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Articles from International Journal of Computing and Digital Systems (January 1, 2022)

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5G Technology Readiness in Education among Malay Bumiputera Students in Shah Alam. Mokhsin, Mudiana; Zainol, Amer Shakir; Addenan, Nur Syahirah; Adnan, Wan Adilah Wan; Som, Mohd Husni Report 7483
A Brief Study of Deep Reinforcement Learning with Epsilon-Greedy Exploration. Hariharan, N.; Paavai, Anand G. 7105
A Real-time Machine Learning-Based Person Recognition System With Ear Biometrics. Hossain, Shahadat; Mitu, Sanjida Sultana; Afrin, Sadia; Akhter, Shamim 5718
A Spectroscopy-Network-Based Method for Forgery Detection of Documents. Amged, Alaa; Mahmood, Basim; Almukhtar, Khalid A.K. 6511
An Efficient Drowsiness Detection Scheme using Video Analysis. Murthy, K. Sree Rama; Siddineni, Bhavana; Kompella, Vijay Kashyap; Aashritha, Kondaveeti; Sai, Boddu Report 5143
An Ontology-Based Approach to Enhance Explicit Aspect Extraction in Standard Arabic Reviews. Salima, Behdenna; Fatiha, Barigou; Ghalem, Belalem 6456
Analysis of Social Media Complex System using Community Detection Algorithms. Malik, Hafiz Abid Mahmood 3853
Comparison of Fractal Dimension and Wavelet Transform Methods in Classification of S tress S tate from E EG Signals. Hamid, Fatimah Abdul; Saad, Mohamad Naufal Mohamad; Haris, Norshakila 5262
Deep Learning-Based Object Recognition in Video Sequences. Ashwith, A.; Sethuram, Anurag; Nasreen, Azra; Shobha, G.; Iyengar, S.S. 5149
Design, Implementation, Interfacing and Control of Internet of Robot Things for Assisting Robot. Karam, Zeyad A.; Neamah, Mustafa Abdulkadhim 6152
Dynamic CNN Combination for Morocco Aromatic and Medicinal Plant Classification. Bahri, Abdelkhalak; Bourass, Youssef; Badi, Imad; Zouaki, Hamid; Moutaouakil, Karim El; Satori, Khal 5801
FPGA-based Acceleration for Convolutional Neural Networks on PYNQ-Z2. Huynh, Thang Viet 4602
Fuzzy Hypergraph Modeling, Analysis and Prediction of Crimes. Dhanya, P.M.; Ramkumar, P.B.; Nirmaljith, Cletus; Paul, Joy 7129
Gender Classification on Video Using FaceNet Algorithm and Supervised Machine Learning. Adhinata, Faisal Dharma; Junaidi, Apri 5240
Interdependency Aware Qubit and Brownboost Rank Requirement Learning for Large Scale Software Requirement Prioritization. Devadas, Raghavendra; Cholli, Nagaraj G. Report 5935
Method of Adjacent Distance Array Outperforms Conventional Huffman Codes to Decode Bengali Transliterated Text Swiftly. Sarker, Pranta; Rahman, Mir Lutfur 7180
Predicting The Import And Export Of Commodities Using Support Vector Regression And Long Short-Term Prediction Models. Razia, Sulthana A.; Pranav, Ramesh 5994
The 3D Dyscalculia Assessment Game Framework for Dyscalculia Identification. Pudjoatmodjo, Bambang; Salam, Sazilah; Pee, Naim Che; Rudavan, Rikman Aherliwan; Prihatmanto, Ary Se 5716
Towards a Blockchain-based Smart Certification System for Higher Education: An Empirical Study. Alshahrani, Mona; Beloff, Natalia; White, Martin Clinical report 12612
VLSI Architectures of Booth Multiplication Algorithms--A Review. Hareesh, B.; John, Moses C.; Kantipudi, M.V.V. Prasad 5542

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