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International Journal of Educational Policy, Research, and Practice: Reconceptualizing Childhood Studies mission statement.

The International Journal of Educational Policy, Research and Practice (IJEPRP): Reconceptualizing Childhood Studies is available in print form to an audience of researchers and practitioners in the field of education. IJEPRP seeks to publish research and practical applications of research to address current issues of importance worldwide. The editors are committed to publishing the most important work in the field of education, broadly conceived. The journal focuses on a "Reconceptualization of Childhood Studies" that includes continuing attention to international issues in education, and critical cultural studies of childhood, family, child care, education, and schooling. The journal's goal is to offer a space for a critical framing of policy, research, practice, and attention toward younger children from infancy through elementary education. The focus on reconceptualizing childhood studies will include attention toward cultural historical studies of childhood, critical anthropological and sociological studies of childhood, and critical psychological and educational/curricular studies of childhood, families, and education as well as schooling--around the world.

In the area of policy, the journal's editors seek both research and policy applications designed to inform a wide, international audience of policymakers at multiple levels as well as researchers whose engagement with educational issues takes them into school, communities, families, agencies, and government.

In the area of research, the journal's editors seek studies and applications that have the capacity to inform how we think about all areas of formal and informal education for children from infancy through elementary, childhood studies, including an interrogation of dichotomies based on age, grade, or "stage," including childhood and youth studies, critical analyses of family, schooling, and educational reforms at global/ local levels. While the journal's foci range across the theoretical, research, policy, and practice areas, the goal of the journal is to bring a critique of current dominant approaches to childhood studies, to policies and policing of childhood from infancy through later years of schooling, and to invite studies of curriculum, schooling, childhood that reconceptualize current practice. The journal specifically invites manuscripts that draw on critical structural, feminist, post-structural or post-modern, post-colonial/decolonizing studies of education, child care, childhood around the world. The focus of research reports may be on a single country, or comparative. We also encourage interdisciplinary, multimethodological, and multitheoretical approaches.

Finally, in the specific area of practice, the journal's editors seek material that has both immediate and long-term application to practice at various levels, and/or that discusses the intersections between practice, policy, research, and theory. The journal seeks to publish material related to analyses of classroom instruction, curriculum, new globalized reforms, as well as assessment practices. The editors also seek material on the organization and construction of education, schooling, child care, and families as well as the larger structures or discourses in which these mare embedded. The editors hold the strong belief that the social, cultural, economic, and historical contexts of schools, education, and educational practices are of great importance in understanding practice at any level, and must be examined in complex ways.

Marianne N. Bloch is a professor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, College of Education, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, Wisconsin, USA and Gaile S. Cannella is a professor in the Division of Curriculum and Instruction, College of Education, Arizona State University-Tempe, Tempe, Arizona, USA. They are editors of the International Journal of Educational Policy, Research, and Practice: Reconceptualizing Childhood Studies.
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Author:Bloch, Marianne N.; Cannella, Gaile S.
Publication:International Journal of Educational Policy, Research and Practice
Date:Jan 1, 2006
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