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Articles from International Journal of Corrosion (January 1, 2014)

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Approaches for modelling the residual service life of marine concrete structures. Rahimi, Amir; Gehlen, Christoph; Reschke, Thorsten; Westendarp, Andreas Report 6209
Assessment of automotive coatings used on different metallic substrates. Bensalah, W.; Loukil, N.; Wery, M. De-Petris; Ayedi, H.F. Report 5939
Boric acid as an accelerator of cerium surface treatment on aluminum. Cruz-Hernandez, K.; Lopez-Leon, S.; Rodriguez-Gomez, F.J. Report 2948
Characterization of corrosion products on carbon steel exposed to natural weathering and to accelerated corrosion tests. Antunes, Renato Altobelli; Ichikawa, Rodrigo Uchida; Martinez, Luis Gallego; Costa, Isolda Report 5765
Corrosion behavior of A356-10 vol.% SiC composites cast by gravity and squeeze casting in [H.sub.2]S[O.sub.4] solutions. Fattah-alhosseini, A.; Ranjbaran, M.; Vahid, S. Vajdi Report 3399
Corrosion effects on the strength properties of steel fibre reinforced concrete containing slag and corrosion inhibitor. Anandan, Sivakumar; Manoharan, Sounthararajan Vallarasu; Sengottian, Thirumurugan Report 4441
Corrosion inhibition effect of 4-hydroxy-N'-[(E)-(1H-indole-2-ylmethylidene)] benzohydrazide on mild steel in hydrochloric acid solution. Kumari, Preethi; Shetty, Prakash; Rao, Suma A. Report 6755
Corrosion of steel in high-strength self-compacting concrete exposed to saline environment. Yousif, Hana A.; Hadeethi, Farqad F. Al-; Nabilsy, Bashar Al-; Abdelhadi, Amani N. Report 7426
Corrosion potential profile simulation in a tube under cathodic protection. Ohanian, Mauricio; Martinez-Luaces, Victor Report 3509
Corrosion problems in incinerators and biomass-fuel-fired boilers. Mudgal, Deepa; Singh, Surendra; Prakash, Satya Report 12624
Effect of cold-rolled thickness reduction degree on characteristics of hydrogen diffusion in silicon steel. Li, Yongfeng; Cai, Lian; Liu, Guanjun; Ma, Lijie Report 3045
Effect of nitrite ions on steel corrosion induced by chloride or sulfate ions. Cao, Zhonglu; Hibino, Makoto; Goda, Hiroki Report 9025
Electrochemical and oxidation behavior of Yttria stabilized Zirconia coating on zircaloy-4 synthesized via sol-gel process. Rezaee, S.; Rashed, Gh. R.; Golozar, M.A. Report 5398
Electrochemical impedance and modelling studies of the corrosion of three commercial stainless steels in molten carbonate. Ni, C.S.; Lu, L.Y. Report 7038
Electrochemical investigation of corrosion behavior heat treated Al-6Si-0.5Mg-xCu(x = 0, 0.5, 1, 2, and 4 wt%) alloys. Hossain, A.; Gulshan, F.; Kurny, A.S.W. Report 3055
Electroless deposition of Ni-Cu-P coatings containing nano-[Al.sub.2][O.sub.3] particles and study of its corrosion protective behaviour in 0.5 M [H.sub.2]S[O.sub.4]. Ashassi-Sorkhabi, H.; Aminikia, H.; Bagheri, R. Report 4565
Evaluation of corrosion inhibition of mild steel in 1 M hydrochloric acid solution by Mollugo cerviana. Arockiasamy, P.; Sheela, X. Queen Rosary; Thenmozhi, G.; Franco, M.; Sahayaraj, J. Wilson; Santhi, R Report 4572
Exploratory study of sensitization in cryogenically cooled ferritic stainless steel welds. Amuda, M.O.H.; Mridha, S. Report 3556
Garcinia indica as an environmentally safe corrosion inhibitor for aluminium in 0.5 M phosphoric acid. Prabhu, Deepa; Rao, Padmalatha Report 6880
Hot corrosion behaviour of detonation gun sprayed Stellite-6 and Stellite-21 coating on boiler steel SAE 431 at 900[degrees]C. Mishra, N.K.; Rai, A.K.; Mishra, S.B.; Kumar, R. Report 2433
Investigation on the effect of green inhibitors for corrosion protection of mild steel in 1 M NaOH solution. Ramakrishnan, Premjith Jayakumar; Janardhanan, Vishnu Deth Kaleekal; Sreekumar, Ramkumar; Mohan, Kee Report 2246
Protection of steel corrosion in concrete members by the combination of galvanic anode and nitrite penetration. Aoyama, Minobu; Miyazato, Shinichi; Kawamura, Mitsunori Report 5783
Simulation of the relaxation potential profile of an ac-dc-ac test. Allahar, Kerry N.; Hurley, Michael F.; Sapper, Erik D.; Butt, Darryl P. Report 8425
Statistics analysis measures painting of cooling tower. Zacharopoulou, A.; Zacharopoulou, E.; Batis, G. Report 3896
Study on polymer modified cement-based coating with healing effect on rusty carbon steel. Wang, Kunrong; Liu, Zhiyong; Wang, Zixiao; Yang, Weibin Report 2843
The corrosion performance of galvanized steel in closed rusty seawater. Liu, Shuan; Sun, Huyuan; Zhang, Ning; Sun, Lijuan Report 3437
Theoretical study of chloro-N-(4-methoxybenzylidene)aniline derivatives as corrosion inhibitors for zinc in hydrochloric acid. Kumar, S.; Ladha, D.G.; Jha, P.C.; Shah, N.K. Report 6510

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