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Articles from International Journal of Genomics (January 1, 2017)

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A New Network-Based Strategy for Predicting the Potential miRNA-mRNA Interactions in Tumorigenesis. Xue, Jiwei; Xie, Fanfan; Xu, Junmei; Liu, Yuan; Liang, Yu; Wen, Zhining; Li, Menglong Report 5819
A Pilot Genome-Wide Association Study in Postmenopausal Mexican-Mestizo Women Implicates the RMND1/CCDC170 Locus Is Associated with Bone Mineral Density. Villalobos-Comparan, Marisela; Jimenez-Ortega, Rogelio F.; Estrada, Karol; Parra-Torres, Alma Y.; Go Report 8548
A Review of Recent Advancement in Integrating Omics Data with Literature Mining towards Biomedical Discoveries. Raja, Kalpana; Patrick, Matthew; Gao, Yilin; Madu, Desmond; Yang, Yuyang; Tsoi, Lam C. Report 7080
An Exploration of Gene-Gene Interactions and Their Effects on Hypertension. Meng, Ying; Groth, Susan; Quinn, Jill R.; Bisognano, John; Wu, Tong Tong Report 6585
An Integrating Approach for Genome-Wide Screening of MicroRNA Polymorphisms Mediated Drug Response Alterations. Wang, Xianyue; Jiang, Hong; Wu, Wei; Zhang, Rongxin; Wu, Lingxiang; Chen, Huan; Li, Pengping; Nie, Y Report 4550
Antioxidant System Response and cDNA-SCoT Marker Profiling in Phoenix dactylifera L. Plant under Salinity Stress. Qurainy, Fahad Al-; Khan, Salim; Nadeem, Mohammad; Tarroum, Mohamed; Gaafar, Abdel-Rhman Z. Report 6813
Application of Genomic In Situ Hybridization in Horticultural Science. Ramzan, Fahad; Younis, Adnan; Lim, Ki-Byung Report 7743
Aquatic Plant Genomics: Advances, Applications, and Prospects. Hu, Shiqi; Li, Gaojie; Yang, Jingjing; Hou, Hongwei Report 7025
Aspectual Fertility Variation and Its Effect on Gene Diversity of Seeds in Natural Stands of Taurus Cedar (Cedrus libani A. Rich.). Yazici, Nilufer; Bilir, Nebi Report 3328
Association of PTPN22 Haplotypes (-1123G>C/+1858C>T) with Rheumatoid Arthritis in Western Mexican Population. Ruiz-Noa, Yeniley; Padilla-Gutierrez, Jorge Ramon; Hernandez-Bello, Jorge; Palafox-Sanchez, Claudia Report 3623
Biological Function of MicroRNA193a-3p in Health and Disease. Grossi, Ilaria; Salvi, Alessandro; Abeni, Edoardo; Marchina, Eleonora; De Petro, Giuseppina Report 9363
Blood Transcriptional Signatures for Disease Progression in a Rat Model of Osteoarthritis. Korostynski, Michal; Malek, Natalia; Piechota, Marcin; Starowicz, Katarzyna Report 4764
Case Study of Somaclonal Variation in Resistance Genes Mlo and Pme3 in Flaxseed (Linum usitatissimum L.) Induced by Nanoparticles. Kokina, Inese; Mickevica, Ilona; Jermalonoka, Marija; Bankovska, Linda; Gerbreders, Vjaceslavs; Ogur Case study 3086
Characteristics and Validation Techniques for PCA-Based Gene-Expression Signatures. Berglund, Anders E.; Welsh, Eric A.; Eschrich, Steven A. Report 7408
Characterization and Expression Analysis of Common Bean Histone Deacetylase 6 during Development and Cold Stress Response. Hayford, Rita Kusi-Appiah; Ligaba-Osena, Ayalew; Subramani, Mayavan; Brown, Adrianne; Melmaiee, Kalp Report 7931
Chimeric Genes in Deletions and Duplications Associated to Intellectual Disability. Mayo, Sonia; Monfort, Sandra; Rosello, Monica; Orellana, Carmen; Oltra, Silvestre; Caro-Llopis, Alfo Report 5722
Chromosome 1 Sequence Analysis of C57BL/6J-Chr1[KM] Mouse Strain. Xu, Fuyi; Chao, Tianzhu; Zhang, Yiyin; Hu, Shixian; Zhou, Yuxun; Xu, Hongyan; Xiao, Junhua; Li, Kai Report 5037
