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Articles from International Journal of Differential Equations (January 1, 2018)

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A Fractional Order Model for Viral Infection with Cure of Infected Cells and Humoral Immunity. Boukhouima, Adnane; Hattaf, Khalid; Yousfi, Noura Report 5832
Affine Discontinuous Galerkin Method Approximation of Second-Order Linear Elliptic Equations in Divergence Form with Right-Hand Side in [L.sup.1]. Lidouh, Abdeluaab; Messaoudi, Rachid Report 7643
An Analytical and Approximate Solution for Nonlinear Volterra Partial Integro-Differential Equations with a Weakly Singular Kernel Using the Fractional Differential Transform Method. Ghoochani-Shirvan, Rezvan; Saberi-Nadjafi, Jafar; Gachpazan, Morteza Report 3334
Application of Optimal Homotopy Asymptotic Method to Some Well-Known Linear and Nonlinear Two-Point Boundary Value Problems. Khan, Muhammad Asim; Ullah, Shafiq; Ali, Norhashidah Hj. Mohd Report 2830
Application of Residual Power Series Method to Fractional Coupled Physical Equations Arising in Fluids Flow. Arafa, Anas; Elmahdy, Ghada Report 4428
Applications of Parameterized Nonlinear Ordinary Differential Equations and Dynamic Systems: An Example of the Taiwan Stock Index. Li, Meng-Rong; Chiang-Lin, Tsung-Jui; Lee, Yong-Shiuan Report 5059
Computational Optimization of Residual Power Series Algorithm for Certain Classes of Fuzzy Fractional Differential Equations. Alaroud, Mohammad; Al-Smadi, Mohammed; Ahmad, Rokiah Rozita; Din, Ummul Khair Salma Report 7734
Convergent Power Series of sech(x) and Solutions to Nonlinear Differential Equations. Khawaja, U. Al; Al-Mdallal, Qasem M. Report 5928
Existence of Asymptotically Almost Automorphic Mild Solutions of Semilinear Fractional Differential Equations. Cao, Junfei; Huang, Zaitang; NGuerekata, Gaston M. Report 11008
Existence of Global Solutions for Nonlinear Magnetohydrodynamics with Finite Larmor Radius Corrections. Elsrrawi, Fariha; Hattori, Harumi Report 3707
Existence of Solutions for Unbounded Elliptic Equations with Critical Natural Growth. Bouhlal, Aziz; Hachimife, Abderrahmane El; Igbida, Jaouad; Sadek, El Mostafa; Alaoui, Hamad Talibi Report 3385
Existence of Weak Solutions for Fractional Integrodifferential Equations with Multipoint Boundary Conditions. Gou, Haide; Li, Baolin Report 4865
Finite Volume Element Approximation for the Elliptic Equation with Distributed Control. Wang, Quanxiang; Zhao, Tengjin; Zhang, Zhiyue Report 5297
Global and Local Structures of Bifurcation Curves of ODE with Nonlinear Diffusion. Shibata, Tetsutaro Report 2735
Global Stability of an Economic Model with a Continuous Delay of Kaldor Type Modified. Nindjin, Aka Fulgence; N'guessan, Tetchi Albin; Kpetihi, Sahoua Hypolithe Okou A.; Tia, Kesse Tiban Report 8510
High-Speed Transmission in Long-Haul Electrical Systems. Juarez-Campos, Beatriz; Kaikina, Elena I.; Naumkin, Pavel I.; Ruiz-Paredes, Hector Francisco Report 5361
Linear [theta]-Method and Compact [theta]-Method for Generalised Reaction-Diffusion Equation with Delay. Wu, Fengyan; Wang, Qiong; Cheng, Xiujun; Chen, Xiaoli Report 6612
Linear Analysis of an Integro-Differential Delay Equation Model. Verdugo, Anael Report 3696
Linearization of Fifth-Order Ordinary Differential Equations by Generalized Sundman Transformations. Suksern, Supaporn; Naboonmee, Kwanpaka Report 3762
Mathematical Modeling in Virology by Differential Equations. Hattaf, Khalid; Elaiw, Ahmed M.; Lashari, Abid A.; Yousfi, Noura Editorial 603
Mathematical Modeling of the Adaptive Immune Responses in the Early Stage of the HBV Infection. Allali, Karam; Meskaf, Adil; Tridane, Abdessamad Report 7605
Nonlinear Evolution of Benjamin-Bona-Mahony Wave Packet due to an Instability of a Pair of Modulations. Halfiani, Vera; Fadhiliani, Dwi; Mardi, Harish Abdillah; Ramli, Marwan Report 6089
Numerical Method for Solving Nonhomogeneous Backward Heat Conduction Problem. Su, LingDe; Jiang, TongSong Report 5546
Numerical Simulation of Dispersed Particle-Blood Flow in the Stenosed Coronary Arteries. Kaewbumrung, Mongkol; Orankitjaroen, Somsak; Boonkrong, Pichit; Nuntadilok, Buraskorn; Wiwatanapatap Report 6961
Numerical Simulations of Water Quality Measurement Model in an Opened-Closed Reservoir with Contaminant Removal Mechanism. Thongtha, Kaboon; Kasemsuwan, Jaipong Report 5774
On FTCS Approach for Box Model of Three-Dimension Advection-Diffusion Equation. Kusuma, Jeffry; Ribal, Agustinus; Mahie, Andi Galsan Report 3262
On Solving the Poisson Equation with Discontinuities on Irregular Interfaces: GFM and VIM. Helgadottir, Asdis; Gibou, Arthur Guitteand Frederic Report 6748
On the Control of Coefficient Function in a Hyperbolic Problem with Dirichlet Conditions. Araz, Seda Igret; Subasi, Murat Report 2562
On the Global Dynamics of a Vector-Borne Disease Model with Age of Vaccination. Ouaro, Stanislas; Traore, Ali Report 4558
Optimization of the Two Fishermen's Profits Exploiting Three Competing Species Where Prices Depend on Harvest. Agmour, Imane; Bentounsi, Meriem; Achtaich, Naceur; Foutayeni, Youssef El Report 6839
Qualitative Analysis of a Generalized Virus Dynamics Model with Both Modes of Transmission and Distributed Delays. Hattaf, Khalid; Yousfi, Noura Report 4083
Spatiotemporal Dynamics of an HIV Infection Model with Delay in Immune Response Activation. Maziane, Mehdi; Hattaf, Khalid; Yousfi, Noura Report 4279
Stability Analysis of Additive Runge-Kutta Methods for Delay-Integro-Differential Equations. Qi, Hongyu; Wang, Zhiyong; Zhu, Fumin; Wen, Jinming Report 2227
The Existence of Strong Solutions for a Class of Stochastic Differential Equations. Zhang, Junfei Report 3617
The Impact of Price on the Profits of Fishermen Exploiting Tritrophic Prey-Predator Fish Populations. Bentounsi, Meriem; Agmour, Imane; Achtaich, Naceur; Foutayeni, Youssef El Report 4775
Uniqueness Results for Higher Order Elliptic Equations in Weighted Sobolev Spaces. Caso, Loredana; Gironimo, Patrizia Di; Monsurro, Sara; Transirico, Maria Report 3347
Well-Posedness and Numerical Study for Solutions of a Parabolic Equation with Variable-Exponent Nonlinearities. Al-Smail, Jamal H.; Messaoudi, Salim A.; Talahmeh, Ala A. Report 3817

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