Ica Basin and Its Influence on the Dynamic Response of Soils for Urban Seismic Hazards in Ica, Peru. Bernal, Isabel; Tavera, Hernando; Sulla, Wilfredo; Arredondo, Luz; Oyola, Javier 5356
HVSR Analysis of Rockslide Seismic Signals to Assess the Subsoil Conditions and the Site Seismic Response. Lotti, Alessia; Pazzi, Veronica; Saccorotti, Gilberto; Fiaschi, Andrea; Matassoni, Luca; Gigli, Giov 7390
Hydrogeophysical Investigation for Groundwater Resources from Electrical Resistivity Tomography and Self-Potential Data in the Meiganga Area, Adamawa, Cameroon. Arsene, Meying; Elvis, Bidichael Wahile Wassouo; Daniel, Gouet; Theophile, Ndougsa-Mbarga; Kelian, K 6584
Integrated Geophysical-Geological 3D Model of the Right-Bank Slope Downstream from the Rogun Dam Construction Site, Tajikistan. Havenith, Hans-Balder; Torgoev, Isakbek; Ischuk, Anatoli 7747
Integration of Earth Observation Data and Spatial Approach to Delineate and Manage Aeolian Sand-Affected Wasteland in Highly Productive Lands of Haryana, India. Rawat, Kishan Singh; Mishra, Shashi Vind; Singh, Sudhir Kumar 5267
Lead Time for Cities of Northern India by Using Multiparameter EEW Algorithm. Bhardwaj, Rakhi; Sharma, Mukat Lal 4779
Localized Increment and Decrement in the Total Electron Content of the Ionosphere as a Response to the April 20, 2018, Geomagnetic Storm. Sotomayor-Beltran, Carlos 4000
Machine Learning: A Novel Approach to Predicting Slope Instabilities. Kothari, Upasna Chandarana; Momayez, Moe 6948
Mapping of Deep Tectonic Structures of Central and Southern Cameroon by an Interpretation of Surface and Satellite Magnetic Data. Mbang, Constantin Mathieu Som; Basseka, Charles Antoine; Kamguia, Joseph; Etame, Jacques; Tchoukeu, 6770
New Geological and Structural Facts under the Lateritic Cover in Garga Sarali, Ndokayo (East Cameroon) Area, from Audiomagnetotellurics Soundings. Didier, Pepogo Man-mvele Augustin; Theophile, Ndougsa-Mbarga; Arsene, Meying; Daniel, Ngoh Jean; Jos 6930
Object Detection in Ground-Penetrating Radar Images Using a Deep Convolutional Neural Network and Image Set Preparation by Migration. Ishitsuka, Kazuya; Iso, Shinichiro; Onishi, Kyosuke; Matsuoka, Toshifumi 4420
QVOA Techniques for Estimation of Fracture Directions. Sabinin, Vladimir 6457
SEISGAMA: A Free C# Based Seismic Data Processing Software Platform. Irnaka, Theodosius Marwan; Wahyudi, Wahyudi; Hartantyo, Eddy; Mufaqih, Adien Akhmad; Anggraini, Ade; 3740
TEM Response of a Large Loop Source over the Multilayer Earth Models. Tiwari, A.K.; Maurya, S.P.; Singh, N.P. 3120

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