Circular RNAs: Biogenesis, Function, and a Role as Possible Cancer Biomarkers. Bolha, Luka; Ravnik-Glavac, Metka; Glavac, Damjan Report 15242
Coexpression Analysis of Transcriptome on AIDS and Other Human Disease Pathways by Canonical Correlation Analysis. Chen, Yahong; Yuan, Jinjin; Han, Xianlin; Liu, Xiaolong; Han, Xiao; Ye, Hanhui Report 7235
Common Expression Quantitative Trait Loci Shared by Histone Genes. Kim, Hanseol; Suh, Yujin; Lee, Chaeyoung Report 7641
Comparative Genomic In Situ Hybridization and the Possible Role of Retroelements in the Karyotypic Evolution of Three Akodontini Species. Araujo, Naiara Pereira; Kuhn, Gustavo Campos Silva; Vieira, Flavia Nunes; Morcatty, Thais Queiroz; P Report 6804
Comparative Proteomic Analysis of Paulownia fortunei Response to Phytoplasma Infection with Dimethyl Sulfate Treatment. Wei, Zhen; Wang, Zhe; Li, Xiaoyu; Zhao, Zhenli; Deng, Minjie; Dong, Yanpeng; Cao, Xibing; Fan, Guoqi Report 6708
Comparative RNA-Sequence Transcriptome Analysis of Phenolic Acid Metabolism in Salvia miltiorrhiza, a Traditional Chinese Medicine Model Plant. Song, Zhenqiao; Guo, Linlin; Liu, Tian; Lin, Caicai; Wang, Jianhua; Li, Xingfeng Report 5880
Comparative Transcriptome Analyses of Resistant and Susceptible Near-Isogenic Wheat Lines following Inoculation with Blumeria graminis f. sp. tritici. Xing, Piyi; Zhang, Xueying; Bao, Yinguang; Wang, Yuhai; Wang, Honggang; Li, Xingfeng Report 7749
Detection of QTLs for Yield Heterosis in Rice Using a RIL Population and Its Testcross Population. Zhu, Yu-Jun; Huang, De-Run; Fan, Ye-Yang; Zhang, Zhen-Hua; Ying, Jie-Zheng; Zhuang, Jie-Yun Report 6798
Development of a New Marker System for Identification of Spirodela polyrhiza and Landoltia punctata. Feng, Bo; Fang, Yang; Xu, Zhibin; Xiang, Chao; Zhou, Chunhong; Jiang, Fei; Wang, Tao; Zhao, Hai Report 3674
Differential Analysis of Genetic, Epigenetic, and Cytogenetic Abnormalities in AML. Islam, Mirazul; Mohamed, Zahurin; Assenov, Yassen Report 6630
Differential MicroRNA Analyses of Burkholderia pseudomallei- and Francisella tularensis-Exposed hPBMCs Reveal Potential Biomarkers. Cer, Regina Z.; Herrera-Galeano, J. Enrique; Frey, Kenneth G.; Schully, Kevin L.; Luu, Truong V.; Pe Report 7510
Discovery of MicroRNAs and Their Target Genes Related to Drought in Paulownia "Yuza 1" by High-Throughput Sequencing. Deng, Minjie; Cao, Yabing; Zhao, Zhenli; Yang, Lu; Zhang, Yanfang; Dong, Yanpeng; Fan, Guoqiang Report 6915
Effect of Gegen Qinlian Decoction on Cardiac Gene Expression in Diabetic Mice. Han, Jing; Wang, Zhenglin; Xing, Wei; Yuan, Yueying; Zhang, Yi; Lv, Tiantian; Wang, Hongliang; Liu, Report 5568
Enriching Genomic Resources and Marker Development from Transcript Sequences of Jatropha curcas for Microgravity Studies. Tian, Wenlan; Paudel, Dev; Vendrame, Wagner; Wang, Jianping Report 10387
Enriching Genomic Resources and Transcriptional Profile Analysis of Miscanthus sinensis under Drought Stress Based on RNA Sequencing. Nie, Gang; Huang, Linkai; Ma, Xiao; Ji, Zhongjie; Zhang, Yajie; Tang, Lu; Zhang, Xinquan Report 7506
Evidence of Divergent Amino Acid Usage in Comparative Analyses of R5- and X4-Associated HIV-1 Vpr Sequences. Antell, Gregory C.; Dampier, Will; Aiamkitsumrit, Benjamas; Nonnemacher, Michael R.; Pirrone, Vaness Report 7061
Evidence of the Complexity of Gene Expression Analysis in Fish Wild Populations. Tine, Mbaye Report 10211
