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Articles from International Journal of Differential Equations (January 1, 2017)

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A Family of Boundary Value Methods for Systems of Second-Order Boundary Value Problems. Biala, T.A.; Jator, S.N. Report 5613
A Trigonometrically Fitted Block Method for Solving Oscillatory Second-Order Initial Value Problems and Hamiltonian Systems. Ngwane, F.F.; Jator, S.N. Report 6682
An Analysis of the Replicator Dynamics for an Asymmetric Hawk-Dove Game. Kohli, Ikjyot Singh; Haslam, Michael C. Report 3879
An Asymptotic-Numerical Hybrid Method for Solving Singularly Perturbed Linear Delay Differential Equations. Cengizci, Suleyman Report 5127
Analysis of a Predator-Prey Model with Switching and Stage-Structure for Predator. Suebcharoen, T. Report 4248
Approximate Controllability of Semilinear Control System Using Tikhonov Regularization. Katta, Ravinder; Sukavanam, N. Report 3304
Asymptotics for the Ostrovsky-Hunter Equation in the Critical Case. Bernal-Vllchis, Fernando; Hayashi, Nakao; Naumkin, Pavel I. Report 7079
Collocation Method Based on Genocchi Operational Matrix for Solving Generalized Fractional Pantograph Equations. Isah, Abdulnasir; Phang, Chang; Phang, Piau Report 5551
Critical Oscillation Constant for Euler Type Half-Linear Differential Equation Having Multi-Different Periodic Coefficients. Misir, Adil; Mermerkaya, Banu Report 3139
Cyclic Growth and Global Stability of Economic Dynamics of Kaldor Type in Two Dimensions. Nindjin, Aka Fulgence; N'Guessan, Albin Tetchi; Okou, Hypolithe; Tia, Kesse Thiban Report 9540
Dynamics of a Fractional Order HIV Infection Model with Specific Functional Response and Cure Rate. Boukhouima, Adnane; Hattaf, Khalid; Yousfi, Noura Report 4255
Existence and Uniqueness of Solution of Stochastic Dynamic Systems with Markov Switching and Concentration Points. Lukashiv, Taras; Malyk, Igor Report 2535
Existence and Uniqueness of Solutions for BVP of Nonlinear Fractional Differential Equation. Su, Cheng-Min; Sun, Jian-Ping; Zhao, Ya-Hong Report 3254
Finite Time Synchronization of Extended Nonlinear Dynamical Systems Using Local Coupling. Acosta, A.; Garcia, P.; Leiva, H.; Merlitti, A. Report 4501
Fractional Variational Iteration Method for Solving Fractional Partial Differential Equations with Proportional Delay. Singh, Brajesh Kumar; Kumar, Pramod Report 5188
Global Dynamics of a Periodic SEIRS Model with General Incidence Rate. Avila-Vales, Eric; Rivero-Esquivel, Erika; Garcia-Almeida, Gerardo Emilio Report 9595
Identifying Initial Condition in Degenerate Parabolic Equation with Singular Potential. Atifi, K.; Balouki, Y.; Essoufi, El-H.; Khouiti, B. Report 6066
Modeling and Analysis of Integrated Pest Control Strategies via Impulsive Differential Equations. Chavez, Joseph Paez; Jungmann, Dirk; Siegmund, Stefan Report 12486
Modelling the Potential Role of Media Campaigns in Ebola Transmission Dynamics. Njankou, Sylvie Diane Djiomba; Nyabadza, Farai Report 7904
Numerical Solution of Piecewise Constant Delay Systems Based on a Hybrid Framework. Marzban, H.R.; Hajiabdolrahmani, S. Report 4933
On a Singular Second-Order Multipoint Boundary Value Problem at Resonance. Iyase, S.A.; Imaga, O.F. Report 3577
Solving Nonlinear Fourth-Order Boundary Value Problems Using a Numerical Approach: (m + 1)th-Step Block Method. Adeyeye, Oluwaseun; Omar, Zurni Report 3775
The Morbidity of Multivariable Grey Model MGM(1, m). Wang, Haixia; Zhao, Lingdi; Hu, Mingzhao Report 2772

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