Evolution of the Apicomplexan Sugar Transporter Gene Family Repertoire. Mahmud, Ousman; Kissinger, Jessica C. Report 4825
Exception to the Rule: Genomic Characterization of Naturally Occurring Unusual Vibrio cholerae Strains with a Single Chromosome. Xie, Gary; Johnson, Shannon L.; Davenport, Karen W.; Rajavel, Mathumathi; Waldminghaus, Torsten; Det Report 9304
Exploration of Nitrate Reductase Metabolic Pathway in Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis. Almeida, Sintia; Sousa, Cassiana; Abreu, Vinicius; Diniz, Carlos; Dorneles, Elaine M.S.; Lage, Andre Report 6923
Genetic Diversity and Association Analysis for Solvent Retention Capacity in the Accessions Derived from Soft Wheat Ningmai 9. Jiang, Peng; Zhang, Ping-Ping; Zhang, Xu; Ma, Hong-Xiang Report 4981
Genome-Wide Identification and Transcriptional Expression Analysis of Cucumber Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) Family in Response to Various Abiotic Stresses. Zhou, Yong; Hu, Lifang; Wu, Hao; Jiang, Lunwei; Liu, Shiqiang Report 7906
Genome-Wide Identification of bZIP Family Genes Involved in Drought and Heat Stresses in Strawberry (Fragaria vesca). Wang, Xiao-Long; Chen, Xinlu; Yang, Tian-Bao; Cheng, Qunkang; Cheng, Zong-Ming Report 8993
Genomewide Expression and Functional Interactions of Genes under Drought Stress in Maize. Thirunavukkarasu, Nepolean; Sharma, Rinku; Singh, Nidhi; Shiriga, Kaliyugam; Mohan, Sweta; Mittal, S Report 7760
Genomic Survey, Characterization, and Expression Profile Analysis of the SBP Genes in Pineapple (Ananas comosus L.). Ali, Hina; Liu, Yanhui; Azam, Syed Muhammad; Rahman, Zia ur; Priyadarshani, S.V.G.N.; Li, Weimin; Hu Report 7052
Growth and Survival Variation among Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) Provenances. Gulcu, Suleyman; Bilir, Nebi Report 3863
Haplotypes for Type, Degree, and Rate of Marbling in Cattle Are Syntenic with Human Muscular Dystrophy. Lloyd, Sally S.; Steele, Edward J.; Valenzuela, Jose L.; Dawkins, Roger L. Report 10069
HaVec: An Efficient de Bruijn Graph Construction Algorithm for Genome Assembly. Rahman, Md Mahfuzer; Sharker, Ratul; Biswas, Sajib; Rahman, M. Sohel Report 8357
Highly Variable Genomic Landscape of Endogenous Retroviruses in the C57BL/6J Inbred Strain, Depending on Individual Mouse, Gender, Organ Type, and Organ Location. Lee, Kang-Hoon; Lim, Debora; Greenhalgh, David; Cho, Kiho Report 5734
HuoXueJieDu Formula Alleviates Diabetic Retinopathy in Rats by Inhibiting SOCS3-STAT3 and TIMP1-A2M Pathways. Wang, Hongliang; Xing, Wei; Tang, Shijie; Wang, Zhenglin; Lv, Tiantian; Wu, Yan; Guo, Shuzhen; Li, C Report 5702
Identification and Characterization of the Diverse Stress-Responsive R2R3-RMYB Transcription Factor from Hibiscus sabdariffa L. Mohamed, Bahaeldeen Babikar; Aftab, Beenish; Sarwar, Muhammad Bilal; Rashid, Bushra; Ahmad, Zarnab; Report 7157
Identification of Alternative Variants and Insertion of the Novel Polymorphic AluYl17 in TSEN54 Gene during Primate Evolution. Lee, Ja-Rang; Kim, Young-Hyun; Park, Sang-Je; Choe, Se-Hee; Cho, Hyeon-Mu; Lee, Sang-Rae; Kim, Sun-U Report 5321
Identifying Novel Glioma-Associated Noncoding RNAs by Their Expression Profiles. Matjasic, Alenka; Tajnik, Mojca; Bostjancic, Emanuela; Popovic, Mara; Matos, Bostjan; Glavac, Damjan Report 9480
Insights on Genomic and Molecular Alterations in Multiple Myeloma and Their Incorporation towards Risk-Adapted Treatment Strategy: Concise Clinical Review. Nishihori, Taiga; Shain, Kenneth Report 5179
Integrating Biological Covariates into Gene Expression-Based Predictors of Radiation Sensitivity. Kamath, Vidya P.; Torres-Roca, Javier F.; Eschrich, Steven A. Report 5560
Lncident: A Tool for Rapid Identification of Long Noncoding RNAs Utilizing Sequence Intrinsic Composition and Open Reading Frame Information. Han, Siyu; Liang, Yanchun; Li, Ying; Du, Wei Report 5736
Mapping QTL for Root and Shoot Morphological Traits in a Durum WheatxT. dicoccum Segregating Population at Seedling Stage. Iannucci, Anna; Marone, Daniela; Russo, Maria Anna; De Vita, Pasquale; Miullo, Vito; Ferragonio, Pin Report 12455
MicroRNA and Putative Target Discoveries in Chrysanthemum Polyploidy Breeding. Zhang, Fengjiao; Zhao, Jingya; Xu, Sujuan; Fang, Weimin; Chen, Fadi; Teng, Nianjun Report 6693
MicroRNA in Glioblastoma: An Overview. Banelli, Barbara; Forlani, Alessandra; Allemanni, Giorgio; Morabito, Anna; Pistillo, Maria Pia; Roma Report 14206
MicroRNA Profiling in Cartilage Ageing. Balaskas, Panagiotis; Goljanek-Whysall, Katarzyna; Clegg, eter; Fang, Yongxiang; Cremers, Andy; Eman Report 6721
MicroRNAs as Biomarkers in Thyroid Carcinoma. Celano, Marilena; Rosignolo, Francesca; Maggisano, Valentina; Pecce, Valeria; Iannone, Michelangelo; Report 7562
miRNA Expression Profile and Effect of Wenxin Granule in Rats with Ligation-Induced Myocardial Infarction. Wu, Aiming; Lou, Lixia; Zhai, Jianying; Zhang, Dongmei; Chai, Limin; Nie, Bo; Zhu, Haiyan; Gao, Yong Report 6042
Module Anchored Network Inference: A Sequential Module-Based Approach to Novel Gene Network Construction from Genomic Expression Data on Human Disease Mechanism. Muthiah, Annamalai; Keller, Susanna R.; Lee, Jae K. Report 5748
Molecular Crosstalking among Noncoding RNAs: A New Network Layer of Genome Regulation in Cancer. Ragusa, Marco; Barbagallo, Cristina; Brex, Duilia; Caponnetto, Angela; Cirnigliaro, Matilde; Battagl Report 14140
Naturally Occurring Canine Invasive Urinary Bladder Cancer: A Complementary Animal Model to Improve the Success Rate in Human Clinical Trials of New Cancer Drugs. Fulkerson, Christopher M.; Dhawan, Deepika; Ratliff, Timothy L.; Hahn, Noah M.; Knapp, Deborah W. Report 7843
Neurodevelopmental Disorders and Environmental Toxicants: Epigenetics as an Underlying Mechanism. Tran, Nguyen Quoc Vuong; Miyake, Kunio Report 17368
Overexpression of Chromosome 21 miRNAs May Affect Mitochondrial Function in the Hearts of Down Syndrome Fetuses. Izzo, Antonella; Manco, Rosanna; de Cristofaro, Tiziana; Bonfiglio, Ferdinando; Cicatiello, Rita; Mo Report 5764
Preparing and Analyzing Expressed Sequence Tags (ESTs) Library for the Mammary Tissue of Local Turkish Kivircik Sheep. Ozgenturk, Nehir Ozdemir; Ulu, Zehra Omeroglu; Ulu, Salih; Un, Cemal; Oztabak, Kemal Ozdem; Altunatm Report 5615
Racial Differences in Expression Levels of miRNA Machinery-Related Genes, Dicer, Drosha, DGCR8, and AGO2, in Asian Korean Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma and Comparative Validation Using the Cancer Genome Atlas. Kim, Jaegil; Park, Woo-Jae; Jeong, Kwang-Joon; Kang, Sun Hee; Kwon, Sun Young; Kim, Shin; Park, Jong Report 5460
Recent Advances in High Throughput Sequencing Analysis. Guo, Yan; Han, Leng; Sheng, Quanhu Editorial 436
Serum and Brain Metabolomic Variations Reveal Perturbation of Sleep Deprivation on Rats and Ameliorate Effect of Total Ginsenoside Treatment. Gou, Xiao-jun; Cen, Fang; Fan, Zi-quan; Xu, Ying; Shen, Hong-yi; Zhou, Ming-mei Report 10832
Temporal Changes in Gene Expression Profile during Mature Adipocyte Dedifferentiation. Cote, Julie Anne; Guenard, Frederic; Lessard, Julie; Lapointe, Marc; Biron, Simon; Vohl, Marie-Claud Report 6768
The Draft Genome and Transcriptome of the Atlantic Horseshoe Crab, Limulus polyphemus. Simpson, Stephen D.; Ramsdell, Jordan S.; Watson, Winsor H., III; Chabot, Christopher C. Report 8188
The miRNA Pull Out Assay as a Method to Validate the miR-28-5p Targets Identified in Other Tumor Contexts in Prostate Cancer. Rizzo, Milena; Berti, Gabriele; Russo, Francesco; Evangelista, Monica; Pellegrini, Marco; Rainaldi, Report 3623
The Numerical Predominance and Large Transcriptome Differences of Neutrophils in Peripheral Blood Together Inevitably Account for a Reported Pulmonary Tuberculosis Signature. Wu, Kang; Wong, Ka-Wing; Deng, Wang-Long; Zhang, Hao; Li, Jing; Lowrie, Douglas B.; Fan, Xiao-Yong Report 4191
The Power of CRISPR-Cas9-Induced Genome Editing to Speed Up Plant Breeding. Cao, Hieu X.; Wang, Wenqin; Le, Hien T.T.; Vu, Giang T.H. Report 7268
The Promise of Agriculture Genomics. Wang, Wenqin; Cao, Xuan H.; Miclsus, Mihai; Xu, Jianhong; Xiong, Wenwei Editorial 1897
The Promise of Genomic Studies on Human Diseases: From Basic Science to Clinical Application. Tsoi, Lam C.; Wolf, Bethany; Chen, Y. Ann Report 835
The Role of miRNAs as Biomarkers for Pregnancy Outcomes: A Comprehensive Review. Barchitta, Martina; Maugeri, Andrea; Quattrocchi, Annalisa; Agrifoglio, Ottavia; Agodi, Antonella Report 8123
The Transcriptional Network Structure of a Myeloid Cell: A Computational Approach. Espinal-Enriquez, Jesus; Gonzalez-Teran, Daniel; Hernandez-Lemus, Enrique Report 8297
The Utilization of Formalin Fixed-Paraffin-Embedded Specimens in High Throughput Genomic Studies. Zhang, Pan; Lehmann, Brian D.; Shyr, Yu; Guo, Yan Report 7909
Tissue- and Cell Type-Specific Expression of the Long Noncoding RNA Klhl14-AS in Mouse. Credendino, Sara Carmela; Lewin, Nicole; de Oliveira, Miriane; Basu, Swaraj; DAndrea, Barbara; Amend Report 4099
Transcriptome Analysis of Orange Head Chinese Cabbage (Brassica rapa L. ssp. pekinensis) and Molecular Marker Development. Li, Jingjuan; Zhang, Yihui; Ding, Qian; Li, Huayin; Liu, Lifeng; Wang, Fengde; Gao, Jianwei Report 5043
Transcriptome Analysis of Two Different Developmental Stages of Paeonia lactiflora Seeds. Ma, Yonglei; Cui, Jinqiu; Lu, Xiujun; Zhang, Lijie; Chen, Zhijing; Fei, Riwen; Sun, Xiaomei Report 4302
Transcriptome-Based Modeling Reveals that Oxidative Stress Induces Modulation of the AtfA-Dependent Signaling Networks in Aspergillus nidulans. Orosz, Erzsebet; Antal, Karoly; Gazdag, Zoltan; Szabo, Zsuzsa; Han, Kap-Hoon; Yu, Jae-Hyuk; Pocsi, I Report 10782
Uncover the Underlying Mechanism of Drug-Induced Myopathy by Using Systems Biology Approaches. Li, Dong; Li, Aixin; Zhou, Hairui; Wang, Xi; Li, Peng; Bi, Sheng; Teng, Yang Report 3860
Vitamin D Receptor Gene Polymorphisms Influence T1D Susceptibility among Pakistanis. Mukhtar, Maryam; Batool, Andleeb; Wajid, Abdul; Qayyum, Iram Report 3927
Whole-Genome Characteristics and Polymorphic Analysis of Vietnamese Rice Landraces as a Comprehensive Information Resource for Marker-Assisted Selection. Trinh, Hien; Nguyen, Khoa Truong; Van Nguyen, Lam; Pham, Huy Quang; Huong, Can Thu; Xuan, Tran Dang; Report 4939

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